You Don’t Know Women – Episode 105 to 109(End)

How To Make Money Online In Czech Republic Without Investment 2016 The Summary of Episode 105

Sung Chan wandered what is the commotion and Sarang said someone said “Aargh”.

Top 100 Online Forex Brokers SC Dad: Wife!!!…Child!!!!
To Trade In Metals On Forex Through Bank Sung Chan: What noise is that?
Belajar Forex Surabaya City Sarang: It is some adult shouting “Arrgggh!”
Prévision Des Taux De Change Forex Cote D'Ivoire Sung Chan: Sarang, just stay here a while alone
Gold Binary Options System Bb 12 By Chris Kunnundro Uk Sarang: No…I don’t want too…I am afraid
Role Of Stock Exchange In Economic Development Of Chad Sung Chan: Let’s go
Most Popular Automated Trading Strategies SC Mum:I am in pain…don’t touch me…
Best Forex Robots Tested Adam SC Dad: Wife…where are you hurt?…
Forex Factory Fundamental Analysis Stock Sung Chan: Mother?….What has happened?
How I Got Into Martingale Binary Options SC Mum: Arrgggh! Don’t touch me….
100 Free Binary Option Signals Methods 11222 Yoo Ran: Mother?…
most active stock options yahoo SC Dad: Child…you have got a cut lip…quickly get it treated
Sung Chan: Father?…What did happened here?
SC Dad: The both of them was tussling in the stairs then tumble down the staircase
Sung Chan: Mother…it look like you have hurt your back
SC Mum: That…my waist downwards is rather numb with pain
SC Dad: Child…are you hurt in anywhere else
Yoo Ran: Yes…I am alright….
SC Mum: This witch…come in to this house to cause such a tumult
Yoo Ran: Sorry, I just want to be with Sarang and you
SC Mum: Who wants to be with you
Sung Chan: Mother?…this will not do…we will have to go to the hospital to get an x-ray to determine
SC Dad: I understand…I go and get the overcoats
Sung Chan: Mother…just take it slowly…get up…
SC Mum: It is painful…I can’t…stand up straight…painful….
SC Dad: Here they are….
Sung Chan: Mother, we shall move slowly
SC Mum: Wait…wait…
Sung Chan: Mother…just turn
Sarang: I want to go back to where Mother is
SC Dad: Sarang?

Sung Chan called Min Jung to return to his home to pick up Sarang as his mother fell down and they need to take her to the hospital.

Sung Chan: I am sorry, but could you come to my house immediately…my mother took a tumble at the stairs…we need to bring her to the hospital to check it out…we will meet Sarang at another time
Min Jung: Is she hurt badly?
Sung Chan: Don’t know…but she said she can’t stretch herself…please come quickly
Min Jung: Oh! I know….
Sung Chan: How long will it take…how far are you from here?
Min Jung: No…we are just 10 minutes away…We should pick up Sarang
Moo Hyuk: Is it perhaps that the person who got hurt is our Sarang?
Min Jung: No…his grandmother

Moo Hyuk and Min Jung went back to the house

Min Jung: Oh!
Sung Chan: I am sorry…I will look for another time and contact you
Min Jung: Oh…how did she got hurt
SC Mum: It is because of that thing over there…really…
Sung Chan: Mother!
SC Mum: That…when you leave, could you call us a taxi for us…in this cold weather, it is hard to hail a taxi
SC Dad: Oh, yes it is
Yoo Ran: I will called for a taxi
Min Jung: Don’t you have cars?
Sung Chan: Oh! We sold off our cars
Yoo Ran:We will have to wait for while…the phone line is busy…they are not taking the calls
SC Mum: What?
SC Dad: Wife…you better sit down
SC Mum: No I don’t want to sit down…or else it will difficult for me to get up…I just stand
SC Dad: Fine
Moo Hyuk: Just sit on my car and go
Min Jung: Moo Hyuk?
Sung Chan: There is no need….Just take Sarang home quickly…we will just call for a taxi
Moo Hyuk:It looks like it is not feasible, just support her out…you just wait here with Sarang
Min Jung: Yes….
Sung Chan: There is no need for you to do that
SC Mum: Son…we better take their car and go…we don’t know when the call taxi might come…I am in pain
SC Dad: Yes, Son
Sung Chan: Yes..yes
SC Dad: Just move slowly
Sung Chan: Slowly!…Slowly!!!
SC Mum: Ouch!
Mr Kang: Just wait a little longer
Sung Chan: Mother…be careful….
SC Mum: Why are you pulling me
Yoo Ran: Just take a seat…I will prepare some beverage while you wait
Min Jung: Yes

Min Jung cannot believe things are at this bad stage when she recalled the event when Yoo Ran came to the house as a guest. Sarang told Min Jung that he is tired and Min Jung puts Sarang on her lap and rock him to sleep.

Yoo Ran: Please drink
Min Jung: Yes…Sarang…do you want to drink?…
Sarang: Mother…I am really sleepy
Min Jung: Oh!…fine…let me hold you….
Yoo Ran: I really envy you….you are able to hold a child in your embrace that looks so beautiful and cherish…in the past I never knew…it can be said that it is my retribution for not able to have children because of what I have done, it is because I never cherish a living life
Min Jung: Oh Yoo Ran?….
Yoo Ran: Once I was give the result that I never able to conceive…I had give you a thought…when I was pregnant…act as though I was something that it was my right to ask for your divorce…it must have giving you such pain…really…I sincerely apologize…it is because I want to possess to aspire to have a family of my own…that it has cause you grievances
Min Jung: What the sudden are you bringing this matter up?
Yoo Ran: After losing everything….then taking a about turn to the door of death, at that moment, it has make me realize my surrounding…Just as long I need it….even if I snatch it from someone else…I feel no guilt about doing that…then finally I realize the way of the world that you reap what you sow
Min Jung: To have hear this from your heartfelt…I never would have imagine that
Yoo Ran: No matter when it may be…I wanted to relay this to you…a word that I am really sorry towards you..even if it so….my action don’t deem forgiveness at all and it will never been wash away but then I want to say this to you…but that day seems to be today

Mi Ae showed President Park her new maternity dress and wish for her stomach to grow big soon so they will be able to greet their child. President Park thanked Mi Ae that she did not hate what pregnancy is doing to her figure like most women who be. Mi Ae said however she is thankful that she is pregnant and not having menopause as she had thought but still worried about delivering a child this late in life and President Park put some calming music for Mi Ae to meditate and relax her mind.

Moo Hyuk is surprised that Yoo ran finally apologized to Min Jung for what happen in the past.

Moo Hyuk: Oh Yoo Ran apologize to you….?
Min Jung: The last time…she came to me, hoping that I could render help to her husband…this time I can see that she is remorse and regrettable over the past action she has done then she is now truly remorse over her wrongdoing, also that she had apologize
Moo Hyuk: This is extraordinary that she could see the wrongdoing that she has done but it is hard for her to apologize and to ask for forgiveness
Min Jung: After a turnabout to the door of death, she said that she realize her surroundings…while I was at the house sitting down…the bad memories that I was trying to put behind me…flow back in recollections suddenly…I really hated Oh Yoo Ran
Moo Hyuk: Bad memories?
Min Jung: Mother wanted to invite a guest to come to the house, therefore I made a crab banquet at home that I worked hard preparing for the banquet…but however the person who was invited is none other than Oh Yoo Ran
Moo Hyuk: What?
Min Jung: The then pregnant Oh Yoo Ran wanted to eat crabs but Mother instructed me to cook
Moo Hyuk: How can this be happening?…Your mother in law who request….in the end it is for Oh Yoo Ran…this people has no consideration to what other people feelings are
Min Jung: At the moment, I really despise the both of them to the grit, finally there wasn’t no way to render any forgiveness
Moo Hyuk: Min Jung?
Min Jung: But then as we were at the same spacing…looking at me embracing Sarang at my arms…Oh Yoo Ran really envies me, then tells that her wrong doing that I have no words to describe what has happened or retaliate
Moo Hyuk: Although it is not easy…you must forget this no….who do you despise or hate to someone, don’t feel troubled by this
Min Jung: I am really hungry
Moo Hyuk: Just wait a while longer…outside food is not good for health…we will go home and eat

The doctor informed Min Jung and Moo Hyuk there is no apparent danger to proceed with the pregnancy. However, the doctor advised Min Jung not to put herself too much of a stress.

Doctor: From the MRI….it is fortunate there is no changes at all and it is not spreading
Moo Hyuk: Thank you very much….We have no idea how to prevent or take precaution on the cancer
Doctor: Just has I mentioned to you previously…if you continue with the pregnancy…there is no other alternative to be reckon…just tried to reduce the stress then to eat more nourishing food, also tries to be calm
Moo Hyuk: Yes….
Doctor: The baby will grown as the week passes by, just be careful…and continue with the observation
Moo Hyuk: Yes…
Min Jung: This is the nose…the mouth….then the arms and legs
Moo Hyuk: Wow…this is all taken from the ultrasound…it is just weeks that it has grown as such, now it looks like a child
Min Jung: It a while…he will take your resemblance
Moo Hyuk: Is it…really…where….I really don’t know
Min Jung: The nose and the mouth resemble you
Moo Hyuk: Listening to you…it seems that it is so
Min Jung: Ah Rang…you will grown up looking like your father especially your eyelashes must take after your father…Mother really like your father long eye lashes
Moo Hyuk: You really now able to comprehend my inner beauty…just for memory sake, I let you take a good look
Min Jung: What?
Moo Hyuk: To take a good look at my eye lashes…why did you do that for…this is a public place
Min Jung: This is reward for the eye lashes
Moo Hyuk: After marriage, she beginning to be something else…let’s us leave Ah Rang’s mother

Yoo Ran took it upon herself to care for Sung Chan’s mother who is bedridden due to her fall

Thing began to grow worse for Sung Chan

Nurse: Hospital Director…there is trouble?
Sung Chan: What is the matter?
Nurse: There is an audit…they said that we have declares them wrong figures and that they want to press charges
Sung Chan: What?
Auditor 1: we are from the Gangnam audit…please cooperate in our investigation…we will like to see the book for 4 years of your accounts and all the transaction done in this hospital
Sung Chan: Why the sudden that this investigation is being conducted…we submit our audit on time…
Auditor 1: There is a lodge report that this hospital have 2 set of books then also the skin product company who declare bankrupt recently Kang Sung Chan Hospital was among its client…there is some discrepancy on that part therefore we need to look into the account to verify
Nurse: Hospital Director…are you alright?
Sung Chan: I am alright
Yoo Ran: Yes…Oppa!…What!!!….Audit has come to investigate…why the sudden that they came to investigate…what…who has lodge a report…who can that be?….it is perhaps by chance Dr Cho…therefore have you spoken to our accountants…wouldn’t they perhaps going to investigate 4 years of the accounts…what are we going to do…..

Sung Chan went to see his father to give the bad news

SC Dad: Why have you come at this hour?….If you are off work…there is still time left before that
Sung Chan: Father?….
SC Dad: What is the matter?
Sung Chan: it looks like we need to give up Gangnam hospital as well
SC Dad: What are you saying?…Didn’t you say that you will use the funds from the sale of the house to settle the accounts, you has said that it will resolve all matters
Sung Chan: I have been place on the blacklist, there is someone who lodge a report that I am accused of having two set of accounts, this pass year I have been manipulating the accounts, now I need to be place under investigation for the matter…Father….
SC Dad: What…you said you have been blacklisted
Sung Chan: Yes….it seems that the accountant was in league with my wife to manipulate the accounts
SC Dad: Why is there a need to do so?
Sung Chan:I am sorry…Father…I have consider to put my utmost effort to save Gangnam hospital, it looks like I am unable to do so…it is because of the rumour of Gang Pyeong hospital being force into foreclosure…the patient to Gangnam hospital has reduce tremendously and we still have to pay off interest
SC Dad: Is that to say that we are facing bankruptcy?

The Summary of Episode 106

Sung Chan explained to his father regarding the current situation but his father assured him all will be well.

SC Dad: If it said it is an audit…how much do you think it will be reckon…whether the family can able to afford to take it up…why don’t we lay out to understand the matter at hand.
Sung Chan: The accountant has met with the audit personnel…they will understand the account then will revert to inform us by contacting us on the phone…For 4 year we have done an audit then in addition that we has accuse of making with the book, it is estimate to come out to 400 million
SC Dad: Aigoo!…This is really adding laden to the burden that already existing…although we has done wrong against the law but then the situation will turn for the better…we will meet with another good opportunity
Sung Chan: I am sorry, Father
SC Dad: This leaves us without any choices, we will have to sell off the two assets we have
Sung Chan: Both of you where are you planning to stay, the week we need to vacated this present house to go and move over there…if Mother learns that there is nowhere else togo she will definitely collapse in faint
SC Dad: We can temporary stay here for a while but the priority is to settle matter at hand
Sung Chan: I am really ashamed….even if I were to die is consider sufficient but now having you and Mother to be drag down by this
SC Dad: Sung Chan…we will overcome this obstacles together and all will be well after since your father runs a restaurant business then you are a professional, just find another place of work then pay the rest of the outstanding occurred…we still can put food on the table
Sung Chan: Father?
SC Dad: Yes…we will start all over again

Mi Ae commented that her baby is small in size and the comments she made is so hilarious which got the whole family trying not to laugh

Mi Ae: Yes…Min Jung…Let me have a look at your ultra sound picture
Min Jung: Ultra sound picture?
Mi Ae: The Doctors said that in comparison to both our child and the difference weeks the head size is larger…I want to make a comparison with yours
Moo Hyuk: I will take it for you
President Park: Let me take a look….
Min Jung: It seems that maybe because I could able to sleep and eat well…compare to the weeks, our baby is rather large in size then when it is due for delivery, it will be a difficult delivery for the mother and child
MJ Mum: This can’t be said…when the baby in the womb…may be small but when it is deliver, it will become bigger
Moo Hyuk: We are a difference of 4 weeks, will it able to give a comparison
Mi Ae: Omo!…looks at its length and head size is compatible
President Park: It is really different from our child
Mi Ae: Whom did our child take up its features…his head is so large but its length is short…I have never heard anything from my side of the family
MJ Mum: Laugh!
Mi Ae: What is the matter with you all?
MJ Mum: If it doesn’t take after you…in law then who else will the child takes its feature from…it definitely will have to take up its feature from one of you
Min Jung: Mother?….
President Park: Then it is regrettable that the child will take on my features
Mi Ae: Why are you saying that for….You are just short….but then your head size is normal
President Park: It is that small when I was in the army…my helmet size barely made it
Mi Ae: Is it…this is strange…in my eyes I can’t see that is said that the size of your face is equivalent to your fist size

Min Jung and Moo Hyuk ran up to Sarang’s room to break into laughter over Mi Ae’s comments

Moo Hyuk: Laugh!
Min Jung: Don’t laugh!
Moo Hyuk: You are about to burst out into laughter…why are you saying this for?…
Sarang: What are you all laughing at?…
Min Jung: It was hard for me to keep my laughter in that I have to pinch my thighs which I think I bruise it…it was really hard to endure….
Moo Hyuk: It look like Mother really love Father, how can he said that his face is the size of his fist…
Min Jung: The lovers can only see love in front of my eyes…I see Moo Hyuk is more handsome in comparison with the famous actors
Moo Hyuk: Am I not handsome at my own rights?…
Min Jung: Look….at your arrogance
Moo Hyuk: It looks like our Ah Rang is taking on features
Min Jung: Oh! Ah Rang just kick me
Moo Hyuk: Where?…where is he?…
Min Jung: She did kick me just now…just wait a while
Moo Hyuk: Ah Rang…This is Father…where are you…please tell me….
Sarang: If we put our hands in the stomach, will we know…where she is….
Min Jung: Why don’t you speak to Ah Rang
Sarang: Ah Rang…This is your older brother…Sarang Oppa…can you hear Oppa’s voice…I can feel it move
Moo Hyuk: Wow!…It is really moving
Min Jung: Wow!…It looks like Ah Rang like her Oppa better than her Father. Father calls out to her….she doesn’t even move on his voice but then hearing her Oppa voice…she move with reaction
Moo Hyuk: Ah Rang…this is not true….you like Father’s voice….isn’t it so?…
Min Jung: It is quiet
Sarang: Ah Rang…Oppa is here…where are you?….Oh! She is here
Moo Hyuk: This really feels distance…Ah Rang you must remember your father’s voice, do you understand?
Min Jung: From today onwards, you need to get acquainted with Ah Rang
Moo Hyuk: Ah! My road to fatherhood looks bleak and difficult

President Park apologized as the baby seem to be taking his features. Mi Ae think otherwise that she wished their child to be like President Park

President Park: I am sorry that Oh Bok is going to take up my features…it will be nice if he takes up your features
Mi Ae: No…looking at it…I feel that our Oh Bok is cute…that he really have great features
President Park: What?….
Mi Ae: It is said that his head is large that means he will be great in his studies but compare to height…it is best he has a good personality, although he may be short, but he possess intelligent and is stable & secure that is an icon for short people…just like Soccer King Maradona…who else is short…
President Park:Thank you…Ms Vivian…actually compare to Ah Rang just now, I am really sorry towards you but then you give me comfort
Mi Ae: This is not to comfort you…I really feel that our Oh Bok is indeed cute…I love him…I want him to be just like you…so cute and witty…it will be the best product for our child’s disposition
President Park:It is really funny that you mentioned that it is from the best product
Mi Ae: Is that so?…

Sung Chan and his family had to leave the house as it is repossessed by the bank.

Min Jung’s pregnancy has gone wary as she showed sign of discharge. The doctor told them there is an advanced stage to the cancer

Min Jung: I am on my way to the hospital….
Moo Hyuk: Today is not your schedule check up
Min Jung: There is some discharge…don’t know whether it is a miscarriage…or it has to do with the cancer is deteriorating
Moo Hyuk: I will go there at once
Doctor: It is regrettable….the cancer has spread to the lymph..the cancer has spread
Moo Hyuk: This is impossible….not to allow the cancer to spread….we were very diligent in taking precautions that we have done what is benefits to the health condition…even the food intake….she even have taken leave from work…
Min Jung: Moo Hyuk?…Now what are we suppose to do?
Doctor: If you want to seek cancer treatment…we have to remove the child from the womb then we will proceed with the surgery to remove the cancer, if you decided to hold out for the child, it will delay your treatment for cancer
Min Jung: How many weeks is that is save to take out the child…how about the percentage of survival rate of the child
Doctor: It is just 50-50 chance
Moo Hyuk: Doctor!…What must we do now?…
Doctor: That is up to the patient and her kin to decided the next course of actions
Min Jung: I will not remove the child…I will hold out until full term

The Summary of Episode 107

The doctor explained the options to Min Jung. In order to safeguard the safe delivery of the child, she has to wait till she is in her 34th week. Moo Hyuk cannot believe this is happening but Min Jung told him that the condition at home is calm for her to make through it peacefully.

Moo Hyuk: Min Jung?
Min Jung: I will hold out the week as much as I can then my child will have a better survival rate that will be higher
Doctor: Yes…that is true…but at the meanwhile your cancer will spread in due course, if you miss this chance for surgery…you will have to go through the chemotherapy
Moo Hyuk: Just tell us what we should do….
Doctor:Actually when we have discover that between the pregnancy and the cancer…we can’t decided therefore we will hand over to the patient and the kin to decides the next course of action…it can be said there is a few possibility that might happened but then it is up to the patient and her kin to decide their choice
Min Jung: How many weeks for the child to delivery safely
Doctor: Before 34 weeks, the child borne will have its lungs under develop then the other organ may not be fully develop its capacity…breathing difficulties…under develop arteries,the possibility of contacting disease because of low immunity
Min Jung: 34 weeks
Moo Hyuk: Perhaps under this condition, also if we hold out to the date, what will it be…
Doctor: Of course there is a possibility that if you hold out until then and fortunately the cancer hasn’t spread further then it will be both save for the mother and child to come out of this well but contrary to the other….treatment will be extend and difficult, also there is chance of risk that it might enter second and third stage to wait until the child delivers then seek cancer treatment, there are patients who has gone through that but of course the treatment will be difficult
Min Jung: I understand
Moo Hyuk: I never imagine that it will deteriorate so rapidly
Min Jung: My condition is well…there will be no problems…I will eat and sleep well at home then spend time with Sarang at home…I feel that my mood has open a lot more cheerful
Moo Hyuk: I really don’t know what I must do?…I can’t say that I will forsake Ah Rang but then prolonging the time…it will enter you at risk
Min Jung: We will just wait a moment..if it just said 34 weeks…it will only be just 9 weeks we need to hold out and all will be well
Moo Hyuk: But the time is not a short period, if we hold out until then what if your condition deteriorates no one can guarantee that to be otherwise….actually now the illusion that we wish to believe it has now be shattered…the initial thought that the cervical cancer will be slow in spreading has now spread to other areas
Min Jung: But however it is still consider first stage, although it has enter into the mid of matters but it is still not at risk
Moo Hyuk: We can’t make decision so easily like that
Min Jung: Just give me some time for me to reconsider this matter in detail
Moo Hyuk: We don’t have much of a time to reconsider matters…I feel really upset over the matter

Sung Chan and his parents settled down at Yoo Ran’s apartment for the time being. Sung Chan also had to sell his business as well to make up for the loan repayment. Sung Chan’s father is looking to sell his restaurant business too.

Moo Hyuk informed the family on Min Jung’s condition. Min Jung’s mother insist that she take the surgery immediately.

President Park: What is really the matter?…Why the sudden asking the family to gathered
Moo Hyuk: Today I accompanied Min Jung to the hospital
MJ Mum: Is it perhaps that her condition has deteriorated
Min Jung: It has spread to the lymph
Moo Hyuk: Also that the cancer has started spreading
MJ Mum: What are we to do?
Mi Ae: How is it then…you were resting well and was eating all the anti cancer food…why has it deteriorates
MJ Mum: Then what did the Doctor say that we should do?
Min Jung: Although there is sign of spreading but it is still not at risk and has not advance to second or third stage yet…it is just from early stage to mid stage
MJ Mum: No need to say nonsense, just answer my question…what are we going to do?
Moo Hyuk: The Doctor has asked us as the patient and family members to make a decision on how to proceed with the matter…it is because the child is also a life, the Doctor will not help us in making this decision
Min Jung: If we were to remove the child now…the chance of survival is minimal…only 50% chance…however I just need to hold out for a few weeks then deliver the child…the chance for the baby survival will increase
MJ Mum: If your condition deteriorates further…what will you do?…There is a possibility that it will be your death
President Park: You has mentioned the few weeks, how many is that?
Min Jung: 9 weeks
Mi Ae: If it is 9 weeks, it is consider a long period to be reckon
Moo Hyuk: it is said that compare to other cancer, cervical cancer’s spreading is slow but Min Jung’s condition is consider rapid pace therefore we are rather concern…if the time is prolong, there is a possibility that the surgery might not worked then we have to go through chemotherapy as treatment, it will be hard
MJ Mum: Heavens is really ruthless..what to bad things happened appear to us…what are we to do?
Moo Hyuk: Actually…what Min Jung and I are suppose to do…we can’t come to a decision on the matter
President Park: I really don’t know what to say
MJ Mum: Then Son in law Park…in your mind you must have some thoughts on the matter
Moo Hyuk: In this moment…it is hard to chose between whom…this is really difficult
MJ Mum: Although I am really sorry to say this to you…but I must convey you my sincere feeling in the matter…I hope you will deliver the child premature then proceed with the cancer treatment, will be the best…it is already spreading…don’t know where and when it will spread next
Min Jung: Then what about Ah Rang?…She has develop the features of a face and limbs and it is you wish to killed her
MJ Mum: Between the both of you, one must survive, of course I want to save you first..even if it is born premature there is a 50% chance that the child will able to survive
Min Jung: This is only a number, she will not able to sustained its survival outside of the womb…Mother
MJ Mum: Don’t carry on to ponders on this matter…this is the matter of your life at stake..if we miss the chances of the surgery, then it will be difficult later
Min Jung: How can in your eyes Mother that you only see me alone..why don’t you stand in the perspective of Ah Rang and look…how can you be so heartless
MJ Mum: Yes…you can scold me for being heartless, will that do…just as long as you accept the surgery and carry on with life, even if I were to be stoned, it doesn’t matter…I will take it in stride
Min Jung: Just as you cherish for me it is the same as for me…I cherish Ah Rang…I just need to hold out a while longer…the child will be able to survive…just considering my own suffering and go to killed my child…I can’t do that..if I were to do that…I will live my life in can I live that life
MJ Mum: Then if you die…what am I going to do…how about Sarang…Son in law Park…Sa Rang is also your child…if anything dire was to happened to you…what will happened to Sarang..even how well Son in law treat him…there is a difference with and without a mother
Min Jung: I will not die…the cancer has not come to death threatening is just 9 weeks..if not just a few more weeks will do…the priority is to give Ah Rang a surviving chance then I will accept the surgery
MJ Mum: No you can’t do that, Min Jung…do the surgery tomorrow…if anything happened to you…I don’t know how to continue with my life…how can Sarang and I continue to live…why do you need to be so stubborn…so insistence
Min Jung: Mother?…
MJ Mum: Aigoo…Min Jung’s father…please come and save our daughter Min Jung…how can this be…how…you didn’t take your responsibility as a father and left this world, you need to come and save her…why she need to contract this illness…why….Aigoo!…What am I going to do?….

In their bedroom, President Park and Mi Ae shared their thoughts on Min Jung’s matter

President Park: If we knew this from the start that this will happened, when we knew the knowledge of the cancer, we should have persuade her to give up her pregnancy, now I am really regretting for not doing so…Carry the child within her womb, there is already attached emotion for it…to ask her to give this up…it is indeed cruel thing to do, for daughter in law to say
Mi Ae: Even consider that…we can just stand by idle and watch this by…the cancer is spreading at a rapid pace that it has been anticipate
President Park: Yes indeed

Min Jung looked at a sleeping Sarang and had her own thoughts

Min Jung: Sarang…what Mother suppose to do now…when I had you, I experience perplexed difficulties but then Mother couldn’t give you up..also it was the correct choice of decision to make…in life there is many things to cherish but then everyone wants me to give up Ah Rang…Mother is really sadden by this…but then when I think of you….afraid that if anything should happened to me…I feel that I should forsake Ah Rang

Moo Hyuk himself started to have nightmares of Min Jung dying.

Min Jung: What is the matter….you has a nightmare…what dream is it that you were screaming
Moo Hyuk: I see that this is not to be…you need to do the surgery at once…if anything should happened to Ah Rang…I will accept full responsibility for that guilt and reimburse with my lifetime…but I beg you to accept the surgery…if you were to die…Sarang and I…also mother in law…we will not lead a normal life
Min Jung: Moo Hyuk?
Moo Hyuk: Promise me!..If perhaps that the cancer deteriorates then starts to spread to other areas…then this will be the decisive factor to accept the surgery…I beg you just do it…I can’t no longer wait…each day thinking that you will die…I really can’t carry on living
Min Jung: I will not die…I will survive this with all my grit
Moo Hyuk: I don’t want to…just like in the dream…you will leave me…I really be awful in raising Sarang and Ah Rang alone…I wish for you to raise the children together…Sarang…doesn’t he has so much pain in him…from his birth…he has no father to accompany him…that you raise him with full of your tears alone…if anything should happened to you…how sad will Sarang must feel…isn’t it…please do so….I beg you…Min Jung

Yoo Ran in her own became the ideal daughter-in-law fixing a food pack for Sung Chan and his father but alas all of it came too late for everyone. Yoo Ran passed to Sung Chan the divorce document as per her promise that she will divorce Sung Chan after everything has been settled

Sung Chan: Here…drink this….the hospital has resolves all matters
Yoo Ran: Oh…this is a relieve…I have already filled the divorce application…now it look like that I must leave you & part our ways…once you stamp it…just submit to the courts…I will look after Mother until she recovers…looking at her today…it seems that she is much better
Sung Chan: Oh!

Min Jung met with Sung Chan in view of the development in her condition. Min Jung told Sung Chan in the case of her demised, she wants Sarang to be raised by Moo Hyuk.

Sung Chan: What so sudden that you contact me for…is something the matter?
Min Jung: I have a favour to ask from you
Sung Chan: Favour…what is that then?…
Min Jung: My cancer has started to spread
Sung Chan: What?….Where has it spread to….how bad is it then….
Min Jung: It is suggest that I deliver prematurely then proceed to do surgery on my uterus and lymph that there is a chance of recovery…but then I am rather perplexed…I need to hold out a few weeks for the child to increase my child survival rate to this world…or to forsake the child and accept the surgery is now waver in my thoughts
Sung Chan: What you are saying is to the child, you are more important…
Min Jung: However even if I accept the surgery…all surgery has a risk of 10%…if anything should go wrong with the surgery and the outcome can undesirable….if by chance that anything should happened to me…there is a need to consider Sarang’s future….I will like to arrange this matter with you
Sung Chan: Then what you are now saying to me is that you means that you are not here seeking my approval but your decision to make Sarang…Park Moo Hyuk’s son…isn’t that it?

The Summary of Episode 108

Min Jung told Sung Chan of her plans to let Sarang remained at Moo Hyuk’s household in case of her demise.

Min Jung: If by chance that something should happened to me, we need to consider Sarang’s future…I wish to settle this matter clearly
Sung Chan: Then what you are implying by saying is….you don’t wish to seek my consent that you will hand guardianship of Sarang to Park Moo Hyuk as his son…this that the favour you are asking
Min Jung: If I ask that as a favour, will you give your consent
Sung Chan: This is utterly absurd nonsense…where in this world have such an idiot that will forsake his own son to allow him to become another person’s son
Min Jung: Then don’t be so sure and jump the gun to such a conclusion…it is not that matter that I came to ask you a favour
Sung Chan: No is it not?
Min Jung: If perhaps something were to happened to me….afraid that you will resort to the behaviour in the past will grab everything at hand that you will render grievances to my mother and Moo Hyuk then confuse Sarang, this is what I fear that I came to see you…Our Sarang….currently is really happy now. I don’t know whether you have hear this from Oh Kyung Ran…my father in law has married Mi Ae Unnie….and is now living together
Sung Chan: So….Indeed….
Min Jung: My mother is now living with us together
Sung Chan: Mother In law is now staying at the same household
Min Jung: Yes….therefore Sarang received a lot of affections there…moreover he will grown up there well and fine
Min Jung: Even consider that something were to happened to me….please consider Sarang’s welfare as a priority…my mother and Moo Hyuk really dotes and cherish Sarang and will take care of him well…I hope that you are not what you have in the past, because of your own selfishness that you has cause grievance to other people, will be fine…
Sung Chan: I understand…I will not be like I am in the past be so reckless
Min Jung: This is especially goes to your Mother…for the sake not to have such ambition, you need to safeguard Sarang’s welfare…I have heard that under the law that you can nominate a guardian but then I will trust you for one more time…please don’t let me be disappointed
Sung Chan: But then you also must promised me a matter…accept the surgery and get a full recovery, you must not leave Sarang alone in this world
Min Jung: Actually I am still contemplating in perplex on whether to proceed with surgery
Sung Chan: What are you so perplex about?….The child has not borne to this world yet…that you are considering leaving Sarang alone in this world…
Min Jung: Of course, if I don’t accept the surgery, there is chance that my condition deteriorates…if we are really lucky…if I deliver the child and proceed to do the surgery after, there is a possible chance that the recovery is going to be high
Sung Chan: Please…this I beg you for this favour….please accept the surgery at once….then be healthy for the rest of your life
Min Jung: What are you doing now?…Get up at once!!!
Sung Chan: If anything should happened to you….don’t mentioned Sa Rang at this moment…I will not live my life in peace…you have contracted cancer…is it because it was my cause that I gave you such distress that came about this illness…I am really ridden in guilt…if perhaps something might happened to you….how am I going to live on
Min Jung: It has not come to death and life threatening yet…why are you doing this…you think that I came here to play on your guilt…I just came looking for you…to ask a favour on Sarang’s welfare…Quickly get up now!!
Sung Chan: Accept the surgery….then let me see that you are living your life in happiness…I ask you to promised me that
Min Jung: I take my leave
Sung Chan: If you don’t…I will not lived my side of my promise…if something were to happened to you….I will snatch Sarang from Park Moo Hyuk…you must accept the surgery then live a long time together with Sarang…you must…

Sung Chan told his father of Min Jung’s condition and his heartfelt regret on what he had done to Min Jung

SC Dad: What is the matter…what has happened!!!…You will hurt yourself
Sung Chan: I really hate myself…Father…why have I give everyone around me such grievances
SC Dad: I didn’t give you all from the sales of the restaurant to you completely…I have left some fund to open a Gimbap and Kimchi shop…no need to be so regretful
Sung Chan: Min Jung has contracted cancer
SC Dad: What…a kind hearted child like her…how can she contract cancer like that
Sung Chan: It is said to be cervical cancer…the cancer has deteriorates from the previous and it has become serious
SC Dad: You already learn of this prior
Sung Chan: Yes…she found out after she was pregnant but she will not accept surgery…in comparison that cervical cancer to other cancer will be slow in its spread and it seems that she wants to deliver the baby before proceeding for surgery but at the meanwhile…her cancer has spread
SC Dad: What are we suppose to do about this then?
Sung Chan: It seems that I render her so much grievances therefore it has brought this ailment to her…had extra marital affair then divorce her that I has hurt her so much, that she has the child alone then raise him up with such hardship…that for the sake that I want to snatch Sarang back, will render her suffering
SC Dad: Sung Chan?…
Sung Chan: It should be I who should contract this kind of disease…why must it has to be Min Jung instead
SC Dad: Will she able to survive if she accept the surgery?
Sung Chan: She will lived after undergoing the surgery but it seems that her pregnancy is at the sixth month…it look like she doesn’t want to forsake the baby…she is now in perplexed in her choice
SC Dad: It is not someone else but she is Sarang’s mother….it is not an easy decision to make…it is because it is her child….she will tried to protect at all cost
Sung Chan: Father…this really pains me to death….

Min Jung finally gave in to her mother’s protest to have the surgery to terminate her pregnancy

Sung Chan’s mother wish to see Min Jung to ask her forgiveness but Sung Chan informed her that Min Jung has cancer.

Sung Chan: The weather is really cold…shall we take a taxi
SC Mum: We will just take the bus…in our presence situation, we can’t affords the taxi fare
Sung Chan: Mother?
SC Dad:Aigoo!…today our Madam Jang really looks beautiful…she has redeem herself….or it is because of just tonight
SC Mum: Don’t joke around…we just need to be economical and save
SC Dad: Being economical is not a bad idea
SC Mum: Right…Sung Chan..Contact Min Jung…I will like to see her
Sung Chan: Why the sudden that you want to meet with her…what for?
SC Dad: What are you going to say to her when you meet her?
SC Mum: When I was lying in bed rest…I have given some considerate thought…I want to personally say something to her
SC Dad: Although I don’t know what you want to say to her, when we have the chance to meet next…you will convey to her
SC Mum: No…I must speak to her…the few days, I have been dreaming of her…my heart feel rather restless…you must contact her…as I want to see her…the soonest the possible
SC Dad:The other party is not in such good terms for us to contact for meetings
SC Mum: What are you implying by saying this?
Sung Chan: Min Jung’s health is not well
SC Mum: How serious it is…that she has come to the stage that she is inconvenient to come to meet…is it by chance that she met with a traffic accident
Sung Chan: It is not that…she contracted cervical cancer
SC Mum: What…you say it is cancer

Sung Chan’s mother they need to discuss to bring Sarang back to their home in case of Min Jung’s demise and Sung Chan informed that Sarang will be staying on in the Park’s household. Sung Chan’s mother still wished to see Min Jung before her surgery. Sung Chan called Moo Hyuk on the request.

Sung Chan: We will meet another time….
SC Mum:…If something were to happened…what are we to do?…therefore we need to meet the soonest to ask forgiveness from them, also discuss the future of Sarang
Sung Chan: Although that may not happened…but however if something were to happened to Min Jung…it is decided that Sarang will be raise by his maternal grandmother and Park Moo Hyuk
SC Mum: What?…This can’t be…it is impossible…even consider that his maternal grandmother is alive but that will come a time she will passed away then it is to say that he will be all alone and living with a family that has no bloodline with him
Sung Chan: Park Moo Hyuk will do a better job at raising him than I ever can
SC Dad: That is true…I have met him a few occasion but it seems that it not an ordinary person to be reckon…our Sarang is also close to him
SC Mum: Sigh! Actually at our present situation as for Sarang …it is not a good environment no matter in which perspectives we look at
Sung Chan: She should make a decision on whether to accept the surgery…
SC Mum: Sung Chan…before her surgery, could you get her to meet up with me, even how minor the surgery is…it is said that anything can happened…if this goes…then what if somethingwere to happened…I will be ridden with guilt for the rest of my life…I can’t live my life

Sung Chan called Moo Hyuk for his mother to meet Min Jung.

Moo Hyuk:Yes..I am Park Moo Hyuk
Sung Chan: I am Kang Sung Chan…a few days ago, I met with Lee Min Jung…that I heard from her that her cancer has spread
Moo Hyuk: I have heard that it is because of Sarang that she came to ask you a favour
Sung Chan: Is she still waver in hesitation about doing the surgery?
Moo Hyuk: She plans to do the surgery tomorrow, now she has admitted to the hospital
Sung Chan: Ah…yes indeed….
Moo Hyuk: Are you concern with worry is that why you are calling?
Sung Chan: That is too…before Lee Min Jung does her surgery, my mother wish to see her
Moo Hyuk: Your mother?…
Sung Chan: She needs to say something that she ought to…to Lee Min Jung…please I ask of you….
Min Jung: Is that Kang Sung Chan?
Moo Hyuk: Yes…his mother will like to meet you before your surgery because she has something she ought to say to you…what do you wish to do about the matter?

Sung Chan’s mother apologised for her past actions and asked her to stay alive for Sarang’s sake

Min Jung: When time did Kang Sung Chan said he will come
Moo Hyuk: It is already that time
SC Mum: How did you come to this?…
SC Dad: Didn’t we agree that we should not mentioned this?
SC Mum: All will be well…you just need to be optimistic
Min Jung: Yes….
SC Mum: It is because lately I been having dream about you…therefore I decided to pay you a visit to see you but never would I have imagine, it will come to this…in the past that I have done so many wronged against you…I really want to come over to ask for your absolution from you…thinking back…that you were so kind hearted that you have serve your husband and your in laws well but don’t know why that I have render you such grievances
Min Jung: Mrs Kang?
SC Mum: It is because that you can’t conceive that I have reprimand you on the matter, when Sung Chan has the extra marital affairs and brought the pregnant Oh Yoo Ran to the house, without any reason, chase you from the household…I am sorry….
Min Jung: Don’t say anymore….it is all in the past
SC Mum:You raise Sarang alone…for the sake to snatch him away from you that I has render you such grievances…I am really sorry for that….therefore for the sake of Sarang’s welfare…please give some thought in making a full recovery…and continue to live your life in happiness
SC Dad: You have such a difficult decision, it must be hard on you

On the day of the surgery, Min Jung felt the child kicking and she decided not to go through with the surgery

Moo Hyuk: Are you alright?
Min Jung: I am not fine at all….are we really making the correct decision Moo Hyuk: Who knows but then at present…we must determine that you survive this ordeal…for the sake for Sarang
Min Jung: Yes it is….this is the right choice to make…for our Sarang….the pitiful Sarang…if we can’t comfort him, he will be really pitiful
Moo Hyuk: Min Jung?
Nurse: Ms Lee Min Jung…you need to enter the operating theater
Min Jung: Ah Rang…I am really sorry….
Moo Hyuk: Oh! Why it is kicking so hard…. Min Jung: Ah Rang!!!…No I can’t…I will not….do this surgery
Moo Hyuk: Min Jung!
Min Jung: Ah Rang is shouting from the womb that she doesn’t want to die

The Summary of Episode 109 (End)

Min Jung removed all her IV drips. Moo Hyuk asked her not to refuse the surgery but Min Jung told him that their child has showed itself wanting to live.

Min Jung: Ah Rang is shouting from the womb that she doesn’t want to die
Nurse: You can’t do this….
Min Jung: I am sorry
Moo Hyuk: Min Jung!….Min Jung!!!….Don’t be like that….we have taken considerate thought in making this decision, how can you run away like this
Min Jung: Moo Hyuk…didn’t you also see…how Ah Rang is kicking me this is the first time that she has kick me so hard like that
Moo Hyuk: Min Jung!!!…
Min Jung: This is clearly state that this child doesn’t want to…it is because she fear that she will die that she has signal to me to save her
Moo Hyuk: Therefore…you has decide not to go through with the surgery
Min Jung:For the sake of Ah Rang…it will be just a few more weeks…I will hold out for her sake…we can’t do this to her

Min Jung’s mother is at lost with Min Jung’s decision

Moo Hyuk: Mother in law…
MJ Mum: Finally we still need to go through such a frightening course…
Moo Hyuk: She has said that when she had Sarang…the similar incident happened…to deliver a child that is going to be without a father…she suspect whether it is her own selfishness that passing in her thought when she was on that operating theater…she has said she hear a cried from the womb that the child doesn’t want to die…that is why she run off from the theater and deliver the child
MJ Mum: That time, the situation is different than now…now this concern her own life being at risk
Moo Hyuk: She felt that the situation is the same as she has when she has Sarang…Ah Rang has given her a signal from the womb…this is why she made that decision and confident that both of them will survive and she is determined to do so…. Min Jung said this is said that it is really fortunate but no one will know what will happened next…it can’t be said that her condition might deteriorates for the worse
Moo Hyuk: Mother in law…I have decided to go with Min Jung decision on this and trust her instinct
MJ Mum: Son in law Park?

Yoo Ran found another shop place for sung Chan’s parents to start a small business while Sung Chan found himself a job working at his senior’s clinic. Sung Chan said they are all to make a fresh start.

Yoo Ran as her promised agreed to the divorce and they parted with a handshake

Moo Hyuk told the family on the decision to have the child.

Yoo Ran has also accepted Colleague Jin dating Kyung Ran and apologized for her past behaviour

Kyung Ran: Sung Moo, you should have some….
Col. Jin: Yes….
Yoo Ran: I am sorry that I only now invited you here…you may know that our situation is currently not good
Col. Jin: Not at all…I am grateful for you invitation and that you had accept me…thank you very much
Yoo Ran: You have seen and have the knowledge that I am a person who look at material wealth, although there is nothing to be said at that…but then I realize my mistakes…I will change for the better
Kyung Ran: Unnie?…
Yoo Ran: I was rather rude towards you the last time…I apologize
Col. Jin: I have already forgotten about the matter…aren’t you the sister of the woman I love?…Just treat me as a younger sibling…and be casual with me

Min Jung carried on her pregnancy in calmness and a loving environment of her family

Mi Ae: Then why is that we have not seen Sarang since…after dinner…there is no sign of him at all
Moo Hyuk: Sarang…where are you!!!…Come and have some fruits
Min Jung: Sarang…don’t run down the stairs like that…careful that you don’t slip and fall
Sarang: Yes…this is our family portrait…how is it then?….I need to bring this to school…it is my project homework
Mi Ae: Omo…isn’t that our Oh Bok in the picture
President Park: Sarang…your drawing is really exemplary from others…how come that you even draw the baby in the womb as well
Moo Hyuk: This is because he is my son…no matter what he will excel…in drawing…singing….in English
President Park: It is starting to look like an idiot
MJ Mum: It looks like it will be a large family…a total of 8 members
President Park: Next year will be really exciting
Mi Ae: Then we will become more complicating
MJ Mum: No…it should become more interesting…in law

Mi Ae experience labour pains and was in labour for a long time with President Park accompanying so much so at each contraction. Another pain came and Mi Ae grabbed President Park by his hair when Moo Hyuk, Min Jung and her mother came in

MJ Mum: In law
Min Jung: Mother!!!
Moo Hyuk: Father!!!
President Park: You have come…in law
MJ Mum: Yes….
President Park: Why do you need to come as well?…you should rest at home….
Min Jung: It is not time to deliver just yet
President Park: Ms Vivian is in so much pain but the hospital tells that there is still a while longer to its due…it pains me to be beside her to see her suffer in pain
MJ Mum: Don’t persist…just opt for the operation immediately…how old are you….that you stubbornly insist to have a natural birth

However, Min Jung herself had labour pains too and gave birth to a daughter however she is fighting for her life too.

Min Jung: Arrgggh!
Moo Hyuk: What is the matter?…
Min Jung: My stomach feels strange…. Arrgggh!
MJ Mum: Why…Min Jung….
Min Jung: No it can’t…it feels like it has engage…it looks like the child…
Min Jung: This is a problem….it will be a premature birth
Moo Hyuk: Mother in law?…Doctor…Doctor!!!
Min Jung: Arrgggh!
MJ Mum: Just hold on a while…Min Jung and the child must not have anything happened to them…this is still not 34 weeks yet…to be save to deliver and she has to undergo surgery as well…if it has spread to other area….what to do if the condition deteriorates
Moo Hyuk: All will definitely be well…this is definitely that Ah Rang has made a decision to be born now…maybe it is her way to save her mother and her…please trust me on this….
MJ Mum: If you say this…this is fortunate…but then why do I feel so restless
Nurse: It is a beautiful daughter….
Moo Hyuk: Will she survive?
Doctor: We still don’t know yet…we will have to examine her but for her weeks in terms…she looks rather well
Moo Hyuk: How is the mother then
Doctor: We will proceed to with the surgery to remove the uterus and the lymph, there is some spread to the arteries, we have to explore the possibility when we get there and do the decision on that
Moo Hyuk: Has it advance to the next stage?
MJ Mum: What does that mean?
Moo Hyuk: You must save here….I beg you…please…Doctor…nothing must happened to her…please save her…she must lived
Doctor: I will do my utmost effort on it
MJ Mum: Is that to say that her condition has deteriorate?..Aigoo…how pitiful…what to do?….my pitiful Min Jung….what to do now…Min Jung….!!!!!
Moo Hyuk: You have promise me…Min Jung…you need to come out smiling…that you will not die…you promised me….

One Year Later

Sung Chan plays soccer with Sarang and this time he is wise to let Sarang have the ball and score. However, Sarang still call him formally as “birth father”

Sung Chan: Sarang…you are doing well…your foot work is well that Father can’t snatch the ball from you
Sarang: Yahoo!…Goal!!!
Sung Chan: Sarang is great….My son’s ability has great improve
Sarang: Isn’t it because that biological father has taught me well…
Sung Chan: When will it comes a time that you drop that “biological” from father, just address me as ‘Father” will do
Sarang: Then I will get confuse between you and my father
Sung Chan: Yes..I understand…just address me as biological father…I am hungry…where do you want to eat
Sarang: Gimbap and non spicy Tteokbokki
Sung Chan: Then do you wish to go to Grandfather and Grandmother’s shop to eat
Sarang: Yes….

Sung Chan’s parents open a Gimbap and Kimchi shop and business seems thriving

SC Mum: One portion of Egg roll Gimbap to go….
SC Dad: Yes….please enjoy your meal
Sarang: Grandfather!!!….
SC Dad: Aigoo! Our Sarang is here
SC Mum: Aigoo! My precious is here….My precious has arrived..Aigoo…Just sit down…I cook Ramyeon for you…my little puppy…the weather must be cold for you…you must be tired from where you were
Sung Chan: he wanted to eat Grandmother’s Gimbap and non spicy Tteokbokki
SC Mum: Aigoo!…This that so!!!..Grandmother will cook for you delicious Gimbap and non spicy Tteokbokki at once…just get warm up with your father
Sarang: Yes…
Sung Chan: Sit down!…How is Ah Rang doing?…Is she beautiful?…
Sarang: Yes…very beautiful indeed…tomorrow we will shoot her one year old portrait
Sung Chan: it should be….she will be as beautiful as her mother is

Moo Hyuk with Sarang and his daughter was waiting to take a family photo when Min Jung came late as she wanted to finish her work at “Happy Days”

MJ Mum: Our Ah Rang is well behaviour and doesn’t cry
Sarang: Just like father’s
Moo Hyuk: Ah Rang has come
Sarang: Ah Rang is wearing the same clothes as I am
Moo Hyuk: She didn’t cry when she change her clothes
MJ Mum: Don’t know what happened…she didn’t throw tantrums…it looks like she know that she is about to take her one year old photo
Moo Hyuk: Aigoo! My princess is really well
Cameraman: Is everyone ready…we can take the photo
Min Jung: I am sorry that I am late
Moo Hyuk: This is too much…you just play an importance on “Happy days” only…you need to take notice of us too
MJ Mum: It is because In law Park…you had spoilt her, you should reprimand her…lately I have seen her indulge into her work…it is getting naught from me
Min Jung: Just give me a chance this once, after completing these designs, I will stay quietly at home…yes
Moo Hyuk: What to do…her smile is a lethal weapon
MJ Mum: What to do…looking at your expression, you already surrender to her
Moo Hyuk: It is my disadvantage that I am so soft
Sarang: Mother…quickly get change
Min Jung: I know…just wait a moment
Cameraman: Come…let us take the shot….1…2…3…kimchi!

Meanwhile President Park and Mi Ae has a son and President Park falls asleep while watching his son.

Mi Ae: Come…Oh Bok!
President Park: Oh Bok…don’t cry…don’t cry..
Mi Ae: Clark Gable…it looks like you are about to cry
President Park: It must be that I am sleepy
Mi Ae: Therefore I has told you not be too taxing in looking after him and to do it occasionally when free..why do you insist always of looking after him…if this continue…you will not able to see Oh Bok enter university
President Park:I will definitely able to see Oh Bok marry off
Mi Ae: If that is so…you better take supplements..when our Oh Bok finished his education, you will be already 80s
President Park: Is that so…in so many years?
Mi Ae: Finished his university education….military service….career in the workforce then we can only see marriage…heavens…you need to at least 100 to see it
President Park: Wait…we can have him married him off after his high school education, wouldn’t that do?
Mi Ae: What are you saying?…

Yoo Ran helped out in an orphanage and on a volunteer health visit meets up with Sung Chan and both are now at peace with their life

Lady: I see that you are at an age…you should quickly have children..when raising a child, it is difficult but then how blissful it can be
Yoo Ran: Actually I can’t have children
Lady: Omo! I am sorry…I didn’t know….
Yoo Ran: Not at all Lady; Then why don’t you discuss with your husband to foster a child…actually at my advance age..I had also adopted a child
Yoo Ran: Is that so?
Lady: You have volunteer your time…you must have got acquainted with the children here..just persuade your husband to adopt…in the beginning my husband and my in law was against it but now they dote the child so much…raising a child doesn’t mean that you have to give birth to him
Yoo Ran: I hope that I can do so
Matron: Just as it was mentioned…today there is a check up session
Lady: Are they the volunteer Doctors
Matron: Yes…just carry the child that is with you to do the check up
Sung Chan: Yoo Ran?
Doctor: Sister in law!!

Sung Chan sat down with Yoo Ran and offered a canned drink

Sung Chan: Have a drink
Yoo Ran: When did you start to volunteer in the medical service
Sung Chan: It not that long…it is because Pyeong Dong often comes by…so I just followed him over….but then why are you here then
Yoo Ran: In the beginning I came because of the article that I need to write for a magazine but then I grew close to the children here, so I come here during my free time
Sung Chan: Indeed
Yoo Ran: The children because of useless parents, can’t see the radiance of the world…I will use my lifetime to give them some of that…don’t know whether this will able to redeem my guilt
Sung Chan: Yoo Ran?
Yoo Ran: I wish to adopt a child to become a mother but then I don’t qualify to do so…it is because I am divorcee
Sung Chan: There comes a day that you meet a nice man
Yoo Ran: Is that possible?
Sung Chan: Perhaps that day will come soon
Yoo Ran: Oh It is snowing
Sung Chan: It is….

Moo Hyuk and Min Jung happily took their family for a trip to the beach.

Min Jung: It is disappointing that we didn’t have a party
Moo Hyuk: I most dislike during year old party that we have to invite guest and create such commotion…just we go and take a family portrait and go for excursion together…make me feel blessed…is that great…
Min Jung: No matter what…whatever the specialty you are conjuring
Moo Hyuk: Right…have you taken the oranges and mandarins…if you are lack in this manner, don’t know when you have reoccurrence
Min Jung: Yes…

Parks sings: A house have 4 bears..Father Bear…Mother Bear, Sarang bear and Ah Rang bear…Father Bear is fat…Mother Bear is slim..Sarang Bear is healthy…Ah Rang bear is so cute….Hisu .. Hisu…all are great

The family headed down to a beach

Min Jung: Oh Sarang
Sarang: Come and catch me
Moo Hyuk: Wait for me…what about me…
Min Jung: Come follow….

Note: This ends the summary of “You Don’t Know Women” and I hope you have all enjoyed it

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    thanks for your are great effect and time for writing all these down for us to read, I really enjoyed.

    keep up the great work

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