Dong Yi Summary 49

Dong Yi Summary 49

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Choi Dong Yi goes to pick up the unconscious Queen Inhyeon. Ahn Sang Gung comes in

Ahn Sang Gung: Jung Jong Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: She has lost consciousness…..

Ahn Sang Gung scream for the staff to called the Royal Physician

Ahn Sang Gung: Is there anyone outside….summon the Royal physician to come at once…quickly

Choi Dong Yi tries to shakes Queen Inhyeon to regain consciousness

Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama!…Please open your eyes!!….Mama!!…Mama!!….Mama!!!….Mama!!! Jung Jong Mama!!!….Mama!!!!!….Summon the Royal Physician….Quickly summon the Royal physician

Queen Inhyeon looks lifeless as Choi Dong Yi in stricken panic

A Eunuch rushes at the corridor as Sukjong is running state affairs with Do Seong Ji as he mentioned that there is discrepancy in the attachment between the agriculture land tax & labour levy that don’t match & has variance, Sukjong asked Do Seong Ji to constantly pay attention to this discrepancy. Do Seong Ji acknowledged. Sukjong tells that the repairs to the boat they just need to keep to the current issue design that it should be within 35 cubic litre. Then Chief Eunuch Han calls out to Sukjong, as Sukjong asked what is the matter. Chief Eunuch Han can’t utter completely that something has happened to Queen Inhyeon in her residence. Sukjong is shocked just looking at the vexed expression to inform Queen Inhyeon’s collapse into a coma. Sukjong stand up after hearing the news

Cheon Se Bueu is agriculture land taxes

Sin Yeok is the labour levy

Oh Sae is already been issue & current

Seung (升) or Sheng is a Chinese imperial measurement of cubic (capacity & volume). 1 litre = 1 sheng (升) = 0.22 UK gallon

The Royal Physician in attendance reading Queen Inhyeon’s pulse as Choi Dong Yi looks really anxious on the side as Choi Dong Yi calls out to Queen Inhyeon. Sukjong rushes to Daejojeon

Jo Sang Gung informs an alarmed Jang Hee Bin learns of Queen Inhyeon collapse is due to heart palpitation from arrhythmias & tells that it was a past ailment that is having a reoccurrences lately & it is rapidly deteriorating for the worse. Jang Hee Bin wants Jo Sang Gung to find the confirmation on Queen Inhyeon actual health condition & how serious is Queen Inhyeon. Jo Sang Gung acknowledged. Jang Hee Bin can’t imagine that Queen Inhyeon has been carrying in ill health. Jang Hee Bin can be seen with a brim of smile

Sukjong goes to Queen Inhyeon in Daejojeon & rushes to her bed side & hold her hand. Sukjong tells how can this be happening, how could this be. Choi Dong Yi looks in anxiety. Sukjong saddened by Queen Inhyeon’s collapse

Prince Yeoning with Kim Gu Seon goes on a field trip field. Prince Yeoning asked why they are not studying but decided to hike the mountain. Kim Gu Seon tells that the lesson found in the mountain hike. Prince Yeoning asked what lesson is there to learn in a hike. Kim Gu Seon tells that they are out to collect acorns as Prince Yeoning wonder why they are out at the mountain collecting. Prince Yeoning counting his acorns collection as Kim Gu Seon asked whether Prince Yeoning find this fun collecting acorns, as Prince Yeoning tells that Kim Gu Seon asked him to collect 300 acorn but he still have 100 acorn to fill his quota then asked Kim Gu Seon what is the purpose of collecting the acorns. Kim Gu Seon tells the purpose is to filled up one’s stomach with to pacify hunger. Prince Yeoning queries that acorn can be edible to filled up one’s stomach. Kim Gu Seon confirms that he can, as Prince Yeoning realise that acorns can be edible, then asked Kim Gu Seon whether they are delicious to eat, as Kim Gu Seon tells that they are. Prince Yeoning takes a bite then spits it out claiming that it is really bitter in taste then tells that Kim Gu Seon play a prank on him, how can such acorns being so bitter be edible. Kim Gu Seon tells how can he dare to play prank on Prince Yeoning & tells that acorn really can be eaten as he direct Prince Yeoning to look yonder over there at the children

Acorns are edible, but often contain large quantities of bitter substances. White oak acorns usually have a better flavor than red oak acorns. Gather and shell the acorns. Soak the acorns in water for 2 to 7 days, changing the water twice daily, to remove the bitter substance. Boil the acorns or grind them into flour and use the flour for baking. Tannic acid gives the acorns their bitter taste. Eating an excessive amount of acorns high in tannic acid can lead to kidney failure. Before eating acorns, leach out this chemical through soaking

In Yi San, Yeongjo is showed to be really good in his mental arithmetic

Prince Yeoning finds some children eating the acorn then asked how can the children can eat the acorns & seem to find it delicious. Kim Gu Seon tells Prince Yeoning that this is what the common populace salvage to eat to filled up one’s stomach, savour of taste is not an open option to them. Then the children start to fight over the acorns. Prince Yeoning goes to them to mediate & tells them that friend must not have quarrels & halt their bickering then the children asked who is Prince Yeoning as he tells them he is a Royal Prince then changes the subject to give his basket of acorn to them to stop them from fighting. Prince Yeoning asked them to divided the acorns among themselves to stop them from quarrelling. The children just snatch from Prince Yeoning without any thanks. Prince Yeoning tells that the Cheonmin children can go to extent to eat acorn to fill their stomach. Prince Yeoning takes another bite to the acorn & find it really bitter & unbearable to eat. Kim Gu Seon asked Prince Yeoning to remember & bear in mind that bitter taste that is left in his tongue, this is not to forget the bitter suffering that the populace suffer in tears & sweat in their bitter hardship. Prince Yeoning still trying to chew his acorn & suffering the effects of it. Kim Gu Seon nods that he has taught the lesson of life to Prince Yeoning

Sukjong is told by the Royal Physician that within 3 days Queen Inhyeon wakes up from her coma, she will regain her consciousness then there is a possible chance of recovery. Sukjong orders the Royal physician no matter what form of methods there is, they must save Queen Inhyeon & asked if they are clear. The Royal Physician tells that he will do this utmost effort with his life at stake

Prince Yeoning return from his field trip & comes to Daejojeon & calls out to Choi Dong Yi as Choi Dong Yi acknowledge her son presence

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni?

Choi Dong Yi: Prince Yeoning!

Prince Yeoning sadden by her collapse asked his mother

Prince Yeoning: jung Jong Mama?….Eomeoni! Will jung Jong Mama just pass away like that?

Choi Dong Yi assures her son that Queen Inhyeon will not.

Choi Dong Yi tells her son

Choi Dong Yi: No she will not….it is not like that, Geum Ah….it is just that Mama for this moment in time is just resting a while in slumber….she will not passed away…it is not like that at all

Prince Yeoning tells how Queen Inhyeon was fond & dotes on him since his return to the palace.

Prince Yeoning: Then she will definitely wake up after she has been well rested in her sleep

Choi Dong Yi looks at her son

Prince Yeoning: Each time when I finished my lesson, I will return & definitely will come to her to convey to her what I have study for her to listen, each day we will do so, this is what we have agreed prior…Eomeoni?….

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, it will be….this will be so, Geum Ah…Mama will definitely uphold her part of your agreement with her…therefore she definitely will get up

Prince Yeoning: Eomeoni?

Choi Dong Yi console her son as Choi Dong Yi mutter to Queen Inhyeon

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

Queen Inhyeon lies in a coma

Jang Hee Jae goes to see Jang Hee Bin as she tells Jang Hee Jae that heaven’s will has been fair to them & they have golden opportunity is at their doorstep to seize it the moment to render a chance in survival. Jang Hee Bin asked her brother that they must find that Naeuiwon female physician & have her in their hands. Jang Hee Jae worries about the implication & what if Queen Inhyeon regains consciousness. Jang Hee Bin is assures Jang Hee Jae that Queen Inhyeon will not regain consciousness in this moment of time as she knows that Queen Inhyeon’s illness has spiral to deteriorating for the worst to a point of non recovery & it will be her passing & she will not regain consciousness

Jang Hee Jae recalls the Mudang telling that Queen Inhyeon’s life expectancy is coming to an end. Jang Hee Jae tells even if they don’t do anything to Queen Inhyeon, she will most likely died. Mudang tells that this can be said to be indeed, but however, Mudang tells that Queen Inhyeon will most not likely to close her eyes so readily to her death. Jang Hee Jae is surprise as she can see that Queen Inhyeon will struggles with her death in order to stay alive, if so, then Queen Inhyeon was to say to regains consciousness, no matter what the method then there is no way to make any counter measure therefore it will spell undesired for them. Jang Hee Jae tells that they have to stake their all on the Mudang’s prophesy that the Mudang has been accurate with all her revelations but then how can Jang Hee Jae convey this matter to Jang Hee Bin

Jang Hee Bin calls out to Jo Sang Gung & tells her to get ready as they need somewhere she needs to go. In Daejojeon, Choi Dong Yi massaging Queen Inhyeon to improve her blood circulation then Choi Dong Yi recalls that Queen Inhyeon went to visit Chwi Seon Dang last night. Jeong Sang Gung confirms that Yoo Sang Gung has confirm the matter as Jung Im tells that Queen Inhyeon left the residence in off colour & is seen not well. Then Choi Dong Yi hears Ahn Sang Gung refuse Jang Hee Bin’s entry to Queen Inhyeon’s residence & asked Jang Hee Bin to leave at once. Choi Dong Yi comes out to see what the commotion is about

Choi Dong Yi: What is the commotion?

Choi Dong Yi approaches Jang Hee Bin.

Bong Sang Gung: Mama?

Jang Hee Bin: I have heard Queen Inhyeon is in ill health & want to come & visit her…Suk Ui.

Choi Dong Yi: Ahn Sang Gung…move aside & stand down

Ahn Sang Gung: However Mama?

Choi Dong Yi: Stand down at once!

Ahn Sang Gung obey & move aside as Choi Dong Yi also move away to let Jang Hee Bin pass

Jang Hee Bin: The least that it si a great relief that Suk Ui still verse in Royal protocol.

Jang Hee Bin enters

Choi Dong Yi: Ahn Sang Gung…I need to have a word with you

Ahn Sang Gung acknowledge

Jang Hee Bin is attending to Queen Inhyeon as the Royal Physician is with Queen Inhyeon. Jang Hee Bin looking at the unconscious Queen Inhyeon

Jang Hee Bin: I will definitely safe guard Crown Prince Yun, Mama…also there is a point that you need to know…this is to say that once again I will able to enter Daejojeon as the mother of the Crown Prince…this will be mine, therefore let us end this at it is, Mama. Don’t let me use my hands to force you enter the journey to the netherworld, just comply

Jang Hee Bin asking Queen Inhyeon to go peaceful to the netherworld. But it will be Mdm Yoon is going to cause Jang Hee Bin to enter the netherworld instead

Choi Dong Yi see Ahn Sang Gung in Bo Gyeong Dang

Choi Dong Yi: You must already guess my purpose of asking to you to come here

Ahn Sang Gung: Suk Ui Mama?

Choi Dong Yi: Speak up! Yesterday, what did Jung Jong Mama has said when she went to Chwi Seon Dang, last night? What really did happened last night? Jung Jong Mama has mentioned to me that they are conceal a detrimental medical ailment that Crown Prince Yun is suffering…she also said that if this is the case that Crown Prince Yun will be unable to succeed the throne. Whether perhaps last night matter was in regards to this

Ahn Sang Gung: Mama?…That

Choi Dong Yi: I beg of you, Ahn Sang Gung…Now at this present moment, I really must have the right to know what this matter is in regarding, you must have knowledge of the matter?

Ahn Sang Gung hesitant
Prince Yeoning takes a how to search for medicinal herb at the backyard of the palace as Crown Prince Yun comes along to take a troll & see Prince Yeoning then asked what is Prince Yeoning doing. Prince Yeoning greets Crown Prince Yun telling he is looking for the herb altai anemone root (Altai anemone rhizome). Crown Prince Yun is surprise that he is looking for herb as Prince Yeoning show the herb to Crown Prince Yun. Prince Yeoning explain that that folk tales tells that if they make altai anemone into a health wreath it will drives away ailment

Altai anemone root is use especially for symptoms are marked by fullness in the chest, irritability, and palpitations & added to aid in transformation of phlegm.

Crown Prince Yun tells that Prince Yeoning is searching for this herb to give the wreath for Queen Inhyeon’s illness. Prince Yeoning affirms that he really want to help Queen Inhyeon to recover from her illness. Prince Yeoning tells that there is nothing he can do for Queen Inhyeon except for this. Crown Prince Yun tells that Prince Yeoning is more far sighted than he is. Crown Prince Yun tells that he always send his greeting to Queen Inhyeon in the morning but never once he detect that Queen Inhyeon was in ill health. Crown Prince Yun tells he will help & participate with Prince Yeoning with the herbs. Prince Yeoning is surprise as Crown Prince Yun asked that he will like also to add his effort to make the health wreath for Queen Inhyeon. Prince Yeoning tells Crown Prince Yun wants to do so, as Crown Prince Yun asked whether it will be alright with him. Prince Yeoning lights up that it is of course, if with Crown Prince Yun’s help, they will able to complete the health wreath faster. Prince Yeoning dragging Crown Prince Yun to find the herbs then Prince Yeoning teaches Crown Prince Yun to identified the herbs, both siblings relationship blossom but it is regret that their mother will eventually do a faceoff with each other

Meanwhile in Bo Gyeong Dang to her shocked that Choi Dong Yi finally learn the truth from Ahn Sang Gung that she is shocked to learn that Crown Prince Yun can’t produce any posterity

Choi Dong Yi: Ahn Sang Gung…what are you saying here….Crown Prince Yun unable to produce posterity

Ahn Sang Gung can only nod. Choi Dong Yi is in great astonishment & shocked

Choi Dong Yi: Ahn Sang Gung?

Ahn Sang Gung: Everything is at it is a fact as I have just convey to you that this is the truth that what Chwi Seon Dang was trying to conceal, Mama. Queen Inhyeon has found out about the truth. It is because this matter is too major & notable a scope to be reckon therefore Queen Inhyeon dare not disclose this subject to you, for fearing that this truth will jeopardise & bring risk to your safety

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

Ahn Sang Gung: yesterday night, Queen Inhyeon in regards to Crown Prince Yun’s ailment went over to Chwi Seon Dang to render a time period, in order to give an opportunity to asked Jang Hee Bin to confess the truth at her own accord…but however, never we would imagine that this were to happened so suddenly

Choi Dong Yi finally knows the truth, how would she resolves matter

Jang Hee Jae is stun as Mdm Yoon pushes Jang Hee Jae what is their next course of action. Mdm Yoon tells that Jang Hee Jae has heard this for himself from the Mudang that if they pass up this chance tonight to take ultimate steps, they will never able to reverse. Jang Hee Jae express the concern risk if this matter ever is going to be expose out in the open. Mdm Yoon tells what do there for them to lose if by chance Queen Inhyeon regains consciousness & it will spell the end of them anyhow

Jang Hee Jae visits the Mudang to asked whether the Mudang has really an alternative method to their predicaments. Mudang tells that it is hard to predict but everything will have to gamble against heaven’s will as which side heaven will side in this gamble. Mudang gives Jang Hee Jae a package of trinkets & tells that this items may bring some beneficial help to him & Jang Hee Bin. Mudang tells Jang Hee Jae what is his decision whether Jang Hee Jae is willing to take this gamble that they need to grab the lat straw of hope to obtain a chance to their survival. Jang Hee Jae cautiously takes the package

Cha Cheon Soo report to Choi Dong Yi that as Choi Dong Yi has instructed for him to investigate about the oddity of movement in Chwi Seon Dang & Naeuiwon Court Physician Nam has its suspicion but never imagine that it has come to this. Choi Dong Yi tells this is why Queen Inhyeon has mentioned such things to her that Queen Inhyeon has tell that there is a possibility for Prince Yeoning to succeed as Prince Successor. Cha Cheon Soo asked whether Queen Inhyeon will now be at risk as she has learn about the truth to the matter. Choi Dong Yi startle at Cha Cheon Soo’s remark, as Cha Cheon Soo tells when someone is force into corner of perils, will most like to conjure anything in order to save themselves. Choi Dong Yi tells that even so, they will not dare to threaten to do anything to Queen Inhyeon but then she has her doubts to realise there is a possibility

Sukjong keeping vigil at Queen Inhyeon’s bedside & holding her hand, Ahn Sang Gung asked Sukjong to retire to bed or his health will be affected. Sukjong asked Ahn Sang Gung is well aware whether she has knowledge of Queen Inhyeon’s heartfelt feeling towards Sukjong could be of great disappointments & resentment. Sukjong understand & acknowledge that there must be…with feeling of blame & resentment & this is why Queen Inhyeon suffer this in her heart & affect her health to bring about this illness. Ahn Sang Gung brushes that it is not true, how can he be so negativity. Sukjong remember Queen Inhyeon enter the palace for the 1st time & asked that Ahn Sang Gung remember it well

1681 Royal Wedding Uigwe of Sukjong & Queen Inhyeon in the 7th year of his reign. Queen Inhyeon as a Queen Consort procession as she enters the palace. Her procession was depicted in a Banchado (an illustration & painted recorded procession, there are 18 pages of illustrations)

Sukjong tells that he has never open his heart to Queen Inhyeon since they were political allies & necessity that he has Queen Inhyeon at his side because this was the palace & for politics reasons. Ahn Sang Gung tells Sukjong that until now that Queen Inhyeon never once resented Sukjong, but her regret & sin that she has never able to produce posterity for the Royal Household, for her that she has committed & hence she is most regret in guilt. Sukjong understand that it may be so but also tells that he also has never once warmly embrace Queen Inhyeon but only render her suffering. Sukjong cries with remorse at Queen Inhyeon’s beside

Mdm Yoon with her maid smuggles the Mudang to the palace on the pretext to visit Jang Hee Bin. The palace guard question the extra visitors as Mdm Yoon shaft & rebuke the guard that I am Jang Hee Bin’s mother tactics at the guards & it is none of his business. The guard obey & allow them to enter

Cha Cheon Soo informs Seo Yong Gi that Choi Dong Yi has asked to be extra cautious & alert in the security of Queen Inhyeon’s residence. Cha Cheon Soo tells Seo Yong Gi that this is what Choi Dong Yi has instructed as the lights of the recent confrontation between Chwi Seon Dang & Queen Inhyeon’s residence. Seo Yong Gi understands & acknowledge. Han Jang Bu instructs his men to be alert & vigil in the security of Queen Inhyeon’s residence, extra security has been deployed. Mdm Yoon brings the Mudang to see Jang Hee Jae as Jang Hee Jae asked what needs to be done. Mudang wants to get close to the proximity of Queen Inhyeon’s residence. Jang Hee Jae shows the way. Jang Hee Jae learns from Officer Min that Mdm Yoon enters the palace but didn’t head to Chwi Seon Dang

Choi Dong Yi anxiously waiting at her residence when Bong Sang Gung comes in. Choi Dong Yi asked whether she has heard of any news of progress of Queen Inhyeon’s condition from her residence. Bong Sang Gung tells that there is none as it has been now already been 2 days, if this continues, she fears that Queen Inhyeon might not wake up at all. Choi Dong Yi want to set forth for Queen Inhyeon residence

Jang Hee Jae brought the Mudang the nearest to Queen Inhyeon’s residence as the Mudang will set up her altar & asked Jang Hee Jae to secure the surrounding as he acknowledged. Mudang bring out her bag of trinkets & talisman, there is a straw effigy of Queen Inhyeon & a wooden block engrave with “Yeoheung Min Clan”

Choi Dong Yi goes to Daejojeon then thinks she hears some noises, then Bong Sang Gung asked what is the matter. Choi Dong Yi tells it seems to notice something odd over there as there is some light. Bong Sang Gung brushes that there is nothing there. Choi Dong Yi sense that she did something as Bong Sang Gung tells that it is because Choi Dong Yi has keep vigil at Queen Inhyeon’s bedside that she must be tired. Bong Sang Gung tells that Cho Dong Yi should retire to bed. Choi Dong Yi asked them to carry on to Daejojeon but she still take a 2nd glance

Mudang burns the effigy & talisman as she goes about her rituals as Jang Hee Jae keeps anxiously at the security vigil. Choi Dong Yi in Daejojeon nursing Queen Inhyeon then takes Queen Inhyeon’s hand & calls out to Queen Inhyeon. Meanwhile Mudang chanting & ringing her chimes bells. In such a stillness of the night, why no one hears noises. Choi Dong Yi massages Queen Inhyeon as Choi Dong Yi recalls that Queen Inhyeon has swore that she will protect Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning at all cost, no matter what it takes.

Choi Dong Yi: Mama! Therefore this is what you had to do for us….for the sake of Prince Yeoning & I that you have embedded this deep in your heart & to have endure this ordeals all alone. Can you hear me, Mama, I will definitely not allow Mama to leave us like this, now let it be my turn instead to safe guard you, therefore I beg you to take strength & pull this through, Mama

Mdm Park brewing medicine as she mourns that someone was out to killed her only son. Oh Ho Yang has fallen sick from fright as he quiver under his cover with the slightest that move. Oh Tae Pung is out of wits with his son trying to coax his son to come out from his covers. Oh Tae Pung hold Mdm Yoon’s suicide note that was planted in Oh Ho Yang then Oh Tae Pung swear he will not let this passed that what they have done to his son

Seo Yong Gi finds out the reason why Choi Dong Yi request extra security on Queen Inhyeon’s residence that she will not let them have the slightest of opportunity to any misfeasance on Queen Inhyeon. Shim Yun Taek tells that never would he has imagine that Crown Prince Yun would have suffer such ailment & how can this has happened as Seo Yong Gi tells this is why Chwi Seon Dang has to protect the concealment of this truth. Seo Yong Gi tells Choi Dong Yi that if this has happened, that they need to seize this opportunity. Shim Yun Taek concurs as there is a possibility that Queen Inhyeon’s health may deteriorate further. Choi Dong Yi tells in regards to the matter, it is too early to make conclusion. Choi Dong Yi emphasis that at present what is most important to them than that firstly they must give their priority is now to safe guard Queen Inhyeon & her recovery at all cost. Choi Dong Yi tells that they must safeguard that evidence that Queen Inhyeon so desperately tried to guard is. Choi Dong Yi tells that they will ultimately pin point the matter. Seo Yong Gi question where is that said female physician whereabouts. Choi Dong Yi tells that Queen Inhyeon’s residence staff, Jung Geum has knowledge of the female physician’s whereabouts as Queen Inhyeon has entrusted her this secret assignment to her that she will be the only person who know the female physician’s whereabouts. Seo Yong Gi tells that they will have to protect Jung Geum at all cost. Choi Dong Yi concurs with that thought that she has asked Bong Sang Gung to go to Queen Inhyeon’s residence to summon Jung Geum over to Bo Gyeong Dang soon

Jung Geum goes about her activities in Queen Inhyeon’s residence. Jung Geum has someone whisper to her ears as someone is observing Jung Geum at a distance

Yeong Dal helps Prince Yeoning look for altai anemone & tells that he apologise that he only can find such a small amount as Prince Yeoning acknowledge that effort has been made & there is no need for apology. Prince Yeoning tells that they will increase their proximity of time even if it take all night & place to find altai anemone therefore nothing to be dishearten. Yeong Dal surprise that this activity may take all night. Then the residence staff comes that they have look for him for so long. Prince Yeoning apologises & tells this time he is not sneaking out of the palace for funs. The residence staff that Prince Yeoning must find the altai anemone no matter what. Prince Yeoning tells that he must make the health wreath for Queen Inhyeon but the palace vicinity was too small in amount. The staff residence tells that Prince Yeoning has not even take his meal on regular basis, if he continues, he will fall ill

Yeong Dal advice Prince Yeoning to return to his residence as Prince Yeoning tells for that Queen Inhyeon is still ill lying in her residence, how can he sit down peacefully to eat his meals. Prince Yeoning asked his residence staff that he goes to look for altai anemone root over there & hope that he may find some. Prince Yeoning is thrilled that he found a cluster of treasure find of altai anemone root. Prince Yeoning goes to dig & tells that the amount would be sufficient to make the health wreath then as he digs altai anemone root, he find something among the altai anemone root bushes then asked what is this, as he takes up the half burnt straw effigy & the wooden block then read the inscription “Yeoheung Min Clan”.

Queen Inhyeon is from Yeoheung Min Clan. Yeoheung Min Clan has produce 3 Joseon Queen, the 1st Queen Wongyeong who was Sejong’s mother then Queen Inhyeon & the last is the famous Queen Myeongseong, Gojong’s Queen

Yeong Dal comes over out of curiousity & asked what prince Yeoning ahs found as Prince Yeoning show his finding of the straw effigy & asked Yeong Dal what are these. Yeong Dal turns pale looking at the effigy & drops the effigy as Prince Yeoning asked what is the matter as he sees Yeong Dal turn ghostly pale with fright.
Choi Dong Yi is shocked to learn that Prince Yeoning found the effigy

Choi Dong Yi: What?….Discover traces of shamanistic ritual practices

Ae Jung show Choi Dong Yi the effigy & the wooden block informing that this was found near Daejojeon by Prince Yeoning who was looking for altai anemone root.

Ae Jung: This are the items, Hwang Ja Mama found this near the vicinity of Daejojeon

Choi Dong Yi takes a closer look then reads the wooden block inscription

Choi Dong Yi: “Yeoheung Min Clan”…then this is….

Ae jung: It seems to be clear that someone want to bring harm to Queen Inhyeon by resorting to this practices

Choi Dong Yi realise that it is indicating to Queen Inhyeon. Choi Dong Yi asked Ae Jung to summoned Jeong Sang Gung & Jung Im to see her at once. Ae Jung acknowledge as Prince Yeoning asked his mother who is looking rather frantic asked his mother what is the matter that this effigy is really that frightful. Choi Dong Yi doesn’t know how to explains as Choi Dong Yi is really shock at the discovery & utter how can this be happening. Choi Dong Yi is clearly upset over the matter

Jeong Sang Gung shows the effigy & wooden block informing the Internal Bureau of Investigation that someone out there is definitely dare to try in bringing harm to Queen Inhyeon by resorting to witchery practices & asked her staff to investigation into the matter thoroughly to find out who is the perpetrators. Jung Im instructs Yoo Sang Gung & her staff to investigate the vicinity of the palace & tells that no one has sense that this matter has come to their knowledge or attention & exercise caution not to have this leak out. Yoo Sang Gung acknowledged & leaves to take action. Jeong Sang Gung tells that it goes without saying that this could be the doing of Chwi Seon Dang

Bong Sang Gung running back to Bo Gyeong Dang. Jeong Sang Gung reports to Choi Dong Yi that Yoo Sang Gung will lead the investigation to the matter. Choi Dong Yi tells Jeong Sang Gung that from the traces of the burns on the straw effigy & the soil accumulate on the wooden block would have indicate that this was done recently & it could be just with these 2 days & asked Jeong Sang Gung to find out yesterday who enter in & out of the palace in this 2 days that is worth the suspicion. Jeong Sang Gung acknowledged. Bong Sang Gung comes in frantic telling Choi Dong Yi that there is trouble, Queen Inhyeon residence staff Jung Geum is missing without a trace. Choi Dong Yi is surprised

Jang Hee Jae’s men smuggles the bound & gagged Jung Geum out of the palace as they threaten Jung Geum to keep quiet. Choi Dong Yi goes to see Ahn Sang Gung & question what is happening that Jung Geum is missing. Ahn Sang Gung tells Jung Geum went to Naeuiwon after being told of the matter but never return & suspect that this is Chwi Seon Dang’s doing. Seo Yong Gi deploys his Nae Geum Bu to find Jung Geum & tells his men that they may not be far. Jang Hee Jae acting as Naeuiwon staff goes out of the palace with Jung Geum stash in their wagon as emergency medicine supplies of salomonseal rhizome & angelica sinensis. Jang Hee Jae sees Hwang Jung Gu coming & tells that they need to despatched the medicine as the guard acknowledged & let them pass. Hwang Jung Gu is just a step too late

Cha Cheon Soo runs to see Choi Dong Yi at her residence as she asked what is the progress. Cha Cheon Soo tells that it seems that Jung Geum managed to be smuggled out of the palace. Choi Dong expresses surprise. Cha Cheon Soo tells that this was all planned that they kidnap Jung Geum to extract the information of the female physician whereabouts

Choi Dong Yi asked Jung In Guk who comes to her residence whether he has knowledge of the female physician whereabouts. Jung In Guk confirms that he has no knowledge. Jung In Guk tells that Queen Inhyeon kept this matter to herself & conceal from him. Choi Dong Yi is running out of ideas

Ahn Sang Gung sobbing to Queen Inhyeon then asking what are they supposed to do now as Queen Inhyeon lies unconscious in a coma. Jang Hee Bin received word from Jang Hee Jae that he has safety apprehended Jung Geum. Jo Sang Gung & Yeong Sun is pleased

Jung Geum is gagged & bound then Jang Hee Jae comes to see her. Jung Geum asked why they are doing this to her. Jang Hee Jae demands to know from Jung Geum where is the female physician & asked her to speak up. Jung Geum claims that she has no knowledge. Jang Hee Jae threatened to do something drastic & to her family & also to Jung Geum with his dagger, looks like he was to scar Jung Geum’s face. Han Jang Bu now shows the composite drawing of Jung Geum & tell his men that they must find Jung Geum at all cost. The men acknowledged

Choi Dong Yi in her residence tells that they will leave for Daejojeon, they must find look into Jung Geum’s room to find traces. Bong Sang Gung acknowledged as they leave for Daejojeon. Meanwhile Jang Hee Bin tapping her fingers in anxiety. Choi Dong Yi trying to find traces in Jung Geum’s personal items for traces of the female physician as Bong Sang Gung comes out with nil in their finding. Choi Dong Yi is out of her wits & utter for Queen Inhyeon

Queen Inhyeon has the team of female physician attending, then as they leave since it was time for giving the prescription to Queen Inhyeon. One of the female physician reads Queen Inhyeon’s pulse & leaves Queen Inhyeon alone. Queen Inhyeon moves her finger & looks like she has some reflexes. Jang Hee Jae managed to force out get the information out of Jung Geum with the use of his dagger then inform his men about the female physician whereabouts that he has extracted from Jung Geum.

Choi Dong Yi comes to see Queen Inhyeon then calls out to Queen Inhyeon

Choi dong Yi: Mama?….The matter that Mama has risk your life to safeguard that evidence. I have lost it, I was not able to safeguard for you…Now what I am supposed to do now….What am I….

Queen Inhyeon faintly call out to Choi Dong Yi

Queen Inhyeon: Suk Ui?….

Choi Dong Yi hears Queen Inhyeon calling her & could see that she has reflexes in her hands

Choi Dong Yi: Jung Jong Mama!

Queen Inhyeon repeats to call Choi Dong Yi as can barely open her eyes as she wakes up from her coma

Queen Inhyeon: Suk Ui….

Choi Dong Yi calls out to Queen Inhyeon

Choi Dong Yi: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi holds Queen Inhyeon hands

Choi Dong Yi” Have you regain your consciousness…Mama…Can you able to recognise who I am…Mama
Then Choi Dong Yi calls out for attention

Choi Dong Yi: Is there anyone outside….Mama has regain consciousness…Mama has woken up…

Royal physician rushes in with Ahn Sang Gung

Ahn Sang Gung: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: Royal Physician!….Royal Physician!!!!

Royal Physician read Queen Inhyeon’s pulse as Queen Inhyeon is struggling with her consciousness as Choi Dong Yi calls out to Queen Inhyeon & asked the Royal Physician to do something

Choi Dong Yi: Quickly Royal Physician…please see to Mama

Choi Dong Yi calls out to Queen Inhyeon

Sukjong learns from Chief Eunuch Han that Queen Inhyeon has regain consciousness. Sukjong is relief to hear the news. Wouldn’t this be a “回光返照”phenomenon?

“回光返照” medical terms calls it the Lazarus phenomenon is momentary remission recovery of consciousness just before death usually a sudden spurt of activity prior to collapse. The Lazarus phenomenon or the idiom, the dead cat bounces, is the behaviour portray by a dying person. It means a dying person shows fit of health for a short time before the person enter a remission & dies in the end. The phenomenon of Hui Guang Fan Zhao, recently termed as Lazarus premonition or Witzel-Ngeh phenomenon refers to a state of transient revival of the dying person shortly before death Failure to recognise this phenomenon as a premonition of death may create a false hope that the dying patient is starting to get better. However, in Lazarus syndrome is said to occur when a person from a terminal illness is expected to die & then unexpectedly goes into remission. Some patients, who may or may not be dying, may experience and express to others premonitions of their imminent death. This premonition is not the same as a simple “death wish” and should be taken seriously as it may avert a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest and death. This is the same on what happens to Queen Seon Deok in the drama

Shim Yun Taek goes to inform Seo Yong Gi & Cha Cheon Soo on the female physician’s whereabout is at the house in Dong Han Dong as Queen Inhyeon disclose the female physician’s whereabouts to Choi Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gi & acknowledged & orders Cha Cheon to find the female physician at once. Cha Cheon acknowledged & leaves on galloping steed. Female physician in her hideout guarded by guard as she looks frightened for her dear life. Meanwhile Jang Hee Jae is galloping on their steeds to find the female physician, Then assailants comes & killed the guard then comes in to asked whether she is the female physician that Queen Inhyeon is hiding. Female physician asked whether they are from Jang Hee Bin as the assailant laughs off about Jang Hee Bin & asked his men to apprehends her & female physician beg them to spare her life as she is drag away bound.

Jang Hee Jae comes a moment too late to find dead corpse as the guard has been killed then asked what is happening here then asked where is the female physician’s whereabouts as he panics as the female physician is missing. Jang Hee Jae in his panic & frantic drops his dagger at the scene. His men report that the place is empty & the female physician is nowhere to be found. Jang Hee Jae outburst in upset that this is not happening, then his men tells that the Nae Geum Bu soldiers are coming as they need to flee from the scene quickly. Jang Hee Jae screams to his men that they must find the female physician at all cost. Jang Hee Jae’s men scream at Jang Hee Jae that they must leave at once

Royal Physician reads Queen Inhyeon’s pulse then affirms his prognosis & leave the room with his staff. Choi Dong Yi is happy that Queen Inhyeon has regain consciousness.

Choi Dong Yi: Mama, now you have regain consciousness, you will soon recover

Queen Inhyeon in her frail health put out her hands calling for Choi Dong Yi

Queen Inhyeon: Suk Ui….

As Choi Dong Yi holds Queen Inhyeon hand in gladness

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?….Mama!

Cha Cheon Soo arrives at the female physician’s hiding place 2 steps too late to find the corpse of the slain guards. Han Jang Bu tells that they are a step too late. Then Cha Cheon Soo order a search of the surrounding areas whether they can find someone alive. Han Jang Bu & Hwang Jung Gu there is no traces of the female physician as Cha Cheon Soo order to widen the search. Cha Cheon Soo notices Jang Hee Jae drop dagger & picks it up, as Cha Cheon Soo tells someone has drops this to give them another evidence

Jang Hee Jae informs Jang Hee Bin to her shocked that they can’t find the female physician & allow her to escape. Jang Hee Bin tells Jang Hee Jae that Queen Inhyeon has regain consciousness & this could be Queen Inhyeon’s doing by hiding the female physician from them. Jang Hee Jae assures Jang Hee Bin that it wouldn’t be so as Choi Dong Yi’s people were just behind them. Jang Hee Bin asked her brother that who the hell is now holding the female physician. The bound & gagged female physician is dragged to a house as Officer Min asked whether that was the said female physician as the assailant confirms that she is & they will locked her at the storage house. Officer Min tells that they have done well & guard after her well from public knowledge

Officer Min comes to see Jang Mu Yeol where he is informed by Jang Mu Yeol that Crown Prince Yun is unable to produce posterity & Jang Mu Yeol is upset that Chwi Seon Dang chose to conceal this important truth from him that Jang Mu Yeol feels short change as he goes out of his effort to safe guard Chwi Seon Dang & they dare to conceal this truth from him. Officer Min asked Jang Mu Yeol what is their next course of action

Sukjong comes to Daejojeon & meets with the Royal Physician to tell that he has heard that Queen Inhyeon has regain consciousness then asked Royal Physician how is her condition & any hope of recovery. Royal Physician is pessimistic over his prognosis as Sukjong asked what is the matter from reading Royal Physician’s expression of “I regrets to inform you”. Sukjong can half guess what is the answer of his prognosis

Queen Inhyeon starting to grasp for air as her breathing become difficult as Choi Dong Yi is concern about Queen Inhyeon distress in breathing.

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?…Mama!…It seems that Mama is in distress…quickly summon the Royal Physician to come in..Ahn Sang Gung

Ahn Sang Gung: yes, Mama

Ahn Sang Gung acknowledged & leave the room

Choi Dong Yi tries to make Queen Inhyeon comfortable

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

Queen Inhyeon: Suk Ui

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, Mama

Queen Inhyeon: Hand…can you….please hold my hand?

Choi Dong Yi holds Queen Inhyeon reaching hand

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

Queen Inhyeon: You need to promise me….promise that you must adhere to our promise that you & Prince Yeoning together must survive at all cost…that promise you must adhere & keep to uphold no matter what

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?….

Queen Inhyeon: Now…I… must hear with my own ears from you will tell me that you will adhere to our promise…

Queen Inhyeon with her pleading eyes

Choi Dong Yi: Yes, Mama, I will definitely do so…no matter what or when on what it takes that I will not give up & will survive at all cost & that I swore to keep & uphold my promise to you, Mama

Queen Inhyeon smiles

Queen Inhyeon: Thank you, …thank you…Suk Ui…

Choi Dong Yi: Mama….

Queen Inhyeon: Please don’t ever forget…Suk Ui… that it is my happiest & providential to have had your pleasant acquaintance & friendship, having able to have such a bosom friend it is a most intimate & happiness for me with you Suk Ui

Queen Inhyeon struggles her breath to say her sentences. Choi Dong Yi can only cries

Choi Dong Yi: Mama!…Mama! why are you saying such words.

Queen Inhyeon grasping for air as Choi Dong Yi calls out to Queen Inhyeon repeatedly as Sukjong comes rushing in then Sukjong goes to her bed side to hold Queen Inhyeon hand while Choi Dong Yi tells that she will called the Royal Physician to come in as she rushes out

Sukjong: Jung Jong?

Queen Inhyeon: Cheon Na!

Queen Inhyeon fading into unconsciousness

Sukjong: Jung Jong?….Jung Jong!

Choi Dong Yi comes out to demand where is the Royal Physician then shouts to Bong Sang Gung to summoned the Royal Physician at once. Bong Sang Gung acknowledged

Sukjong hold Queen Inhyeon’s hand & hold it tightly. Queen Inhyeon smiles as she felt the warmth of his hands

Queen Inhyeon: Please forgive me (Shin Chop), Cheon Na

Shin Chop is actually a formal address as in “I” as I, the Queen Consort

Sukjong: Jung Jong?

Queen Inhyeon:….that I have to leave your prior under such circumstances & please render me your forgiveness

Sukjong: No, please don’t say such things…Jung Jong… why leave…no you can….I will not let you go…I will not permit Jung Jong to just go

Queen Inhyeon: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: Please I beg of you to just give & render me a chance to make amends, Jung Jong…I have never done or render anything for you….how can I let you leave me like this…moreover…therefore please..I beg of you….

Queen Inhyeon shakes her head

Queen Inhyeon: No, Cheon Na, you have given me aplenty…as the Queen Consort of this nation there is nothing that I have accomplish or achieve for this nation…& yet that I was render your warmth to take in stride all my shortcoming..…I am foremost grateful to you for that….this you must know….

Sukjong cries as Queen Inhyeon smiles

Sukjong: Jung Jong….I am really sorry….Jung Jong…so very sorry?

Choi Dong Yi learns from Royal Physician that she has been told that Queen Inhyeon is beyond any medical intervention.

Choi Dong Yi: Royal Physician, what are you saying here?….Mama has no hope at all whatsoever

Royal Physician is most apologetic to a distraught Choi Dong Yi

Royal Physician: Mama!

Choi Dong Yi: Royal physician!!!

Meanwhile Queen Inhyeon grasping between breaths

Queen Inhyeon: also Cheon Na, I have a final earnest request to ask from you….

Sukjong: Request….Jung Jong?….Jung Jong!

Queen Inhyeon fights for breaths

Queen Inhyeon: Prince Yeoning….Please protect Prince Yeoning well, also as for Suk Ui…Suk Ui….Cheon Na you must render her….

Queen Inhyeon finds it hard to complete her sentence

Sukjong: Please hang on & takes strength, Jung Jong

Choi Dong Yi step back & can’t digest the truth about Queen Inhyeon’s imminent passing & in a state of disbelieve over the prognosis. Then Sukjong shouts for Queen Inhyeon as Choi Dong Yi fears the worst

Sukjong: Jung Jong!!!…Jung Jong!!!!

Ahn Sang Gung: Mama!!!

Choi Dong Yi: MAMA?


Sukjong holding Queen Inhyeon in his arms who passed away, as Choi Dong Yi cries for Queen Inhyeon’s passing

Choi Dong Yi: Mama!

Queen Inhyeon with her reception entourage at her cottage to invites her back to the palace

Queen Inhyeon arrives back triumphantly to the palace from her deposition as Sukjong meet her at the palace

Sukjong greets Queen Inhyeon with regrets as Queen Inhyeon cries that she is touched & move by Sukjong’s reception

Sukjong: Jung Jong!

Choi Dong Yi receipt for Sukwon

Choi Dong Yi giving Queen Inhyeon a floral tribute after her passing

Queen Inhyeon: Please convey to Suk Ui to render & take over the position as Queen Consort

Jang Hee Bin with Jang Hee Jae at Chwi Seon Dang

Jang Hee Bin: What is the progress?

Namin faction assembles

Jang Hee Jae: The Namin faction officials, isn’t it also decided to bring up this suggestion of intent, you as the mother of Crown Prince Yun to become the Queen Consort will be most appropriate?

Crown Prince Yun teaching Prince Yeoning to play tuho with some success

Choi Dong Yi: Today, it seems that Crown Prince Yun is teaching Geum Ah to play tuho

Jang Hee Jae nearly blurt out about her son’s ailment in front of him but managed to stop short after being upset that Crown Prince Yun allow Prince Yeoning to be in his premises

Jang Hee Bin: Prince Yeoning enters Dong Gong Jeon (Crown Prince’s official residence)…what if perhaps that there is mentioned about Crown Prince’s health…

A blacksmith looks at Jang Hee Jae’s dagger then Jeong Sang Gung informs Choi Dong Yi in regards to their findings. Cha Cheon Soo is with Choi Dong Yi

Jeong Sang Gung: This dagger has be identify that this dagger has confirms that it belong to Jang Hee Jae, Mama

Choi Dong Yi goes to see Jang Hee Bin with the evidence of the effigy & the dagger

Choi Dong Yi: I wish to render to Prince Yeoning is not power & politics, moreover a teaching of life itself, Mama, in comparison to power & politics, this is seem more importance to teach him the lesson to cherish & treasure lives in itself

Crown Prince Yun signal to Prince Yeoning as they enter the Naeuiwon

I don’t know why the introduce a trot music for the end credit song

D0ng.Y1.E49-01 D0ng.Y1.E49-02 D0ng.Y1.E49-03 D0ng.Y1.E49-04 D0ng.Y1.E49-05 D0ng.Y1.E49-06 D0ng.Y1.E49-07 D0ng.Y1.E49-08 D0ng.Y1.E49-09 D0ng.Y1.E49-10 D0ng.Y1.E49-11 D0ng.Y1.E49-12 D0ng.Y1.E49-13 D0ng.Y1.E49-14


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12 Responses to Dong Yi Summary 49

  1. ai September 9, 2010 at 5:16 am #

    hello jackie…

    i’m there is a some question to you……

    is choi dong yi pregnant again when she is in a palace?

    in historical, she is have 3thd son?

    thank you for your answer jackie… :wave:

  2. Jackie September 9, 2010 at 5:46 am #

    Dear Ai

    We don’t know if the scriptwriter will do Choi Dong Yi’s 3rd pregnancy.

    Since the trend is that Choi Dong Yi must conceive her sons outside of the palace & done in meagre & humble lodging & when Sukjong has a few too much of drinks

    But it will be sad if they don’t do that historical epic scene of Jang Hee Bin attempt to drown the pregnant Choi Suk Bin

    Therefore technically I can’t answer that question

  3. Ligia September 9, 2010 at 7:09 am #

    Jackie: “Since the trend is that Choi Dong Yi must conceive her sons outside of the palace & done in meagre & humble lodging & when Sukjong has a few too much of drinks”… :haha: :rofl: Love you, Jackie! Thanks for the good laughter!
    And about the scene of Jang Hee Bin attempting to drown the pregnant Choi Suk Bin: since everybody is looking forward seeing that scene, maybe the producers would take it into consideration! and since the scripts are written only now, there is still time for them to put the scene in it. I’m sure they have an eye on the media and know the public reaction…

  4. nutty September 9, 2010 at 8:09 am #

    “Since the trend is that Choi Dong Yi must conceive her sons outside of the palace & done in meagre & humble lodging & when Sukjong has a few too much of drinks” — gosh jackie you are so funny!!

    perhaps there is hope for the ‘drowning scene’? I think so far, the scriptwriters have managed to interweave ‘history’ fairly interestingly with fiction…i wonder who’s going to be the new queen? can wait to see what happens next!

  5. Jamie September 9, 2010 at 8:54 am #

    Since the trend is that………..5555 I love that too. Its soooo cute. You’re such a dear,thank you for happiness you give to us all along. Me too want to see the drowning scene,that would be perfect to end Hee Bin’s life. But I don’t want the story to be longer than 60 episodes .

  6. senajang September 9, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    Okay….then let’s continue the trend by having SukJong and DongYi have a date outside the palace again….since it is monsoon season now, it won’t be hard to get stranded in a humble inn and let’s have flooding this time….more thunder and lightning is alright.. even the bowl full of water ( simple symbol: heart filled with love and there’s another cormplex/serious symbol that I’ll leave for you to concoct ( in epi 32 3/4 at Jacinda’s if any of you want to check it out)))….Jang NaRa sings………few weeks later here’s Dong Yi nauseating again …Aja!…then let’s go forward with that drowning scene.

    side point: now that I mentioned Jang name senajang was taken from her series “Wedding” her name there was Lee Sena and I just put it together….

  7. Jackie September 10, 2010 at 1:54 am #

    51 集文字预告
    Dong Yi Episode 51 Text preview

    장희재는 세자의 소감록(왕재교육을 위한 서책으로 오직 세자만이 볼 수 있는 책]을 몰래 연잉군의 책보에 넣은 뒤 동이와 연잉군을 곤경에 빠트리려 한다.
    Jang Hee Jae secretly slips & placed a book “Sogamrok” which is a book that can be read exclusive by the Crown Prince among Prince Yeoning’s books. Choi Dong Yi has to salvage & scram out calculative plan & figure how to about in getting Prince Yeoning out of this predicament

    소론들은 숙종에게 이는 국본을 위협하는 일이라며 가벼이 넘기지 말라고 읍소한다.
    众臣讨论著说这事严重到足以动摇国本 让肃宗不可轻易放过
    The Royal Court seize the chance & debates that this incident is sufficient enough to cause seriousness to waver Crown Prince Yun’s position as Prince Successor & petition Sukjong not to allow this matter to just passed & let off lightly

    한편 세자와 연잉군의 우애는 깊어만 가고, 세자는 연잉군에게 한가위를 맞은 궐 밖 구경
    을 하자고 하여 둘은 몰래 궐을 빠져나오는데…….
    另一方面世子和延礽君的友爱更加深,世子和延礽君打算悄悄溜出宫内去参加为迎接中秋的盂兰盆会,不过Meanwhile Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning brotherly sibling relationship is blossoming in folds. Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning plans to sneak out of the palace to participate in the Chuseok (Hangawi) festivity…but however…..

    In episode 50, the battle of confrontation between Choi Dong Yi & Jang Hee Bin commence. In actual fact, we sense that Jang Hee Bin has not always was the perpetrator of evildoers & that the persons who go about evildoing is Jang Hee Jae & Mdm Yoon, even Queen Inhyeon’s death has no implication to Jang Hee Bin. Queen Inhyeon as we have seen has suffer a long illness that eventually took her life. On the contrary in Episode 50, we see a major turning point, Choi Dong Yi wishes as a mother trying to convince Jang Hee Bin to lived in peace for the sake of their sons who brotherly love relationship & to call for a “cease fire” but however after finding out that Jang Mu Yeol betray them by handing over their most wanted female physician to Seo Yong Gi, with knowledge that Seo Yong Gi is Choi Dong Yi close ally & the fact that Sukjong has decree to promoted Choi Dong Yi to the rank of “Bin”, it ignite that Choi Dong Yi wishes to challenge Jang Hee Bin therefore here after, Jang Hee Bin in her desperation will ignore all peace talk & become ruthless. Without the happening in Episode 50, one can see or to think the reason to justify that the Jang siblings will end up in their imminent path of self destruction. A mere engagement in witchcraft will not able to justify Jang Hee Bin in death. Just looks, Jang Hee Jae barter state secrets to the Qing China, only got banish, under the circumstance just to mentioned a few effigy & some hocus pocus curse & chant spells may not conformed

  8. Jackie September 10, 2010 at 4:23 am #

    This Chinese preview text is from on “Dongyi”. The Chinese translation to English is strictly my own concoction

    Dong Yi Episode 51

    결국.. 피할 수 없는 싸움이 되어버렸어!!
    結果, 無法避免的爭戰還是發生了….
    In the end, there is no choice in unable to avoid this inevitable conflict from happening

    장희재는 세자의 소감록(왕재교육을 위한 서책으로 오직 세자만이 볼 수 있는 책)을 몰래 연잉군의 책보에 넣은 뒤 동이와 연잉군을 곤경에 빠트리려 한다. 소론들은 숙종에게 이는 국본을 위협하는 일이라며 가벼이 넘기지 말라고 읍소한다.
    為了使同伊跟延礽君陷於困境中,張希載將”소감록”(只有世子可以讀,是為王儲而寫的書) 偷偷的放入了延礽君的書包裡. 少論派眾臣向肅宗泣訢說這可是危害國本的事,千萬不要輕易放過他們…
    In order to put Choi Dong Yi & Prince Yeoning to fall into perilous entrapment, Jang Hee Jae slips discreetly among Prince Yeoning’s book is a book Sogamrok (the book is only for Crown Prince’s reading & looks like Crown Prince daily journal in which he writes). The Soron faction official petition in grievances to Sukjong that this incident has brought harm & threaten Crown Prince Yun’s position & the matter must not to let off so easily without penalty

    한편 세자와 연잉군의 우애는 깊어만 가고, 세자는 연잉군에게 한가위를 맞은 궐 밖 구경을 하자고 하여 둘은 몰래 궐을 빠져나오는데…….
    另一方面, 世子跟延礽君的友誼更深了, 世子跟延礽君邀一起到宮外過中秋節, 二個人就偷偷溜到宮外去了….
    Meanwhile, Crown Prince Yun & Prince Yeoning’s brotherly relationship flourish. Crown Prince Yun invites Prince Yeoning to go out together, out of the palace to see the Chuseok festivity, both of them plan to sneak out of the palace

  9. nguyen minh duc 110694 September 20, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    Poor the Queen, I think she lives outside the palace would much better.
    I’ve known that the Queen passed away but unknown reason, some sources said that she was poisoned, or was taken ill or something…and Lady Jang hired a shaman to do voodoo thing on her.
    But how can the King knew that Lady Jang did this evil plot? Somebody reported him?

    In the drama, I dislike the way Lady Jang and her brother used the “evil meaning” words to talk about the Queen and couldn’t stand when they were “happy” because the Queen was dead as their will. (How inhumane they are!)
    Ps: Im a curious boy and I also interested in history too. I like to find out more about what’s exactly happened or more likely to happened in history. Even this drama is not very much history but it’s fine to me.
    And later you can call me “minh duc” is okay.

  10. Jackie September 20, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

    Dear minh duc

    Drama are commission for entertainment & not history…some changes in history were made for production considerations some to avoid viewer confusion, and that “any confusion” created by the changes is outweighed by the interest the series may inspire in the period and its figures

    There is several drama depicts Jang Hee Bin. One is Jang Hee Bin (KBS 2002-2003) the other Queen Inhyeon (MBC 1998 directed by the same PD Lee Byung Hoon)

  11. nguyen minh duc 110694 September 21, 2011 at 7:12 am #

    I know the drama is just based on history, not real. I mean “confusion” is information from different sources are different and I don’t know which one is true or likely to happen or whether they are proven theories or not. I have some questions to have it confirmed.

    The drama “Lady Jang Hee-bin” (KBS 2002) had broadcasted in Vietnam in 2009, it’d been more than 4 months long. I had watched but I couldn’t believe how could Lady Jang became “CEO” of all the palaces and the King was so naive to believe her too much.

    “Queen Inhyeon” was one part of the series “500 years of Joseon Dynasty” right? I haven’t watched it yet. Do you where to watch or do you have a copy version? In raw Korean language is okay, I can watch with the help of my brother.

  12. Jackie September 21, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    Dear minh duc

    You will have to refer your queries to a Korean historian expert, I can’t help you in this field….as my knowledge goes to what I had view & read from this drama

    I am sorry that I didn’t watch the drama Jang Hee Bin or Queen Inhyeon, so I can’t make comments to the drama

    As the drama is title “Dong Yi” it will centralise on the character Choi Dong Yi, similar to the drama Jang Hee Bin in which it is titled…Jang Hee Bin will be portray as the main character of the story

    Jang Hee Bin in her own right..malice as she may her way up the palace hierachy from Court lady to become Queen Consort…therefore a remarkable historic figure to be reckon

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