Dong Yi Summary 55

Dong Yi Summary 55

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Choi Dong Yi takes a step back & baffled to Sukjong decision

Sukjong went back to Daejeon & sat down on his chairs as Choi Dong Yi comes to Daejeon to see him

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong looks up to Choi Dong Yi rather choked

Jeong Sang Gung comes to her Internal Bureau of Investigation staff to inform that according to the decree that they have to expedite today in accordance in regards to Jang Hee Bin’s sentence at Mi Si. Internal Bureau of Investigation staff is taken aback. Jeong Sang Gung instructs Jung Im to prepare for the expedition of the decree

Mi Si is the hour of goat between 1-3 pm

Meanwhile in Daejeon, Choi Dong Yi sits down as Sukjong blankly tells Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: As a person who is committed offender that is in the palace will received & renders the greatest humiliation & shame of disgrace, as for Hee Bin to say that this will be far worse in suffering to accept than death itself. I wish to end this swiftly for her, for this is what I have acknowledged Hee Bin as the person that I have come to know to be

Choi dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: I wish to spare her life, just for a moment…for a while that if there is any technicality that can just prevails, that life, I never had the desire to take away her life with my own hands.

Choi Dong Yi looks resigned but Sukjong has to do what he has to do

Crown Prince Yun asked his residence staff who is restraining him & asking Crown Prince Yun to calm down while Crown Prince demands his residence staff to move aside that how can this be, that his mother has been given the sentence for death as he struggles free from his staff that he must go & see Jang Hee Bin

An official came to greets Jang Hee Bin in Chwi Seon Dang

Jang Hee Bin: How about my mother & brother…..What has become to the both of them?

The official: They will soon be banished to exile to remote island then will receives their death sentence in due course.

The official leaves as Jang Hee Bin acknowledge & digesting the truth as she mourns for her brother & mother

Those sentenced to death by Sayak “poison” was to first banish to remote places and then sentence will commence to have them executed there at some point.

Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon carted away through the streets of Doseong. The populace crowd is sending off joyfully for Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon to meet their imminent deaths as they received their deserved retribution for shaking the foundation of the nation. Mdm Yoon drag her poor husband to the 1st row to Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon leaves as Ph Tae Pung praying to Goddess of Mercy & all deities for the repose soul of Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon as Mdm Park can’t believe her husband. Mdm Park rallies the crowd to throw stones at them & not to give them a comfortable send off as Oh Tae Pung restraints his wife for being cruel in throwing stones at the condemned. Oh Ho Yang coaxes his mother not to do so that they are already going to their death. Mdm Park tells her son to think of Mdm Yoon who has cause them so much grievances to her family that she need to vent her anger at them, as Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon cart passes them the crowd hurl the stone into Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon carts as they get bombarded by stone from the crowd.

Crown Prince Yun runs to Daejeon with his staff residence follow in chase as Chief Eunuch Han greets Crown Prince Yun then demands that he needs to see Sukjong at once. Choi Dong Yi comes out from Daejeon to see to Crown Prince Yun

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun?

Choi Dong Yi approaches Crown Prince Yun as Crown Prince Yun grabs hold of Choi Dong Yi’s hand in earnest plead

Crown Prince Yun: Mama!…Please I beg of you to save my mother….please help me to convince Ah Ba Mama to spare my mother’s life…If Mama render her words, Ah Ba Mama will relent & listen to you

Choi Dong Yi with regrets that the matter is out of her hands

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun!

Crown Prince Yun: I will do so personally, to plea with Ah Ba Mama

Choi Dong Yi & Chief Eunuch Han restraint Crown Prince Yun. Crown Prince Yun asked Choi Dong Yi to help him to seek audience with Sukjong as Crown Prince Yun goes on his knees before Choi Dong Yi to beg her for help. Choi Dong Yi comes down, surprise that Crown Prince Yun is on his knees begging her to ask her to forgive his mother as Choi Dong Yi tells Crown Prince Yun not to do this as it is seen inappropriate. Crown Prince Yun just begs Choi Dong Yi to forgive Jang Hee Bin & have his mother spared her life that everything is his fault that he is to blames that everything has been done due to his shortcomings. Choi Dong Yi tries very hard to console a distress Crown Prince Yun

Jang Hee Bin digesting the imminent fate of Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon as she tries to compose herself & tell herself that

Jang Hee Bin: This is how it will ends before me in such a manner & that everything has ended for me.

Meanwhile in Daejeon, Choi Dong Yi trying to persuade Crown Prince Yun to get up

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun, don’t do this as this will not be good for your health. Please I asked of you…please get up, Crown Prince Yun

Crown Prince Yun is pleading with Choi Dong Yi,

Crown Prince Yun: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi is at her end wits

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun?

Then Bong Sang Gung comes running to inform Choi Dong Yi that Uigyeombu is about to expedite the “Sayak” sentence for Jang Hee Bin & on their way to commence as the decree has been issue & commence sentence with immediate effect. Crown Prince Yun on hearing this gets up

Crown Prince Yun: No…they can’t do that…they can’t do that

Crown Prince Yun gets up & runs to Chwi Seon Dang scream for his mother.

Crown Prince Yun: Eomeoni!

Choi Dong Yi & Chief Eunuch Han has to chase in pursuit

Choi Dong Yi; Crown Prince Yun!

Chief Eunuch Han: Crown Prince Yun!

Cha Cheon Soo informs & deploys his soldiers that the decree has been issue & to be expedited & sentence will commence at Mi Si & deploy his soldiers as his soldiers acknowledged.

Jang Hee Bin comes out from Chwi Seon Dang as the soldier stops her.

Jang Hee Bin: Move aside!!!…There is someone I must see. Now I must definitely go & meet someone

The soldiers: Please return to your residence….this is not permitted, Mama

Jang Hee Bin demands the soldiers to let her pass

Jang Hee Bin: Move aside…you wretches!!! Didn’t you hear me!!!….There is somewhere I needs to go…Quickly move aside!!!!….Move aside at once…Move aside at once

Jang Hee Bin shouting at the soldier but her demands is falling on deaf ears.

Crown Prince Yun runs to Chwi Seon Dang calling his mother as his access is being blocked by soldiers. Jang Hee Bin shocked to see her son. Jang Hee Bin tries to get close to Crown Prince Yun but she is also prevented by the soldiers. Crown Prince Yun demands access to be let through or else he will kill them all in the future as both mother & son calling for each other rendering sight.

Crown Prince Yun: Eomeoni!!!!…Eomeoni!!!1

Jang Hee Bin: Crown Prince Yun!!!…Crown Prince Yun!!!

Choi Dong Yi comes to Chwi Seon Dang

Choi Dong Yi: Stand down & let him pass!!! Allow to let Crown Prince Yun to see his mother for one last time.
The Captain comes to greets Choi Dong Yi

Choi Dong Yi: Please allow Crown Prince Yun to see his mother for one last time
The Captain: My apology, Mama. This we can’t allow that.

Choi Dong Yi trying to talk common sense to the Captain

Choi Dong Yi: I dare say Man….

The Captain orders his men

The Captain: What are you all waiting….Escort Crown Prince Yun to return to Donggungjeon.

Crown Prince Yun is force & taken away from Chwi Seon Dang as Crown Prince Yun protest to let him go & demands that he sees his mother. Jang Hee Bin calls for his son as she sees her son being drag away from her sight.

Jang Hee Bin: Crown Prince Yun!!!

Choi Dong Yi is helpless beyond her control to do anything for the mother & son then as she is about to leave. Jang Hee Bin calls to her. Choi Dong Yi halts & stop short in her tracks

Jang Hee Bin: Suk Bin!…Suk Bin!!!

Jang Hee Bin runs towards Choi Dong Yi. Choi Dong Yi turns to face Jang Hee Bin

Jang Hee Bin: The word you said…you have said that you have mentioned that you will not bring harm to Crown Prince Yun, is this from your heartfelt sincerity?

Choi Dong Yi looks at Jang Hee Bin with the look that the offer has expired

Jang Hee Bin: I was just about that I wanted to come to see you….if this was my last will to be said it is that I must come & see you

Choi Dong Yi looks appalled

Jang Hee Bin: Didn’t you have mentioned to me that everything was not due to fate destiny but the choices I had made

Jang Hee Bin grabs Choi Dong Yi’s hand were Choi Dong Yi looks tense as Choi Dong Yi grips her hands

Jang Hee Bin: Yes, if that is indeed so then I will consider this to account that that this is the price I have to pay for my choices made but however Crown Prince Yun…for that child….can’t be because of my faults & folly be indicted & implicate

Choi dong Yi turns away then Jang Hee Bin falls on her knees before Choi Dong Yi to her shocked & surprise

Choi Dong Y: Mama?

Jang Hee Bin….tell this to me, whether or not there be a rendering chance left for Crown Prince Yun, as for me to say, Do I still have an alternative open to him that whether there is a way that will able to reverse Crown Prince Yun’s fated destiny

Choi Dong Yi has no words as the high & mighty dignify Jang Hee Bin has finally succumbs to kneel down to Choi Dong Yi begging for her son’s future. Jang Hee Bin wails

Jang Hee Bin: Yes it is true that…I wanted to kill you…it was not just once but many a times that I have wanted to kill you in various occasions but as of now I am left with…is the person who is able to safe guard Crown Prince Yun’s safety, can only be you, the person whom I have always despise & most hatred in many folds, that person…is none other than you….

Choi Dong Yi finds it unbearable to take Jang Hee Bin’s pleading & wailing begs as Jang Hee Bin clings to Choi Dong Yi’s chima & onto the ground wailing in pleas to Choi Dong Yi. Bong Sang Gung 7 Ae Jung also feels for Jang Hee Bin

Jang Hee Bin: However for everything….please ends all our vendettas with my death, therefore I beg you, for the sake of Crown Prince Yun…please save Crown Prince Yun…please save that child son…..I beg of you that you will help me protect that child….Suk Bin….I dare say, Suk Bin…please…I beg you…please safeguard that child, Suk Bin….this is my final last & sincere plead to you..please…please accepts my earnest plead…that you will safeguard Crown Prince Yun…my child….please I beg you please…I really pleading to you…Suk Bin…please accept my final plead…I really asking of you….Suk Bin…Suk Bin, this is my last request….please accept my request…that you will safe guard that child

This is really a heart wrenching scene to write

Internal Bureau of Investigation goes to expedite the sentence as Jung Im is carrying the “Sayak” as Jeong Sang Gung tells the official that they are ready as the official acknowledged & leave to expedite Jang Hee Bin’s sentence. Cha Cheon Soo sighs as he orders his men to follow him to Chwi Seon Dang

Jang Hee Bin prepares herself as she is dressed in cotton clean white garb in commoner clothes. An official comes in

Official: The time is Mi Si has come

Mi Si is the hour of goat between 1-3 pm

Jang Hee Bin: I have a final & earnest request to ask for

Jang Hee Bin looks at the Official

The Sayak is brought to Chwi Seon Dang, as Jung Im carries the “Sayak” with the Official from the Ministry of Justice. Meanwhile in Daejeon Sukjong learns from Chief Eunuch Han that Jang Hee Bin’s final request is …

Sukjong: She wants me to bear witness to her death & her last journey of her life

Chief Eunuch Han is silence to tells that it is affirmative

Sukjong: This is really Hee Bin’s last & final earnest request.

Chief Eunuch Han regretly confirms

Chief Eunuch Han: Yes Cheon Na….

Jang Hee Bin is really perfidious that she wants Sukjong to be ridden by guilt for her death

In Chwi Seon Dang, Jang Hee Bin waits for her death

Official: Hee Bin of Jang Clan, please comes forward to accept the Royal decree

Jang Hee Bin knows her time has come. Jang Hee Bin steps out from Chwi Seon Dang as she walks towards the mat where the bowl of ‘Sayak’ is place on a tray before her. Jang Hee Bin slowly kneels before the ‘Sayak”. The Official reads the Royal decree

Official: Hee Bin of Jang Clan, as a member of the Royal Household’s Nae Myeong Bu Inner Court, also the birth mother of the Prince Successor has committed a grave offence that is beyond absolution…bring harm to the late Queen Inhyeon & also committed other transgression actus reus offences then finally attempt to assassinate Suk Bin & Prince Yeoning that this malicious & vicious offences can’t be render absolution

Crown Prince Yun crying for his mother in Donggungjeon & telling that what is he suppose to do now as he cries for his mother

Official: Therefore I have decree that today to commence to sentence Hee Bin of Jang Clan to death by “Sayak” in order to stabilise & preserve the gravitas of the sovereignty integrity of the Royal Household & the Dynasty

Official steps back as he finished reading Sukjong’s decree. Jang Hee Bin looks at the bowl of “Sayak” then she looks at the Official

Jang Hee Bin: Have you convey my message to Cheon Na?

Official bows in affirmative. Jang Hee Bin turns to the direction of Daejeon

Jang Hee Bin: Are you there, Cheon Na?…Are you somewhere over there…looking at me at a distance?

Sukjong is standing at the pavilion in Daejeon with a full view looking at a distance at Jang Hee Bin’s sentence being expedited. Jang Hee Bin turns to Daejeon then sebae in bow

The execution process included the accused dressed in clean white garb bowing four times toward the direction of the palace to pay his last respect to the king and drinking the poison.

Jang Hee Bin: This is all a lie to what I have said to you, in saying that I have regret in rendering my love to you Cheon Na…it is all a lie…Cheon Na’s heart that I know & well aware that it will never mine to have & to possess but then yet desire to aspire to hold on to yours all at all cost, that my love for you has brought me
to my foolish & naïve evildoing, I admits that my offences knowing this well that it had brought you suffering & pain, …please forgive me, Cheon Na…Please forgive me, in still asking you as my final request to witness my death & to see me off in my death like this manner, in the very end, unable to abandon my final desire of greed. However I wish for you to remember what I was at my final moment, no matter in compare to whom, I wish for you to witness this end…therefore Cheon Na…do remember me…I…you must…remember me

Jang Hee Bin turns to her bowl of “Sayak” then takes the bowl up, slowly puts the bowl to her mouth & drinks the content. The “Sayak” takes effect as Jang Hee Bin drinks the “Sayak”. Sukjong watches at the distance. Jang Hee Bin finished her “Sayak” then cough up blood as she suffocates with the effect of the intake of the “Sayak”. Sukjong painfully watches the horror in dread. While the poison takes its deadly effects as she is induce to hematemesis & paralysis takes over her & the imminent of her agonise death. Jang Hee bin glances to Sukjong, Sukjong already in pain with sorrow & grief. Jang Hee Bin collapse onto the mat in anguish as she grasp for breath then expires, as all who are there witness her death. Sukjong gripping to control his sorrow

Jang Hee Bin’s life in a quick flashback before her eyes

Choi Dong Yi looks yonder aimlessly in Bo Gyeong Dang & tells Jang Hee Bin

Choi Dong Yi: Please for Mama’s repose soul that you may leave peacefully to the netherworld that you can let go of all the world’s suffering & pain

As she also cries for Jang Hee Bin to please leave this world & may Jang Hee Bin rest in peace

In the night, the Naeuiwon is busy brewing medicine tonic as the Court Physician asked the female physician to quicker the brewing time as they acknowledged. Court Physician brings the medicine tonic to Donggungjeon lead by the Donggungjeon’s Chief Eunuch who asked the residence staff how is Crown Prince Yun’s condition. The residence staff tells that it was just as before. Crown Prince Yun throwing his tantrum to chase all his residence staff from his residence. Crown Prince Yun is throwing things & his fits & demands that his staff leave him be. The Residence Sang Gung asked Crown prince Yun to calm down. Crown prince Yun sustains cuts in his hand & is bleeding. Crown prince Yun asked that he doesn’t want to see them & asked them to get out. The Residence Sang Gung tells Crown prince Yun is bleeding & he needs to get his injury treated. Crown prince Yun there is no concern that he is bleeding that he wants to bleed to death. Crown prince Yun tells that to let him died & he will not drink a drop of water that Crown Prince Yun tells that he wants to follow his mother to the netherworld then screams for his residence staff to leave

Kim Gu Seon recites from 呂氏春秋 literally means Mister Lü’s Annals from the Spring Autumn Annals written by Lu Bu Wen

明者擇善之功,強者固執之效。呂氏曰:君子所以學者….Yeongjo initially will put forth into his reign the policy of impartiality

Kim Gu Seon: This means the affirmation of self-cultivation and impartiality of mind self & society

Prince Yeoning is not paying attention with his tutorial as his thoughts are occupied. Kim Gu Seon has to call Prince Yeoning twice before getting a response from him. Kim Gu Seon tells that they will stop their lecture here for today. Prince Yeoning apologise to Kim Gu Seon for not paying attention. Kim Gu Seon asked Prince Yeoning that whether Prince Yeoning didn’t get to see Crown Prince Yun today. Prince Yeoning nods in affirmative that he did go to Donggungjeon but Crown Prince Yun left instructions that he doesn’t wish to see anyone. Kim Gu Seon can understands what Prince Yeoning must be feeling now but however when matter like this happens, Prince Yeoning must pay attention to stay in focus. Kim Gu Seon tells Prince Yeoning to use studies to calm his nerves, rather to be preoccupied with other concerning matter. Prince Yeoning acknowledge Kim Gu Seon’s teaching. Choi Dong Yi looks at her son at a distance & knows that Prince Yeoning is perturbed by what has happened to Crown Prince Yun as she sighs

Sukjong learns that Crown Prince Yun is still throwing tantrums. Chief Eunuch Han confirms that it is indeed that Crown Prince Yun has boycott his studies then reject all food & drink & doesn’t even want his injury to be attend to. Sukjong can only sighs. Crown Prince Yun & his entourage marches then Crown Prince Yun notice Prince Yeoning in the “tuho” compound, initially surprise to see Prince Yeoning as Prince Yeoning lights up in gladness to see Crown Prince Yun pass by then Prince Yeoning greets Crown Prince Yun then address him as ‘Hyungnim” & tells that he was waiting for Crown Prince Yun to come by & he came. Prince Yeoning then express that he was really concern for Crown Prince Yun’s welfare. Prince Yeoning tells that he learns that Crown Prince Yun for the past few days refuse to eat his meals. Prince Yeoning tells Crown Prince Yun he must do that or else he will fall ill, then Prince Yeoning really worried to notice Crown Prince Yun bandage hand & concerns whether his injury he has sustain is serious

Crown Prince Yun flung his hand off & asked Prince Yeoning that this is enough said as Prince Yeoning is taken aback by Crown Prince Yun’s hostile attitude towards him. Crown Prince tells Prince Yeoning not to address him as “Hyungnim” again & he is not his brother but he is the nemesis whom Prince Yeoning need to trample to reach his ultimate ambition & in turn Crown Prince Yun tells Prince Yeoning that he must vanquish Prince Yeoning from doing so. Prince Yeoning asked how can they be nemesis as Prince Yeoning can’t comprehend why Crown Prince Yun’s attitude towards him being so harsh in his remarks.

Crown Prince Yun asked Prince Yeong not to pretend that his mother has intended to kill Prince Yeoning & he is well aware of the matter. Prince Yeoning tries to explain in regards to that matter as Crown Prince Yun tells Prince Yeoning not to address him as “Hyungnim” & not to come to him smiling or express his concern for Crown Prince Yun’s welfare & asked Prince Yeoning to also take him as an adversary. Crown Prince Yun tells Prince Yeoning that they can no longer be siblings & that they are just acquainted adversary that is in the midst to tussle for the throne, this is because this is how their life will exist in the palace is all about intrigues. Crown Prince Yun all work up emotionally in telling Prince Yeoning that not to come to look him up again & asked prince Yeoning whether he is clear on that. Crown Prince Yun although it pains him, to severe his ties with Prince Yeoning, marches away.

Prince Yeoning sobs after the rebuke from Crown Prince Yun as Ae Jung comes running to ask Prince Yeoning what is the matter. Prince Yeoning wipes his tears & brushes off as nothing & that nothing has happened. Crown prince Yun passes the ‘tuho” compound again as he recalls the fine time he has with Prince Yeoning on their “tuho” games then Crown Prince Yun recalls Jang Hee Bin to tell him to be steadfast not to waver as Jang Hee Bin has done this all for his sake, in order for him to survive & he must survive at all cost to become the King. Crown Prince Yun vents his anger at the “tuho” equipment then fall to the ground & cries in bitterness for his mother

Soron faction is in assembly for a private meeting. Chua Sang Dae Gam from the Namin faction telling Im Sang Hyeon that the time has come to select a new Queen Consort. Im Sang Hyeon asked what is the political situation in the Royal Court. The official tells that Noron faction who supports Prince Yeoning is lobbying for Choi Dong Yi to be make Queen Consort. Im Sang Hyeon asked how can that be possible, it definitely must not, how can a Cheonmin class Queen Consort, this is unspeakable & preposterous. Cha Sang Dae Gan tells that it is not just that, if perhaps by chance Prince Yeoning ascends the throne then they will have a Cheonmin bloodline as King. Im Sang Hyeon tells that they have to do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening, how can they allow a King that carries a Cheonmin bloodline, how can they prostrate to a King that has Cheonmin bloodline. The Soron faction concurs as Im Sang Hyeon frown on the suggestion

Meanwhile Noron faction having their meeting as well as Jung In Guk greets Shim Yun Taek as Jung In Guk tells that the elders of the Noron is waiting for Shim Yun Taek’s arrival as he enters the meeting. Shim Yun Taek goes to see Choi Dong Yi

Shim Yun Taek: The elders of the Noron faction has unanimously given their general consensus to support you Mama. The Noron faction will lobbying Mama to become Queen Consort then will in turn to support Prince Yeoning to become Prince Successor & they are determined to stake their lives on the matter

Choi Dong Yi: Ji Ui …I have clearly voice my disapproval over the matter

Ji Ui is an officialdom of the lower 3rd rank in Sa Heon Bu, also known as the Office of inspection where they received petition from the populace

Ji Bi is Shim Yun Taek officialdom designation

Shim Yun Taek: Mama, although this is not what your intention are, but the matter is that Prince Yeoning is now seen as a threat to Crown Prince Yun’s position as Prince Successor, even the common folks in the market place know that as a fact. Are you trying to say that you aren’t aware & deny this the matter as fact at all? Now people are slowly encroaching towards Prince Yeoning to see the prospect of his potential that he will succeed to becoming this nation’s Sovereign, this is why Noron faction is supporting Prince Yeoning then the Soron faction will be taking Prince Yeoning as political threat. This is a path that Prince Yeoning must undertake & journey, Mama. If Prince Yeoning doesn’t succeed in taking the throne, then the least likelihood that Prince Yeoning’s life will not be spared or safeguard

Choi Dong Yi sighs & know the imminent truth as it was already predicted by Queen Inhyeon as she resign with a sigh that it is the truth as she ponders

In Injeongjeon the Royal Court assembles as they debates about the selection of the new Queen Consort vs Choi Dong Yi being Queen Consort which is presided by Sukjong. Jung In Guk tells they still have Choi Dong Yi as they argues that Choi Dong Yi is from the Cheonmin class as the quarrel become louder as Soron voice that they disapprove Choi Dong Yi who is from Cheonmin class to become Queen consort as it is seem preposterous & not be allowed. Jung In Guk argues with that debate that Choi Dong Yi is member of the Royal Household’s Inner Court & eligible to become Queen Consort. Chua Sang Dae Gam tells that Queen Consort must be a seen virtuous in respect in the eyes of the populace, how can they asked a commoner to become Queen Consort, this will tarnish the integrity of the Royal Household. Shim Yun Taek asked Chua Sang Dae Gam to use the populace as the excuse in their debate. Shim Yun Taek tells that they are showing their insolence towards Choi Dong Yi are the people who are sitting in front of him & now they are the people who are rendering insolence to the Royal Household is Soron faction, how dare they use the reason of Choi Dong Yi’s status are an issue of debate, as the Soron bicker back that Shim Yun Taek is rude. Sukjong shouts his Royal Court that he has enough heard & said from them as he fumed in upset.

Im Sang Hyeon tells that the opposition doesn’t come from just the Royal Court, after Jang Hee Bin has been executed, the rumours spreads that the threat now lies in the waver of Crown Prince Yun’s position as Prince Successor that is causing a stir in Doseong. If at this moment, Choi Dong Yi is made as Queen Consort then it suggests to be seen that Crown Prince Yun’s position will be hard to sustained & therefore tumult. Im Sang Hyeon asked Sukjong to reconsider the matter for the sake of Crown Prince Yun & his position that they petition that the need to select a new Queen Consort. Jung In Guk tells Sukjong that this is preposterous as Sukjong sees bickering official in his Court like children

Cha Cheon Soo is with Choi Dong Yi in Bo Gyeong Dang

Cha Cheon Soo: Mama?

Choi Dong Yi: What the Soron faction in the Royal Court has said is the truth….if it is said that I ascend as Queen Consort, no matter whatever my effort that I render in utmost & it is not my intention whatsoever, the Noron faction will definitely threaten Crown prince Yun’s position as Prince Successor

Cha Cheon Soo: But however, Mama?….Then what about the consideration for Mama & Prince Yeoning’s own personal safety, what are we suppose to do about that?…..In order to safe guard Crown Prince Yun, there is no choice to give up & abandon this concern & consideration

Seo Yong Gi: What Do Sa has said is indeed true & comprehensive, just as it will be the same as Crown Prince Yun needs to survive by becoming the King then it is also to say that Prince Yeoning’s survival depends on him becoming King

Choi Dong Yi: If this is said, that we will have to make both of them to become Kings

Both Cha Cheon Soo & Seo Yong Gi is astonish at Choi Dong Yi’s remarks as she looks determined & confidence in her far sighted in looking at the matter

Cha Cheon Soo: Mama?

Choi Dong Yi: Why?….Why must we have to conclude to think that only one between the both of them can be made King. This is the method of way that can ensure Crown Prince Yun & also Prince Yeoning’s chance of survival

Seo Yong Gi: Mama?… What you are implying is that…..

Cha Cheon Soo: Mama?

Choi Dong Yi: I will no matter whatsoever, will not give up on this chance, even if I need to forsake my all, it is none to my concern…this is merely a designation no matter what it is, it is seen as nothing…I will stake my all & even as far as even my life to come & safeguard Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning’s lives

Choi Dong Yi sighs

Prince Yeoning looking at the void space aimlessly & looking downcast as Choi Dong Yi looks at her son with some sigh then calls her son

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah?

Prince Yeoning caught surprise & turns to his mother

Prince Yeoning: Oh! Eomeoni!

Prince Yeoning runs to Choi Dong Yi who takes him. Choi Dong Yi goes to Prince Yeoning’s quarters

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, today did you go to Donggungjeon?

Prince Yeoning: Yes…but I only manage to send my greeting to Crown Prince Yun outside his residence, although he has told me that not to come & look for him again, but however, I still consider that I am the younger brother to Crown Prince Yun, although Crown Prince Yun dislikes me but yet I will….I will….

Prince Yeoning is sad by the incident

Choi Dong Yi: Geum Ah? Crown Prince Yun doesn’t dislike you…..Crown Prince Yun is not because of you..moreover it is because of his own guilt that he is suffering

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni?….

Choi Dong Yi: This is why he is suffering in pain, it is definitely not because he hates you

Prince Yeoning: Is this true…Eomeoni? Hyungnim really doesn’t hate me at all, will it be like before where he will teach me “tuho” & teach me calligraphy that will regain our acquaintance

Choi Dong Yi: Yes indeed, it will be so. Crown Prince Yun will return in becoming your great elder brother of yours he once was once again

Prince Yeoning smiles as Choi Dong Yi assures her son

Choi Dong Yi: Do you have trust in Mother..Geum Ah?….Mother is here to make a promise to you that this will definitely happened. I will safeguard you & Crown Prince Yun, this your Mother’s sworn pledge to you

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni!

Choi Dong Yi opens her arms to invites Prince Yeoning to come for a hug as she has her concerns

Meanwhile in Donggungjeon, Crown Prince Yun plans to torch & burn a stake of books as his residence staff tries to restraints him from doing so, as he demands them to move aside that he wants to burn the books. The residence Sang Gung tells that these are the books that he needs to study for his Kingship. Crown Prince Yun tells this is all the reason to burn these books as he tells that these books are no longer useful to him.

Sukjong comes to Donggungjeon & shouts what is happening here as he marches to see the pile of books stack for burning. Crown Prince Yun tells Sukjong that these book are useless to him therefore it is best he burns them. Sukjong shocked that Crown Prince Yun that Crown Prince Yun wants to burn the books. Crown Prince Yun affirms that it will soon that when Choi Dong Yi becomes Queen Consort then he will be deposed from his position as Prince Successor, anyhow, he will not have any use for these books again. Sukjong tells Crown Prince Yun to stop his tantrums & his prattles & how can be acting so childish & is utter such nonsense prattles. Crown Prince Yun tells that this is what everyone is saying, moreover it is also Sukjong intention that he wishes to change & replace Crown Prince Yun as Prince Successor in favour of Prince Yeoning to ascend the throne. Sukjong is dumbfounded as rebuke Crown Prince Yun to even suggest that.

Sukjong stagger out to leave Donggungjeon in upset as Choi Dong Yi comes to Donggungjeon to see Sukjong fuming & blowing his top off. Choi Dong Yi calls Sukjong. Meanwhile Sukjong & Choi Dong Yi sits at the railing of their “dating” place

Choi Dong Yi: Please understand what Crown Prince Yun’s heart is going through & don’t take be offended with Crown Prince Yun’s words…you must do so. In this moment of time, no one in comparison, is most deeply hurt by this ordeal than Crown Prince Yun

Sukjong: Dong Yi!

Choi Dong Yi: I will not ascend to the position of Queen Consort…Cheon Na

Choi Dong Yi doesn’t address herself in the proper Court language as “Consort” or Shin Chop in which Jang Hee Bin & Queen Inhyeon uses to address themselves, Choi Dong Yi always address herself as Chonun or “I”

Sukjong; But however, Dong Yi…..

Choi Dong Yi: It is only by doing so that it can prevent the Royal Household from suffering another tragic ending, Cheon Na…this is because die to the fact that a member of the Inner Court can ascend to be Queen Consort, it is of this very reason….Hee Bin would have suffer & entrap her whole life in the desire to aspire that she gamble her life for that ambition that ended is that very reason….this ordeals have all given everyone emotion scars & hurts, Cheon Na. Therefore if I as a member of the Inner Court, moreover were to ascend to succeed as Queen Consort, it will bring yet be another repeat of the replay of this tragedy for the Royal Household

Sukjong: Therefore…are you saying that you are rejecting this designation & its all, are you implying that you wish to forsake the position of Queen Consort that was rightfully yours

Choi Dong Yi: It is because that I have something in matter that I hold most cherish & treasure, compare to that what is supposedly rightfully mine, or to ascend to greater position & designation, this is something I hold to cherish, please don’t asked me to lost that matter that I most cherish, Cheon Na, moreover this is a designation that serve no purpose for me or even the authority or power that it enables for me to hold but to use my heartfelt to safe guard that something that I hold most dearly, please allow me to safeguard what I cherish the most..also please don’t permits in your utmost effort to see that another tragedy never to happened to the Royal Household again under your hands, please…I beg of you…please that you must do so…Cheon Na

Sukjong can’t understand Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: Dong Yi?

Choi Dong Yi earnestly asked Sukjong

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na!

In Bo Gyeong Dang, Choi Dong Yi contemplates in her bed on her decision to declines the designation Queen Consort. Sukjong contemplates in Daejeon

Officer Min informs Jang Mu Yeol that Sukjong will elect a new Queen Consort. Officer Min tells that this is what Sukjong has decided & that is what he has decreed. Do Seong Jo reads the decree in the selection of Queen Consort to commence with immediate effect as to secure the foundation of the nation that Sukjong has decree to forbid by law that any member of the Inner Court Consort will not able to ascend as Queen Consort & this decree will not be violated by the coming descendants

Choi Dong Yi is walking with her entourage as Jang Mu Yeol meets with her & greets her as Choi Dong Yi moves on where Jang Mu Yeol abruptly

Jang Mu Yeol: Whether this is of Mama’s doing? Is this Mama’s decision…to declines the designation to succeed as Queen Consort….is this your decision….

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, it is indeed.

Jang Mu Yeol: In the end you will regret the decision you made on the matter, Mama….you have reject my offer of a helping hand… moreover using your initiative to let go a great opportunity on power & authority that was yours to have.

Choi Dong Yi: One wonders whether that is really true. Maybe in Yeong Gam’s eyes you may perceived that I am not ambitious & somewhat a boredom but in her eyes her perspectives of Yeong Gan (Jang Mu Yeol) is, chasing & desire ambition of greed, betrayal to others, forsaking others, there will be blood & tears that this world is only just make out of vendettas that has to be paid in blood & asked this is not everything in this world. I advice you that not to perceive to think others are just like you. In this world there are still many who doesn’t need to side step or climb on to others in order to survive, in order for someone, they can sacrifice themselves & feels happiness in able to render security to others, there are still aplenty in this world. You question about politics that this is the palace that people are force to deal in intrigues…No..not at all, I beg to defer on that matter. I will prove to you to see & witness that without your manipulated schemes & ploys, that someone will able to achieve their ambitions & wishes without resorting or subscribing to these methods, in this palace, this is also the said politics.

Choi Dong Yi marches off with her entourage. Officer Min concern about Choi Dong Yi exchange as Jang Mu Yeol claims that Choi Dong Yi is a foolish ignorant but never accept that Choi Dong Yi would have take such measures. Jang Mu Yeol tells that he will try his luck with the new coming Queen Consort & then it will tell Choi Dong Yi what is authority is & at that time, Choi Dong Yi will really regret what she has said in that exchanges. They will just wait & see

Choi Dong Yi contemplating in Bo Gyeong Dang as she recalls her conversation with Seo yong Gi, Cha Cheon Soo & Shim Yun Taek

Choi Dong Yi: Crown Prince Yun must definitely ascend the throne, this is what my intentions are, Ji Ui

Shim Yun Taek: However?…

Choi Dong Yi: …moreover, Prince Yeoning will also ascend the throne

Seo Yong Gi, Cha Cheon Soo & Shim Yun Taek taken aback

Choi Dong Yi: This is the only option of outlet for Prince Yeoning to survive in this palace

Shim Yun Taek: Mama, what are you implying by saying that….

Seo Yong Gi: She is saying in regards that it will be Heir Presumptive…Mama’s intention is to have Prince Yeoning nurture & groomed to succeed the throne after Crown Prince Yun as his heir apparent

Seje is Crown Prince Brother. Yeongjo was actually the Heir Presumptive that is anointed but who could be displaced at any time by certain events in 1720. Gyeongjong made Prince Yeoning his successor as heir apparent on 1721 & investiture him as Hwang Seje (Crown Prince Brother). As the heir apparent which short of a fundamental change in the situation (assassination attempts or death), cannot be displaced from inheriting.

Shim Yun Taek: What?

Cha Cheon Soo: What Mama has said is indeed correct. If it said that Prince Yeoning made Seje, it will ultimately guarantee both Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning’s safety

Choi Dong Yi: This is what I intent to do that I must safe guard both Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning’s safety & their all

Shim Yun Taek: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi is really calculative in that sense able to foresight or forecast the future for Sukjong posterity, although not to the power as a soothsayer yet. Choi Dong Yi is determined to see this through

Queen Inwon enter the palace in pompous ceremony. Sukjong looks blank & robotic in his marriage ceremony. Queen Inwon gaze & glance the palace. Do Seong Ji reads the decree to appoint Gyeongju Kim Clan as Queen Consort. Sukjong & Queen Inwon exchange marriage bows as they face the Royal Court who chorus longevity to Queen Inwon

Choi Dong Yi & the rest of the members of the Royal Household comes to greet the new Queen Consort. Queen Inwon’s arrival announce as they bow in greeting. Queen Inwon marches in & enters Daejojeon then as she passes, she notice Choi Dong Yi, pause & approaches Choi Dong Yi.

Queen Inwon: You must be Suk Bin, I presume

Choi Dong Yi is a little surprise

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, it is indeed I am, Jung Jong Mama. I will like to send greeting to you Mama

Choi Dong Yi bows to Queen Inwon, but Queen Inwon’s expression was cold

Eun Geum comes back to Internal Bureau of Investigation & asked the Gungnyeo whether they witness the cold front between Queen Inwon & Choi Dong Yi that render Shi Bi the goose bumps. Eun Geum tells how can Queen Inwon has such behaviour manner towards the older Choi Dong Yi & that Queen Inwon that has the eyes that will gobble & devour up Choi Dong Yi in seconds. Shi Bi asked why wouldn’t is that it is general knowledge that Choi Dong Yi declines the position of Queen Consort. Eun Geum asked what they going to do, since the matter of Chwi Seon Dang has just been resolves, will the new Queen Consort have malicious ploy against Choi Dong Yi. Yoo Sang Gung comes to stop the Gungnyeo from suggestive prattles. Eun Geum apologise but they are just expressing their worries for Choi Dong Yi. Yoo Sang Gung tells that they are a nuisance, if they continues, it will add laden that is already is to Choi Dong Yi. Jeong Sang Gung tells that this is enough & asked the Gungnyeo to leave 7 carry on with their activity

Choi Dong Yi is 17 years older than Queen Inwon

Jung Im tells that the Gungnyeo do have their reason of concern. What they have just seen in that cold exchange between Queen Inwon & Choi Dong Yi suggest enhance that Queen Inhyeon doesn’t have adverse circumstances towards Choi Dong Yi is justifiable

Bong Sang Gung is upset that Queen Inwon’s cold reception towards Choi Dong Yi is to humiliate her in public. Choi Dong Yi doesn’t look stir by the matter. Bong Sang Gung tells that Queen Inwon is showing off to Choi Dong Yi that “I am Queen consort” Ae jung concurs that Queen Inwon is such young age, looks lethal & sharp with her words. Choi dong Yi tells her staff to be caution of their words towards Queen Inwon. Bong Sang Gung tells that Queen Inwon that looks like a vixen will be detrimental towards Choi Dong Yi. Choi Dong Yi has to interrupt Bong Sang Gung from being carried away.

Queen Inwon complains why the residence furnishing are not prepare in advance. Queen Inwon tells that her residence staff ‘s attire is somewhat substandard & must adhere to regulation. Queen Inwon tells her residence Sang Gung to adhere to the rules with the staff

Queen Inwon’s father Kim Joo Shin brings Jang Mu Yeol to see Queen Inwon in Daejojeon. Jang Mu Yeol send greetings to Queen Inwon. Jang Mu Yeol has acquaintance with Queen Inwon’s father Kim Joo Shin when he was Royal Inspector & his visit to Gyeongju. Kim Joo Shin has high regards for Jang Mu Yeol. Queen Inwon tells that she has knowledge of Jang Mu Yeol’s character as Jang Mu Yeol tells that he will render her his loyalty. Queen Inwon wants to verify a matter with Jang Mu Yeol in regards to Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning

Jang Mu Yeol is a person to be giving good reference of Choi Dong Yi

Yoo Sang Gung goes to see Choi Dong Yi at Bo Gyeong Dang. Queen Inwon plans to revamp Nae Myeong Bu as her duty as Queen Consort & to stabilise the foundation of Prince Successor. Queen Inwon learns that Choi Dong Yi has the render & bestowed favour of Sukjong then the rumours that Choi Dong Yi may have intention to waver Crown Prince Yun & to place her son Prince Yeoning as Prince Successor. Queen Inwon asked whether those rumours are true

Jang Mu Yeol leaves Daejojeon looking that he has a win against Choi Dong Yi. Queen Inwon contemplates in Daejojeon. Meanwhile in Bo Gyeong Dang Yoo Sang Gung gives the staff list for the new enrolment of Gungnyeo from Saenggaksi to Choi Dong Yi. Choi Dong Yi looking at the list, tells that it is more than the last enrolment. Yoo Sang Gung confirm that it is indeed. Yoo Sang Gung tells that residence all choose Saenggaksi that are exemplary, Queen Inwon enter the palace, it will require a large number of residence staff. Choi Dong Yi acknowledge 7 asked what time is the Nain coming of age ceremony (gwallye)

Saenggaksi (생각시, young nain with a hairstyle called “saeng” or “sayang”), a term derives from that fact that the girls had a hairstyle called saengmeori. While Young Nain at the others could not bind their hair with saeng but had to let it down in long braids.

Music bureau prepares for the ceremony as Yeong Dal asked Hwang Joo Shik that the new Queen Inwon will be presence in the ceremony. Hwang Joo Shik tells that it should be, but then Hwang Joo Shik told that queen Inhyeon always has handed this protocol for Choi Dong Yi to manage but then according to protocol, Queen Consort is the proprietor of Nae Myeong Bu. Yeong Dal tells that it would be nice that if Choi Dong Yi has become the Queen Consort. Hwang Joo Shik concurs that it is indeed

Internal Bureau of Investigation inspects the Saenggaksi, as they prepare for the ceremony when Choi Dong Yi comes with her entourage as Jeong Sang Gung & Jung Im greets her arrival

Jeong Sang Gung: Mama you have arrive

Choi Dong Yi: Great….Fine effort from you all

Internal Bureau of Investigation greets Choi Dong Yi

Gungnyeo: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: There is Saenggaksi that has become Gungnyeo, great effort

Yoo Sang Gung: Please take your seat Mama, the ceremony will commence

Choi Dong Yi: How can the ceremony commence, Queen Inwon has not arrive in her presence yet

Yoo Sang Gung: What?

Choi Dong Yi: What is happening, haven’t you convey this matter to Daejojeon?

Yoo Sang Gung realise their folly

Yoo Sang Gung: This is because in the past that Queen Inhyeon has always render Suk Bin Mama to managed these affairs, therefore

Choi Dong Yi: I dare say….Yoo Sang Gung

Queen Inwon comes in with her entourage

Queen Inwon: This is really interesting….looking scenario

Everyone greets Queen Inwon & her entourage

Everyone: Mama!

Queen Inwon: There is the presence of the proprietor of Nae Myeong Bu who is I not presence in this ceremony, it seems that they have all taken that you are the said proprietor of Nae Myeong Bu

Choi Dong Yi looks at Yoo Sang Gung & Jeong Sang Gung rather speechless

In Daejojeon, Queen Inwon speaks with Choi Dong Yi as Jeong Sang Gung is presence

Queen Inwon: Today looking at the Nain’s ceremony, it can be determined what sort of a person you are

Jeong Sang Gung: Queen Inwon?…This is Internal Bureau of Investigation’s grave mistake, Suk Bin Mama is not aware of the matter….

Queen Inwon: Don’t come here to advocate, that you too need to be penalise for your folly. You may take your leave

Jeong Sang Gung: Mama?

Queen Inwon: What are you still doing….leave at once

Jeong Sang Gung leaves

Queen Inwon confronts Choi Dong Yi. Jeong Sang gung meets Bong Sang Gung outside Daejojeon. Ae Jung asked why Choi Dong Yi is not out yet with her. Jeong Sang Gung tells that this incident has cause some stir, it seem that Queen Inwon has seen this misunderstanding rather in scrutiny

Meanwhile, in Daejojeon

Choi Dong Yi: My apology Mama, everything is down to my fault of my shortcomings, please don’t reprimand them for their mistakes

Queen Inwon: Yes, this is just but a few days…in the palace, there is a lot of matter & affairs that keep you in regards, however I has plan to amend & change matter at hand, since we are here, I will like to being up a subject of discussion with you…this is regards to the marriage of Prince Yeoning

Choi Dong Yi is taken aback

Choi Dong Yi: Queen Inwon?….Are you saying the marriage of Prince Yeoning?….

Queen Inwon: Yes, that is what I have just said

Choi Dong Yi: However Mama….Prince Yeoning is still very young

Queen Inwon: No…it is not….Prince Yeoning is sufficient & eligible in his age to discuss his marital matters, Suk Bin. As you have the knowledge, the palace except for the Prince Successor, all Royal Princes must reside outside the palace premises, after his marriage, he will take up his residence outside the palace in his private residence

Choi Dong Yi: Queen Inwon, excuse me but what you are saying….

Queen Inwon: That is correct, I am now saying that once Prince Yeoning is married, that will be the time that Prince Yeoning will leave the palace, this is what I intent

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

Choi Dong Yi is shocked


Notice put up on the notice board as Oh Ho Yang & Oh Tae Pung reads the notice

Oh Ho Yan: Father….Prince Yeoning looks like he will be married

Oh Tae Pung: What is happening here?

Prince Yeoning looking at the distance

Prince Yeoning: I really like Hyungnim, just the same like Eomeoni & Ah Ba Mama like Hyungnim, that I really am fond of you

Official: Is this true, that she has reject you & Yea Cho Cham Ban’s proposal?

Jung In Guk looks resign

Choi Dong Yi meets with Queen Inwon

Jung In Guk: She feels that in order for the future of Prince Yeoning, there is a need to have a sturdy support powerbase

Jang Mu Yeol on night excursion then get arrow shot pass them

Im Sang Hyeon with Jang Mu Yeol

Im Sang Hyeon: Are you saying Park Dong Joo…is there something oddity insane about Suk Bin Mama?…

Official: Are these clans are the crème of the crème reputable families in Doseong

Jang Mu Yeol is upset

Cha Cheon Soo: I will just like to inform you…if I wish to, I can at any moment in time come to take your life

Cha Cheon Soo masked & fighting off. Cha Cheon Soo & Jang Mu Yeol passes each other

Jang Mu Yeol: it is better that you get rid of me sooner than later, as my skill are to be reckon

Prince Yeoning marriage to Queen Jeongseong witness by Sukjong, Queen Inwon & Choi Dong Yi

Prince Yeoning: Crown Prince Yun, there are saying that I am to leave the palace, that never again that I will have acquaintance with you

Seo Yong Gi & Cha Cheon Soo looks on

Choi Dong Yi: as for Prince Yeoning’s matter of survival to exist in this world, the only option there is open…is that he takes the throne…this will becomes the heartfelt & daring determination of this child’s mother

* * *

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  1. CK11111 October 1, 2010 at 6:46 pm #

    My Korean is not perfect, but they’re doing a lot joking around. For ex.: they played the scene where Dong Yi says, I will not take the Queen’s seat. Then they cut to the actress playing Dong Yi and she says, just because I said that once, I can’t believe you believed me.

    And then the actor that plays the King, he says stuff like, Dong Yi is very very greedy. She’s evil. And the actress that plays Hee Bin, when questioned if she likes the King, she says, I hate him… then smiles. She also says she has a cold, so she put some cold medicine in the poison bowl.

    The cute the is the actor that plays the little kid says random strangers have bought him cookies for being a good actor and he likes it. So cute!

    It seems like there’s good camaraderie on the set, and they get a long.

  2. Jackie October 1, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    Dear Anne

    The Section TV 1st October

    Han Hyo Joo interview about Prince Yeoning.

    Han Hyo Joo: Oh! I love him, he so cute & intellgent. I will take him home & raise him myself

    Prince Yeoning asked which mother he likes, his own mother standing at a distance

    Prince Yeoning: Dong Yi Omma

  3. Jackie October 1, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    Dong Yi OST Theme 1

    01. 단애 (This score was played on episode 56 ending credits)
    02. 연련(戀恋) (Piano ver.)
    03. 염혜
    04. 명현

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  7. Sandra Han September 27, 2016 at 5:30 am #

    Just watching this epidode again. Its amazing what one can catch watching shows over. The scene when Jang Hui Bin ask for Choi Sook Bin to take care of the Crown Prince. Notice the Hanbok. Jang Hui Bin top matches Choi Sook Bin’s bottom chim ma. Its the same color and design. Its a juxtaposition. The high and mighty Hui Bin is now lowering herself to the lowly Sook Bin.

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