Dong Yi Summary 58

Dong Yi Summary 58

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Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama?

Queen Inwon approaches Choi Dong Yi who is surprise at Queen Inwon late night visit as Queen Inwon confronts her

Jang Mu Yeol asked Officer Min to stay alert & not let anything slip as Officer Min acknowledge. Cha Cheon Soo confronts Jang Mu Yeol & question Jang Mu Yeol what theatrics is he up to. Jang Mu Yeol asked Cha Cheon Soo in regards to what reference of theatrics then arrogantly tells Cha Cheon Soo whether he is queries that the Palace military authority is now transfer under his command as Jang Mu Yeol tells Cha Cheon Soo if it is regards to this matter then he should direct that question to him & Cha Cheon Soo take his question up to the Minister of Military who is higher authority that he was the person who request Jang Mu Yeol to provide Military backup. Cha Cheon Soo is surprised. Jang Mu Yeol tells that Nae Geum Bu’s military size is half after deployment to accompany Sukjong in his excursion & Ministry of Military need to fill the void left by the Nae Geum Bu therefore Jang Mu Yeol tells with this & that, he is here subsequently take over the security of the palace. Jang Mu Yeol tells that Cha Cheon Soo there is no need to be so sensitive in regards to the matter, this is just formalities & he needs not get so work out. As Jang Mu Yeol passes him, Cha Cheon Soo gives Jang Mu Yeol a stern warning to bear this in mind that Jang Mu Yeol don’t take his theatrics too far as he can takes Jang Mu Yeol’s life at a moment notice & caution him not to side step in his ways. Jang Mu Yeol agrees with Cha Cheon Soo on his ability to do that then dares Cha Cheon Soo to give it a try in taking his life then they shall see who has the better outcome then question whether Cha Cheon Soo will be safe from implication prosecution, once that happened, who will be left in the palace to protect Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning. Jang Mu Yeol reminds Cha Cheon Soo that presently in the palace there is no one else to do that for them as Jang Mu Yeol walks away, leaving Cha Cheon Soo fuming in upset

Bong Sang Gung & Ae Jung is outside Bo Gyeong Dang having anxiety attack with Queen Inwon’s sudden late night visit. Queen Inwon’s Residence Sang Gung Yi having glances contest with Ae Jung & Bong Sang Gung

Meanwhile inside Bo Gyeong Dang

Choi Dong Yi: What is the purpose of your visit to have come ti see me in such lateness of the hour…Mama?

Queen Inwon just blank stare at Choi Dong Yi

Queen Inwon: Why did you turn down the designation to ascend as Queen Consort?…

Choi Dong Yi: What?

Queen Inwon: I am well aware that if you had wanted to succeed this designation, it will not be I but you instead who ascend as Queen Consort….therefore I am here asking you, what are your reason….why did you turn down this designation

Choi Dong Yi doesn’t think she need to explains

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

Queen Inwon: What is really that you are calculating…the reason behind your intention…why would you had carried such mindset….after refusing to ascend as Queen Consort….why is the reason…do you still the desire to aspire for Prince Successor’s position. If you have the desire to aspire for Prince Successor’s position, why would you have arrange Prince Yeoning’s matrimonial to be handled in such a manner…moreover why the need for you to provide comfort & solace to Crown Prince Yun & in turn gain his most utmost trust in you…Please speak….who are you…in actual reality…versus the perception of you in those raging rumours in the palace

Choi Dong Yi: Why would you here coming to ask me in such phrase question in regards to this matter, Mama?…As for Mama has already in your own observance that has come to conclude your own opinion, that in regards to the rumour about Prince Yeoning & I has divergence in irregularity

Queen Inwon has to give a slight nod of affirmative

Choi Dong Yi: therefore…isn’t this your purpose of visit that you have come to see me in this late hour….

Jang Mu Yeol learns & surprise from Daejojeon residence staff that Queen Inwon has gone to visit Bo Gyeong Dang as the Daejojeon residence staff confirms

Meanwhile at Bo Gyeong Dang

Queen Inwon: What is the reason then?…It is not perhaps that you have made such relinquish sacrifice the designation of Queen Consort for Crown Prince Yun’s sake…is that what it is….

Choi Dong Yi: No, it is not Mama….there is nothing of that sort that I have made relinquish sacrifice in regards to the matter…moreover this can be said that is my covet desire & orectic ambition…to safe guard & protect both Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning & their all, also doesn’t wanted to lose any one of them…this is indeed my greatest greed & desire ambitiousness…but however, never would I have imagine that in order for my great desire ambitiousness, it will bring this palace a great upsurge of tumult, hence forth has brought about this kind of happenings that is dire…..spate….

Queen Inwon interrupts Choi Dong Yi

Queen Inwon: Then what do you mean by implying by saying that…the palace…will be in risk of a great tumult

Choi Dong Yi sighs

Choi Dong Yi: Mama…there is something that you ought to know prior that I need to convey to you, in comparison to any one, you must be the 1st person to know about the matter

Queen Inwon’s residence Sang Gung Yi comes calling for Queen Inwon. Queen Inwon asked Yi Sang Gung what is the matter as Yi Sang Gung tells that Jang Mu Yeol seek her audience at Daejojeon. Queen Inwon acknowledge that Jang Mu Yeol wants to see her now as Yi Sang Gung tells that Jang Mu Yeol express urgency in the matter. Queen Inwon’s expression is slight tone down in her affront with Choi Dong Yi & hesitant in doubts with Jang Mu Yeol as Queen Inwon ponders

Queen Inwon & her entourage returns to Daejojeon as Jang Mu Yeol greets Queen Inwon’s return. Queen Inwon asked Jang Mu Yeol what is the purpose of his visit so late in the night at her residence. Jang Mu Yeol tells that he has something of utmost important to report to her. Queen Inwon surprise

Choi Dong Yi pacing with some concern & anxiety at Bo Gyeong Dang. Cha Cheon Soo comes to see Choi Dong Yi at Bo Gyeong Dang

Queen Inwon surprise to learn from Jang Mu Yeol & asked what he is implying by saying that Bo Gyeong Dang has detection of oddity in their movement. Jang Mu Yeol tells that since after Sukjong who has decree Choi Dong Yi to take up private residency outside the palace, it has been observe that there is oddity in her associates’ movement that he has observe in his surveillance. Queen Inwon question the oddity in the movement as Jang Mu Yeol affirms that especially when it comes to Cha Cheon Soo who is Choi Dong Yi’s brother & a Official in Uigyeombu & Jang Mu Yeol tells Queen Inwon that they might be secretly scheming in stratagems to target to bring harm to Donggungjeon as Queen Inwon asked if it is referring to Donggungjeon that their target will be Crown Prince Yun. Jang Mu Yeol affirms that it is indeed. Queen Inwon is taken aback. Queen Inwon asked Jang Mu Yeol whether he has substantial evidence to prove his theory. Jang Mu Yeol tells that he doesn’t have any evidence but then Jang Mu Yeol insist to let Queen Inwon knows that their movement is worth a suspicion, if this pose as a threat then Jang Mu Yeol tells that they must go out to find this out & counter measure prevention must be made to stop them. Queen Inwon nods in agreement. Jang Mu Yeol tells that Sukjong is presently not in the palace & the palace is currently stands lurking at a greater risk than before, he worries that someone might seize this opportunity to do mischief. Then Queen Inwon asked Jang Mu Yeol for his opinion whether Jang Mu Yeol has any counter measure against those mischief. Jang Mu Yeol tells that he has one & this is the reason why he came to seek her audience urgently that requires Queen Inwon to render her assistance. Queen Inwon queries that Jang Mu Yeol requires her help as Jang Mu Yeol affirms

Meanwhile at Bo Gyeong Dang Choi Dong Yi learns from Cha Cheon Soo with some query that Jang Mu Yeol is now holding absolute Military authority at the palace. Cha Cheon Soo confirms that it is indeed. Shim Yun Taek tells that Jang Mu Yeol is portraying oddity that worth suspicion in his movements. Cha Cheon Soo informs that after Sukjong left the palace for an excursion, there was reported infiltration incident at Chun Chu Gwan. Choi Dong Yi surprise that there was infiltration at Chun Chu Gwan. Cha Cheon Soo confirms that it is because of Sukjong wanting to abdicate that decree to research on the Annals of Taejo & Taejong on their abdication. Choi Dong Yi tells that if they have done that, then it means that Jang Mu Yeol already has guess Sukjong’s intention to abdicated his throne. Cha Cheon Soo agrees that if Jang Mu Yeol have learns that Sukjong abdicate in favour of Crown Prince Yun to ascend the throne in order for Prince Yeoning to be investiture as Prince Successor, they will not stand by idle & not reacted towards the matter. Shim Yun Taek tells that at this very moment Jang Mu Yeol is holding absolute Military authority in the palace, this might be said that they are taking this opportunity to do harm towards Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning

Chun Chu Gwan is where the past Joseon King’s annals are kept called the Office of Annals Compilations. It is said that no present reigning King can read his own Annals or Sillrok

Shim Yun Taek & Cha Cheon Soo leaves Bo Gyeong Dang as Cha Cheon Soo asked Shim Yun Taek to get Noron faction assistance in trying to think of counter measure against Jang Mu Yeol & his faction. Cha Cheon Soo will inform the happening to Seo Yong Gi who is with Sukjong on the excursion to discuss & understand the situation on how to go about in deploying the troops. Shim Yun Taek acknowledged as both of them leave on their respective assignment. Ae Jung could see the anxiety on Cha Cheon Soo & Shim Yun Taek’s expression. Bong Sang Gung is concern for Choi Dong Yi

In Bo Gyeong Dang, Choi Dong Yi give some thought then calls for Bong Sang Gung.

Choi Dong Yi: Bong Sang Gung! Is Bong Sang Gung outside!!!

Bong Sang Gung comes to answer Choi Dong Yi

Bong Sang Gung: Yes, Mama

Choi Dong Yi: Bring Prince Yeoning over….Quickly bring Prince Yeoning to my residence at once

Bong Sang Gung acknowledged & leaves

Cha Cheon Soo send a letter for despatch to Seo Yong Gi at the excursion palace. The despatch rider acknowledge then gallops away as someone is keep Uigyeombu under surveillance. Officer Min comes to see Jang Mu Yeol who asked what is the progress. Officer Min replies just as they had anticipate that Cha Cheon Soo has acted upon the matter. Jang Mu Yeol smiles that his scheme is working as he tells that it will take half a day ride on horseback to go to the excursion palace then when Seo Yong Gi received the message & return to the palace, will give them an ample time of a day grace. Jang Mu Yeol tells Officer Min that their success & failure to resolves all matter has within the day’s grace & tells whether he is clear. Officer Min acknowledge

Kim Gu Seon finished his lecture with Prince Yeoning. Kim Gu Seon tells that he will test Prince Yeoning on today & yesterday’s lecture tomorrow & asked Prince Yeoning to revise & study the classics texts for the test. Prince Yeoning acknowledged & bid Kim Gu Seon goodbye as Kim Gu Seon leaves for home. Ae Jung comes running to Prince Yeoning

Ae Jung: Mama

Ae Jung comes to Prince Yeoning

Ae Jung: Mama…please to go to Bo Gyeong Dang.

Prince Yeoning: What is the matter…. Ae Jung?…..This late hour of the night, why would Mother summoned me to go to her residence in such late hour.

Ae Jung: This is….Mama said that it has been a while since she has put Gun Mama to sleep.

Prince Yeoning is happy & thrill that his mother want to put him to bed

Prince Yeoning: Is it…Mother wants to….

Ae Jung: Yes, Mama….isn’t this a thrill…Mama?

Yoo Sang Gung place Internal Bureau of Investigation’s Gungnyeo at Bo Gyeong Dang for sentry duty to order them to observe for the slightest of oddity. Eun Geum expresses her concern that although the Nae Geum Bu’s soldier are not at the palace, there must be other Military soldier that can provide security & why it is up to them to provide security for Bo Gyeong Dang. Shi Bi queries Yoo Sang Gung what is going on here. Yoo Sang Gung brushes that there is none to be concern, just follow as they have been instructed

Jeong Sang Gung is pacing in anxiety as Jung Im & Yoo Sang Gung comes in then Jeong Sang Gung asked about the progress as Jung Im tells that they have done as per instructed to have the Internal Bureau of Investigation’s Gungnyeo provide sentry & security to Bo Gyeong Dang. Yoo Sang Gung informs that Jang Mu Yeol did indeed had taken over the Military security at the palace. Then asked Jeong Sang Gung what is happening here

Hwang Jung Gu doing his roll call on his soldiers as Cha Cheon Soo asked Hwang Jung Gu on the number of soldier that they can gather to deploy. Hwang Jung Gu tells that all he can gather is merely 20 soldiers. Cha Cheon Soo asked Hwang Jung Gu to have them battle ready for deployment as Hwang Jung Gu looks how pathetic their numbers are

Choi Dong Yi pacing at Bo Gyeong Dang & thinks whether Jang Mu Yeol will try to attempt to do something reckless in the palace but then Choi Dong Yi tells if it is not, what is his reason to hold absolute Military authority in the palace then Choi Dong Yi sighs for Sukjong is her perplexed dilemma

The despatched rider is galloping through the streets. Sukjong contemplating at the excursion palace as he look at the night sky as Seo Yong Gi asked what is Sukjong doing outside so late in the night. Sukjong tells Seo Yong Gi that he can’t sleep, maybe the reason for his insomnia that he is now outside the palace. Sukjong goes into the residence then Sukjong knows what Seo Yong Gi is about to say to him by trying to convince him not to abdicate therefore Sukjong will directly tell him that he is wasting his effort & spare his breath & asked him not to speak of the matter. Seo Yong Gi tells that abdication is not seen as a possibility to resolve matters & asked Sukjong to reconsider his plans. Sukjong smiles at “reconsideration” & tells that he will heard more of this “reconsideration prattles” later that Seo Yong Gi must come to add to that. Seo Yong Gi asked Sukjong to reconsider the rippling affect that might cause the palace to become in the state of disarray & Choi Dong Yi also will not condone to have this happenings to the palace. Sukjong thinks that this is an absolute plan that can resolves all issue at hand & asked Seo yong Gi whether he concurs. Sukjong tells Seo Yong Gi that he wishes to step down as King, as Sukjong tells that as a King, he has done his utmost as a Monarch.

Sukjong tells Seo Yong Gi that Crown Prince Yun’s frail health that his situation is like a candle in a wind, if Sukjong was to died now then frail health Crown Prince Yun will ascend the throne then the Royal Court will able to manipulate him in their political struggles for power then in the end the foundation of the Royal Household will be destroy & ruin in his hands. Sukjong quote the example that Taejong abdicate to Sejong then after Prince Yeoning will be guarantee safety that will ensure the Royal Household continuity & will be stable in its foundation. Sukjong asked why he has come to this decision, he will like Seo Yong Gi’s great understanding on his decision making. If Seo Yong Gi has express his grave concern for this Monarch. Seo Yong Gi tells that root of the sovereignty foundation to the nation is Sukjong, how can Sukjong think to retire in abdication as King Emeritus. Sukjong laughs & tells what is so magnificent in being the King. Sukjong tells that if he steps down, he has Choi Dong Yi at his side. Sukjong as for him, just thinking of that thought, the importance now for him in comparison to the throne is to be with Choi Dong Yi in which he cherished

Sang Wang is King Emeritus, the precedent Monarch

Seo Yong Gi contemplates as Sukjong does his at the residence. Chief Eunuch Han comes to tells that the preparation is ready for the journey to Sungneung & then to the inspection of the fortress border walls that they can leave at 1st light. Sukjong acknowledge then he relay that after the fortress wall inspection, he wish adjourn to go hunting, as he tells that it has been a while that he has gone hunting for a deer to get its leather for a pair of shoes. Chief Eunuch Han smiles at the suggestion & acknowledged. Sukjong gleam with a smile

Sungneung is the tomb of King Hyeonjong, Sukjong father

Dang Hae is a leather shoes for woman of official status

Sukjong recalls the time that the 1st pair of leather shoes he got for Choi Dong Yi from his 1st hunting kill as he looks at the pair of shoes when he longs & years for Choi Dong Yi as she went missing in Uiju then Choi Dong Yi re-enter the palace as Seong Eun Sang Gung wearing his pair of leather shoes, as Sukjong smiles with some excitement in anticipating his retirement with Choi Dong Yi as his company

Officer Min patrolling the palace premises as Jang Mu Yeol pacing then asked his staff what is the time. The staff answer that it is now Myo Si. Officer Min comes to see Jang Mu Yeol then dismiss the staff as he acknowledge & leaves. Jang Mu Yeol asked in regards to the orders given as Officer Min tells that they have prepare & ready to expedite the executive order once it is pass & assures that there will no mistake made. Jang Mu Yeol tell what is left is Queen Inwon giving her directive decision on the matter

Myo Si is the hour of rabbit between 5-7 am

Queen Inwon contemplates in Daejojeon on her decision making as she recalls as Jang Mu Yeol request her assistance.

Queen Inwon: You require my assistance…what is that then…Yeong Gam?

Jang Mu Yeol: Please I asked you to bring forward Suk Bin Mama’s departure from the palace & be done at once with immediate effect.

Queen Inwon is surprise by Jang Mu Yeol’s suggestion.

Queen Inwon: What are you saying?

Jang Mu Yeol: You will order Suk Bin’s departure to Ihyeongung palace to take up residence in private residency with immediate effect as of tomorrow.

Queen Inwon: But however Suk Bin has requested to wait for Cheon Na’s return to the palace before she leaves for her private residency…at present Cheon Na is currently not in residence in the palace, how can we bring her departure forward with immediate effect.

Jang Mu Yeol: Mama…this is the very reason that Cheon Na is seen not in the palace therefore in this kind of a situation…no one can foreseen what may happened in the palace.

Queen Inwon nods in agreement.

Jang Mu Yeol: In will be sooner or later that she needs to leave the palace therefore for the sake of in considering for Crown Prince Yun’s safety, you must act upon this matter the soonest the possible in fear for any unforeseen circumstances

Jang Mu Yeol sells his plans to Im Sang Hyeon as Im sang Hyeon asked assurance whether Jang Mu Yeol’s plan is solid for them to entrust Jang Mu Yeol to execute the plans. Jang Mu Yeol gave his assurance to Im Sang Hyeon not to worry or else if he is worried then Im Sang Gung can just be stand down & be sidelined. Im Sang Hyeon is taken aback. Jang Mu Yeol tells Im Sang Hyeon that they have no idea what is Sukjong is conjuring in stratagems. Jang Mu Yeol tells that Sukjong is indeed serious in contemplating on abdication. Jang Mu Yeol tells that if Sukjong is determined to abdicates, Prince Yeoning will investiture as Prince Successor, Chui Dong Yi will eventually able to hold political authority in the palace & if that happened, they will all be vanquished. Jang Mu Yeol tells that they must eliminate Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning out of the palace & now it is the best time to do so to seize that opportunity. If Sukjong was to return to the palace there will not be another seize opportunity to come their way. Im Sang Hyeon hesitates

Cha Cheon Soo putting surveillance tabs on Jang Mu Yeol & Officer Min as his staff reports there is no oddity about their movement then in turn tells that they are also been followed. Cha Cheon Soo is taken aback. Hwang Jung Gu comes running to tell Cha Cheon Soo there is trouble. Cha Cheon Soo asked what has happened

Meanwhile at Bo Gyeong Dang, Choi Dong Yi is shocked to hear the news from Bong Sang Gung

Choi Dong Yi: What?…Jung Jong Mama has asked me to leave the palace with immediate effect by today

Bong Sang Gung: Yes Mama….she has just decree her orders

Choi Dong Yi is baffled

Yeong Dal runs to Hwang Joo Shik to inform that Choi Dong Yi is force out of the palace by Queen Inwon by today with immediate effect, isn’t it suppose that her departure is only in a few days time. Yeong Dal tells that this is why he is so fuming upset, that it is today & with immediate effect that this instant that she need to leave the palace. Yeong Dal tells that since Sukjong is not in the palace that they are taking this opportunity to outright bullied Choi Dong Yi to submission. Hwang Joo Shik tells that the palace has gone mad, 1st it was Sukjong who went crazy by decree Choi Dong Yi to leave the palace then now Queen Inwon has gone bonkers to force Choi Dong Yi to leave the palace with immediate effect. Hwang Joo Shik tells what is Choi Dong Yi doing now…sitting idle & taking all the abuse of bullying at stride

Queen Inwon at Daejojeon as Yi Sang Gung announce to Queen Inwon that Choi Dong Yi ahs comes to seek her audience. Choi Dong Yi comes in & greets Queen Inwon

Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama?

Queen Inwon looks at Choi Dong Yi as she & Choi Dong Yi doesn’t portray to be adverse at each other

Shim Yun Taek tells that it is preposterous that Choi Dong Yi is force out of the palace with immediate effect that they don’t even have the appropriate security to escort Choi Dong Yi out of the palace. Cha Cheon Soo tells that Jang Mu Yeol has planned this scheme with that intent, that if Choi Dong Yi was to leave the palace now then their own military strength will be split to come to protect Prince Yeoning in the palace while Choi Dong Yi is out of the palace. Shim Yun Taek tells that Jang Mu Yeol is forcing them to a corner to a state of confusion & their hands tied. Shim Yun Taek asked whether Jang Mu Yeol wants to attempt on Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning’s lives then tells that Jang Mu Yeol is crazy that how can he conjure something so reckless to make such a daring attempt at this time

In Daejojeon, Choi Dong Yi speaks to Queen Inwon

Choi Dong Yi: Please understand my earnest request to you…can’t you just rendering me a few more days grace period of time

Queen Inwon stare at Choi Dong Yi in blankness

Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama?

Queen Inwon doesn’t relent. Choi Dong Yi walks out of Daejojeon. Bong Sang Gung asked Choi Dong Yi what is the end result in regards to them leaving the palace. Choi Dong Yi sternly tells Bong Sang Gung

Choi Dong Yi: Get ready to prepare for us to leave the palace, Bong Sang Gung!

Bong Sang Gung: What?….Do we really need to leave the palace with immediate effect?

Choi Dong Yi turns to Daejojeon. Queen Inwon contemplating in Daejojeon as Yi Sang Gung waits in the residence. Queen Inwon looks determine

Prince Yeoning running to Bo Gyeong Dang with Ae Jung chasing him as he calls for his mother. Prince Yeoning comes running into Bo Gyeong Dang

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni?….Eomeoni!!!

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah

Prince Yeoning sits down in front of Choi Dong Yi

Prince Yeoning: What does this mean…that you have to leave the palace….is this true that Ah Ba Mama has asked you to leave the palace but however you have chose to conceal this matter from me by asking the residence staff not to inform me about this matter, is this true….

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah…Come closer

Prince Yeoning sat closer to Choi Dong Yi as he rattles on

Prince Yeoning: Why?…..Why Mother needs to leave the palace?…

Choi Dong Yi holds her son’s hands…

Prince Yeoning: I don’t want you….If Mother leaves the palace, I will follow you together

Choi Dong Yi stroke her son

Choi Dong Yi Geum Ah!…It is not like that Mother is leaving the palace & never able to see you ever again, it will be just like it is now, every day that you will come to me to send your greetings at my palace residence. If you wish to see me or misses me….I will come to the palace to see you

Prince Yeoning: I don’t want that ….I will not allow Mother to leave the palace

Choi Dong Yi: You..Little brat!…As a righteous gentleman that because your Mother is leaving & will not be your side that you are crying in tears, this is uncalled for….What did Mother has said to you…you are already married man…therefore you need to become more matured in your outlook

Prince Yeoning: Mother…Why has Ah Ba Mama has asked you to leave the palace?….I really hate Ah Ba Mama…I have never once thought of that before….but now I really hate Ah Ba Mama

Choi Dong Yi: No… you can’t Geum Ah!!! You must not do that…All this is done for your sake…just like in the past that the same reason that you & I was staying in the private abode, it is the same reason that Ah Ba Mama is doing this for your sake

Prince Yeoning: For what…Why it is said that there a need for him & you to do this for me?

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah?

Prince Yeoning: Please explained to me…Mother…why is there a need for Mother to leave the palace?

Choi Dong Yi can only stroke her son’s face

Crown Prince Yun goes to see Queen Inwon at Daejojeon in pleading for Choi Dong Yi to asked Queen Inwon to retract her decree to asked Choi Dong Yi to leave the palace with immediate effect then asked Queen Inwon to wait for Sukjong’s return from his excursion that Crown Prince Yun will petition Sukjong to retract his decree to send Choi Dong Yi away from the palace therefore he pleas Queen Inwon that matter are not too late to wait for Sukjong’s return then begs Queen Inwon to reconsidered her decree. Queen Inwon reject Crown Prince Yun’s pleas as this is something she will not do. Queen Inwon reminds that this is matter pertaining to the affairs of Nae Myeong Bu, she will act accordingly whatever she justifies, this is not a place for Crown Prince Yun to be seen interfering. Crown Prince Yun pleas with Queen Inwon as Queen Inwon tells Crown Prince Yun to return to his residence & carry on with his own affairs since Sukjong is not present at the palace, at this moment like this, Crown prince Yun needs to act on Sukjong’s behalf on state affairs & asked whether he understand his priorities at hand. Queen Inwon remind that there Gi No Yeon banquet at Nohwabang that Crown Prince Yun need to stand in for Sukjong in his absence & asked Crown Prince Yun to return to his residence to prepare to leave for the banquet. Crown Prince Yun pleas as Queen Inwon send him off quickly

Gi No Yeon is Hall of the Elderly Statesmen 慰老宴 where Monarch hold banquet for the retired & elderly statesman from previous administration to celebrate their recognition in their contribution to the country . It is situated in Yukjo Street in presently Gwanghwamun-dong in front of Gyeongbukgung palace. Ihyeongung 梨岘宫 is situated adjourning Gyeongbokgung. This will give you some logistics on where the places are

The despatch rider comes to the excursion palace then asked Han Jang Bu where is Seo Yong Gi as Han Jang Bu tells that Seo Yong Gi has accompanied Sukjong to his fortress wall inspection then despatch rider asked where will that be. Sukjong having discussion with his official over fortress wall inspection sites

Hwang Jung Gu deploying his soldier to provided security cover as Cha Cheon Soo asked how is the deployment as Hwang Jung Gu telling that he is trying his best to have the premises covered then the rest the soldier will be to escort Choi Dong Yi out of the palace to Ihyeongung palace . Cha Cheon Soo tells that there isn’t enough soldiers on hand to provide escort for Choi Dong Yi’s departure. Hwang Jung Gu complains to Cha Cheon Soo that he is trying his best to work with whatever the number he has & there is none in addition to be found

Jang Mu Yeol prepares his troops deployment at Bo Gyeong Dang as Choi Dong Yi marches out & confronts him. Jang Mu Yeol greets Choi Dong Yi then informs her that the soldiers are her escort to her private residence at Ihyeongung Palace & they will provide & be in charge of the security at her private residence & tells Choi Dong Yi to be rest assure.

Choi Dong Yi: What is the purpose of him doing this…that you has gather absolute military authority at the palace then coming here to pressure in forcing me out in such reckless & rash manner.

Jang Mu Yeol: “Pressure… force out”?…Mama I am just concern about Mama’s safety, how can you make such references.

Choi Dong Yi doesn’t take to Jang Mu Yeol’s jest

Choi Dong Yi: Yeong Gam!

Jang Mu Yeol: Moreover my apology that the person who is reckless & rash in handling matter is not I instead it is you Mama….are you orchestrating Cheon Na in doing something preposterous that will render everyone is shock. However I will that you will not be successful in achieve your endeavours.

Jang Mu Yeol orders his soldier to diligently protect Choi Dong Yi & Bo Gyeong Dang until her departure. The Captain acknowledged. Jang Mu Yeol leaves as he meets Shim Yun Taek & Cha Cheon Soo on his way out & give out his winning grin. Cha Cheon Soo stares at Jang Mu Yeol waiting to wield his sword at his to take his head off

Shim Yun Taek & Cha Cheon Soo greets Choi Dong Yi

Choi Dong Yi: Byeon Hu Cham Ban seems to have full knowledge about Cheon Na’s intent to abdicate.

Choi Dong Yi is taken aback. Choi Dong Yi with Shim Yun Taek & Cha Cheon Soo goes back to Bo Gyeong Dang.

Cha Cheon Soo: If Jang Mu Yeol has learns of the truth about the abdication then he is now in the midst of scheming his plots. It is because that he is well aware than everyone else that if Prince Yeoning were to investiture as Prince Successor, the days will be bright for him in the future.

Shim Yun Taek: No matter what it is, it is best that we must delay Mama’s departure from leaving the palace.

Choi Dong Yi: No…there is no need for, she will leave the palace accordingly as schedule.

Shim Yun Taek: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: Render the utmost effort in whatever soldier we have to provide security in protecting Prince Yeoning in the palace.

Cha Cheon Soo: Mama! But however….

Choi Dong Yi: No matter how anxious Byeon Hu Cham Ban is, he will not able to attempt on my life in the streets of Doseong, therefore please you must provide protection on Prince Yeoning’s safety in the palace in utmost effort.

Cha Cheon Soo: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: Just please follow what I have said in accordance

Jang Mu Yeol asked how Officer Min on what the present situation. Officer Min tells that Choi Dong Yi’s associates are in the state of frenzy panic that everything is successful according to Jang Mu Yeol’s plans. Jang Mu Yeol agrees that they are force to this stage & he will think that the end result will be what he predicted for the outcome to be favourable in his favour

Shim Yun Taek tells Cha Cheon Soo that if this continues, they will not able to guarantee Choi Dong Yi’s personal safety to Ihyeongung palace as they leave Bo Gyeong Dang. Shim Yun Taek tells that the journey to Ihyeongung Palace is surrounded by mountains (Mongmyeoksan), that place will be an easy place to place an ambush, if they wish to attempt on Choi Dong Yi’s life then it will be at that place. Cha Cheon Soo tells Shim Yun Taek that he will use the Noron faction’s private army (mercenaries). Cha Cheon Soo asked Shim Yun Taek to summon the Noron faction who secretly maintaining private armies for him. Shim Yun Taek surprise that the Noron faction maintain a secret private army. Cha Cheon Soo tell that he has left with no alternative that the despatch rider would now have reach the excursion palace then Nae Geum Bu’s soldier will be deployed as they speak but at the meantime for them to arrive Cha Cheon Soo suggest deploying this private armies to act as a buffer for Seo Yong Gi’s Nae Geum Bu’s soldier to return to the palace to provide security for Choi Dong Yi no matter what the cost is

Shim Yun Taek reference is the Mountain range is Mongmyeoksan

Sa Byeon or private armies were ban during Taejong as during the Goryeo Dynasty aristocrats as the right to maintain private armies therefore it was illegal but doesn’t stop people from hiring mercenaries.

Seo Yong Gi learns from the message from the despatch rider then orders his soldier to be deploy to return to the palace to provide security. Seo Yong Gi tells Han Jang Bu when Sukjong return from his excursion inspection to convey Seo Yong Gi’s departure then to hand the despatched letter to Sukjong for his attention. Seo Yong Gi orders deployment as his soldiers acknowledged. Sukjong comes & orders Seo Yong Gi to halt of deployment as Seo Yong Gi greets Sukjong. Sukjong is seen griping another letter that was sent to him, Sukjong is seen fuming with upset

Jung In Guk send his valet to despatch the letter to the Noron faction then to asked them to gather their private armies at once

Jeong Sang Gung & Jung Im goes to Bo Gyeong Dang to informs that the Internal Bureau of investigation’s staff will provide escort for Choi Dong Yi’s departure from the palace & that Cha Cheon Soo has assigned private armies to provide stealth security on her journey to Ihyeongung palace. Choi Dong Yu queries on usage of private armies. Jung Im affirms that presently it is the only option open to them. Choi Dong Yi nods in acknowledgment

It looks like Seo Jung Je is getting involved in politics as he gathers assistance. Choi Dong Yi pacing outside Bo Gyeong Dang in the midst of heavy guard presence as she recalls Jang Mu Yeol telling Choi Dong Yi that the person who is reckless & rash in manner is Choi Dong Yi & not him. Jang Mu Yeol accusing Choi Dong Yi for orchestrating Sukjong in doing something preposterous that will render everyone is shock. Jang Mu Yeol swore that Choi Dong Yi will not be successful in her achieve her endeavours. Choi Dong Yi sighs with anxiety then thinks that no matter what Jang Mu Yeol has said that Jang Mu Yeol being a level headed person will not resort to being heedless then she ponder what is triggering Jang Mu Yeol to be rash, what is he planning to do then

Jang Mu Yeol informs Im Sang Hyeon that all is ready & prepare for them to strike. Im sang Hyeon question whether Jang Mu Yeol’s plan is bomb proof that if perhaps this plan were to be discovered that he is the mastermind & the instigator that wishes to attempt on Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning’s life. Jang Mu Yeol tells that it is merely Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning’s life, Jang Mu Yeol never mentioned that he want to attempt on them as Im Sang Hyeon is surprise then asked what is Jang Mu Yeol implying that he doesn’t wish to have Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning’s life then what does he want to do then. Jang Mu Yeol tells that he of course & most certainly that he will make use of this opportunity that will eventually take way Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning’s life & bring down all her affiliated associates but then he never mentioned that he will personally attempt to do this with his own accord. Jang Mu Yeol tells that he will not do something so heedless & disregards as this. Im sang Hyeon question who will be the person who make this move. Jang Mu Yeol tells that it will be Sukjong himself. Im sang Hyeon is shocked beyond astonishment. Jang Mu Yeol tells that it will be Sukjong who personally will take away Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning’s life from them. Im Sang Hyeon is left with jaw agape wide

Seo Yong Gi reads Sukjong letter that was sent to him as Sukjong is still rather upset over the content of the letter then Seo Yong Gi concern that this letter has indicated… Sukjong puff in deep breath to calm himself. Chief Eunuch Han express his concern. Seo Yong Gi is pale with anxiety

Choi Dong Yi gets ready to leave the palace as she asked Bong Sang Gung that are they ready to leave. Bong Sang Gung acknowledged. Choi Dong Yi tells Bong Sang Gung that she will go to Donggungjeon to bid her farewell to Crown Prince Yun & asked Bong Sang Gung to convey her arrival. Bong Sang Gung order one of the staff to convey the message as the staff acknowledged

Prince Yeoning downcast & contemplating looking to the sky saddened that his mother is leaving the palace as Crown Prince Yun looks at Prince Yeoning at a distance also sighs to see how downcast Prince Yeoning is then his residence staff reminds him that it is time for him to depart as the time has come for him to go to the Gi No Yeon banquet. Crown prince Yun acknowledge the time then as he leave, he take a 2nd look at Prince Yeoning

Choi Dong Yi learns that her departure has been delayed. Jung Im tells that the palanquin bearers suddenly are down & taken ill with food poisoning & can’t depart. Choi Dong Yi queries why the palanquin bearers suddenly taken ill as Jung Im affirms that this is what it was reported that now they are trying to source to find substitute palanquin bearers to replace the ill bearers then asked Choi Dong Yi to wait for a while as they sort the matter out. Choi Dong Yi acknowledge the matter

In Mongmyeoksan, Cha Cheon Soo deploy the Noron private army to looks after the security of Choi Dong Yi’s departure & journey to Ihyeongung palace then asked them to alert as this forestry place is prone to set up an ambush

Choi Dong Yi comes to Donggungjeon then tells the residence staff to announce her arrival to Crown Prince Yun. The residence staff apologise that Crown Prince Yun is not in residence, then as Choi Dong Yi acknowledge as she asked the residence staff whether he is now in Pyeon Jeon. The residence staff tells he is not as Crown Prince Yun has left the palace. Choi Dong Yi surprise that Crown Prince Yun has left the palace & asked where did he go to.

Crown Prince Yun leaves for his excursion to his Gi No Yeon banquet with his entourage.

Choi Dong Yi is notify that Crown Prince Yun is attending No Gi Yeon banquet that he is going there as Sukjong’s representative. Choi Dong Yi thought that she wanted to come to bid farewell to Crown Prince Yun, it seem that she has come a step too late as Choi Dong Yi acknowledge that Crown Prince Yun is not in residence. Choi Dong Yi leaves as Bong Sang Gung tells when they go to Ihyeongung palace, Choi Dong Yi will be able to see Crown Prince Yun on the way & asked Choi Dong Yi to be rest assured. Choi Dong Yi then queries Bong Sang Gung remark. Bong Sang Gung tells that they have been inform that Crown Prince Yun is attending Gi No Bang banquet then it will mean that the venue of the banquet will be at Nohwabang which is enroute to Ihyeongung Palace therefore when Choi Dong Yi is at Ihyeongung Palace, she will get to see Crown Prince Yun. Choi Dong Yi acknowledge that the this time Gi No Yeon banquet is held at Nohwabang as the venue as Bong sang Gung tells that it is summer, it should be held at that venue. Choi Dong Yi them realise something amiss that if it is said to indicate that venue Nohwabang then it will be the same route that she will take to Ihyeongung palace. Bong Sang Gung asked what is Choi Dong Yi so troubled. Choi Dong Yi tells that perhaps that Jang Mu Yeol have made Crown Prince Yun as the target instead as Choi Dong Yi runs off as Bong Sang Gung gives chase

Jang Mu Yeol waits for his plan to realise then reminds Officer Min that they must not allow Crown Prince Yun to come to any harm in their attempt & asked whether he is clear. Officer Min acknowledged then assures that there will no mistakes made & asked Jang Mu Yeol be rest assured

Im Sang Hyeon queries that Sukjong will personally punish Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning then asked what does Jang Mu Yeol meant to implied that. Jang Mu Yeol tells that it will be because Choi Dong Yi will be accused of bringing harm to Crown Prince Yun. Im Sang Hyeon is surprise & taken aback. Jang Mu Yeol give the scenarios that today taking the opportunity when Sukjong is not in residence, Choi Dong Yi & her associates will make an attempt on Crown Prince Yun’s life. Im sang Hyeon is dumbfounded with a agape hole in his mouth, this will be that reason that Sukjong will sentence Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning to their deaths. Jang Mu Yeol tells that he is holding absolute Military authority that will force Noron faction to bring out their private armies to provide escort to Choi Dong Yi to Inhyeon palace that this incident will happened on that enroute journey then it will be this private armies that will be seen to bring harm to Crown Prince Yun. Jang Mu Yeol assures that Crown Prince Yun will be safe from this incident then all of them will fall into the entrapment of his stratagems then accusing them of assassination attempt on Crown Prince Yun’s life & pay it with their lives. Im Sang Hyeon give this a thought

Cha Cheon Soo deploying his private armies….

Meanwhile Mdm Park bringing her husband that she has found marriage suitors for their son Oh Ho Yang as Oh tae Pung making comments on the girl’s appearance that is not up to par for his liking then asked where is Oh Ho Yang has gone to. Mdm Park tells that Oh Ho Yang has gone to see Choi Dong Yi leaving the palace. Oh Tae Pung tells that his such is really useless when he comes to his sense as he sighs. Oh Ho yang want to come to the front row only realise that the person in the palanquin is Crown Prince Yun & is disappointed then asked when is Choi Dong Yi leaving the palace

Choi Dong Yi tells Jeong Sang Gung that this is a set up by Jang Mu Yeol that Jang Mu Yeol target is not on Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning but instead it is Crown Prince Yun then plans to put the blame on this incident on Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning’s account. Jeong sang Gung & Jung Im is shock by the revelation. Choi Dong Yi asked them to verify the fact about the matter & that they need to prevent this. Jeong Sang Gung acknowledged. Choi Dong Yi asked how can Jang Mu Yeol attempt this at Crown Prince Yun

Rider set out galloping on horseback as Choi Dong Yi return to Bo Gyeong Dang then in her anxiety pray that Cha Cheon Soo don’t have any attempts during the enroute

Crown prince Yun comes to the enroute as Cha Cheon Soo thinks it is Choi Dong Yi’s entourage as he asked the private armies to be on alert then Cha Cheon Soo find that the person in the palanquin is not Choi dong Yi as he goes to verify the passenger as he asked the private armies to stay where they are. Cha Cheon Soo comes closer as the Rider comes to Cha Cheon Soo to convey Choi Dong Yi’s message that it is a set up & to asked them not to take action as Cha Cheon Soo is shocked that the order to stop their action.

Explosive blow off at the enroute as Crown Prince Yun asked what is happening then in the state of confusion the guard to protect Crown Prince Yun as he is being lead away as the private armies thinks that Choi Dong Yi’s entourage has come under attack then set off to save Choi Dong Yi as they engage with Crown Prince Yun’s guards. Cha Cheon Soo comes too late to stop the fight & tells that they must not & tries to intervene & shouts that it is a set up. Cha Cheon Soo realise that this is what jang Mu Yeol has intent in his scheme

Meanwhile Choi Dong Yi in Bo Gyeong Dang is pacing in anxiety. Jeong Sang Gung tells Jung Im to pass this letter to Mama. Jung Im acknowledge & leaves

Jeong Sang Gung just indicated Mama without making any reference to who she is referring to

Jang Mu Yeol marches to Daejojeon then informs Queen Inwon that Crown Prince Yun came under attack enroute to his Gi No Yeon banquet then concern about Crown Prince Yun’s welfare & safety. Jang Mu Yeol assures that it is fortunate that Crown Prince Yun is safe. Jang Mu Yeol tells that what they have fear is now being realised then if they didn’t take counter measuring precaution & actions then Choi Dong Yi would have successfully attempted on Crown Prince Yun’s life. Queen Inwon asked Jang Mu Yeol whether this is true that Choi Dong Yi is the mastermind in this incident. Jang Mu Yeol tells that they have capture Choi Dong Yi’s brother, Cha Cheon Soo at the scene then also the Noron faction has conceal secret private armies were involve in the assault on Crown prince Yun’s entourage

Cha Cheon Soo is bound & brought back to the palace

Shim Yun Taek confirms to Choi Dong Yi that Jang Mu Yeol plan target was on Crown Prince Yun that created a diversion in confusion & plan the set up then in turn will put the blame on Choi Dong Yi & them

Jang Mu Yeol tells Queen Inwon, before they attempt to escape, Queen Inwon must quickly arrest Choi Dong Yi at once. Queen Inwon asked whether she must do so. Jang Mu Yeol affirms that Queen Inwon must use her Nae Ji Pyo Shi to arrest Choi Dong Yi, Prince Yeoning & all Choi Dong Yi’s associates. Queen Inwon make the reference on Nae Ji Pyo Shi as Jang Mu Yeol tells that since Crown Prince Yun has not return to the palace, it is only Queen Inwon who is in the palace & she can exercise her Nae Ji Pyo Shi that can represent a Royal decree. Jang Mu Yeol tells Queen Inwon that she has no time to ponder that she must arrest them before they escape & charge them for bringing harm to Crown Prince Yun as Jang Mu Yeol pester the hesitant Queen Inwon

Nae Ji Pyo Shi is the badge that Queen Consort uses her executive power in the absence of the King & Crown Prince. Those who want to know the extent on how Queen Consort exercise this executive powers, one must see the KBS drama “The Great King Sejong” where Queen Soheon direct the Royal Court by rendering orders as a Monarch

Meanwhile at Bo Gyeong Dang, Bong Sang Gung & Shim Yun Taek asking Choi Dong Yi to escape to somewhere safe until Sukjong return to the palace but Choi Dong Yi refuses

Choi Dong Yi: No, I will not….I will do that….

Shim Yun Taek is appalled

Shim Yun Taek: Mama!

Bong Sang Gung: Mama? If you do that, you will be falsely accusing of wrong doing…Mama..Quickly

Choi Dong Yi is stubbornly steadfast

In Daejojeon

Queen Inwon: I understand, I will do so, just as in your accordance, I will write the Nae Ji Pyo Shi at once to arrest the malicious evil doers

Jang Mu Yeol: This is the wise decision to make

Queen Inwon: Dare to bring harm to Crown Prince Yun & the crime that threaten the Royal Household, will have to accept the punishment of those crimes…..Return & await for my decree, Byeon Hu Cham Ban. I will send the decree to you immediately

Jang Mu Yeol: Yes, Mama

Jang Mu Yeol leaves Daejojeon. Queen Inwon ponders. Officer Min greets Jang Mu Yeol

Jang Mu Yeol: Fine….what is left now…Queen Inwon will help me resolves the matter

Officer Min acknowledge

Jang Mu Yeol: Looks like those arrogant insolents that Cheonmin class destiny has just expired

Queen Inwon contemplates then calls her Residence Sang Gung Yi

Queen Inwon: Yi Sang Gung…is Yi Sang Gung outside….

Residence Sang Gung Yi comes in

Residence Sang Gung Yi: Are you looking for me?

Queen Inwon: Now summon at once for Do Seong Ji to come & see me

Residence Sang Gung Yi: yes, Mama

Officer Min greets Jang Mu Yeol

Jang Mu Yeol: Now deploy soldier to arrest Prince Yeoning & Suk Bin & all her affiliation associates

Officer Min: Yes, Yeong Gam…let’s go

Soldier: Yes

Officer Min leaves…Soldier storms & swarms in number at Bo Gyeong Dang

Prince Yeoning learns about Crown Prince Yun’s incident from Ae Jung

Prince Yeoning: What Crown Prince Yun has met with death defying an ordeal but how Hyungnim is safe from the ordeal

Ae Jung: Yes, Crown Prince Yun is safe…Mama

Shouts from outside as Prince Yeoning hears the commotion

Officer: What are you all doing….what are you trying to do….

Ae Jung comes out to see the soldier’s enters in numbers as the security stand to defend

Ae Jung: What is this…what suddenly there is military presence in this premises

Officer: What are you waiting, secure the Prince Yeoning’s premises

Meanwhile Bo Gyeong Dang, Choi Dong Yi waits for her fate…Bong Sang Gung comes in

Bong Sang Gung: Mama!….Don’t know what is happening here

Choi Dong Yi looks like she has anticipate the matter

Soldiers enter Bo Gyeong Dang’s compound. Choi Dong Yi comes out to meet the soldier as Jang Mu Yeol enters Bo Gyeong Dang then greets her

Jang Mu Yeol: Therefore this is what I had said to you…Mama…I have said that one day you will regret & be remorse for not taking my lending hand

Choi Dong Yi: yes….indeed that I am regretting…if perhaps that I have taken your lending hand then this contrition will not have happened tonight

Jang Mu Yeol: It is far too late for you now to be feeling compunction, Mama

Officer Min comes to Bo Gyeong Dang & greets Jang Mu Yeol

Jang Mu Yeol: What are you waiting for…Arrest Suk Bin Mama at once!

Officer Min: Yes….Arrest Suk Bin Mama at once!!!

The soldiers don’t move at Officer Min’s orders

Officer Min: What are you all doing, didn’t you hear what Yeong Gam has order

Soldier doesn’t budged an inch

Jang Mu Yeol: You wretches!!!

Choi Dong Yi: The soldier are at stand down…Yeong Gam, they will not budged….The soldiers came here under my orders to actually come to arrest you Yeong Gam

Jang Mu Yeol turns pale in astonishment

Jang Mu Yeol: What are you saying!!!

Bong Sang Gung shout in command

Bong Sang Gung: What are you all waiting for!!!….Apprehend the criminal at once

Soldiers acknowledged

Soldiers: Yes

Soldier apprehend Jang Mu Yeol & Officer Min

Ae Jung learns from the soldiers at Prince Yeoning’s quarters

Ae Jung: Yes….you didn’t come here to apprehend Prince Yeoning but to provided security to the premises

Captain: Yes…indeed

Ae Jung looks confuse in baffle

Meanwhile at Bo Gyeong Dang, Jang Mu Yeol & Officer Min resisting & struggles

Jang Mu Yeol: Let me go…let go of me….you wretches…how dare you arrest me…what are you all doing…

Officer Min: Let go of me…wretches….don’t you wish to live…Quickly release us at once

Jang Mu Yeol: The person you must arrest is not I but Suk Bin….Queen Inwon has issue Nae Ji Pyo Shi badge to arrest Suk Bin, how can you have no knowledge of the matter

Choi Dong Yi looks at Jang Mu Yeol & Officer Min struggles in resisting their arrest

Choi Dong Yi: Are you saying Nae Ji Pyo Shi badge, perhaps are you referring to this then

Do Seong Ji brings Queen Inwon’s decree to Bo Gyeong Dang. Do Seong Ji greets Choi Dong Yi

Do Seong Ji: Suk Bin Mama!

Jang Mu Yeol: Do Seong Ji?….What is going on here!!!

Choi Dong Yi takes the Nae Ji Pyo badge & shows it to Jang Mu Yeol

In the long shot, Choi Dong Yi is holding the Nae Ji Pyo Shi back to front

Choi Dong Yi: Here is it….Nae Ji Pyo Shi badge…Jung Jong Mama in following your advice as execute her authority in Nae Ji Pyo Shi badge to order the arrest the perpetrator that attempt to bring harm to Crown Prince Yun…therefore the said perpetrator is Byeon Hu Cham Ban Jang Mu Yeol which is you

Jang Mu Yeol resign to his fate that he has been checkmated by Choi Dong Yi

No Preview

* * *

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* * *

Earnings From Binary Option 100 Bonus EPISODE 59 PREVIEW

This Chinese preview text is from the baidu thread on “Dongyi”. The Chinese translation to English is strictly my own concoction

정치야 말로 가장 진심을 담아야하는 것입니다.
동이와 연잉군을 모함하기 위한 계략을 세웠던 장무열은 군관들에 의해 체포되고,
장무열과 뜻을 함께 했던 자들은 자신들의 죄를 덮기 위해 증험을 찾아 없애려고 하
지만 서용기에 의해 발각된다. 장무열은 숙종에게 자신의 결백을 주장하나, 모든 사
실을 알고 있는 숙종은 왕실을 능멸한 죄를 물어 장무열을 비롯해 함께 모사한 이들
에게 처결을 내린다.
한편, 동이는 선위를 결정한 숙종의 마음을 돌리기 위해 인원을 찾아가는데..


Text preview Dong Yi 59

“Politics if seriously put into the context of its word is staid & sedate”

Jang Mu Yeol is arrested for plotting a conspiracy against Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning

Soron & Namin faction who has confederacy with Jang Mu Yeol decides to cover their tracks of their involvement by destroying incriminating evidence against them. But however Seo Yong Gi discovered their ploy just in time. Jang Mu Yeol claims to Sukjong that he committed no crimes hence he is innocent. However Sukjong who is all too well in understanding Jang Mu Yeol’s crimes of misfeasance didn’t spare him & punished him severely for conspire to bring down the Royal Household

Meanwhile, in order to change Sukjong’s predetermine mindset on abdication; Choi Dong Yi goes to see Queen Inwon

* * *

This Chinese preview text is from
on “Dongyi”. The Chinese translation to English is strictly my own concoction

정치야 말로 가장 진심을 담아야하는 것입니다.
The context of the word politics….sincerity is of utmost importance

동이와 연잉군을 모함하기 위한 계략을 세웠던 장무열은 군관들에 의해 체포되고,
Jang Mu Yeol is arrested by the palace guard for conspire to frame in subterfuge against Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning

장무열과 뜻을 함께 했던 자들은 자신들의 죄를 덮기 위해 증험을 찾아 없애려고 하지만 서용기에 의해 발각된다.
The conspirators to Jang Mu Yeol’s subterfuge, in order to conceal their own involvement & wrongdoing, decides to destroy all evidence of their crimes but was discover by Seo Yong Gi

장무열은 숙종에게 자신의 결백을 주장하나, 모든 사실을 알고 있는 숙종은 왕실을 능멸한 죄를 물어 장무열을 비롯해 함께 모사한 이들에게 처결을 내린다.
張武烈向肅宗主張自己的清白, 但得知所有事實的肅宗,以張武烈為首共謀犯罪的人等以蔑視王室之罪名處決…
Jang Mu Yeol goes to claims his innocence to Sukjong on the accusation against him, but Sukjong who has been well informed of the truth behind Jang Mu Yeol being the Chief instigator & all who conspire with him sentence them to death by execution on the charges of contempt against the Royal Household

한편, 동이는 선위를 결정한 숙종의 마음을 돌리기 위해 인원을 찾아가는데..
另一方面, 同伊為了轉變肅宗禪位的心意, 去找了仁元…
Meanwhile, in order for Sukjong to change his mindset about abdication, goes to see Queen Inwon

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    DY: Cheona you’re suppose to walk towards me not me running into your arms


    Dong Yi is having trouble climbing over the fence due to her hanbok, asking Sukjong back for assistance

    Perfect ending – Queen Inhyeon, Dong Yi, and Sukjong together, now only if the other two are in traditional costumes


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    He played Yan Kamamura in Tamra the Island

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