Dong Yi Summary 57

Dong Yi Summary 57

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Sukjong returns to Daejeon. Chief Eunuch Han concern as Sukjong asked Chief Eunuch Han to leave him alone for him to contemplate & excuse him. Sukjong gives considerate thought as Choi Dong Yi returns to Bo Gyeong Dang then recalls Sukjong telling her ….It is natural in savage instinct of the palace intrigue to stratagem to use brute force to succumbs the competition or else will always be thumped & intimidated, but having that heartfelt is only can be you who under such circumstances is be able to aspire such aspiration. Choi Dong Yi sighs to call out for Sukjong

Meanwhile Daejeon, Sukjong recalls to what Choi Dong Yi has just said that for this nation & his intent, after Sukjong’s passing, the person who will succeed the throne after you, will only & will be Crown Prince Yun. This fundamental can’t be change or displaced & must be done…. as I must acknowledge is for Prince Yeoning to be King that this is the path he will take…

Sukjong tells himself & Choi Dong Yi in his heart

Sukjong: But there is no possibility for the both of them to able to ascend the throne that this nation dictates the law of succession can only have one Prince to succeed the throne & never 2

Prince Yeoning & Princess Consort Dalseong Seo goes to Daejojeon to send greeting to Queen Inwon. Prince Yeoning tells Queen Inwon’s residence Sang Gung that to announce their arrival as he will like ti send greetings. Queen Inwon’s residence Sang Gung invites them in

Technically Queen Inwon as the principal wife of Sukjong, all Sukjong posterity become her “default” children therefore they posterity must do their filial duties as a Child

Ae Jung & Bong Sang Gung express their anxiety & jitters, each time Prince Yeoning & Princess Consort Dalseong Seo send their greeting to Queen Inwon then telling Bong Sang Gung than to suffers these anxiety attack, it is best that they could have gone to a private residency. Bong Sang Gung concurs that she is suffer great jitters & shivers each morning that it death rendering. Bong Sang Gung tells what if Queen Inwon that vixen give Prince Yeoning a hard time inside, what will they do. Ae Jung goes defensive

Since Prince Yeoning is already married, he will wear the Princedom status by wearing the Dalleyong attire & wears gossamer hat called “Samo” hat to denote his Prince status

Prince Yeoning & Princess Consort Dalseong Seo sebae to Queen Inwon. Queen Inwon looks at them in her plastic expression. Prince Yeoning & Princess Consort Dalseong Seo send his greeting for Queen Inwon’s well being & health. Queen Inwon scans Prince Yeoning & Princess Consort Dalseong Seo, the couple in expressionless face while Prince Yeoning gave his signature bright smile

Jang Mu Yeol comes to Daejojeon then look at the distance of Prince Yeoning & Princess Consort Dalseong Seo coming out of Daejojeon after their greeting & asking the Bo Gyeong Dang’s entourage to leave. Bong Sang Gung acknowledged

Jang Mu Yeol goes to Daejojeon apologise that he couldn’t get Prince Yeoning to residence outside the palace & tells that he didn’t imagine that Choi Dong Yi will conjure such ploy of charades to make it otherwise. Queen Inwon queries on the ploy of charades that she agrees that it is indeed that Choi Dong Yi make use of the excuse of the folklore element of “Hwang Gi” that flow in a certain household will stir & waver public sentiments. Jang Mu Yeol assures Queen Inwon not to be worried, even if Choi Dong Yi has whatever the desire to usurp for the position of Prince Successor. Queen Inwon interrupts that whether Jang Mu Yeol in his observation that Choi Dong Yi’s movements is worth suspicion to be look into. Jang Mu Yeol asked Queen Inwon to clarify what does she implies by being strange in the movement. Queen Inwon has thought in most certain that Choi Dong Yi will engage marital ties with a strong reputable family but now Choi Dong Yi just has chose to conceit to have marital ties with a “Jin Sa” family, this is something she finds incomprehensive beyond acceptance. Jang Mu Yeol tells that Choi Dong Yi want to make use Seo Jung Je’s family residence’s folklore as an excuse. Queen Inwon believe that it is not so if Choi Dong Yi just want to make use of that, she thinks that Choi Dong Yi should has send Prince Yeoning out to private residency, then in getting & arouse the populace sentiment to believe that Prince Yeoning might succeed to be the next King & asked whether Jang Mu Yeol concurs as this a point that Queen Inwon find baffled that it is general knowledge that Choi Dong Yi is a person who has great wits that goes with any denials, if she desire to usurp the position of Prince Successor, why will she be so reckless & foolish to conjure this marriage that has been deems otherwise. Jang Mu Yeol tells that this is why the reason more that they need to be caution of the lurking danger that Choi Dong Yi possess as they don’t know & read & gauge what is on Choi Dong Yi’s mind. Queen Inwon looks concern

Seo Yong Gi oversee a practice Military drill demonstration on his soldiers then Hwang Jung Gu & Han Jang Bu comes running to Seo Yong Gi that they has received the notice that Sukjong has decree to defer to see the Military drill demonstration for today. Seo Yong Gi surprise as he reads the notice. Han Jang Bu tells that they had prepare for a a few month for the Military drill demonstration why the suddenly Sukjong asked for the cancellation. Seo Yong Gi reads the decree & left confounded by the decision. Noron faction hears that Sukjong adjourns Royal Court & administration that was schedule at Mi Si until further notice. The Noron official tells not only that, Sukjong has defer the Military drill demonstration for a few days. Jung In Guk asked what is the reason, is Sukjong’s health is unwell. The Noron faction official tells Jung In Guk that Shim Yun Taek has gone to Naeuiwon to finds out the details of Sukjong’s health condition

Mi Si is the hour of Goat between 1-3 pm

Cha Cheon Soo goes to see Shim Yun Taek at Naeuiwon & express his concern as Shim Yun Taek tells whether he has heard the news that Sukjong has suddenly adjourn all state affairs & military drill until further notice & that Shim Yun Taek is at Naeuiwon to find out whether Sukjong has been of ill health lately. Shim Yun Taek tells that it will seen as unwarranted if Sukjong chose to be taken ill at this moment of time & this will spell crisis for them. Cha Cheon Soo tells that he is certain that Sukjong is not in any ill health. Shim Yun Taek is surprised at Cha Cheon Soo’s remark. Sukjong is now in reclusive from any contacts with all state affairs & Royal Court, this is surely Sukjong has some other reckoning reasons. Shim Yun Taek queries what is that reason might be

Meanwhile at Bo Gyeong Dang, Shim Yun Taek is shocked to learn that Choi Dong Yi has convey her aspiration for Prince Yeoning’s future to Sukjong

Shim Yun Taek: What?….Mama has convey this matter on your intent to Sukjong

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, that I have done

Shim Yun Taek jaw agape. Seo Yong Gi taken aback

Shim Yun Taek: But however, Mama….it will be at great calculative risk for you to convey this matter to Sukjong, even how considerate & understanding is Sukjong in regards to Mama’s heartfelt intentions but what if this matter ends up in misunderstanding

Choi Dong Yi: I acknowledged & understand that whatever that I have said, will reap dire consequences of a great misunderstanding that is waiting to be unfold but however this is my desire determination to do so, even knowing how risky the undertaking might be, I don’t dare to conceal this matter from Cheon Na

Cha Cheon Soo & Shim Yun Taek return to Nae Geum Bu after their visit from Bo Gyeong Dang then Shim Yun Taek asked Seo Yong Gi what his opinion on the matter as if this will matter were to lead to misunderstanding that Choi Dong Yi has clear indication aspiration to intent usurp Prince Successor. Seo Yong Gi begs to defer that in comparison to any one, Sukjong understand Choi Dong Yi’s disposition well that Sukjong will not think otherwise as suggested. Seo Yong Yi tells moreover that he understand that Sukjong is well affirm on what the present situation demands & in the future for the only chance to guarantee Prince Yeoning’s survival is only to ascend the throne. Shim Yun Taek then asked how is Sukjong going to consider in accomplished that intention in regards to the matter. Seo Yong Gi tells that the decision of the choice that he need to make. Shim Yun Taek is surprise as Seo Yong Gi tells for the sake of Prince Yeoning, what option of choice will he make his call, this is the choice he must make

Cha Cheon Soo question on that Sukjong has related the matter as Choi Dong Yi’s greed aspiration.

Cha Cheon Soo: Did you mentioned that it was refer greed aspiration

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, indeed that Cheon Na has made that reference….said that that only I could have thought of such desire aspiration that I wants to aspire….what is Cheon Na means to imply by saying this…..Orabeoni…although I has been so long be with Sukjong but I now unable to grasp or gauge to guess what Sukjong’s thinking & thoughts are. I understand in order to safe guard Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning & their all, to the masses, it will be seen to be stupidity ludicrous in high aspiration to be reckon moreover how hard it is to see it realise but I will not give up on this aspiration

Cha Cheon Soo: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: therefore this is why I am fearful…what will Cheon Na do in regards to the matter…now what will his eventual plan decision in regarding to this matter

In Im Sang Hyeon’s residence, Im Sang Hyeon learns Jang Mu Yeol that Sukjong defer all state affairs…& queries what does this mean of intent that he chose to recluse himself in avoiding the issue. Jang Mu Yeol that this might be in regards to the issue of Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning, during this time, Sukjong is in recluse & not do anything in regards to the matter but keep on close observance. Jang Mu Yeol tell that this is seen when a calm & serene time without the slightest of breeze in prior before the violent activity of storm comes bellowing. Im Sang Hyeon asked whether it is to suggest as Jang Mu Yeol affirms that Sukjong is making his decision on the matter

Chief Eunuch Han pacing outside Daejeon as Do Seong Ji comes by as he asked that Sukjong has refuses all visitors to Daejeon. Chief Eunuch Han tells that Sukjong has given strict instruction that he sees no one. Do Seong Ji asked what are they going to do about the matter. Sukjong is Daejeon thinking in cogitate contemplation

Didn’t notice Do Seong Ji at all in Episode 56

Jang Mu Yeol goes to see Officer Min as Jang Mu Yeol tells that the ambience in the palace is choppy & he believes that there will be soon be a violent storm fall that will besiege the palace then asked Officer Min how is the progress on what he was instructed to so. Officer Min answer that all is ready. Jang Mu Yeol tells Officer Min to quicken the matter in case of emergency to anticipate the unforeseen circumstances. Officer Min acknowledged & leaves. Jang Mu Yeol is scheming

Cha Cheon Soo is walking in the street as someone is trailing his whereabouts as Cha Cheon Soo is aware of his movement being followed

Bong Sang Gung comes running as Choi Dong Yi learns that Sukjong has finished his recluse period & seem to have made his decision on the matter. Bong Sang Gung confirms that the Royal Court is now being assembled at Injeongjeon to debate on the matter & Sukjong is leaving Daejeon. Choi Dong Yi sighs in relief. Bong Sang Gung informs Choi Dong Yi that there is some strange in Sukjong’s whereabouts. Choi Dong Yi questioned the oddity. Bong Sang Gung tells that Sukjong came out of Daejeon that the 1st stop he made was he went straight to Daejojeon to see Queen Inwon. Choi Dong Yi acknowledge that Sukjong went to Daejojeon

Daejojeon is known as Junggungjeon

Sukjong sees Queen Inwon in Daejojeon then tells Queen Inwon that he has something of an utmost important to convey to Queen Inwon that she must do

Yoo Sang Gung comes to see Eun Geum to inform her that it is strange that Sukjong has stop by at Daejojeon. Shi Bi asked that she doesn’t understand what the implication is about, how can this be seen strange that Sukjong goes to Daejojeon. Eun Geum tells that Shi Bi is really blunt, the matter at hand that it has to happen at this moment of time. Eun Geum tells that Sukjong after contemplation over the matter for many days, the 1st place he went was not to Bo Gyeong Dang but it is Daejojeon instead then Eun Geum asked Yoo Sang Gung whether she concurs that there is something strange about the matter. Yoo Sang Gung concurs that she finds it hard to comprehend that logic, whatever decision was made, Sukjong should go to Choi Dong Yi for discussion

Sukjong leaves Daejojeon then Chief Eunuch Han asked whether Sukjong wants to make his way to Bo Gyeong Dang. Sukjong tells that he will not go Bo Gyeong Dang then asked Chief Eunuch Han to leave as he tells Chief Eunuch that there are many matters that needs him to resolved & do

Queen Inwon’s residence Sang Gung concern about Queen Inwon who is baffled that why Sukjong were to make such sudden decision like that that perhaps that is what Sukjong really what to do this to Choi Dong Yi as she expression in aghast

Royal Court assembled at Injeongjeon as they ponder what the purpose of the assembly & what decision has Sukjong made on the matter. Jung In Guk probe at Shim Yun Taek in regards to the emergency meeting & asked what is Sukjong decision on the matter. There is a sudden uneasiness between the factions of the unknown.

Sukjong marches to Injeongjeon as Crown Prince Yun greets Sukjong outside Injeongjeon. Sukjong invites Crown Prince Yun to enter Injeongjeon with him. Crown Prince Yun surprise that Sukjong has asked Crown Prince Yun to enter Injeongjeon together. Sukjong nods in affirmative & affirms it is indeed

Queen Inwon set off from Daejojeon for Bo Gyeong Dang. Queen Inwon’s residence Sang Gung acknowledged as Queen Inwon marches off

Sukjong in Injeongjeon with Crown Prince Yun

Sukjong: Today, that I have asked Crown Prince Yun & the Royal Court to assembled here is render & convey to the Royal Court my directive decision

Sukjong looks at Crown Prince Yun

Sukjong: Therefore Crown Prince Yun you must also bear in mind on what I am about to say

Crown Prince Yun: Yes, Cheon Na!

Meanwhile Queen Inwon arrives at Bo Gyeong Dang as Choi Dong Yi comes out to greet Queen Inwon

Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama!

Queen Inwon: Please go in…I have come here to convey a message of Sukjong’s intention

Choi Dong Yi is slight taken aback. Queen Inwon marches in to Bo Gyeong Dang

Bong Sang Gung: Mama! What does is she implying by saying that….that she is here to convey Cheon Na’s intention?

Choi Dong Yi goes in

Injeongjeon is commonly known as Pyeong jeon which literally means Throne Hall

Meanwhile Injeongjeon

Sukjong: Since Prince Yeoning who have been residing outside the palace & hence his return to the palace…I am well aware & have clear indicator on the happenings that the spreading of malicious rumour mongers in the palace, moreover it is because of this malicious rumours the Royal Court has taken the liberties to quarrel this issue in conflicts, therefore I will hence forth tolerate anymore faction conflicts over the succession issue. In accordance to the succession law, the incumbent Prince Successor will succeed me to ascend the throne after my passing, moreover it will be the said Prince Successor in which only be Crown Prince Yun that is now beside me…are you all clear!!!…I am now making definitely & crystal clear on the issue that I will not alter my stand….I…no matter whoever it may be that will use as misfeasance plots to waver Prince Successor’s foundation, will not be render my absolution. Therefore that I now affirm to make known that Crown Prince Yun who will succeed after me that he will now engage himself in state administration affairs & he will sits in session at the Royal Court to listen to debates. All petition of Ministry of Rites & Works will be given to Crown Prince Yun’s attention & decision & that Crown Prince Yun initial decision & opinion must be adhere

Jung In Guk: However Cheon Na,….at this moment of time

Sukjong: I have yet…. I have not finished what I want to say, Hyeon Ban!!!!

Hyeon Ban is the Minister of Justice

Sukjong: Moreover there is also a matter that I will announce here to all…the matter in regards to the matter to Bo Gyeong Dang’s Suk Bin….

Meanwhile Bo Gyeong Dang, Choi Dong Yi surprise & taken aback as she learns from Queen Inwon about Sukjong convey message but then accepts the matter

Choi Dong Yi: Is this really….Cheon Na’s intention?

Queen Inwon: Yes it is….it is indeed. Cheon Na came to me to asked me for my opinion on the matter..moreover my reply to him that I don’t oppose to the matter & seen this as well & truly therefore that you will soon leave the palace & to take up residence in a private palace

Queen Inwon looks victorious over Choi Dong Yi

In Injeongjeon, Shim Yun Taek is shocked

Shim Yun Taek: I dare to say….Cheon Na…are you saying that you want Suk Bin Mama to leave the palace?

Sukjong: Yes, that is indeed

Shim Yin Taek: But however….Cheon Na…what is the reason behind Cheon Na in making that decision

Sukjong: The reason I am sure that Suk Bin already well aware & know in regards to the matter..Shim ji Bi moreover I am sure that you too knows all well what that very reason…This is the matter that I wish to convey to the Royal Court. Suk Bin will soon take up residence outside in a private palace at Ihyeongung Palace therefore the Ministry of Works will follow the decree & make renovation works to Ihyeon palace & commence on works, once renovation is done & completed, the Ministry of Rites will arrange Suk Bin’s departure from the palace to be moved to her residence at Ihyeongung palace

Meanwhile at Bong Gyeong Dang, Bong Sang Gung comes in to question Sukjong orders Choi Dong Yi to take up private residence outside the palace

Bong Sang Gung: Mama! What is this matter that is out of the blue & sudden….why do suddenly Mama need to leave the palace & take private residency?….Mama….Why is that?

Choi Dong Yi looks resigned as Ae Jung tells that there must be some misunderstanding, how can it be possible that Sukjong will make such a decision. Bong Sang Gung asked Ae Jung to go & find out what is going on here. Ae Jung leaves to find out. Bong Sang Gung assures Choi Dong Yi that this is a grave mistake somewhere & then guess that this must be a ploy from Queen Inwon that it is definitely a misfeasance from Queen Inwon. Choi Dong Yi is silence on the matter

Soron faction claims victory on the matter & seem appease by Sukjong decision to name Crown Prince Yun his successor then Choi Dong Yi is force to take up private residence as they leave Injeongjeon but Jang Mu Yeol has his doubts. Jung In Guk & Noron faction is in disbelieve on what has just happened at Injeongjeon

Yeong Dal & Hwang Joo Shik learns that Choi Dong Yi is order to take up private residence at Ihyeongung palace. Yeong Dal tells that she will have to reside in Ihyeongung Palace that is outside the palace. Hwang Joo Shik queries who dare to forced Choi Dong Yi to resides out of the palace then they guess that this is Queen Inwon’s doing. Yeong Dal tells that it is Sukjong who decree that Choi Dong Yi takes up private residence & it is his decision. Hwang Joo Shik is shocked then asked why would he make such decision as Yeong Dal tells that Sukjong went bonkers

Shim Yun Taek goes to see Jeong Sang Gung who has just received the decree in regards to Choi Dong Yi takes up private residence at Ihyeongung Palace then asked Shim Yun Taek what is going on here. Shim Yun Taek tells that Internal Bureau of Investigation was so quick in receiving the decree. Shim Yun Taek tells that Sukjong is very determined in making his decision on the matter. Jung Im tells that this decree is Sukjong’s intention. Shim Yun Taek has to confirm that it is indeed

Crown Prince queries on Sukjong decision to send Choi Dong Yi to reside in a private residency

Crown Prince Yun: Ah Ba Mama, what do you need to make such a decision?…Is this perhaps because of the malicious rumours monger that is spreading in the palace

Sukjong: Yes, that is correct…indeed

Crown Prince Yun: But however, Ah Ba Mama…this was not Suk Bin’s Mama doing…this matter, I am well aware & ascertain in regards to it,

Sukjong is surprise that Crown Prince Yun chose to advocate fro Choi Dong Yi

Crown Prince Yun: There was a time I have render my blame on Suk Bin Mama & Prince Yeoning but however I was wronged about this matter & my fault that I was drench in self pity & shortcoming in then end render my ill gotten feeling towards the innocent Suk Bin Mama & Prince Yeoning’s account

Sukjong: Crown Prince Yun?….

Crown Prince Yun: But however, Suk Bin Mama was absolves & yielding towards me even though that my Mother has render attempts on their lives, moreover not only that, she has chose to take care of my needs & welfare. In this palace no one has come in comparison in rendering their fondness & dotes on me than Suk Bin Mama. Please I asked of you to retract your decision on her….Ah Ba Mama. Don’t because of me as a reason to drive the innocent Suk Bin Mama away from the palace

Sukjong: I am really taken in & express with gratitude that you have chose to think this way, Crown Prince Yun…my thanks & my relief that worth in praise

Crown Prince Yun: Ah Ba Mama?

Sukjong: However, as I do know what your heartfelt is but it doesn’t change or alter my decision, Crown Prince Yun

Crown Prince Yun: Ah Ba Mama?

Sukjong: Do you understand?….This decision I have made will not be reverse or alter whatsoever

In Bo Gyeong Dang, Jeong Sang Gung tells Choi Dong Yi that this decree she will refuse to adhere to expedite the content of the decree. Jung Im concurs that they don’t condone to the decree that Internal Bureau have no choice to execute the decree that they will stake their all in Internal Bureau of Investigation to oppose this decree

Choi Dong Yi: No…you must not do that

Jung Im: Mama?

Choi Dong Yi: Please I asked of you….Please help me not to make this matter to escalate into greater difficulties than it already is, please I asked of you, this will help

Jeong Sang Gung: What is really the reason, Mama?….Why suddenly that Mama is accept being penalise for this matter….

Cho Dong Yi: There is a penalty there

Jeong Sang Gung: Mama?

Choi Dong Yi: Therefore you just adhere & expedite the Royal decree & it’s content as this is what you must….& are designate to do

Ihyeongung Palace is renovating in progress as Oh Ho Yang brings his parents to see the renovating Ihyeongung Palace then Oh Ho Yang tells that Sukjong has orders Choi Dong Yi to take up residence outside the palace at Ihyeongung palace & abandoned her there. Oh Tae Pung tells that Sukjong favour Choi Dong Yi & can’t believe this is true & why all of the sudden. Oh Ho Yang blames Sukjong for rendering Choi Dong Yi unfair treatment. Oh Ho Yang tells that Chi Dong Yi was well in her private abode then suddenly snatches her away back to the palace, then now sending her away from the palace to Ihyeongung palace & upset will Sukjong ill treatment ion Choi Dong Yi. Oh Ho Yang vows that this time he will take Choi Dong Yi home to his household. Oh Tae Pung tells his wife to get a marriage match before their son end up in trouble disturbing the King’s women & ends up dead

Shim Yun Taek tells Seo Yong Gi that the petition for Choi Dong Yi not to leave the palace by the Noron faction has been reject by Sukjong. Shim Yun Taek tells that this is not just a problem alone. Shim Yun Taek tells that there is a rumour spreading around that those who are affiliated with her will also get chase out from the palace that they all have to relinquish their governmental postings. Shim Yun Taek tells that Sukjong has gravely misunderstood Choi Dong Yi’s good intention, now Sukjong seems to reprimanding the matter in full force. Seo Yong Gi tells that this is not possible, this is not what it seems. Shim Yun Taek tells that the situation suggest that it is indeed that, & he question that Seo Yong Gi still think that Sukjong still have render trust in Choi Dong Yi now

Sukjong gives the decree to Do Seong Ji to have him expedite at once. Do Seong Ji asked Sukjong that this is really what he want to do. Sukjong is firm in his decision. Do Seong Ji dares to asked Sukjong what is his reason for his sudden decision to issue such a decree. Sukjong just tells Do Seong Ji to follow accordingly to his orders & adhere the decree but however bear this in mind that this decree mustn’t leak out its content & asked whether Do Seong Ji is clear on the matter. Do Seong Ji acknowledged & leaves. Sukjong asked Chief Eunuch Han what is Choi Dong Yi doing now. Chief Eunuch Han tells that she has persuade the reluctant Internal Bureau of Investigation to adhere & expedite the decree in accordance without opposition, moreover also now she is awaiting in vigil & patiently in her residence

Cha Cheon Soo is seen upset
Cha Cheon Soo: Why Mama doesn’t seek audience with Cheon Na to verify the matter that this decree preposterous that the least Mama must know the real reason behind this decision

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na….has asked me to wait …Orabeoni!…Don’t you understand that Cheon Na has chose to convey his message through Jung Jong Mama that the reason of his intention…is that he has asked me to wait for him therefore this is what I needs to do now, obediently do what I must do in his accordance

Jang Mu Yeol looks at the distance at the upset Cha Cheon Soo as Jang Mu Yeol tells that Cha Cheon Soo doesn’t even know what Sukjong’s intention are. Officer Min tells that he wouldn’t have imagine that Sukjong would back stabbed them & wonders that Sukjong has render such rested favour on Choi Dong Yi. Jang Mu Yeol tells this is why he sense that all of this is happening rather strange. Jang Mu Yeol tells that when matter can’t be appeased to find answers, then there is a possibility to indicate that there is some concealment truth of a different agenda to the matter. Jang Mu Yeol thinks that Choi Dong Yi leaving the for private residence is a smoke screen for something more major

Cha Cheon Soo pleads to see Sukjong at Daejeon but deny access as Sukjong gave strict instruction that he wish to see no one. Cha Cheon Soo shouts out for Sukjong. Eunuch tells that Cha Cheon Soo comes make nuisance at the corridors & threaten to called security. Eunuch wants to drag Cha Cheon Soo away for being a nuisance as Sukjong comes from behind to asked his staff to stand down. Cha Cheon Soo greets Sukjong

Choi Dong Yi prepare to leave Bo Gyeong Dang as Bong Sang Gung stops her

Bong sang Gung: No you can’t, you can’t go there

Choi Dong Yi: Bong Sang Gung?

Bong Sang Gung: Mama you really don’t have resentment at all…this is really upsetting to see, at this present situation that you still insist to go to Donggungjeon. We don’t even know the reason why we are force out of the palace…Mama, how can you have the mood to be rendering concern for Crown Prince Yun & his welfare

Choi Dong Yi: Move aside & don’t stand in the way, Bong Sang Gung, when was the time that you have ever won over my stubbornness in my insistence to do things

Bong Sang Gung: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi & entourage comes to Donggungjeon as Choi Dong Yi brings a food tray for Crown Prince Yun. Donggungjeon Residence Sang Gung greets Choi Dong Yi as Choi Dong Yi asked her to announce her arrival

Choi Dong Yi: Is Crown Prince Yun in his residence?

Donggungjeon Residence Sang Gung: Yes, Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: Announce my arrival

Donggungjeon Residence Sang Gung acknowledged & goes in when Queen Inwon comes to Donggungjeon

Queen Inwon: Sukbin!

Choi Dong Yi greets Queen Inwon

Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama?

Queen Inwon: What is your purpose of your visit here?

Queen Inwon sees the food tray

Queen Inwon: What is in that food tray?

Choi Dong Yi: I will like to serve some porridge for Crown Prince Yun…Mama!

Queen Inwon: What?

Then goes to open the cover to see a simple serving of porridge

Queen Inwon: Why is your purpose & a need for you to bring this food here?

Choi Dong Yi: Mama, this is because…..

Queen Inwon rebuke Donggungjeon residence staff

Queen Inwon: What are you staff been doing….that you have permit Suk Bin to managed Crown Prince Yun’s diet. Don’t you know how important Crown Prince Yun’s diet is seen as a priority…this is in regards to Crown Prince Yun’s welfare of health

Donggungjeon Residence Sang Gung speechless as Choi Dong Yi tries to explains

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

Queen Inwon: Don’t need to explain, how dare you interferes in Crown Prince Yun’s diet…Quickly! Take the food tray away at once

Crown Prince Yun comes out

Crown Prince Yun: Jung Jong Mama!

Crown Prince Yun approach Queen Inwon

Crown Prince Yun: Please don’t rebuke in this manner, Jung Jong Mama

Queen Inwon surprise that Crown Prince Yun comes to defend Choi Dong yi

Queen Inwon: Seja?

Crown Prince Yun: My apology, Jung Jong Mama….please don’t speak to Suk Bin Mama is such a tone & manner…In this palace, Suk Bin Mama,…she is the person that I most trust & greatly depend on…Jung Jong Mama

Choi Dong Yi was also taken surprise at Crown Prince Yun’s remark

Queen Inwon: What did you say?

Crown Prince Yun: Therefore, please Jung Jong Mama takes some consideration & understands to Suk Bin Mama’s heartfelt sincerity

Queen Inwon: Seja?

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun?

Choi Dong Yi & her entourage return to Bo Gyeong Dang where Sukjong is waiting for her at her residence. Choi Dong Yi goes to greets Sukjong as he smiles at her

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na!

Sukjong: It has been a long while since we have a stroll together therefore I came here to asked you to take a troll of fresh air

Jang Mu Yeol asked Officer Min on what the progress. Officer Min tells that just has Jang Mu Yeol has guess that Do Seong Ji went to Daejeon & definitely left with a decree but however they still can’t gather what is in the content of the decree or where is suppose to direct to, is unknown. Jang Mu Yeol tells Officer Min that whatever it takes they must find out the content of that decree

Sukjong & Choi Dong Yi is excursion clothes as Sukjong bring her to still under renovation Inhyeon palace

Sukjong: This is the residence…that after you leave the palace, this is your palace residence…how do you find the premises….is it to your satisfaction?

Sukjong looks at the large residence

Choi Dong Yi: Yes,….but however if it just for me to resides alone in this residence, it may deem too large a premises

Choi Dong Yi looks around the property

Sukjong: It seems that your expressionless that you seem less in regards over the matter that you don’t looks all too bother & there is no comments from you either….in view that I am going to send to take up private residency, but arrogantly in boldness that you are less deter by the matter to someone that is heartless towards you. Why aren’t you asking me for reasons, Dong Yi?…..Why have you waited so long…to ask me….

Choi Dong Yi: It is because of fears…afraid that I don’t know what Cheon Na replies to the matter will be…is what I am afraid of

Sukjong: Dong Yi?

Choi Dong Yi: No matter what it is the answer….I will await for Cheon Na to convey this to me..but however after seeing Cheon Na at my residence…looking at your eye expression, I can sense that what you are going to say is what is giving me the fears of goose bumps, shivers that is beyond description of words of frightful fears but however I still can’t figure to reckon what might that be therefore this is what I feared, Cheon Na

Sukjong: Do you remember…..a long time ago, when I send you to your private abode…that time…I have said to you that we just should consider to elope together…yes…it was my heartfelt sincerity that I has said it…felt that just being together with you…that I don’t even care or bother that I lived like a common man for the rest if my life…if this can be done…I will be greatly relieve of my worldly possession will not concern me at all…also that the heartfelt that I have felt then even after so long that it has never change or alter. You as for me is my greatest gratitude & realistic person that exist before me

Choi Dong Yi is moved

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na!

Sukjong face Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: Hence fort you will reside in this residence…but however, it will not be you just alone…Dong Yi….

Choi Dong Yi is surprise

Choi Dong Yi: I will come to live with you….together at this residence

Choi Dong Yi step back in surprise

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na? What are you implying by saying this….Cheon Na wishes to resides in this residence together….Cheon Na?

Seo Yong Gi learns from Cha Cheon Soo what Sukjong has relay to him at Daejeon as he is shocked to what Cha Cheon Soo has said & asked what is Sukjong will eventually do. Cha Cheon Soo can sighs as Seo Yong Gi demands to know

Meanwhile at Ihyeon Palace, Choi Dong Yi insist she wants to know

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na! Please tell me….what do you mean to imply what you have just said

Sukjong: I have already said this to you before…to allow Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning both must ascend the throne. It is in that way, that they will able to sustain their survival & exist in this world…Do you know….this is your 1st display of your greed desire to aspire, also that is also what my heart conceal & embedded aspiration ambition is…

Choi Dong Yi is worried on what Sukjong might be suggesting as Sukjong strolls at the compound while Choi Dong Yi follows

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: If it is Prince Yeoning….Of course…if it is that child can survive….he definitely will make a great sagacious King therefore if that child can also succeed the throne of Crown Prince Yun who is unable to produce posterity…if this is said, would that be just great, this is what I often think but however….as a Monarch that is before you can only have just one Prince Successor, this way, you can able to hold Sovereignty & Governance…do you understand….

Sukjong turns to Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: As long as I am the King, I will not allow both Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning to ascend the throne

Choi Dong Yi is taken aback

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?…Perhaps now that you are implying to suggest that you are going to….

Sukjong: Yes, it is….therefore I will abdicate my throne in favour of Crown Prince Yun

Seon Wi or 禅位 is abdication. In Joseon Dynasty abdication in their own lifetime was common for the 1st few Joseon Kings, although not seen in recent history. Taejo (Joseon 1st King 1135-1408, reign 1392-1398) abdicated in favour of his 2nd son Jeongjong. Jeongjong (2nd Joseon King 1357-1419 reign 1399-1400) then abdicate in favour of his 5th brother Taejong (3rd Joseon 1367-1422 reign 1400-1418) then Taejong abdicate in favour of his 3rd son Sejong (4th Joseon King 1397-1450 reign 1418-1450)

Choi Dong Yi is shocked

Sukjong: If I step down from the throne, Crown Prince Yun will ascend to be the next succeeding King then at the moment, Prince Yeoning will be eligible to be investiture as Crown Prince Brother & gradually will become King in due time

Choi Dong Yi doesn’t know what to think

Choi Dong Yi: But however Cheon Na?!…Abdication….how can you make comment like this in passing, Cheon Na!…How can you say such things…Cheon Na?

Sukjong just smile as he looks at Ihyeongung Palace

Seo Yong Gi just slump to his chair when he learns that Sukjong will abdicate in favour of Crown Prince Yun. Seo Yong Gi is disbelieved that Sukjong has indicate to abdicate his throne. Cha Cheon Soo tells that it is Sukjong’s determination to see this through that Sukjong has already made preparation in regards to the matter. Seo Yong Gi surprise that Sukjong has made preparation

Sukjong tells in Cha Cheon Soo conversation about his plans that he will asked Seo Yong Gi, Shim Yun Taek & Cha Cheon Soo to stand down to the sidelines, this will give the smoke screen to shroud to conceal the truth from others, until the preparation are ready, no one must learn the truth about this matter. Cha Cheon Soo tells Sukjong that he can’t accept this decree from Sukjong, how can Sukjong suggest abdication. Sukjong agrees when the decree is convey then a lot will have the same reaction of response in regards to this, Sukjong tells that now he is looking at Cha Cheon Soo’s reaction, he will take this as practice board. Sukjong tells that he is doing this in order to preserve & safe guard the Royal Household & the nation that he made his decision & also as the father to his children & most important as a man who wants to protect the woman he loves, I will not stand down on this matter

Sukjong watching the Military drill demonstration of Nae Geum Bu then after the demonstration, he praise Seo Yong Gi for his effort then while he leave, feeling slight in light headed & falter in fainting spell, stumbles to the ground. Do Seong Ji screams for the Royal Physician & escort Sukjong back to his residence. Chief Eunuch Han is concern then Sukjong brushes that he is slightly under the weather lately & just require rest to recover. Seo Yong Gi asked Sukjong to have the Royal Physician look into his health. Sukjong assures them he is fine

Hwa Ryeol 火热 is pathological change characterized by an ailment due to heat

Eunuch comes to call Sukjong aside then inform Sukjong that the Joseon Emissary to China is waiting for him as Sukjong acknowledge & asked the Joseon Emissary to China to be brought to Daejeon discreetly. Jang Mu Yeol overheard the conversation. Sukjong learns from The Joseon Emissary to China tells that the Qing Chinese Emissary has arrive at Wonyang. Sukjong tells that the matter is coming quicker than he anticipated. Sukjong asked Chief Eunuch Han to summoned the Royal Physician then tomorrow announce that Sukjong has taken ill & need to go away for an excursion to recuperate his illness. Chief Eunuch Han acknowledged

Cho Jeong Sa is a diplomat that handle Chinese diplomatic affairs

Seo Yong Gi asked Shim Yun Taek on the progress as Shim Yun Taek whisper to his ears. Seo Yong Gi leave as their movement are under observation. One of the soldier convey the matter to Officer Min, Seo Yong Gi’s portray of movement has detect oddity.

Jang Mu Yeol goes to see the Soron faction that he has heard that Sukjong has gone for an excursion to recuperate. Chua Sang Dae Gam tells that they all have seen Sukjong’s fainting spell at the demonstration that Sukjong went to recuperate for that ailment. Jang Mu Yeol tell that for just a mere ailment, he doesn’t need to go out for an excursion & suggest that there is another reason why he is going out of the palace. Im Sang Hyeon telling that Sukjong ailment is an easy illness to treat, going to the excursion definitely have another agenda at hand then asked jang Mu Yeol whether he know that reason as Sukjong has a tendency when it comes to major decision, Sukjong will go for an excursion. The official gave the reason that Sukjong wants to drive away Choi Dong Yi affiliation from the palace. Chua Sang Dae Gam agree that it must be that issue. Jang Mu Yeol has his doubts as Im Sang Hyeon assures that Sukjong decision are firm that Sukjong will vanquish Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning & all their associates. Jang Mu Yeol gets nowhere with the Soron faction who bought Sukjong’s decree. Jang Mu Yeol instructs Officer Min to go to Do Seong Ji office to find that content of the said decree in Chun Chu Gwan & steal it Officer Min is surprise that Jang Mu Yeol suggest that there steal the decree as Officer Min fear the implication when it gets found out. Jang Mu Yeol give no time to take consideration on the implication as he must know what s the content of the decree said & what is Sukjong’s intent in this matter

Choi Dong Yi marches to Daejeon with her entourage to asked that she wishes to see Sukjong, but the residence Eunuch tells that Sukjong left for an excursion. Then Choi Dong Yi asked wasn’t it confirm that Sukjong to leave for the excursion at Sa Si. The residence Eunuch tells it was report tthat Sukjong left at Jin Si. Choi Dong Yi just miss Sukjong

Sa Si is the hours of Snake between 9-11am

Jin Si is the hour of Dragon between 7-9 am

The residence Eunuch tells Choi Dong Yi that when Choi Dong Yi comes to Daejeon, he was asked to deliver this letter to her. Choi Dong Yi accepts the letter as Sukjong leaves for his excursion with Seo Yong Gi & the Nae Geum Bu soldiers in accompany. Choi Dong Yi reads Sukjong’s letter

Sukjong’s love letter:….This excursion will take some time…but when I return to the palace, you would have left the palace…never you forget & you must bear in mind that I am not sending you away in order to forsake you to let you go there alone…Please remember what I have solemnly had said to you, in order for the sake of Crown Prince Yun, Prince Yeoning & to extent for me….you righteously relinquish your right of eligibility that was yours to have to ascend as Queen Consort….now in turn, let it be my turn to return that favour to you….This must not be seen to express as a sign of relinquish aspiration moreover to be seen as our journey to fulfilled our aspirations, the journey of our aspiration that both of us will partake, entwined & embark together in our lives…..Therefore please render me your trust & awaits for me….Dong Yi..Ah….I will not allow no one to come to any harmed…the aspiration that you have swore to protect, let me do this on your behalf to realise that aspiration of you

After reading, Choi Dong Yi sighs for Sukjong as she looks yonder

Sukjong goes to meet with the Qing Chinese Emissary at the excursion villa. Sukjong tells the Qing Chinese Emissary that he must be weary from his journey to meet him here

Officer Min & his men goes to steal the decree at Chun Chu Gwan & takes out the guards

Qing Chinese Emissary is surprise that Sukjong convey his intention to abdicate to Qing Chinese Emissary to convey his intention to the Qing Emperor & this why he wants to meet the Qing Chinese Emissary in which he acknowledged

Officer Min gives the records to Jang Mu Yeol saying that this was what they has found. Jang Mu Yeol takes a reads & it has records of the Annals of Taejo & Taejong jotted in them & wonder why Sukjong want to jot down this annals then ponder why the sudden then he soon realise that Taejo & Taejong were the King who abdicate in their own life time the could guess what Sukjong intent to do then Jang Mu Yeol asked for his horse that he needs to see Im Sang Hyeon at once

Jang Mu Yeol goes to see Im Sang Hyeon with the log book then express that Sukjong wishes to abdicate. Im Sang Hyeon tells that it is preposterous, how can this be happening. Jang Mu Yeol confirms that Jang Mu Yeol wants to abdicate in favour of Crown Prince Yun then gets Prince Yeoning be investiture as Prince Successor, this is why the reason he went to Haeng Gung, then tells Im Sang Hyeon that he must prevent this from all cost. No matter what it takes, they must prevent Prince Yeoning’s investiture as Prince Successor. Im Sang Hyeon in horrors as Jang Mu Yeol insists that they must stop at all cost

Haeng Gung is like a is the small estate residence or palace for rest & recuperation

After abdication Taejong went to Suganggung palace then later Changgyeonggung Palace 昌慶宮or known as Donggwolgung (Eastern palace), east of Changdeokgong

Seo Yong Gi tells his men that they must provide diligent & tight security to protect Haeng Gung tonight. Seo Yong Gi looks up in the night sky & sees a shooting star at the sky

Jang Mu Yeol tells Officer Min that if Prince Yeoning is investiture as Prince Successor then Choi Dong Yi will be justified to hold political power will be complete that the 1st things she will do is to have his life. Jang Mu Yeol vows that he will not die as it is least in his priority at the moment that now in front of him there is risk & opportunity are in concurrent. Officer Min asked Jang Mu Yeol what are they supposed to do. Jang Mu Yeol tells that Sukjong is currently not in residence at the palace as Sukjong’s health is at ill health that require some duration of time for his to recover. At this present moment, the interim proprietor of the palace is now Queen Inwon. Jang Mu Yeol tells that Queen Inwon is currently standing on his site, therefore he will make use of Queen Inwon to strike an assault on them & not only to Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning but everyone who affiliation with her to vanquish them in one blow

Seo Jung Je is shocked to learn from Kim Gu Seon on Sukjong intention to abdicate in favour of Crown Prince Yun & also agrees that this is impossible. Kim Gu Seon tells there is nothing Seo Jung Je can do anything to the matter, & advice Seo Jung Je to prepare & be ready for the imminent “onslaught” that is about to happened. Seo Jung Je is taken aback. Kim Gu Seon tells that in the past history, Taejong abdicate in favour of Sejong during his own life time therefore it can’t be said that the matter is impossible. Seo Jung Je is concern that how can they as subordinates be expressing that intention. Kim Gu Seon tells he knows that Seo Jung Je has express that he has no interest or ambition in politics. Kim Gu Seon tells that the most important priority for him to be concern is that in regards, therefore he think that Sukjong has made a right decision, to ensure the continuation of reign of Yi Dynasty that Sukjong has made his decision to abdicate in favour of Crown Prince Yun. The Nation will maintain its peace & security as his utmost priority therefore once Crown Prince Yun ascend the throne then Prince Yeoning will be able rightfully investiture as Prince Successor then asked whether Seo Jung Je understands, this is the aspiration of Choi Dong Yi for the benefit to all common good that Sukjong will help her realise that aspiration

Han Bu Jang asked that Seo Yong Gi has seen a shooting star in the sky. Seo Yong Gi tells that shooting star denotes that some unfortunate incident is about to be foreseen in the future. The folk lore in the populace believes that it represent deaths. Jang Mu Yeol tells why is Seo Yong Gi express pessimistic on the matter. Seo Yong Gi tells that it is just a passing comment that needn’t taken so seriously. Seo Yong Gi tells that speaking on the subject that Seo Yong Gi express that the Nae Geum Bu’s soldier will be in lesser numbers in the palace that he is worried about. It is at this moment of this kind of situation when Sukjong is not in residence in the palace will plays the dangers that in risk of lurking. Han Jang Bu assures that Cha Cheon Soo is in the palace to provide security & asked Seo Yong Gi to rest assured

Cha Cheon Soo patrolling & queries why the lack of sentry guards at the premises then asked to find out where are the sentries. Cha Cheon Soo looks worried, then Cha Cheon Soo notices blood stains on the ground then goes to touch it & find that it is still fresh

Chua Sang Dae Gam learns from Jang Mu Yeol that the abdication issue is the stratagem of Choi Dong Yi. Jang Mu Yeol confirms that matter. Jang Mu Yeol hand over a letter as Chua Sang Dae Gam reads in shock then Jang Mu Yeol tells that he hasn’t found substantial evidence to prove that this is correct but he is certain that Choi Dong Yi’s movement has been rather in oddity that worth suspicion. The Namin faction asked what they must do

Choi Dong Yi contemplates in Bo Gyeong Dang then touches her garakji on her fingers

Cha Cheon Soo tells his men that there is some oddity at the palace & deploys the palace guard to add security to Bo Gyeong Dang but the palace guard hesitates as Cha Cheon Soo asked what are they stalling for as the palace guard tells that they must apologise that they have orders from Jang Mu Yeol that orders must only come from him to have the soldier deployed as Cha Cheon Soo finds that Jang Mu Yeol has taken over the command of the soldier’s deployment at the palace. Then Cha Cheon Soo asked who has give such instruction for Jang Mu Yeol to take command as Minister of Military comes & tells that it is him to has order & asked Cha Cheon Soo if there is anything wrong on the matter as Cha Cheon Soo is caught surprise

Soldiers in the palace running to their deployment. Hwang Jung Gu comes to report to cha Cheon Soo that they can’t find any extra deployment due to Minister of Military curb order & has give full authority to Jang Mu Yeol. Hwang Jung Gu tells that the Nae Geum Bu’s soldier are not in residence at the palace that they are left with soldiers from the Military & Uigyeombu. Cha Cheon Soo tells that now the military authority is under Jang Mu Yeol’s hands. Hwang Jung Gu tells that all military authority is under Jang Mu Yeol now

Jang Mu Yeol tells Officer Min that what is left now for them is that they will have to convince & persuade Queen Inwon into siding their argument as Jang Mu Yeol confidently leave for Daejojeon.

Meanwhile at Bo Gyeong Dang, Choi Dong Yi contemplates holding her garakji to her heart. Bong Sang Gung comes in

Bong Sang Gung: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: What is the matter?

Bong Sang Gung: Please come outside to have a look, Jung Jong Mama has arrive at the residence

Choi Dong Yi: What?…Mama is here!!!

Bong Sang Gung: Yes, Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: It is already so late in the hour….what is the purpose of her visit to have come…

Choi Dong Yi wants to go out to greets Queen Inwon but Queen Inwon comes in

Queen Inwon: Suk Bin…I have come here to verify something with you

Choi Dong Yi greets Queen Inwon

Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama?

Queen Inwon approaches Choi Dong Yi who is surprise at Queen Inwon late night visit as Queen Inwon confronts her


Oh Gosh! That trot song again

Jang Mu Yeol meets with Queen Inwon

Jang Mu Yeol: What is now left remaining… for Jung Jong Mama to render her assistance to help us resolve the matter

Seo Yong Gi contemplates

Shim Yun Taek: … leave the palace now…this is preposterous…now we don’t even has sufficient soldier to provide protection & escort to Mama (Choi Dong Yi)

Cha Cheon Soo: It seems that Jang Mu Yeol is making this his aim & target

Shim Yun Taek: If perhaps they are aiming & targeting is to make attempt on Mama’s life….

Choi Dong Yi leaves Daejojeon & turns

Prince Yeoning running as Ae Jung gives change

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni!….Eomeoni!!!

Choi Dong Yi confronts Jang Mu Yeol

Choi Dong Yi: What is the reason for you to be doing this? Why are your persistence to trying to push & force one’s hand

Jang Mu Yeol: The person who is persistence is doing matter seem it is not I but it is Mama instead

Choi Dong Yi: Byeon Chi Cham Ban (Jang Mu Yeol) has already the learn of the matter in regards to Cheon Na’s truth intention, he already has that knowledge

Choi Dong Yi’s letter dispatched to Sukjong as Seo Yong Gi to read as Seo Yong Gi looks concern at Sukjong

Sukjong: Cheon Na!!!

Jang Mu Yeol with Officer Min

Jang Mu Yeol: I will definitely will not allow for Mama’s to fulfil her aspirations

Soldiers deploy in number

Choi Dong Yi: What is it then?…Why does he really the reason that the person is taking such an offensive steps?

Prince Yeoning contemplates as Crown Prince Yun looks at the distance

Sukjong & Choi Dong Yi looks on

* * *

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    Haneur Kkeute Ireuneun Baram
    Singer: Jang Nara

    jeo haneur wi nunmullo geurin baramui soksagim
    gubigubi ttaraga geu soge jamdeunda

    geurium dahajin geugoseun aryeonhan gieoksog geugoseun
    deulkkoccheoreom sarajyeo beorineun haneur kkoc geuriumdeul

    neora neora haneuri naeryeora kkumgir gadeug heureuneun sori
    neora neora byeolbicdo ollyeo narara
    geurium datneunda kkumgireur geotneunda

    English Translation
    The green sky above, the winds whispering of tears
    Fall asleep in along winding road

    Yearning for a place that looked vaguely in memory
    Like the wildflowers that disappear and the longing for the sky that lay

    You, you are the sky that filled with flowing dream
    You, you are the star that raise and fly
    Yearning to walk in the closed dreamy road

    Korean Hangeul Credited to:
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