Dong Yi Final Summary (60)

Dong Yi Final Summary (60)

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Bong Sang Gung: Yah!….Even Cheon Na’s persuasion came to of no use…what ability do I possess to do otherwise

Then Bo Gyeong Dang’s residence staff informs Bong Sang Gung of Queen Inwon’s arrival at Bo Gyeong Dang. Bong Sang Gung is surprise as Queen Inwon & her entourage comes & asked where is Choi Dong Yi. Choi Dong Yi returns to call out to Queen Inwon then approaches Queen Inwon to greet her

Sukjong in Daejeon still contemplating. Queen Inwon is trying her luck to convince Choi Dong Yi

Queen Inwon: Please try to reconsider your decision, Suk Bin…The life at private residence will arise in a lot of inconveniences. A member of the Royal Household how can you accept such living condition

Choi Dong Yi: Mama…I was born in a Ban Cheon Village & a Cheonmin that was raise there…don’t you know that…..

Queen Inwon: Suk Bin?….

Choi Dong Yi: Even Ihyeongung palace has prove too extravagance & profusion for me to resides therefore please don’t be too vexed by the matter. I will come often to visit, & I will write correspondence, please be rest assured

Queen Inwon: Is the reason for your departure is because of me…

Choi Dong Yi is slightly surprise at Queen Inwon’s question

Queen Inwon: I am asking you whether you have done this for the sake of Prince Yeoning & my well being…

Choi Dong Yi smiles

Queen Inwon: Suk Bin…if it is for that reason

Choi Dong Yi: Mama…it is not completely due to that reason…this has always been the aspiration that I have aspire from a long time ago….there will come a day that I will definitely leave the palace

Queen Inwon: What?

Sukjong contemplates in the pavilion then recalling their conversation as it continues

Sukjong: Even that is so….I will not permit you to do so. I will definitely not allow you to take up private residency outside the palace

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

As Sukjong & Choi Dong Yi comes to a deadlock

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na….I first initially enter to the palace in order for a chance of survival. I have lost my father & brother who was unjustly wronged…there were people out to pursue me & the place that was seen as refuge that offer safety & protection to avoid being pursuit, in this nation the only place was the palace. Then after this was the place that Cheon & I got acquainted….don’t know where that I have reap such benefaction to have you render & bestowed such benignity favour to me….that from you that I was given a son that I cherish more than life itself

Sukjong: Then why your insistence to leave the palace…this place has I…also Prince Yeoning…why you still want to…..

Choi Dong Yi: It is because I want to seek a new lease of life…just like in the past when I enter the palace in order that I wanted to right the wrongs of my father & brother unjust deaths, now I wish to do what my father & brother has done before them…in order for those helpless & weak who has suffer injustice that I must leave the palace to help them seek justice…..Cheon Na

Sukjong sighs at Choi Dong Yi’s stubborn subscription to her mandate to life

Choi Dong Yi: I want to show Prince Yeoning to see that this is how his Mother lives her life, therefore I asked of you to understand that this is my heartfelt wish to do so…leaving the palace, just following the footsteps like my father & brother & for me that was in that past, that I want to evocate my life vocation for the sake of this nation’s marginalise & helpless people then in the future, when Prince Yeoning ascend the throne not to let him forget all his people

Sukjong then thinks to himself that Choi Dong Yi has mentioned to him her grand aspiration so that there is no way for him to retain her at the palace. Then accuse Choi Dong Yi is really & indeed avaricious in her aspiration

Choi Dong Yi goes to see Prince Yeoning who is clearly upset on her mother’s departure from the palace

Prince Yeoning: I dislike a palace that is without Mother in it….I want to lived together with you Mother

Choi Dong Yi: Ihyeongung palace is not so far away…When you miss or yearn for me, you can often come by the residence to see me, moreover Mother will come often to pay you visit in the palace

Prince Yeoning: You are telling falsehood…You have mentioned to me that official now, that my Mother is Jung Jong Mama this is why now Mother is abandoning me

Choi Dong Yi: No it is not…it is not like that….I am still as of now your Mother until to my death, will still be your Mother

Choi Dong Yi stroke her son’s face to pacify her son

Choi Dong Yi: Do you know how much that I am fond & indulgent towards you…do you understand?

Prince Yeoning: Mother!!!

Prince Yeoning on the brink of tears

Choi Dong Yi: Yes…therefore there is no need for you to cry, also don’t forget the promises that you have made to your Mother. You must be loyal & filial towards Jung Jong Mama. Now in your heart, you must prioritise to have Jung Jong Mama rather than me…my Child

Choi Dong Yi wipes her son tears & laugh at him being silly. Choi Dong Yi comes out of Prince Yeoning’s quarters as she tries to keep a brave front for Prince Yeoning as she looks rather choked. Crown prince Yun comes to Prince Yeoning’s quarters & greets Choi Dong Yi

Crown Prince Yun: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi comes to greets Crown Prince Yun

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun?

Crown Prince Yun: Please be rest assures on Prince Yeoning…that child, I will look after him with care

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun!

Crown Prince Yun: Prince Yeoning is my brother that has my most affectionate. I will definitely safe guard & protect that child from any harm or injury….Although I have yet to mentioned & never once has said this to you….my render gratitude thanks towards you Mama. I will never forget what Mama has done for me without any prejudice & I will never forget your kindness render to me

Choi Dong Yi grateful that Crown Prince Yun solemnly promise that he will take care of Prince Yeoning while she is away

Choi Dong Yi: Thank you kindly… Crown Prince Yun….I really must thank you

Choi Dong Yi leaves Bo Gyeong Dang to take up private residency in Ihyeongung to an awaiting palanquin as she looks & sense the aura of the surrounding activities in the palace & then people who is sending her off & acknowledging her. Choi Dong Yi takes a last look at the palace. Choi Dong Yi set off to Ihyeongung

Night fall, Choi Dong Yi contemplates outside Ihyeongung palace as she looks at her large premises of her residence

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-A-01 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-A-02

Choi Dong Yi: In the end, I am still extremely in stubbornness…Cheon Na…but however Cheon Na, please I asked of you for your kind understanding on my heartfelt intention.

Choi Dong Yi looks towards her Garakji

Choi Dong Yi: It is not that I am leaving your side.

Then Sukjong comes from behind and calls for Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: Dong Yi ah!

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-A-03 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-A-04

Choi Dong Yi makes a quick turn around & suprise to see Sukjong standing at Ihyeongung palace

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: It seems that you are still thinking of me…?

Choi Dong Yi doesn’t deny & smiles as a form of ‘Yes’. Sukjong walks toward Choi Dong Yi & they meet with a smile

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-A-05 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-A-06

As they enter Ihyeongung palace, Sukjong looks rather upset & sulking. Choi Dong Yi smiles at the sulking Sukjong

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-01 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-02

Sukjong: You, are you smiling?

Choi Dong Yi: What…?

Sukjong: (upset) Smile..? How can you smile in this kind of situation?

Choi Dong Yi: What is the matter, Cheon Na?

Sukjong: You looks as though that you are so happy to be here..! But here I have to endure & tolerate in miss & filled with upset yet you are here smiling until you can’t even close your lips. What do you call this then?

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na, it is nothing of that sort that you are implying.

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-03 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-04

Sukjong: It is because of you that I have always taken in your consideration that I had to tolerate your misfits…but this is really too much..! Is it so great that you are now residing outside the palace while I am here in such suffering pains & anguish, do you think it is really joyous?

Sukjong: What is with you in that expression of yours? Am I the only person who is  longing & yearning? What is it that I am not worth any of your feeling…Am I nothing of importance to you?

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na! Why are you asking what you are to me? You are my everything.

Sukjong surprise at Choi Dong Yi’s declaration

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-05 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-06

Choi Dong Yi: (smile) Is it because ….You really didn’t know?

Sukjong: It…it…is not that.

Choi Dong Yi: I am smiling…yes indeed, the reason for my smiles is that I am happy.

Sukjong still digest & in disbelief what Choi Dong Yi just told him (shower him with such affectionate words)

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-07 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-08

Choi Dong Yi: It is not like in the past that I’ll be able to see you, therefore it brings out the smile in me…as it to whenever the time or the moment…just like it is now…we will meet each other…therefore you should at least able to appease your anger, Cheon Na. The palace is not far from Ihyeongung palace, if people who don’t know may think that I am now in Japan or China.

Wae Guk 倭 or Wa in Japanese is the ancient name for Japan

Jung Guk is China

Sukjong: But it still leaves my heart rather restless & uneasy, just thinking that the palace without you, feels rather empty & feeling of ennui

Choi Dong Yi & Sukjong sighs

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na…Thank you very much.

Sukjong turns to Dong Yi in surprise

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-09 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-10

Choi Dong Yi: Even as it seem with that….You have given your permission…to my whim & fancy. You have always rendered me the best things life has to offer to me.

Choi Dong Yi smiles

Sukjong: (playful) Don’t you use that smiling eyes to looks at me. If you do that, it will not quell my anger towards you then I will blame you for all of this..!

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na!

Sukjong: Just you wait & see! I will take my revenge for you leaving me behind in the palace & left the palace that I will not yearn for you…I am all determined never will come to look for you, even when I am on excursion, I will not come..!

Choi Dong Yi dares Sukjong

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-11 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-12

Choi Dong Yi: Really?

Sukjong: Why…do you think I can’t do it?

Choi Dong Yi: Of course there is that possibility….but we shall see…who will falter since it is not easy for someone to do so

Sukjong: What…?

Choi Dong Yi: It will be exactly when I yearn for Cheon Na then Cheon Na will starts to miss me, then Cheon Na will eventually….

Sukjong: Hmmm…?

Choi Dong Yi:….Even if each day, that you are not willing to think about Ihyeongung palace then to think that I am Pungsan, once I grip with a bite, I will not let go & render someone hardship

Sukjong: What?…Are you saying that I been bitten? I had?

Choi dong Yi nods

Choi Dong Yi: Yes …just thinking what that scene might be…I feel rather apologetic towards Cheon Na

Sukjong: What are you implying by saying that? What are you going to do?

Choi Dong Yi looks like she has an agenda & it baffles Sukjong

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-13 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-B-14

Bong Sang Gung bring some workman to Ihyeongung palace as Choi Dong Yi inspect her palace wall then think that this wall will do nicely. Bong Sang Gung calls out to Choi Dong Yi direct her to come over to the wall then asked are this the best work force in Doseong as Bong Sang Gung affirms that they are then queries to what Choi Dong Yi wants to do with the workman that where she want to renovate or build a pavilion. Choi Dong Yi surprise the mentioned of a pavilion. Bong Sang Gung affirms that the scene is really splendid from this angle then if they build a pavilion they can look at the beautiful scenery during the seasons. Choi Dong Yi tells that she is not building a pavilion then Bong Sang Gung tells whether Choi Dong Yi wants to build a pond then Choi Dong Yi tells it is neither a pond that she was to build then tells honestly there is going to be soon to be a lot of noise. Bong Sang Gung queries on the noise

Choi Dong Yi asked the workman whether they have brought all their tools with them as the workmen acknowledged. Choi Dong Yi tells that workmen to break down this side of the wall for her. The workmen surprise & dumbfounded that Choi Dong Yi wants to tear down a good wall. Bong Sang Gung wants to confirm that Choi Dong Yi wants to tear down what….Choi Dong Yi asked what is the workmen waiting for, quickly come over to break down this wall. Bong Sang Gung asked Choi Dong Yi why she needs to break down the wall then convince her that she can’t do this. Choi Dong Yi tells that it seem the workmen doesn’t know how to do it, therefore Choi Dong Yi will give them a demonstration on how it is done. Choi Dong Yi grabs the mallet from the workman & hits on the wall then tells the workmen that this is how she wants her wall to be torn down, it will open a wider entrance, this will allow anyone to come into the premises, no matter who they are in Doseong, those populace who have suffer injustice will come here for her to advocate for their justice in Ihyeongung palace. Then Choi Dong Yi encourage the workmen to go & smash the wall down in force. The workmen break down the wall with speed

After a year pass, Ihyeongung palace looks like a Public Complaints Bureau with a long list of clients. A young girl is running on the streets crying & calling out her father. Bong Sang Gung comes out trying to do some crowd control with the overwhelming crowd at Ihyeongung palace & asking them to line up properly but the crowd is shouting their unjust grievances at Bong Sang Gung asking for their help. One man from the crowd tells that his son has been arrested by the police bureau & is torture badly. Bong Sang Gung understands their predicament but they must form an orderly line but the crowd is getting rowdy for Bong Sang Gung to control.

Ae Jung comes calling to Ihyeongung place who is now promoted to Jimil Sang Gung, obviously Prince Yeoning now has his own official residence at the palace. Bong Sang Gung is thrilled to see Ae Jung then tells that Ae Jung has come just in time to render some help then asked Ae Jung to control the crowd for her to form lines. Ae Jung lend her voice in crowd control & after a few tactical measure & has the crowd form a line. Bong Sang Gung is happy that Ae Jung managed to have the crowd form lines.

Yeongjo also goes to solicit opinion at the palace gates from official, literati, soldiers to peasant. It is was said that he literally put a table at his palace gate & will listen to grievances much to the dismay of the government official. Yeongjo also abolished a lot of the penal system of punishment, such as facial tattooing seen in Chuno. Yeongjo burned all its tattooing tools by a royal decree. Knee pressing was also a form of torture where several prison officials pressed the knees of the suspect who knelt down on the ground; Wild flogging was the beating of a victim’s entire body. It was a dangerous punishment which threatened the suspect’s life. The wild flogging, in the form of meongseok-mari, straw-mat-rolledbeating, seems to have lasted for some time as a popular, customary form of punishment applied when a criminal violated a woman of high birth or committed particularly unethical crimes like incest. Seen some times in dramas. Yeongjo in his reign abolished branding or stigmatizing was used when investigating high treason. It was often used when a reputable household punished its slaves

Ae Jung tells that Bong Sang Gung has gone really run down since they last met, how is life treating her so badly. Bong Sang Gung complains to Ae Jung that each day she is finding hard to do crowd control & asking them to form lines. Ae Jung tells that Bong Sang Gung was good in organising people into lines when she was in the palace as she tries to recall. Bong sang Gung asked Ae Jung not to prattle then since Ae Jung is here, it is at the right time & asked Ae Jung to transfer to Ihyeongung palace to help her out. Ae Jung tells that she came here to convey message to Suk Bin. Bong Sang Gung tells at Choi dong Yi doesn’t even have the time to eat her meals properly then Bong Sang Gung tells Ae Jung to just follow her instruction to come to Ihyeongung to help her out. Ae Jung is rather reluctant as Bong Sang Gung drags Ae Jung in

The young girl comes to see Choi Dong Yi with her grievances that her father was wrongly arrested for a murder of a Hojo official that her father will never do such a deed as she tells that her father wouldn’t even kill an ant but then the police bureau arrested her father that they want to execute him for the murder. The young girl weeps to Choi Dong Yi to plead for Choi Dong Yi to help her father. Choi Dong Yi asked whether the girl’s name is Ryeo Ri as Choi Dong Yi assures Ryeo Ri that she according to her testimony, it seems that her father has been unjustly wronged then Choi Dong Yi tells that she will go to the police bureau to find out about the fact in regards to her father’s case. Ryeo Ri wants to Choi Dong Yi to assures that Choi Dong Yi will help her father that she is willing to help her father. Choi Dong Yi tells of course she will since she was a former Gungnyeo Internal Bureau of Investigation then Ryeo Ri must know the reputation & the potential of Internal Bureau of Investigation as Ryeo Ri nods. Choi Dong Yi asked Ryeo Ri to have some trust in her & asked whether she understands. Ryeo Ri thanked Choi Dong Yi for her help

Hojo is the Ministry of Taxation or Finance

Oh Ho Yang comes out of the room in horror & find that he was con by his parents that he was tricked in marrying someone that they claim look exactly like Choi Dong Yi then on his wedding night, Oh Tae Pung & his wife make Oh Ho Yang drunk to tells that he needs the alcohol for courage. Oh Ho yang enter the wedding room but only sees her bride from the back then the bride address Oh Ho Yang as my husband as she blow off the light & Oh Ho Yang “attack” her. Tomorrow he work up to see his wife dress then as she turn around, her face has a huge birth mark that scare Oh Ho Yang out of the room. Oh Ho yang throws his tantrums on the ground

The Police commissioner is finding Choi Dong Yi a nuisance as Choi Dong Yi pay him yet another visit & tells that she is driving him up the wall. Choi Dong Yi goes to morgue to look at the body of the victim with the coroner to tells that the victim died of slash wound & the slash wound looks deep as the coroner affirms that the blade was stab through his heart it is done by someone who is expert with the sword then Choi Dong Yi looking at the oddity of the inflicted wound tells that the direction of the slash wound is strange. The Police commissioner comes in to the morgue & greets Choi Dong Yi & asked that she has come…Choi Dong Yi acknowledge the Police commissioner & tells she is here yet again. Choi Dong Yi runs through the discrepancy of the case with Police commissioner. The perpetrator whom they have charge that kills the Hojo San Sa Official Oh Jung Je is a left hander

Sa Jang is slash wound by a blade

San Sa is an officialdom of 7th rank

Choi Dong Yi shows the finding at the autopsy reports doesn’t match with their charges since the inflicted slash wound suggested that it has been done by someone who is right handed. Police commissioner is at end wits with Choi Dong Yi as he explains that in the state of panic, the perpetrator might has use his right hand to do it & tells that they can’t just use this discrepancy to make judgment. Choi Dong Yi tells of course they can’t, but however the evidence that the police bureau is claiming doesn’t have substantial argument to justify their case. In the corpse they found traces of fabric but then it could be planted there after death. Police commissioner tells he dare to defer that this case is the matter for the police bureau & Choi Dong Yi being the member of the Royal household Inner Court stepping forwards to interfere in this matter, it seems that she is out of her jurisdiction. Choi Dong Yi tells that she didn’t come here as the member of the Royal household Inner Court but Choi Dong Yi is here as an advocator of Chil Bok’s Wi Ji Bu, therefore this is not consider out of her jurisdiction. The Police commissioner is out of counter measure with Choi Dong Yi

Wi Ji Bu is the advocator for the defence of the accused.

Police commissioner vent his upset over Choi Dong Yi’s meddling that how many time must Choi Dong Yi intervenes as Choi Dong Yi should keep to her jurisdiction as member of the Royal household Inner Court that she should stay put in the palace instead coming out here to meddle under her auxiliary status. His Assistant tells that this is because Choi Dong Yi is from the Cheonmin class that she has come to advocate for their cause. The Police commissioner tells his assistant that Choi Dong Yi has gone all out to helping & advocating the Cheonmin class, this is why it has cause a tumult among the Yanban class. The Assistant asked the Police commissioner how do the counter measure the matter. The Police commissioner tells that they can’t go on covering the deceit any longer before it escalates, he asked his Assistant to inform the Official in regards to Choi Dong Yi’s meddling. The assistant acknowledged

Choi Dong Yi goes to see the Ryeo Ri father in the lock up in prison to her shock only to find that he awfully battered

Police Constable: This is the said person, Mama

Choi Dong Yi: What has you all done to this man?…How can you battered a man to this condition?

Police Constable: it is because he refuse to confess therefore we interrogate her with Ap Seol

Ap Seol is a punishment of knee pressing. Knee pressing was a form of torture where several prison officials pressed the knees of the suspect who knelt down on the ground. Yeongjo abolished this punishment by Royal decree

Choi Dong Yi: What?….You use Ap Seol!!!….Then…are you all planning to resort to using this torture until you press out a confession from this man…in which Regulations of Penal Code is this law written that you can’t resort to cruel torture to extract the confession, don’t you know that this is unlawful!!!!

Police Constable: My apology…Mama

Choi Dong Yi; What are you there standing idle for….quickly summoned the Court Physician to come attend to this man’s injuries…also…this matter, I will not let this passed without reprimand

Police Constable: Yes, Mama

Police Constable finds a Court physician

Choi Dong Yi goes to look at Ryeo Ri’s father

Chil Bok: Who may you be….Who are you really…to render such kindness to me…..

Choi Dong Yi: Are you Ryeo Ri’s father Chil Bok

Chil Bok: Ryeo Ri?…then did you see that child….my daughter…..what has happened to that child now….perhaps because of my arrest that she was implicate & now they are going to interrogate her

Choi Dong Yi: No…she isn’t…it is fortunate that she is now safe & sound…therefore please don’t worry about her

Choi Dong Yi hold Chil Bok’s hands

Choi Dong Yi…also your unjust wrong will be seek its justice…therefore to you take heart & be steadfast not to give up hope…you must not falter…do you understand?

Chil Bok: Are you perhaps that proprietor of Ihyeongung palace, Suk Bin Mama

Choi Dong Yi gave a slight nod that she is

Chil Bok: So it is indeed…I have heard your legend. It is really that Mama will advocate justice for Cheonmin people like us

Choi Dong Yi; There is no need to say this….don’t you forget that I am also from Cheonmin class

Chil Bok: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: You must….stay steadfast…do you understand

Chil Bok: Crying…Yes!

Seo Yong Gi teaching civil defence to the populace then tells his student that they must bring & focus their strength to the diaphragm of their chest cavity. One of the student informs Choi Dong Yi arrival as Seo Yong Gi acknowledge. Choi Dong Yi & Bong Sang Gung looking at a distance at Seo Yong Gi ‘s training his civil defence group. Bong Sang Gung tells that the group has greatly improved since they were last here. Choi Dong Yi tells that this is all down to Seo Yong Gi’s effort & his tutelage. Bong Sang Gung tells that Seo Yong Gi is indeed outstanding, no matter whether it is in his Officialdom duties or teaching civil defence in an academy that he can do with such flare then tells that seo Yong Gi can be on par with what is Choi Dong Yi is doing. Choi Dong Yi concurs that Seo Yong Gi was of that disposition for a long time ago that he can have a Coroner like my father as his bosom friend. Seo Yong Gi comes to greet Choi Dong Yi as Choi Dong Yi acknowledge Seo Yong Gi

It looks like Seo Yong Gi seems to have taken retirement from official duties to spend his time on civil defence. Choi Dong Yi comes to see Seo yong Gi to tells that he looks in best of health as Seo Yong Gi agrees just like Choi dong Yi that he has left the palace intrigues, just like her that he is having the best time of his life in free will that he now feels that he is breathing like a human. Choi Dong Yi can see that result in Seo Yong Gi’s face. Choi Dong Yi tells that maybe Seo Yong Gi previous life was a Cheonmin class. Seo Yong Gi laugh that he think he was, no matter what blood they flow, it is still red, what is important is the nobleness of the heart, this is what Choi Hyo Won always preaches. Seo Yong Gi then queries what is the purpose of her visit to see him

Seo Yong Gi: However…what bring you here….it looks like you are going to venture to something with some magnitude

Choi Dong Yi: Can you able to read this from my eyes?

Seo Yong Gi: Yes indeed, it is written all over your face…reading it that it seems that it is not only just me alone….it seems that you want to assembles other who are in the palace as well

Choi Dong Yi sighs

Choi Dong Yi: I do have that intention, but then I am a member of the Royal Household Inner Court who has private residency outside the palace, how can I utilise the palace staff for personal reasons…this will be trouble….

Seo Yong Gi: Then we can always do this discreetly under stealth

Mo Lei a phase coin by Shim Yun Taek that it is the plan that Shim Yun Taek subscribe discreetly under stealth without prior planning & done on ad hoc

Choi Dong Yi: Then shall we subscribe to discreetly under stealth

Seo Yong Gi & Choi Dong Yi laughs that they will resort to ad hoc plan again.

Seo Yong Gi: Yes…of course we will have to do this discreetly under stealth

Hwang jang Bu seeing his pansori. Cha Cheon Soo comes to them & tells that he will go to Ihyeongung for a while & asked Han Jang Bu to take over Nae Geum Bu while he is away then he leaves. Shim Yun Taek tell his colleagues that he is finished for the day & leave in haste from his office. The colleagues asked why Shim Yun Taek is such a hurry to do something urgent. Jeong Sang Gung & Jung Im leaves as well as jeong Sang Gung tells they are already late & they must hurry

The “Famous Five” gather at Ihyeongung palace to discuss Chil Bok’s case. Jeong Sang Gung tells that this is not a straight forward homicide case. Choi Dong Yi concurs, Choi Dong Yi tells that the servant that was arrest for the murder that can’t get away from the prejudices of being a servant, moreover that he is accused of killing a Hojo Official. Seo Yong Gi tells he did a background check on the decease & found some interesting discrepancy & the oddity about the case. Shim Yun Taek looks at the finding & tells how can an Official of 7th rank officialdom has such great wealth in assets then give is a sniff & tells that his wealth must be blood tainted. Jung Im agrees that the San Sa Official in the Ministry of Taxation handles the servant record census, if the victim has accumulated such wealth then during his official duties, he must have accept hand outs. Cha Cheon Soo tells that the victim will not be alone in this scam.

Choi Dong Yi agrees that this is the points where she find it suspicious & need them to probe on the matter. The victim while handling the servant record census definitely must have some league to conspire with an high official Yanban in their transaction dealings, if this is said then the victim is just one of the many who are involve in this scam that may have gone awry then now they have push that blame on an innocent Cheonmin servant as a scrape goat

Sukjong on his inspection excursion where he discusses his decision to Chief Eunuch Han that he finds the result rather insufficient & asked Chief Eunuch Han to expedite his orders to find an alternative solution to the matter. Chief Eunuch Han acknowledged. Sukjong tells they need to do an observation on the populace’s life & activities then asked the Royal Court to assemble in Injeongjeon. Chief Eunuch Han acknowledged. Then Sukjong realise that he is on enroute to Ihyeongung palace

Sukjong: Isn’t this road leads to Ihyeongung palace?

Chief Eunuch Han: What are you saying there, isn’t this the road that will lead to return to the palace that you have purposely chose to take this route?

Sukjong: Hey you man…what are you prattling there…on purpose?….We were just walking & we end up here…what nonsense is that

Chief Eunuch Han smiles

Sukjong: Anyway since we are already here, why don’t we pay a visit & has a look & see

Choi Dong Yi burning midnight oil to look into some references then find that she is suffering a nose bleed as she tilt her head up to stop her nose bleed as Sukjong stroll in to Ihyeongung palace only to see Choi Dong Yi suffering from epistaxis & express shocked

Modern medical practice that leaning back or tilting the head back allows the blood to run back into your sinuses and throat and can cause gagging or inhaling the blood

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-01 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-02

Sukjong: Dong Yi ah…!!!!

Choi Dong Yi turns to Sukjong while nursing her nose bleed

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-03 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-04

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na…?

Sukjong: You…you….blood…!!

Choi Dong Yi tries to cover her epistaxis from Sukjong
D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-05 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-06

Royal physician is call to Ihyeongung palace to read Choi Dong Yi’s pulse. Choi Dong Yi feels that they has troubled the Royal physician to make a house call to Ihyeongung palace

Sukjong: What is the prognosis, is Suk Bin alright?

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na! I have already said that I am alright, how can you summon Royal Physician here…

Sukjong: Ahem! Silence!

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-07 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-08

Royal Physician: It is just humidity fluctuate due to the change of seasons & some fatigue, there is nothing to be too concern about.

The incidence of nosebleeds is higher during the colder winter months when upper respiratory infections are more frequent, and the temperature and humidity fluctuate more dramatically. In addition, changes from a bitter cold outside environment to a warm, dry, heated home results in drying and changes in the nose which will make it more susceptible to bleeding. Nosebleeds also occur in hot dry climates with low humidity, or when there is a change in the seasons

Sukjong: Is it? Really?

Choi Dong Yi: Just look…didn’t I have said that I was alright. Why didn’t you believe me & there being so flustered about….

Sukjong: Ahem! Hush!

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-09 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-10

Choi Dong Yi sulks & pouts. This is the 1st time you see her sulk as Sukjong glare at her to reprimand & Choi Dong Yi smiles

Sukjong alone with Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: This is a stern warning to you…the next time if I see you bleeding again…!

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-11 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-12

Choi Dong Yi raised her hands in surrender

Choi Dong Yi: Yes! Then I will be summoned back to the palace….I will enter the palace…Cheon Na

Sukjong: Hiss…You are really….!!!

Sukjong losses to Choi Dong Yi in her stubbornness

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-13 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-14

Sukjong: This time what are you up to?

Choi Dong Yi: What…?

Sukjong: Seeing that so late in the night that you are still not in bed, I sense there is something important that is worth your diligent attention, isn’t it?

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na, this is not the matter for you to be seen to intervene. Are you already having be laden in vexed over the rumours monger about Ihyeongung palace’s meddling exploits?

Sukjong: What have you done that you shouldn’t?

Choi Dong Yi: Although it need to be done, but it is not the matter for a member of the Royal Household Inner Court to be interfering…

Sukjong: You have now come to realise that as a fact..?

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, I do…Therefore that you have kept your non interference stands as I will like to thanked Cheon Na for keeping your distance by close an eye on what I am doing here after you just continue to with this practice of pretence, I will have less rebuke from someone.

Sukjong: But however, there will come a time that my assistance will be require, therefore you have voice this out to me, no matter what is it…then within my capacity….honestly this is what a King should be in his responsibilities.

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, Cheon Na…I will do so…

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-15 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-C-16

Sukjong contemplates in Daejeon then asked Chief Eunuch Han to summoned Cha Cheon Soo. Chief Eunuch Han acknowledged.

Jung Im goes to investigate Chik Bok’s case then making the excuse that she is conducting a background check on the new enlisted Gungnyeo at the Ministry of Personnel’s archives library to look at materials. The official invites Jung In & her staff in then shown the shelves that store the said information that Jung Im wanted. Jung Im acknowledged as the official leave them be. Jung Im asked Eun Geum & Shi Bin that they have little time, therefore asked them to hasten their finding. Cha Cheon Soo also goes to do his finding at other archives that Cha Cheon Soo gives the excuse that he needs to find some record to Nae Geum Bu’s servant records

The Police Commissioner goes to see a Yanban as he asked what is the progress on Choi Dong Yi’s interference. The Police Commissioner tells that since Choi Dong Yi’s visit to the police bureau, it is fortunate that Choi Dong Yi didn’t make any heed. The Yanban express his concern that Ihyeongung palace has start to meddle into the matter as the Police Commissioner assures that he has put a lid on the matter that no one would know. The Yanban asked whether they have found the decease Official’s valet. The Police Commissioner tells that they are still looking for him. The Yanban tells that if the deceased didn’t get too greedy, none of this would have happened. The Yanban tells the Police Commissioner that he must find that valet at all cost & tells if the valet fall into the wrong hands, not only the Doseong Yanban, the official in the Royal Court will be instigated & asked the Police Commissioner to hasten his find. The Police Commissioner acknowledge & leaves. But someone is observing the Yanban & Police Commissioner

Choi Dong Yi is now acting like similar to the responsibility of a Censorate. During the Ming Dynasty the Censorate was a branch of the centralized bureaucracy, paralleling the Six Ministries and the five Chief Military Commissions, and was directly responsible to emperor. The censors were “the eyes and ears” of the emperor and checked administrators at each level to prevent corruption and malfeasance. In Yeongjo reign there was a famous Royal Inspector Park Man Su who did similar job description

The observation is done by Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal who reports to Shim Yun Taek to his surprise that the Police Commissioner meet the Yanban who is a high ranking official from the Hojo (Ministry of Taxation or Finance) that is none other than Hojo Sa Gwan. Hwang Joo Shik confirms that this is what they have seen. Yeong Dal asked whether they have contributes their effort in providing assistance to Choi Dong Yi. Shim Yun Taek praise their effort as he will go & inform Choi Dong Yi about their finding then Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal quarrels who is Choi Dong Yi right hand or left hand man to Choi Dong Yi. Cha Cheon Soo informs of his finding of something amiss at the Ministry of Personnel (Ijo) in regards to the servant registry that the Yanban are manipulating the servant records for their own personal gains that has cause a void then in return they will make the servant suffer in hardship then the profit they made from this manipulation will be split between the decease & the Yanban. Shim Yun Taek tell that the Hojo Sa Gwan meeting with the Police Commissioner is definitely seen that they are also involve in the matter. Choi Dong Yi tells that Jeong Sang gung’s finding that the best person in his position to manipulate the registry will be none other than Hojo Sa Gwan, the deceased was his subordinate. Choi Dong Yi tells Cha Cheon Soo that they must seize to act quickly on the Police Commissioner before he does something drastic, Cha Cheon Soo acknowledged

The Police Commissioner asked his assistant that it seem that the valet whereabouts has been located. The assistant tells that the valet is hiding in a village in Dongakdong. The Police Commissioner tells that they must act quickly. Meanwhile Cha Cheon Soo deploys his men to curb the Police Commissioner. Shim Yun Taek sees Cha Cheon Soo deploying his troops & tells how can he deploys troops under Choi Dong Yi’s orders & what will the implication be on Choi Dong Yi if this is found out. Cha Cheon Soo assures Shim Yun Taek that none of this will happened since he is acting on Sukjong decree to deploy the troops. Shim Yun Taek surprise that Sukjong gave his decree. Cha Cheon Soo gallops on the street of Doseong on horse back

Police Commissioner is threatening the Cheonmin villager for information of the valet whereabouts as the villagers tells he doesn’t know the valet whereabouts. The Police Commissioner threaten to kill his family if he doesn’t confess his whereabouts. The Police Commissioner wants to strike down the villager with his blade when Cha Cheon Soo’s men storm & surround Police Commissioner & his men who attempt to engage but was succumb with ease. The Police Commissioner flees as Cha Cheo Soo pursue the fleeing Police Commissioner as Cha Cheon Soo bring him down with a few stroke of his martial skills

Choi Dong Yi learns from Bong Sang Gung that the Nae Geum Bu’s solders has made the arrest on the Police Commissioner & all the officials involves in the scam. Then if it is Nae Geum Bu who makes the arrest then it must be on Sukjong’s orders as Sukjong comes in to affirm, he was the person who ordered the arrest. Choi Dong Yi surprise that the arrest was Sukjong doing & what is happening here as Sukjong tells Choi Dong Yi not to look so alarmed by it as Sukjong is showing Choi Dong Yi his potential by adding some of his effort into it. Sukjong tells that it is his turn to put on a performance

Sukjong tells that Royal Court that he will establish the Civil Register for the populace & avoid the incident from repeating & get the general consensus from the Royal Court then teaches that if the government can’t protect its own populace, the it will go against heaven’s will

Chil Bok release from the police bureau as he steps out, his daughter Ryeo Ri comes to greet her father as Chil Bok hugs his daughter as they embrace in teary reunion. Choi Dong Yi steps out from the police bureau as Chil Bok notice Choi Dong Yi & thanked Choi Dong Yi for advocating his release & he is forever in her gratitude as Choi Dong Yi brushes that there is no gratitude to be render & tells that she is doing what she is obligate to do for him. Choi Dong Yi strokes Ryeo Ri to tells him to look after her father well since he has injuries that need attendance as Ryeo Ri acknowledged that she will take care of her father. Ryeo Ri & Chil Bok continuously thanked their gratitude towards Choi Dong Yi

Choi Dong Yi torn down the wall to extend her entrance of Ihyeongung palace, her entrance doesn’t have a gate. The peasant pitching their labour in doing some construction on a pavilion as Choi Dong Yi & Bong Sang Gung returns to see what the noisy commotion is about. Bong Sang Gung asked what is happening here. Then a Cheonmin comes to greets Choi Dong Yi return from police bureau then asked whether she recognise him from Hyeminseo that she has help him to seek medical attention. Choi Dong Yi remember him then asked about his well being & asked if his legs has heal well. Cheonmin affirms that it is on Choi Dong Yi laurel of fortune that his leg has heal & become strong that he can walk 20 miles without problems

Hyeminseo is the government medical clinic

Choi Dong Yi asked him what is happening here today. Cheonmin tells that they are not here to ask her to advocate for them, but they are here to give Choi Dong Yi a present, this is why they came. Choi Dong Yi surprise that they here to give her a present. Another Cheonmin comes & tells that tomorrow is Choi Dong Yi’s birthday & that they is nothing that they can give her therefore they had pitch in their labour to give her a present by building her a pavilion. Bong Sang Gung tells that all who are here will construct the pavilion. The Cheonmin tells that all who has here has been render by Choi Dong Yi’s gratitude. Everyone heard about it & came over to render their assistance & labour. Choi Dong Yi is touched & move by their gesture as they tells Choi Dong Yi to wait for her surprise as they will build her a sturdy pavilion as he asked the people to hurry with their work. Bong Sang Gung tells Choi Dong Yi that she must not refuse this birthday present given by the people. Choi Dong Yi agrees that she can’t declines such generosity from the populace. Kim Gu Seon brings Prince Yeoning to see what the populace is doing for his mother & tells Prince Yeoning that today lesson is what he now see before him then asked Prince Yeoning never to forget this sight, there is no books can write than can be compare what one’s who experience & witness at sight, this is a valuable lesson to learn

Choi Dong Yi turns & notice Prince Yeoning then calls to him

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah?

Prince Yeoning runs towards his mother

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni!

Choi Dong Yi gives her son a hug

Choi Dong Yi: What is this….why are you here?

Prince Yeoning: Tomorrow isn’t it Eomeoni’s birthday…Jung Jong Mama especially given her kind permission for me to come & celebrate your birthday with you

Choi Dong Yi: Is this true?

Prince Yeoning: Yes, Eomeoni, I stay over the night then we can have long chat together as you put me to bed

Choi Dong Yi: Yes…indeed, we will do that….

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni, today I have learn a very important lesson & detemintion

Choi Dong Yi: Eh?

Prince Yeoning: Today, I will not throw tantrums when I come to see you…I have now come to realise Eomeoni’s intention for me is & for you to have come here,…this is was done for me to see….here after I have learn this lesson well & will put this into practice in the future

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah?

Prince Yeoning: I will never forget this….forever Mother will be embedded in my heart & what lesson that you have impart to me….

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, it is indeed…thank you…..thank you very much….Geum Ah…thank you

Prince Yeoning: Why do you need to thank me….Eomeoni is my Mother….I am Mother’s son…how much that I need to thanked you is beyond any count

Choi Dong Yi hugs her matured thinking son

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah!

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni!

Sukjong looking at the distance seeing Choi Dong Yi embracing Prince Yeoning

In the night, Sukjong & Choi Dong Yi stroll the street market as she pick up a norigae & tells she will have this.

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-01 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-02
Choi Dong Yi: I will have this then!

Sukjong: Dong Yi, you should choose something of some expensive in value?

Choi Dong Yi: Are all things expensive good? It is fine that I will only have this.

Choi Dong Yi tries the norigae on herself

Sukjong: Fine…choose a few more here.

Choi Dong Yi: No need. This is already sufficient for me…!

Sukjong: Fine! I will take everything from here to there!

Shopkeeper: What?….All of this?

Sukjong: Hmmm!

The Shopkeeper surprise but obliged in Sukjong’s purchase

Shopkeeper: Yes…yes…

Choi Dong Yi: Why do you needs to do this? Cheon Na…!.

Sukjong: This is what I was about to say to you….it is clearly your birthday, that you already turn down celebration now perhaps that I can’t even buy you a birthday present that you just insist on that piece of norigae…this I wouldn’t not permit!

Choi Dong Yi: Even if you want to, you don’t have the need to buy everything there is here.

Choi Dong Yi: Fine. I will only have this one…I am sorry for the trouble….

Sukjong: Dong Yi…!

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na…..

Sukjong is upset over Choi Dong Yi being frugal with him

Sukjong still complaints

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-03 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-04

Sukjong: I feel that you really don’t understand what is in a gentleman’s heart. For a woman he loves, he will definitely will do anything for her! This is what gentleman is then also moreover….who am I….I am the King, also the King is this nation highest rank gentleman that it is definitely will able to do great things as a gentleman…what is this merely

Choi Dong Yi: You have already given me the greatest thing…Cheon Na

Sukjong: Hmmm?

Choi Dong Yi: This garakji….a long time ago that you have give this garakji to me, with this you render your heart to me…& now there is nothing more I want….

Sukjong: Dong Yi!

Choi Dong Yi: Therefore don’t let this matter bother you too much, Cheon Na. This year the yearly yield has been lessen that I don’t wish to spend unnecessarily, there is not this year…the next year…the year after next..there is also 10 years & 20 years…I will be always be by your side just like before…then when we have a banquet, it is still not late to give me a present

Sukjong: Fine….I surrender…come to think of it, there is never a time that I have won an argument against you…but however you must abide what you have just promise… this year…the next year…the year after next..there is also 20 years, there you will be by my side for a long time to come

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na!

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-05 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-06

Sukjong: Fine…this is more than sufficient…this is the only thing that I asked of you…

Sukjong: Come let me see my Dong Yi…let me see…you are really pretty….really beautiful

Sukjong attempts to kiss Choi Dong Yi in public as Choi Dong Yi is shy in Sukjong approaches

A doors open & it got Choi Dong Yi sight

Sukjong: What is it?

Choi Dong Yi; Cheon Na?…..that….

Choi Dong Yi notice suspicious men carrying on his shoulder a person tied in a bag & fleeing the scene

Sukjong: There is someone in that bag

Choi Dong Yi: It is a person…a person in that bag…..Cheon Na

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-07 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-D-08

Sukjong: Wait here!

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong goes to asked Chief Eunuch Han to summon the police bureau for assistance

Sukjong: It seems that someone is being kidnap….report this incident to the police bureau & asked them to render assistance.

Chief Eunuch Han: yes I understand, Cheon Na

Sukjong return to the spot where he left Choi Dong Yi, & finds that she is already missing then asked where is Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: Suk Bin?….Where have go to….Suk Bin?

Then finds Choi Dong Yi overlooking a fence wall

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-01 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-02

Sukjong: Dong Yi ah…!

Choi Dong Yi pulls Sukjong down hushes Sukjong

Sukjong; What are you trying to do here?

Choi Dong Yi: Sssh! Keep your voice down…they might hear us

Sukjong: What are you trying to do here? Let’s leave!

Choi Dong Yi: There is something amiss happening over there. It seem that this is the secret rendezvous point that I have been investigating on illicit commercial transaction.

Sukjong: What?

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-03 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-04

Choi Dong Yi: It seems that they are inside conducting a transaction….We will have to apprehended them in the act

Sukjong stops Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: Wait, wait a moment. I have inform the police bureau, let’s wait for them, they will sent someone…

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na, if we wait until then the evidence will disappear..! Do you wish to see that happened….that the evidence that is before us vanished as they destroy their evidence?

Sukjong: How are we to go about doing this?

Choi Dong Yi comes up with an idea

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong thinks that Choi Dong Yi has come out with a brilliant idea

Sukjong: What is it then?

Choi Dong Yi: How about….for another attempt on this….can’t you do that?

Sukjong: What is that then?

Choi Dong Yi looks up at the wall as Sukjong follow her eyes to see the wall before them

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-05 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-06

Sukjong: Are you suggesting that I scale over the wall?

Choi Dong Yi: How could I asked you to do that? Of course it should be I who scale the wall…therefore you can bend over & let me step on your back?

Sukjong: On my back? I am the King..! The last time you didn’t know who I was, it was to be excuse…now on the contrary now you already know who I am..!

Choi Dong Yi: When did you start to claim that you are now King & not a gentleman?

Sukjong: That is…..

Choi Dong Yi: You can only choose one….now are you a King or a gentleman?

Sukjong stutters

Sukjong: That….

Choi Dong Yi insists

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na…!!!

Sukjong: Ok…Fine…My back it is … Come on over!

Sukjong bends over as Choi Dong Yi prepares to step on his back

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-07 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-08

Choi Dong Yi: Here I come….

Choi Dong Yi firmly take her foot to step up on Sukjong’s back as Sukjong feels the weight as his spine start to crack under pressure

Sukjong: Dong Yi…..Arrggh!!!

If we estimate the circa of the drama now stands around 1705, Sukjong will be 46 years old while Choi Dong Yi is 35 years old, 2 middle age couple trying to scale a high fence wall is hilarious

Choi Dong Yi tells she is not high enough to cross over

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-09 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-E-10

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na!…Higher!!!..Give me some height!!!

Sukjong: You are now seem to be heavier than before?

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na!…Put is some might of strength to it!!!…Pplease…Cheon Na!! Where is your physic? It’s still as pathetic as before….

Sukjong heave Choi Dong Yi over the wall with all his might

Sukjong: Heave!!!!…Arrrgggh!

It is 1724….The coronation of Yeongjo with his Queen….Queen Jeongseong of Dalseong Seo. Cha Cheon Soo witness Yeongjo’s coronation then as the Official asked the Royal Court to praise long live the King

Caption….Yeongjo (1694-1776). Joseon 21st King

Yeongjo visit Soryeongwon with Cha Cheon Soo. Yeongjo tells Cha Cheon Soo that last night he dream of his mother, seeing her he was so happy that he run to her embrace then tells about his complaint about his perplexed in succeeding the throne that I was complaining to her, then did you know what she said to me then. Cha Cheon Soo asked what did his mother said to him then. Yeongjo tells that his mother beam with a radiance smile & asked him to expose his calves for her. Even there in my dream that I can’t alter the reality & facts, if I don’t wish to have his mother punish him severely he must pull up his focus to become a sagacious in his path to his Kingship like his Mother has aspire. Yeongjo agrees that for his mother’s sake he will strive to become what his mother has aspire him to be that King or else he will be sternly rebuke by his mother when he sees her next. Yeongjo sighs on the tough road ahead of him

Cha Cheon Soo & Yeongjo hears the rustle on the grass as he asked his men to protect Yeongjo while he goes to find out what it is. Cha Cheo Soo finds that it is a young girl who went to pick some herbs that the girls who named Dong Yi will looks for this herbs, then tells that this place is Choi Suk Bin’s Royal Tomb. The young girl aspire to be like Choi Dong Yi the Pungsan. Cha Cheon Soo thanked that she is indeed noble in her thoughts as the young girl tells that she is Cheonmin class how can she be noble. Cha Cheon Soo tells that it is because her heart is noble.

Yeongjo & Cha Cheon Soo returns to the palace after his mother’s tomb visit.

The young girl at Soryeongwon’s father call out to his daughter who name is Dong Yi. The young girl Dong Yo relate to her father what Cha Cheon Soo has said to her regarding that that heart must be in noble in intention in regardless of creed or status then having a noble heart will eventually becomes a noble person. The young girl at Soryeongwon’s father concurs that there is truth in that principal just like Choi Suk Bin that Sukjong has regards her as Noble in disposition

Then Sukjong voice call out

Sukjong: Dong Yi!!

As the young girl Dong Yi turns hearing her name call

Return to the meadow as Choi Dong Yi stops & turns around & smiles. Sukjong approaches her at the meadow as she greets Sukjong then Sukjong comes to hold her hands then embrace her as they find comfort in each other warm embrace. Sukjong takes her by her hands & continues their stroll in the meadow.

The End.

(Hold on..!)

(We’ve obtained the 1st draft of the final episode which includes the conversation between Sukjong & Dong Yi. It never made it to the final cut but we feel obligated to translate what was said beside just the hug & stroll in the meadow…)

Sukjong: So what shall we do now that since we officially has ended our run?

Choi Dong Yi: Hard to say…..why don’t we…

Sukjong: What….do you suggest…..?

Choi Dong Yi: Why don’t we find a drinking tavern & eat pig skin then check in to the hovel for the undispute son No. 3….I am sure all the endorsement of red ginseng at the end of the titles has given you some booster…..

Sukjong: That went to pay for my medical insurance for my ailment for my Sacroiliac joint dysfunction that I suffer on that 2 occasions

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-01 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-02 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-03 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-04 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-05 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-06 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-07 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-F-08

The End.


It seems that the scene starts that Choi Dong Yi walking in the meadow was to indicate her passing then in the end we get the continuation of the scene where as she turns, Sukjong is behind her, calls out to her, embrace her with yearn then hold her hands to take her to stroll.

An old Chinese folklore have said that a day in heaven is equivalent of 10 years on earth, so it wouldn’t take long for Sukjong to come to the meadow, since their death was just 2 years apart

auto eastar general trading Comments

Since March 22nd of this year, that we have travel this journey of Dong Yi that has taken almost 7 months. What initially became just narrative summaries has ended up with an overwhelming following of people who has contribute their comments & opinions which has made the comment column blown into a forum, the enthusiasm which we greatly appreciated that has encourage us in our dedication to “preach the Dong Yi gospel” & seen the “gospel” being plastered in everywhere

We will all bid adieu to this drama & hope that there will be a repeat performance of such a magnate following is some Saeguk drama venture that is to come in the future

We shall return for Dong Yi at the 2010 MBC Drama Awards where I will usually provide a transcript on the drama we have covered on their winning speeches

Thank you to everybody that has read Dong Yi’s summaries for the past 7 months.


how to trade sp500 emini DONG YI SCREEN CAPTURES

D0ng.Y1.E60.END-03 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-04 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-05 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-06 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-07 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-08 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-09 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-10 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-11 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-12 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-13 D0ng.Y1.E60.END-14

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  1. Natalie April 22, 2013 at 5:16 am #

    Hi, Jackie,

    I know this is way after this movie was made (I started watching it a few days ago on youtube) but i didn’t really get te ending. Im not sure if the person who uploaded the videos skipped a bit but i’m not sure why it went from Dong Yi and Sukjong lookig for the smugglers to a little girl running in the fields and then Dong Yi and Sukjong in the field. I was wondering if you could help me understand the ending more.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. lisa fisher April 29, 2013 at 5:29 am #

    when i finished watching the episods, i thought that i should read about the last episode that i didnt understand very well. now that i have read it, i finally understand. i cried!! that was how touched i was with the ending. sometimes i cant belive that this story is real coming from a long time ago…….. it makes me like to think that there are still people with noble hearts like dong yi’s and the king. i hope its not too late for me to become as proud and good-hearted as they were. anyway, i loved every minute of the movie and the summary, and i also hope that Ja Myung Go (the next movie i am watching soon) will be as great as this one.

    note: i love how the king said “That went to pay for my medical insurance for my ailment for my Sacroiliac joint dysfunction that I suffer on that 2 occasions” since the last time we saw them, dong yi was climbing on his back the second time. this is a love story that i will remenber for the rest of my life!!

  3. ReuRem October 7, 2013 at 5:04 am #

    Could You Please tell me meaning of ‘Mama’ in their conversation

  4. Jackie October 7, 2013 at 6:36 am #

    Dear ReuRem

    Mama 마마 – is a term of address to member of the Royal Family or Monarch, the equivalent to His/Her Royal Highness (member of the royal family other than the Monarch) or His/Her Majesty (Monarch).

    Mama 마마 comes as an end suffix to the member of the Royal Family designation e.g. Sukbin Mama, Jungjong Mama (for Queen)

  5. jane April 27, 2014 at 9:28 am #

    I luv dis drama especially i love dong yi and suk jong i.e d king i wish to see him in more movies although i have watched jewel in d palace i want to see more of his movies

  6. jane April 27, 2014 at 9:30 am #

    I love dis movie and i love suk jong

  7. DebbieHee ChoiLetatau July 15, 2014 at 3:29 pm #

    I really loved this Drama, I like the story, the main actors and actresses. All of you did a fabulous job, I thought Gu Family Book was the best but now I think this one is better. Thank you for all your hard work.

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  10. gifty February 5, 2016 at 6:50 am #

    This story got me crying so many uncountable times..
    Dong yi,Sukjong and Chen soo are my favourite characters but the overall best goes to Dongyi
    I can’t forget those two old friends of Dong yi who made me laugh so many times too..I mean those two who worked at the music bureau..
    I choose to watch dong yi over 50 times and I don’t mind
    Best actress ever
    Honesty and humility counts

  11. Valentina February 14, 2016 at 8:04 am #

    Woah I love dong yi , I don’t want the movie to come to an end

  12. judith hayford March 10, 2016 at 12:12 pm #

    Dong yi is the best and nice Korean series I have ever watched

  13. Abigail March 17, 2016 at 6:20 pm #

    Awww such a nice movie I will watch this movie over and over again my favourite characters are Donyi the king and Donyi’s friends frm de music bureau not forgetting her friends frm de investigating department too

  14. Elvira Gravador May 17, 2016 at 9:22 am #

    What a heartwarming drama! So glad I finished watching the full episode from 1-60, altho’ the english sub was up to ep 21 only? I need to read each summary to understand the rest of the scenes. Dong Yi (adult & child), King Sukjong & Prince Yeoning made me cry…great actors all indeed! I had laughter moments too w/ Dong Yi’s 2 friends from the music bureau! Bravo to all other actors’ performances and all those behind the camera for all the hard work! Dong Yi will be added to my list of most fave period koreadrama ie, Jewel in the Palace, Moon Embracing the Sun & Empress Ki.

  15. hw August 2, 2016 at 2:07 pm #

    Dony Yi is back to small screen after 6 years as Oh Yun Joo:

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