Dong Yi Summary 37

Dong Yi Summary 37

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Queen Jang: What are you now implying there by saying? The method that you have use to help me is now seen as the method to prove of my wrongdoing….

Choi Dong Yi is silence as Queen Jang is getting anxious as she shouts at Choi Dong Yi….

Queen Jang: Didn’t you hear me?…I am asking you what is it then?…What is that actually?

Queen Jang is getting louder

Choi Dong Yi: Mama?

In Nae Geum Bu Seo Yong Gi waiting for his cue time to execute his part of the final stage of the plan then he orders that the time has come then he orders Gyotaejeon be seal off all access & secure the premises & asked whether they are cleared. Hwang Jung Gu & Han Jang Bu acknowledged the order. Nae Geum Bu guards dispatch to Gyotaejeon. Cha Cheon Soo handles the Namin faction with his deployment of Nae Geum Bu soldiers to tighten the security in the Namin faction’s residence. Han Jang Bu arrives to Gyotaejeon then deploys his soldier at Gyotaejeon to take their position. Jo Sang Gung comes out from Gyotaejeon to see that a strong Nae Geum Bu’s presence that has surrounded Gyotaejeon. Jo Sang Gung asked her staff what is going on here. The Nain tells that they are Nae Geum Bu’s soldiers. Jo Sang Gung is shocked. Jo Sang Gung rushes in to Gyotaejeon & calls out to Queen Jang that Nae Geum Bu has surrounded Gyotaejeon

Jo Sang Gung: Nae Geum Bu’s soldiers has sealed off access of Gyotaejeon

Queen Jang & Choi Dong Yi are equally surprise

Queen Jang: Gyotaejeon is being sealed off & on whose orders are they following this orders from.

Jo Sang Gung: Cheon Na….It is Chu Sang Cheon Na Royal orders, Mama

Choi Dong Yi is also taken by surprise while Queen Jang is shocked. Queen Jang stares at Choi Dong Yi

Queen Jang: Is this all your doing..are you behind this?

Choi Dong Yi gave a slight shake of her head.

Queen Jang: How dare to manipulate Sukjong’s rested favour upon you to bring this fraudulent on me

Choi Dong Yi: Everything is already over, Mama….Now you can no longer able to conceal your actus reus in misfeasance

Queen Jang: What?

Choi Dong Yi placed & present a bottle of balsamic vinegar on the table

Choi Dong Yi: This is your indicate hand, Mama…it is your hand that this matter will be the indictment that proof your misfeasance in the matter

Meanwhile at the Internal Bureau of Investigation, Jung Im bring out the bottle of vinegar then display the soiled sock they have confiscated from the Sedapbang & displayed in front of Yoo Sang Gung. Yoo Sang Gung queries what is this. Jeong Sang Gung asked didn’t Yoo Sang Gung what to see the evidence that they have that will indict Yoo Sang Gung’s wrongdoing. Jeong Sang Gung asked whether Yoo Sang Gung can see where the indicated evidence is displayed are the clothings of Yoo Sang Gung, Shi Bin & Eun Geum’s socks. Yoo Sang Gung is baffled by the presentation of the socks. Jeong Sang Gung tells that the socks are the evidence that prove that Yoo Sang Gung, Shi Bin & Eun Geum did trespass into Choi Dong Yi’s residence & conduct an illegal search

Meanwhile in Gyotaejeon

Choi Dong Yi: Do you remember, a long time ago that Mama was being instigated in a ploy to have cause harm to Queen Inhyeon. Mama was falsely accused to have brought the toxic herb Ban Ha into the palace. At the moment, I who have believe in your innocence has utilise this balsamic vinegar to prove your innocence

Scene in Episode 10 where Choi Dong Yi went to the police morgue & wipes balsamic vinegar on the fingers of the pharmacist cadaver for a chemical reaction of vinegar to prove whether the death pharmacist came in contact with Ban Ha then she is glad there is no chemical reaction on the cloth then it prove that the pharmacist didn’t come in contact with Ban Ha

Ban Ha or Ban Xia in Chinese (Pinellia Rhizome) removes dampness and phlegm, relieves nausea and vomiting, eliminates stuffiness in chest and epigastrium, topically heals sores, carbuncles, skin ulcerations, breast abscesses. Raw Ban Xia is considers toxic & caution usage with pregnancy. The raw form is use for external use. Medication indication to asthma and cough with much phlegm, palpitation and dizziness due to retention of phlegm and fluid, vertigo due to wind-phlegm, headache with cold extremities caused by attacks of phlegm, stuffiness in chest and epigastrium, nodules and swellings such as globus hystericus, scrofula, and goiter, pain, congestion, pressure, or stagnation in chest and epigastric region. It also has a distinctive pungent smell

Go Chu is Balsamic vinegar of a high quality

Then in Episode 11. Jang Hee Bin was curious to know how Choi Dong Yi was able to prove her innocence that she didn’t bring Ban Ha into the palace. Choi Dong Yi brought out a bottle of balsamic vinegar, the same bottle after all this years. Jang Hee Bin picks the bottle & asked what is in this bottle. Choi Dong Yi explains that it is balsamic vinegar that Ban Ha has a high toxicity therefore to minimise that toxicity to a safe level, raw ginger must be use dilute the toxicity & it will reacted to the contact with vinegar but if ginger is contacted with vinegar then it will produce a pink dye chemical reaction therefore she has use this theory to prove otherwise. Jang Hee Bin acknowledged. Choi Dong Yi explains that if the deceased pharmacist has come to contact with ginger then his fingers would have reacted to the vinegar but she found no chemical reaction. Jang Hee Bin now understands

Choi Dong Yi: So this is it then, although that time when Mama was falsely accused & was innocence but now it is different

In Episode 36, Yoo sang Gung showed the Military log book she has taken from Choi Dong Yi residence & presented to Queen Jang & Jang Hee Jae. Yoo Sang Gung tells that she found the Military log book in an conceal compartment. Queen Jang picks up the Military log book & is pleased to have finally found the Military log book. Queen Jang picks up the Military log book & browse through the pages

Choi Dong Yi: When Mama came in contact with the Military log book, didn’t you smells a strong odour of ginger among the books

Meanwhile recalls Bong Sang Gung goes to Suragan to asked for Ginger extract, as the Suragan Nain gave Bong Sang Gung an urn of ginger extract. Bong Sang Gung & Ae Jung use ginger extract to brush the floor boards as Choi Dong Yi supervises the operation. Then when Yoo sang Gung, Shi Bi & Eun Geum’s sock come into the contact of the ginger tampered floor board in Choi Dong Yi’s residence as Yoo Sang Gung orders them to search thoroughly for the Military log book in Choi Dong Yi’s residence, as they went through Choi Dong Yi’s books. It is so obvious that Yoo sang Gung, Shi Bi & Eun Geum, all their foot stuck out from their skirt to reveal that their sock comes in contact with the floorboard

In Internal Bureau of Investigation, Jeong Sang Gung asked whether Yoo Sang Gung is now cleared on the matter that there are traces of clues that was left behind in those socks. Yoo Sang Gung still can’t get what is Jeong Sang Gung is talking about. Jeong Sang Gung asked Jung Im to show them the evidence for Yoo Sang Gung to see. Jung Im acknowledge then Jung Im takes the balsamic vinegar then dap is in the edges of the socks where the socks has been contacted by the floorboard then as the vinegar has a chemical reaction to the ginger, it turn pink in stain. Yoo Sang Gung end up jaw agape in the discovery. Jeong Sang Gung tells now what they seen before them is the said evidence & there is no denying that it is otherwise in their crimes. Yoo sang Gung picks up the socks in disbelieve then mutter how can this be possible. Eun Geum & Shi Bi knows that the fate has been sealed

Balsamic vinegar, Joseon highest forensic tool. The trick is always use vinegar, contact with anything will give out a different chemical reaction. Joseon CSI investigating tool

Meanwhile in Gyotaejeon as Choi Dong Yi explains to Queen Jang & she is gripping her Chima

Choi Dong Yi: Moreover when Mama received & has took hold of the tampered Military log book, if it is said that you have come in contact with the Military log book, that Military log book has been soaked with ginger extract, then in your hands, you will also have traces that is left behind & retain in your hands

Queen Jang: Don’t play charades with me, just merely by soaking with ginger extract Military log book but then that incident some yesterday ago, how can that indict me.

Choi Dong Yi: Still…It is still hasn’t passed a day yet, then Mama’s hands will still have traces of the ginger extracts, it will not even disappear within 3 days

Queen Jang is shocked by the revelation

Choi Dong Yi: Do you still want to deny the matter? Now can you justify in saying that you have no prior knowledge to the matter that you are not involved

Queen Jang: You better quickly shut your trap!!!!

Choi Dong Yi: Mama!!!

Queen Jang is angry & ends up in a shouting match as she is shouting her lungs out until her voice cracks.

Queen Jang: No…you can’t do this…You definitely in no way you can’t oust me from my position. I am this nation’s Queen Consort!!! I am the birth mother of the Crown Prince!!! Do you think you can use this to threaten to overthrown a person like me!!!!…Don’t dare even to overrate yourselves …You are here for the sake of Queen Inhyeon’s reinstatement, that you have come to conjoured this stratagem & plot, are you cleared….this is because all this are fraudulent that you & Queen Inhyeon have create, do you understand

Queen Jang is so in rage that she hurls the bottle of vinegar at Choi Dong Yi missing her by inches

Choi Dong Yi: Mama!!!

Queen Jang: The people who need to stand down from power is you & Queen Inhyeon

Suddenly Sukjong step into Gyotaejeon

Sukjong: No…there will be no such thing as that, will happened, Jung Jong

Queen Jang’s ugly side has now been seen by Sukjong, Sukjong is clearly disappointed. Queen Jang is aghast while Choi Dong Yi is taken surprise by Sukjong sudden appearance to Gyotaejeon then gets up to received his arrival

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Queen Jang just froze in her seat then mutter out at Sukjong. Sukjong is really disgusted over Queen Jang’s outburst. Choi Dong Yi leaves Gyotaejeon rather stun that Sukjong has come to see all this laid before him. Bong Sang Gung & Ae Jung is concern that Choi Dong Yi looks rather stunned & asked if she is alright

Choi Dong Yi: What is happening here? How come Sukjong has arrive here?

Bong Sang Gung: It seems before he came he already learn about the matter….

Choi Dong Yi is shocked

Choi Dong Yi: What?

Queen Jang approaches Sukjong & tries to deny from any wrongdoing

Queen Jang: Cheon Na?….Cheon Na!!! This is all machination & contrivance schemes. I have no knowledge of this matter

Sukjong: Jung Jong?

Queen Jang: Cheon Sang Gung is obsess to reinstate Queen Inhyeon as Queen Consort & therefore it goes to all who follow her quest & those she is with….are all fraudulent…this is the reason…this is why Choi Dong Yi has scheme against me into this entrapment, Cheon Na…you must believe me…the person who is being set up is me, Cheon Na

Sukjong can’t stand the sight of Queen Jang’s excuses & shouts at her

Sukjong: Stop!!!!…Please stop this, this is enough, will you just stop …Ok Jung

Queen Jang: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: Don’t let me see you at such a sight that you have come sink so low in disgrace, that I don’t wish to see you in such a state

Sukjong leaves Gyotaejeon rather disappointed & sad & in haste that Queen Jang has shown her true colour to Sukjong. Queen Jang then collapse onto the floor that she ultimate damaged all recognition that Sukjong has for her & she could no longer redeem her trust or dignity. Sukjong staggers out of Gyotaejeon then 1st in pain of sadness then he firms up & turns to anger. Queen Jang is left in Gyotaejeon ending up breaking down in wails of cries

Seo Yong Gi & Cha Cheon Soo comes to Bo Yeong Dang to asked Bong Sang Gung whether Choi Dong Yi is in residence. Bong Sang Gung affirms that Choi Dong Yi is in with Shim Yun Taek at this moment. Cha Cheon Soo is surprise that Shim Yun Taek is with Choi Dong Yi as Ae Jung confirms that he is

Choi Dong Yi question Shim Yun Taek’s intention on informing Sukjong regarding her confrontation with Queen Jang. Choi Dong Yi tells she wanted everything to be resolves before informing Sukjong about the matter. Shim Yun Taek tells that everything as it is already clear cut & certain & tells there is no need for them or the reason to conceal matter from Sukjong. Choi Dong Yi voices her concern. Shim Yun Taek asked Choi Dong Yi still have her fears regarding the matter, as the implication effect that might affect Sukjong because of that disclosure of the truth that Choi Dong Yi tries her best to delay matter. Shim Yun Taek is well aware & already can guess of Choi Dong Yi’s concern that it might be so bold to say that Choi Dong Yi might has some compassion & pity towards Queen Jang who is residing in Daejojeon. Choi Dong Yi is taken aback as Shim Yun Taek reiterate that this matter can’t be avoided, that it goes the same for Sukjong & now what is important that is of great concern the decision making will have to brought upon to Sukjong for him to decide. Choi Dong Yi can only sigh. Sukjong contemplates in Daejeon that he is still fuming after the showdown in Gyotaejeon then calls out to Chief Eunuch Han. Chief Eunuch Han comes in as Sukjong wants to summons Do Seong Ji & Seo Yong Gi to come & see him at once.

Yeong Sun goes to see Oh Tae Seok to inform that Choi Dong Yi have found evidence as he is shocked by the revelation. Yeong Sun confirms that Choi Dong Yi has some solid substantial proof of evidence that prove Queen Jang & Internal Bureau of Investigation of wrongdoing, everything was set up under their stratagem of fraudulent & that stratagem is eventually taking a closer step towards Queen Jang the threat then Yeong Sun pleas Oh Tae Seok to do something & there is no time to hesitates & Oh tae Seok must enter the palace at once, but Oh Tae Seok chose to wait at bay then asked what about Sukjong’s reaction that Sukjong has learn about this matter

Seo Yong Gi is surprise that Sukjong wants to commission an inquiry to Namin faction. Sukjong confirms that it is indeed. Seo Yong Gi & Do Seong Ji looking at each other baffled. Sukjong wants all the Namin faction to be investigated, among in the midst of their Namin faction beside those have been instigated in this incident but those who was implicated in the past events & all, Sukjong will not let this pass. Sukjong asked them whether they are clear. Sukjong wants to restructure the Royal Court & to eradicate the rots with the administration & to seize this opportunity to cleanse from all the deviance

Choi Dong Yi surprise to learn from Cha Cheon Soo that Sukjong has decree a commission to eradicate the deviance from Royal Court. Cha Cheon Soo confirms that Sukjong has order that all Namin faction to be gathered up for questioning then using this as a starting point to restructure the Royal Court. Cha Cheon Soo tell that Royal Court will experience a tempest that is about brew into a storm

Shim Yun Taek waiting anxiously in the street as Jung In Guk comes to see him as his valet introduce Shim Yun Taek to Jung In Guk. Jung In Guk asked whether he is Shim Yun Taek, as introduce his name & rank to Jung In Guk. Jung In Guk tells that Queen Inhyeon is waiting to see him at her cottage & asked him to come with him

Queen Inhyeon in the cottage as Ahn Sang Gung tells that Jung In Guk will bring Shim Yun Taek will come soon

Queen Inhyeon: He is called Shim Yun Taek…he is the person from Hanseong Administration Ji Pyeon that has render assistance to Cheon Sang Gung?

Ahn Sang Gung: Yes Mama….He is the former Ministerial Cho Jang Seong Official Shim Min Yeong’s son

Cho Jang Seong is a official of 1st rank that handle the Public Administration in Hanseong Administrative Government

Jung Geum: Mama, Jung In Guk has arrived

Ahn Sang Gung: Mama!

Queen Inhyeon comes out from her cottage to greet Shim Yun Taek. Jung In Guk greets Queen Inhyeon & introduce Shim Yun Taek to her

Jung In Guk: This is the person, Shim Yun Taek, Mama…This is the person who render assistance to Cheon Sang Gung

Shim Yun Taek: I am Shim Yun Taek, send greeting to Jung Jong Mama, this is an honour

Shim Yun Taek bows to Queen Inhyeon. Queen Inhyeon invites Shim Yun Taek to her cottage

Queen Inhyeon: I have heard, when you were in Uiju that you have render a great assistance to Cheon Sang Gung

Shim Yun Taek: Thank you for your praise this is not at all, Mama

Queen Inhyeon: My gratitude to you…to have a person beside her to render help, I feel rest assured

Shim Yun Taek: I have only provide somewhat petty & meagre in help…but however, Mama, please wait a little while longer, there will come a day that we will render gather in strength & our utmost effort…it will be soon that you will able to return to your former places this is none other than your rightful placing

Queen Inhyeon still has her doubts

Hwang Jung Gu brings all the arrested Namin faction to Nae Geum Bu for investigation. Hwang Jung Gu reports to Seo Yong Gi that all of them had been assembled. Seo Yong Gi asked whether they are the people who are in league with the incident that involve Jang Hee Jae in the Military log book then asked them to be confine in cells & prepare for questioning. Hwang Jung Gu acknowledged & order the people to be lock up, then Seo Yong Gi asked what about the others who are to be arrested. Han Jang Bu tells that he has deploy the soldier to make the necessary arrest

Yeong Dal asked Hwang Joo Shik to hurry as Hwang Joo Shik asked what is there to be so hurried. Yeong Dal tells that they might be too late to miss a great show then takes Hwang Joo Shik hand & run. Nae Geum Bu Captain & his soldier storms into Oh Tae Pung’s residence as the captain orders his soldiers that to arrest the proprietor of this residence who has committed & charge in a crime & then asked his men to search for Oh Tae Pung whereabouts in the premises. The soldiers acknowledge

Mdm Park comes out of her house to see the commotion & went to the Captain to asked what is going on here & asked what is happening & tries to make them stop wailing “Aigoo”. Yeong Dal & Hwang Joo Shik climbs over the fence to see the ongoing then Yeong Dal tells that they are slightly late to see & miss the excitement & asked whether Oh Tae Pung & Oh Ho Yang has been arrested. Hwang Joo Shik wonders as he doesn’t see them at all. Yeong Dal tells this is why he asked Hwang Joo Shik to hurry, he really want to witness in his own eyes the arrest of Oh Tae Pung & Oh Ho Yang. Hwang Joo Shik tells that they wouldn’t have escape so fast, even if they flee, they will soon be arrested but then where can they be. Yeong Dal then spots Oh Tae Pung & Oh Ho Yang is hiding behind the earthen urns & directed Hwang Joo Shik to take a look as spotted Oh Tae Pung & Oh Ho Yang then Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal decided to take action as they climb down the fence

Oh Ho Yang asked his father can they make their escape with this commotion. Oh Ho Yang tells if they are arrested, they will be dead meat for sure. Oh Tae Pung tell Oh Ho Yang that either this way or that way, they are already dead meat then asked Oh Ho Yang to flee immediately then take basket to hide their escape then as they make their escape through the back door then find that the Nae Geum Bu soldier has surrounded their premises the decided to change alternative exits. Oh Ho Yang is shivering in fear then tells there is a dog hatch that they can go through. Oh Ho Yang reminds that his father always use that exit to sneak out from the house without Mdm Park’s notice, if they use that exit, no one will know that they might able to make the escape. Oh Tae Pung asked why did his son only brought this subject now then asked his son to make their way there quickly. Then Yeong Dal & Hwang Joo Shik block their access route & surprise them to a corner.

Yeong Dal asked Oh Tae Pung, where does he wish to go. Hwang Joo Shik asked whether Oh Tae Pung & Oh Ho Yang wishes to make an escape. Oh Tae Pung asked Hwang Joo Shik to turn a blind eye on them as Oh Ho Yang begs them it will save their lives that their lives is in Hwang Joo Shik’s hands as he calls them deity & Gods. Yeong Dal laughs & asked whether this is indeed as Oh Ho Yang agrees that their lives in now in Hwang Joo Shik’s hands, as Hwang Joo Shik do indeed concurs that it seem like it is. Oh Tae Pung offers his basket for Hwang Joo Shik but he is not interested. Yeong Dal then shouts for attention that Oh Tae Pung & Oh Ho Yang is here. Nae Geum Bu soldiers surrounds Oh Tae Pung & Oh Ho Yang as the soldier wield their swords at them. Hwang Joo Shik is so thrill with their arrest & wish them well. Yeong Dal is overjoyed at their departure

Mdm Yoon tells Queen Jang that he must keep strong not to waver under the pressure they will be more hardship to follow & Queen Jang must not falter, even if Mdm Yoon said that if she needs to be drag off here by force, Queen Jang must endure & withstand. Mdm Yoon tells that Queen Jang will be protected by the Namin faction, as they survival depends on Queen Jang’s existence. Queen Jang looks rather despair & discouraged as Mdm Yoon tells that it is Queen Jang to render them the political power. Jo Sang Gung is anxious why Oh Tae Seok is so late that he has not arrived to Gyotaejeon. Yeong Sun tells that she has convey him the message, Jo Sang Gung asked Yeong Sun to convey to him again.

Meanwhile a gathering at Oh Tae Seok’s house as Namin faction looks set to forsake Queen Jang. Namin faction list down their casualty list down to 5th & 6th ranks Namin faction officials that has been indicate in this incident that has been apprehended to Nae Geum Bu. Oh Tae Seok tells that it time for them to take considerate measures. Sukjong wants to shake & purge the foundation of their Namin faction & this is the beginning, Sukjong is wielding his sword at their necks. The Namin faction tells that they will be done for if Gyotaejeon collapse. Oh Tae Seok tells that Gyotaejeon foundation is already shaken & that the Namin faction can’t use that as their roots

A Namin faction passes Yoo Sang Gung who is the prison a note from Oh Tae Seok as she reads it to asked if this is Oh Tae Seok’s intention as the Namin faction confirms that it is indeed. Oh Tae Seok is really something & the brink of death, he still can conjoured up such a scheme, he is really cunning & insidious. Oh Tae Seok the sly fox looking at the distance at Gyotaejeon

Jo Sang Gung announces Oh Tae Seok arrival as he enter to see Queen Jang. Queen Jang asked why oh Tae Seok is so late in seeing her. Queen Jang tells that the situation is grim & the Namin faction need to come up with counter measures at once or else they will enter into their entrapment. Queen Jang tells that Yoo Sang Gung will stake her life for Queen Jang & definitely wouldn’t betray her & therefore Oh Tae Seok must come out with a counter plan. Oh Tae Seok bluntly tells Queen Jang on their counted losses that at this moment of time; who will able to devise counter plan to this matter. Queen Jang is taken aback that Oh Tae Seok is planning to forsake her & asked what is Oh Tae Seok is implying. Oh tae Seok tells that Jang Hee Jae & Oh Yun has been arrested in Nae Geum Bu & awaiting for certain death & therefore in this kind of situation someone will go come out with any provoking suggestion will be seen as insubordination & upset the King’s fury further.

Oh Tae Seok tells Queen Jang as the proprietor of this residence (Daejojeon), therefore there are people who will sacrifice their lives but now it looks futile. This is after all politics & he is sure that Queen Jang is well verse in that subject. Queen Jang tells that for their own political survival that the Namin faction has forsaken her to let go their hands. Oh Tae Seok tells that he is indeed but he must apologise with some regret for this time, that Queen Jang needs to bear the full brunt of responsibility on this alone but he then tells Queen Jang if their Namin faction survival is secure. Queen Jang will have her opportunity to make a comeback. Queen Jang is upset that she has been sidelined. Oh Tae Seok assures Queen Jang not to be too disappointed that they are not totally giving up on Queen Jang, no matter who may say that Queen Jang is indeed the birth mother of the Crown Prince & asked if Queen Jang understand the present situation. This is the only political option that is left for him & Queen Jang to do. Queen Jang looks choked

Mdm Yoon is aghast & approaches Oh Tae Seok & the Namin faction how can they treat Queen jang in this manner that forsake Queen Jang just like that. Oh Tae Seok asked his faction to leave & he will not listen to Mdm Yoon’s wails & cries that they are going to forsake Queen Jang. Mdm Yoon then collapse in cries for her daughter’s predicaments. Queen Jang contemplates on what Oh Tae Seok has just said that as the proprietor of this residence (Daejojeon), therefore there are people who will sacrifice their lives but now it looks futile. This is after all politics & he is sure that Queen Jang is well verse in that subject.

Cha Cheon Soo brings Jang Hee Jae to see Seo Yong Gi as Yoo Sang Gung, Shi Bi & Eun Geum are present. Yoo Sang Gung confesses that everything was done under Queen Jang’s instruction. Jang Hee Jae asking Yoo Sang Gung what is she prattling over there. Yoo Sang Gung tells that she has no knowledge of the fraudulent, she is just following the instruction of Queen Jang. Yoo Sang Gung tells that she doesn’t know that the books were the Military log book & tell that this is the truth. Jang Hee Jae screams at Yoo Sang Gung. Yoo sang Gung asked to spare their lives that they just obeying Queen Jang’s orders as the Internal Bureau of Investigation. Jang Hee Jae screams at Yoo Sang Gung bring contempt to Queen Jang by back stabbing Queen Jang & asked whether Yoo Sang Gung, does she think she will lived her life then Jang Hee Jae asked who has instructed her, will it be Oh Tae Seok who order to go against Queen Jang. Seo Yong Gi asked Cha Cheon Soo to return Jang Hee Jae to his prison cell as Cha Cheon Soo drags Jang Hee Jae away. Jang Hee Jae swears that he will not let this passed then tells that it goes for even Choi Dong Yi & the rest of them will receive retribution in ten folds. Cha Cheon Soo asked Jang Hee Jae be dragged quickly. Yoo Sang Gung looks rather shell shocked at Jang Hee Jae’s outburst

Sukjong reads that confession then tells that all who are arrested has directed the accusation to Queen Jang. Seo confirms that all of them have confesses that it is under Queen Jang’s instruction in this plot. Seo Yong Gi tells not only that, that among the Namin faction that was arrested, there is a plot to bring mortal harm to Choi Dong Yi by bringing illicit herbs into the palace, Sukjong is shocked to learn of a plot to poison Choi Dong Yi, that they wanted to bring mortal harm to Choi Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gi confirms that it is always relief & lucky that Choi Dong Yi has come out of it unhurt & their plan has been foiled but their intent is there. Seo Yong Gi tells all evidence has lead to just one direction then what is left is how to press charges against Gyotaejeon. Sukjong dreads that conclusion

Gu Pyeon is lodge accusation against

Choi Dong Yi pacing outside her residence as Cha Cheon Soo comes to see her. Choi Dong Yi looks really concern. Choi Dong Yi & Cha Cheon Soo comes into her residence, Cha Cheon Soo pacifies a worrisome Choi Dong Yi as Choi Dong Yi doesn’t know or understands what come of her that she knows that this will be the ultimate end result but what she is witness is driving her to wearied. Choi Dong Yi tells that a long time ago that she has thought to aspire one day to be exactly like Queen Jang, that if she was the noble minded person she was when she was in Chwi Seon Dang, it will be for the better, but in the end that it was her hands who has implicate Queen Jang. Cha Cheon Soo assures Choi Dong Yi that this is not her fault, Queen Jang is the person who is tempted by the greed for power & authority & this has cover Queen Jang ears & eyes that she lost all sense of bearing. Queen Jang is now paying the fruit of her labour she has sown. Cha Cheon Soo tells that Queen Jang couldn’t avoid such temptation & overcome that obstacle. Cha Cheon Soo tells that perhaps, this is something that Choi Dong Yi herself might not able to avoid as well too. Cha Cheon Soo tells that it may be in the future might has to go through, that Choi Dong Yi must bring out her own righteousness to barter in this palace that she must contest against the powers of authority & perhaps that this is what she must do or set out in this palace. Cha Cheon Soo tells that when that time comes if she wants to succeed then it will be just like today or even more onerous in wearied & hardship but then she must bear this at the bottom of her heart just like as for Sukjong’s sake, this will become her sense of responsibility. Choi Dong Yi seems assured

Sukjong looks at the confession then recalls that the only thing left is to press charges against Gyotaejeon. Queen jang with her weeping staff as Queen Jang tells them to wipe their tears. Queen jang asked Jo Sang Gung to convey a message that she wants to seek audience with Sukjong. Jo Sang Gung asked what Queen Jang wants to do. In Daejeon, Sukjong sees Queen Jang

Queen Jang off to do bartering trade again, why she likes to barter business.

Queen Jang tells Sukjong that all of this was done under her instruction then is this what exactly their confession & testimony has stated, not only did she has knowledge of the Military log book & that moreover under her order she send Yoo Sang Gung to go Choi Dong Yi’s residence to retrieve the Military log book. Sukjong asked why Queen Jang want to do so & insist why she needs resort to do this. Queen Jang asked Sukjong whether he is asking her that question because he doesn’t know that is why he is asking. Queen Jang just like everyone else in the palace; she have use her power & authority to maintain & preserve her position, isn’t it what the way of this world people in power tend to do. Sukjong asked whether Queen Consort position is so important to her that she has lost her soul to it. Sukjong compare to other Queen Jang previously possess a noble mind that was her wild ambition that she did achieved that goal.

Queen Jang concurs with Sukjong that at that time, she was indeed that said person but then it was a long time ago, that it was really wrong of me to be that said person. Queen Jang question is there a right or wrong to attain power. The people who are in power are always correct & those who doesn’t are always wrong, this what power & authority is & that Sukjong really doesn’t have knowledge in this matter that he is asking her that question. Queen Jang asked whether Sukjong already have knowledge that during this time that no matter what tactic or method she has used, that she has use that authority to preserve her position. Sukjong asked what is Queen Jang implying then insist to know what is she saying.

Queen Jang stagger out of Daejeon as Choi Dong Yi is outside as she greets Queen Jang. Queen Jang marches pass Choi Dong Yi. Choi Dong Yi sees Queen Jang leaving Daejeon, feels for Queen Jang leaving some dismay in her heart

Yeong Dal comes in calling out as Hwang Joo Shik asked him what is the matter & asked whether they are going to be promoted. Yeong Dal informs that Queen Jang has disclose all the truth to Sukjong. Hwang Joo Shik is surprise that Queen Jang divulge the truth to Sukjong. Yeong Dal confirms as Hwang Joo Shik what comes after this. Yeong Dal said that either execution or banishment & Queen Jang will go off on the same suffering fate as the depose Queen Inhyeon & be chase out of the palace. Hwang Joo Shik queries that it will be deposition. Yeong Dal said that it is of course since Queen Jang’s crime is so massive, how can Sukjong allowed her to stay on in the palace. Hwang Joo Shik express thrilled in hearing the news

Jung In Guk leading his Seoin faction to Geunjeong as Shim Yun Taek is one of the Seoin faction. Namin & Seoin is discussing about Queen Jang’s matter. Jung In Guk tells Sukjong that Queen Jang is not someone else but the Queen Consort of the nation that she has collaborate in plot with Qing China treasonous activities then to cover up their conceal illegal criminal activities that they has push the blame to & frame the depose Queen Inhyeon. Shim Yun Taek tells that not only that that Queen Jang & her brother Jang Hee Jae tries to conceal their crimes that they have made numerous attempt to bring mortal harm to Choi Dong Yi & this crimes can’t be pardoned. Jung In Guk adds that Queen Jang has committed a malicious crimes that earn her to be depose & banish from the palace then asked Sukjong to reconsider. Seoin faction vocals to have Sukjong consider their arguments & petition

Seo Yong Gi is with Sukjong as Sukjong tells Seo Yong Gi is well aware that Queen Jang’s crimes that is beyond pardoned or absolution but then he is finding hard to make a decision. Seo Yong Gi asked whether the reason is regards to Crown Prince.

Sukjong comes to visit Crown Prince as the Crown Prince Jimil Sang Gung greets Sukjong who asked him whether his son is in his residence, then reading the Jimil Sang Gung expression, asked her what is the matter. Sukjong comes in to find that Crown Prince has fallen ill, then asked the Jimil Sang Gung what has happened. The Jimil Sang Gung tells that Crown Prince may be young but he is aware of the ambience in the palace. Crown Prince falls ill because the distress on the imminent that Queen Jang might be depose & chase from the palace & what is the happenings to Queen Jang. Crown Prince has been crying for the past few days & succumbed to fatigue. Jimil Sang Gung tells that it is their fault for looking after the Crown Prince’s well being then asked Sukjong to punished them. Sukjong can’t bear to see Crown Prince suffer the distress. Crown Prince is about 6 years old

Sukjong leaves Crown Prince residence then sits on the fence as he recalls Queen Jang telling him during this time that no matter what tactic or method she has used, that she has use that authority to preserve her position. Sukjong asked what is Queen Jang implying then insist to know what is she saying. Queen Jang continues that she is referring to Crown Prince that the Prince Investiture that Sukjong has decree as successor that she is his mother then Sukjong asked whether Sukjong wants to oust her from her position that doesn’t he really wants to waver the position of the Crown Prince as well. Queen Jang reminds Sukjong that she is the mother if the Crown Prince & asked Sukjong not to forget that fact. As Sukjong contemplates, Choi Dong Yi watches him from a distance, sigh with concern to see Sukjong so downcast.

Choi Dong Yi asked her entourage that it is better that they return to the residence. Ae Jung is surprise that she doesn’t want to see Sukjong. Choi Dong Yi tells that it is better that they do since she has no words of comfort for Sukjong. Bong Sang Gung tells Choi Dong Yi that Sukjong is now having a hard time with his emotions, it is because of Crown Prince that Sukjong has no choice but not depose Queen Jang. Bong Sang Gung asked Choi Dong Yi whether Choi Dong Yi to consider to stand down on the matter that if Queen Jang remains in the Inner court then Queen Inhyeon will remain deposition status moreover Choi Dong Yi’s life will be at grave risk in the future. Choi Dong Yi tells even if it so, it can’t be compare to what is Sukjong is suffering now. Choi Dong Yi tells that this decision is only Sukjong can made & decide, no matter whatever the decision he makes, at that moment when the decision is made will bring the most hardship for Sukjong. Choi Dong Yi & her entourages leaves Sukjong to be alone with his thoughts

Seo yong Gi tells that Sukjong will have to make a difficult decision. Shim Yun Taek queries on the difficulty in Sukjong’s decision. Seo Yong Gi asked Shim Yun Taek don’t understand that if Sukjong depose Queen Jang from the palace then Crown Prince status will threatened, compare to others, Sukjong is very fond of the Crown Prince & he may not permit to have something this traumatic to happened to Crown Prince & may conceal the matter. Shim Yun Taek giving a 2nd thought that he didn’t consider in regards to Crown Prince

Sukjong contemplates in Daejeon. Sukjong calls Chief Eunuch Han. Sukjong asked Chief Eunuch Han to summons Do Seong Ji that tomorrow he wants the Royal Court to convene at the Geunjeong. Chief Eunuch Han acknowledged. Sukjong seems to have made a firm decision over the matter. Seoin & Namin faction convene to Royal Court that Sukjong has summon them to Royal Court. The Namin faction that Sukjong may have made a decision on the fate of Queen Jang

Yeong Sun comes running as Jo Sang Gung asked what is happening. Yeong Sun tells Sukjong has arrives at the Geunjeong. Jo Sang Gung looks anxious with Mdm Yoon’s maid. Mdm Yoon is with Queen Jang

Mdm Yoon: Mama, you are the mother to the Crown Prince, Sukjong will not forget that fact

Queen Jang looks resigned to her fate. Mdm Yoon trying to encourage her daughter to regain her spirit

Mdm Yoon: Mama, you must be strong to the very end…Jung Jong Mama!!!!…Mama!!…Mama!!!!

In Geunjeong, the Seoin & Namin faction sitting awaiting for the arrival of Sukjong in the Royal Court

Chief Eunuch Han: The announcement of the Arrival of Chu San Cheon Na

Sukjong comes in with his entourage as Do Seong Jo carries the decree, then Sukjong takes a sit then faces his Royal Court. The Royal Court bow in acknowledgement of Sukjong’s presence

Sukjong; The reason that Gua In (I) will like to convey to the Royal Court are the decisions that has been made from the debates from the recent events, before this 1stly I will like the Royal Court Minister to take exhort in this advice, no matter whatever the rights or reason that you may have whatsoever, will not alter the content of this decree & my decision will not amend whatsoever

Jung In Guk & Shim Yun Taek is pleased

Sukjong: Do Seong Ji, please read the decree

Do Seong Ji: Yes, Cheon Na

Do Seong Ji takes the decree then reads. Choi Dong Yi waiting anxiously in her residence with Bong Sang Gung & Ae Jung looking rather unsettled

Do Seong Ji: The last Gapsul year 4th month 2rd day, this person has cause grievance of committing High treason against the King for their personal gains but because they want to conceal their crimes that they has cause to put the blame on the innocent depose Queen Inhyeon then brought life threatening mortal harm to Gungnyeo Cheon Dong Yi that how can this horrendous crimes that can’t be pardoned or give absolution, therefore to punished these people who has committed the said crimes, I will dismissed them from all ranking & position then execute Uiju Governor Nam Yeong Shik & Pyeongyang Official Lee Jung Woo. Then for criminal Jang Hee Jae, Oh Yun, Hong Tae Yun (Oh Yun’s Assistant) & Cho Dae San will be exile in Namhae Do, Geoje Do & Honam Do & with immediate effect.

Jang Hee Jae in his prison cell where the sentence is read will be exile in Namhae Do, Geoje Do & Honam Do. Jeong Sang Gung runs to Bo Yeong Dang

Do Seong Ji: Then furthermore for Official Yoo Jung Hwa, Jo Yong Shik, Kim Tae Seong, Hwang Joo Taek & Oh Taek Seok will be demoted….

Oh Tae Seok & Namin faction resigned to their fate

Sukjong: Finally the final decision made to the matter, this is none other than in regards Gyotaejeon

Queen Jang in her residence awaits for her fate

Sukjong: It is said that the Queen Consort position must in done in benevolence & prudent virtues to provide important support in looking after the King & its subject but Queen Jang has finally lost that virtues that has committed a crime against the Royal Household that can’t render any pardoned or absolution, therefore Queen Jang will no longer has the right to resides in Gyotaejeon, therefore I decree that today the year Gapsul, 4th Month 12th day that I will depose Queen Jang from her position as Queen Consort & revoke her rights with immediate effect

Queen Jang grips her hands. The Royal Court stir with commotion. Jeong Sang Gung calls out to Choi Dong Yi as Choi Dong Yi waits outside her residence

Choi Dong Yi: Mamanim!

Choi Dong Yi approaches Jeong Sang Gung.

Bong Sang Gung: What has happened?

Jeong Sang Gung: It is deposition….Mamanim

Choi Dong Yi is surprise

Jeong Sang Gung: Sukjong has decree to depose Queen Jang as Queen Consort

Choi Dong Yi looks concern rather than excited


Seo Yong Gi & Cha Cheon Soo escorts Queen Inhyeon back to the palace. Choi Dong Yi is glad to hear Queen Inhyeon’s arrival

Jung Im: Jung Jong Mama’s Military escort has finally leave the palace

Sukjong with Queen Inhyeon as he greets her to the palace & holds her hands

Sukjong: Please forgive me, Jung Jong

Queen Inhyeon: Cheon Na!

Sukjong: What is left is the passing sentence for Hee Bin Mama…proceed to commence immediately

Jang Hee Jae is drag out from his prison cell to sent to exile….

Gyotaejeon’s Sang Gung & residence staff crying….Mdm Yoon faints on Yeong Sun

Mdm Yoon: It is deposition….

The people venting their anger on the Jangs

People: This is the residence of the evil & malicious Jang Hee Jae

The people storm a riot at Mdm Yoon’s house

Jang Hee Jae: Orrabuni, no matter what I beg you that you must survive this ordeal…this is not the end for us

Jang Hee Jae screaming for Jang Hee Bin from his prisoner cart

Do Seong Yi reads the decree for Queen Inhyeon in her cottage as she accept the decree

Jung In Guk: Now…Everything has finally return to former & rightful placing

Jang Hee Bin walks as Hee Bin with her entourage

Jang Hee Bin: I will not never forget this moment

Bong Sang Gung & Ae Jung taking glances at demoted Jang Hee Bin

Queen Inhyeon to Choi Dong Yi

Queen Inhyeon: This support that I will render you the authorities & the support that you require to go against Hee Bin

Choi Dong Yi comes out happy. Jeong Sang Gung reads a decree as Jejo Sang Gung as Choi Dong Yi is witness the event

Yoo Sang Gung, Eun Geum & Shi Bi in whites & confine in the cells

Jung Im as Sang Gung

Jung Im: Bring them out!!!!

Yoo Sang Gung taken out of the cell, Eun Geum begs

Yoo Sang Gung: What are you saying….Kam Chal Bu…that person in charge….

Sang Gung: Cheon Dong Yi issue the recipient of the Inner Court, 4th rank Sukwon

Choi Dong Yi in her ceremonial regalia as she kneels before Queen Inhyeon

Queen Inhyeon: I have finally able to personally issue the receipt to her that there never comes a day that is indeed a joyous occasion, Ahn Sang Gung

Yeong Dal swing Hwang Joo Shik in happiness as Cha Cheon Soo smiles

Sukjong & his entourage in the corridors

Chief Eunuch Han: It is said that Mama’s residence, ….the Royal Physician has been summoned & is heading towards her residence…

Sukjong: the Royal Physician?

The Royal Physician turns to Queen Inhyeon

Royal Physician: Mama?

Queen Inhyeon, Sukjong & Choi Dong Yi looks surprise


D0ng.Y1.E37-01 D0ng.Y1.E37-02 D0ng.Y1.E37-03 D0ng.Y1.E37-04 D0ng.Y1.E37-05 D0ng.Y1.E37-06 D0ng.Y1.E37-07 D0ng.Y1.E37-08 D0ng.Y1.E37-09 D0ng.Y1.E37-10 D0ng.Y1.E37-11 D0ng.Y1.E37-12 D0ng.Y1.E37-13 D0ng.Y1.E37-14


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56 Responses to Dong Yi Summary 37

  1. Chamazing1 July 29, 2010 at 3:49 am #

    Jackie :shocked: :luv:

  2. Purnama July 29, 2010 at 4:35 am #

    yesssss……seen seen you!!!! sdyney is right !! you are a lovely looking lady, and you have a bright smile….. Thank so much. Now I have a picture of you in my mind as I read your summaries and reviews.

  3. marichel July 29, 2010 at 4:38 am #

    hahahaha Chamazing1! :haha: :haha1: :rofl: When I see your name I remember my idol Charice! hahaha :haha: :haha1:

    Btw, Thanks again Jackie for the summary! =) And it is nice to know the face of the person who done this so much effort in summarizing Dong Yi! :cutie:

  4. nutty July 29, 2010 at 6:28 am #

    Jackie — thanks so much for the summary!

    is anyone worried that the show seems to be moving at quite a fast pace especially since the show will be extended? the next few episodes seem to be about dong yi’s past and the queen’s death (voodoo dolls)…am most curious to know what else the writers have instore for the characters…

    does anyone know whether the clothing that the ladies in the court wear are colour coded according to their status/position…for instance, dong yi hasnt changed her clothes since she was brought back into the palace…

    also at the dong yi’s ceremony….those heart shape hair accessories on their head – do they really wear those back in those times? it looks like they are make of plastic…

    i think the actresses playing jang hee bin’s role is excellent…the shouting match is quite amazing!

  5. pekupa7 July 29, 2010 at 7:22 am #

    hi nutty: i don’t know for sure but i think only the king and the queen can wear red. so i think there is a rule in what colour they can use and the colour shows their position. remember when HJS n BYD discuss DY’s returned to the palace and HJK can tell from BYD description of her clothes that if she is wearing a ‘tang yi (not sure if that is correct or not) then she must have obtain the sang gun position. they never change their outer garment because the outer garment shows their position. they only change the white inner garment. But I think they should have at least 2 of the same clothes because we saw at the laundry scene they also wash the outer garment.

    really excited to wacth the future episodes. love historical drama especially about great korean women. DY HWAITING! I feel sory for the kings in the joseon area. they must feel so lonely and have no one to trust. SJ was betrayed so many times, his mother and queen died because of his concubine and his son is used as a bargaining tool. so good in this drama they can show the support that DY gave n I think historiclly the real king must also loved DY because of her character.

    I read about DY’s novel in one of the posting. does anyone know if it is available in english and what is the title or if anyone know where i can read it in the internet? thank you.

    Jackie, thank you so much for ep.37. can’t wait to have more of DY & SJ in the drama and reading your summaries :propeller:

  6. Jackie July 29, 2010 at 8:12 am #

    This Chinese preview text is from the baidu thread on “Dongyi”. The Chinese translation to English is strictly my own concoction

    Episode 39
    시간이 흘러 동이는 왕자를 낳는다. 동이와 왕자를 보기위해 동이 처소인 보경당을 자주 드나드는 숙종. 숙원이 낳은 왕자가 세자의 자리를 차지할 거란 소문에 옥정 모 윤 씨는 분하고 원통하다.
    With a blink of an eye, time has pass, Dong Yi gives birth to Prince Yeong Su. A doting Sukjong pays frequent visits to Bo Yeong Dang to see the young Prince Yeong Su & Dong Yi. Then in the palace, rumours has circulate & spread that Dong Yi’s son Prince Yeong Su will replace the Crown Prince as heir apparent to the throne, the gossip has stir up feeling of bitterness & anger for Jang Hee Bin & Mdm Yoon

    한편 활인서 제조가 죽소를 살피고 있던 중 검에 찔려 살해되는 사건이 발생한다. 활인서 제조를 살해한 자는 검계, 을화의 표식을 떨어뜨리고 사라지는데…….
    Meanwhile Hwaminseo’s Official that was in charge of observing & overseeing the distribution of porridge has been assassinated. The Assassin who assassinated the Official; drop the Geumgae Headband when he fled the scene of the crime

    Episode 40
    인현왕후가 마련해준 사가로 피접을 나간 동이!
    동이와 심운택은 청국상인들이 드나드는 도박장을 찾아가 장익헌 영감이 죽어가면서 남긴 수신호의 뜻을 알아내려 한다.
    Dong Yi goes to Queen Inhyeon to have arrangement made for a private residence. Dong Yi & Shim Yun Taek goes to where the Qing Chinese merchants regular frequent gambling haunts, with the purpose find out the meaning of Jang Ik Heon’s hand gesture before his death

    한편 도성에서는 양반들의 살인사건이 계속해서 일어나고, 사람들은 이 일이 검계의 짓이라며 술렁인다. 반촌 어귀를 살피던 천수는 검계가 재건되었다는 사실을 알고 경악하는데…….
    Meanwhile, in Doseong the serial killing spree of the Yanban continues, everyone debates that it is Geumgae’s doing. Cha Cheon Soo returning to the village, at the entrance, learn the discovery of Geumgae has been re-established its base & this revelation has brought shocked & astonishment

  7. farhah July 29, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    Thank You Jackie for the text preview

    A lot of things gonna happen next week and I wonder whether Dong Yi able to find the meaning of the hand gesture.

  8. fanny July 29, 2010 at 9:21 am #

    My instinct said that the Yangban killer is JHB’s men to spread rumour about re-established Geumgae…she must try hard to re-open DongYi’s past, and somehow that’s terrified me because the story will have more angst and Dong Yi will face a lot of hard times…
    I know drama couldn’t be a drama without any angst in the story line but sometimes I wish it fulls of happy/funny/romantic moments….I wish…

  9. Jackie July 29, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    Dear fanny

    There is 2 parallel speculation

    There is one “fake” Geumgae that is doing the serial killing to avoid attention of some political disputes

    Then there is “real” in which Cha Cheon Soo discover on his return & the leader is none other than the someone that has been missing that has yet to be mention “Gae Do Ra”

    How is that with my 2 cents theory

  10. fanny July 29, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    Sound interesting…and I think that’s very possible too ☺
    if Gae Do Ra re-established Geumgae then he/she (GDR is a man/woman?sorry I haven’t watch the series yet, only following your recaps..I think GDR is a woman) will put Dong Yi in difficult situation…just like JHB when her brother made evil plot.

  11. Tai July 29, 2010 at 11:47 am #

    Wow Jackie!!! :wave: The sacrifice one makes for their craft. :strip: Thank you I am still working on perfecting my bowing! 😉 :shhh: :sly:
    Koz, great writing you know thanks from everyone, we just got our first monsoon rain, now I’m not saying that your writing or any shamistic power did this but the rabbits sure like it.
    This voodoo spread to Chosean penninsula? whoa or is it symbolic of the Jang and Co. perfered method…that’d be poison! Now don’t get me wrong, but the son we never see, is really the voodoo princesses’ only hold card. Without the young lad she would be sword fodder. :tag2: :talktothehand: :wacko:
    I think she would stop at nothing to make sure he is the only son and heir. :saint: :devi:
    Earlier the Koz gave a perfect description of what it is like to confront evil first hand. Scarey! Yeah, but like his scripting tells us it starts out very small, like putting your tootsies in the water. She said no, and girls are suppose to say that. Her brother was bad news from our very first scene, even his own faction thought so. Yet the Consort couldn’t run(she should have run to the King straight away!) and so she bit that big apple. :bite: :apple: :bite:
    Two things everyone is talking about one is that the writer wouldn’t bring up that the King finds out that Dong Yi and Cmdr told a fib about her past and would not speak to her. Is that where the Geum(sword) Kye (group) scarf is heading? Hope not!if You guys are friends of the Director please say him. This is not a good road. :duh:
    Two: I love Jackie bringing back the hand gestures, yeah baby that is where the story began and I just like that. Senor Shim yun Taek will find out…the hand gesture is all about…can’t wait! :haha: :rockon: :relieved: :zzz:
    last one: Thank you J for The AEGYO TREE, RIFLE SHOOTER,WHEN IT ENDS …. SAFARI WORLD, PIGGYBACK BEGINS, RED DRAGONfly, and BACK OF THE BUS, really memorble, great smile, thank you for sharing :hearts: :talktothehand: :sosad: :goodvibes: 😀 8) :cool2:

  12. hanoi98 July 29, 2010 at 11:47 am #

    GDR is Dong Yi child hood friend that is missing until now…..That’s my 2 cent theory. He comes back to reestablish the “sword fraternity”….

  13. Jackie July 29, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    This Chinese preview text is from the on “Dongyi”. The Chinese translation to English is strictly my own concoction

    第39集 저는 다만.. 때를 기다리고 있을 뿐입니다.
    Episode 39
    I am just merely waiting for that moment to come
    시간이 흘러 동이는 왕자를 낳는다.
    Time passes by, Dong Yi already give birth to Prince Yeong Su
    동이와 왕자를 보기위해 동이 처소인 보경당을 자주 드나드는 숙종.
    Sukjong wishing to see Dong Yi & young Prince Yeong Su, makes frequent visit to Bo Yeong Dang, Choi Dong Yi’s residence
    숙원이 낳은 왕자가 세자의 자리를 차지할 거란 소문에
    옥정모 윤 씨는 분하고 원통하다.
    Upon hearing that Choi Sukwon has deliver a Royal Prince & the rumours that the young Prince might threaten the Crown Prince, Jang Hee Bin & Mdm Yoon is seen bitter & upset over the matter
    한편 활인서 제조가 죽소를 살피고 있던 중 검에 찔려 살해되는 사건이 발생한다.
    Menawhile the Hwaminseo official that was assign to observe is found death, at the same time discover that the official was being killed by the sword
    활인서 제조를 살해한 자는 검계, 을화의 표식을 떨어뜨리고 사라지는데…….
    Moreover they suspect the killing is Geumgae’s doing. Geumgae insignia was found to have been left behind in the scene but suddenly it disappear

    第40集 이 나라에 다시는.. 억울하게 죽는 사람이 없어야해!
    Episode 40
    In this country, there shouldn’t yet again to have someone be unjustly wronged & dies
    인현왕후가 마련해준 사가로 피접을 나간 동이!
    Dong Yi has made arrangement with Queen Inhyeon to have a private residence
    동이와 심운택은 청국상인들이 드나드는 도박장을 찾아가
    Dong Yi & Shim Yun Taek goes to look for Chinese merchant frequent gambling haunt
    장익헌 영감이 죽어가면서 남긴 수신호의 뜻을 알아내려 한다.
    The purpose is to find out the meaning of the hand gesture Jang Ik Heon left behind before he died
    한편 도성에서는 양반들의 살인사건이 계속해서 일어나고,
    Meanwhile the Yanban serial killing continues its spree
    사람들은 이 일이 검계의 짓이라며 술렁인다.
    Everyone is now saying that this is Geumgae’s doing & is stir great disturbance & commotion panic
    반촌 어귀를 살피던 천수는 검계가 재건되었다는 사실을 알고 경악하는데…….
    Cha Cheon Soo goes to follow his lead to a village then discover that Geumgae has been re-established, & the matter to that fact bring shock to Cha Cheon Soo

  14. Tai July 29, 2010 at 12:11 pm #

    You have great two cent theories! 😯 :highfive:
    I like “someone that has been missing that has yet to be mention “Gae Do Ra” and “GDR is Dong Yi child hood friend” :pray: 💡
    He was always so good at hiding under a blanket. I think he is not connected with Jang & Co.
    Been wondering where he went to. :glassespush: And what Cheon Sa will do :rockon: :shhh:
    Wonder how China gets episode so early? answer: like their Rocket guidance system they trade for it :haha: :haha: :hyper: :rofl:

  15. cecee July 29, 2010 at 12:19 pm #

    If it is GDR all grown up restablishing Geumgae them I think he would know better than to kill innocent people. It is clearly a set up again but I wonder who is initiating it this time?I hope by the end of this yangban killing spree they will find and clear Dong Yi father and brothers name. Plus DY don’t have to feel guitly anymore. Lets hope it doesn’t drag out too long.

  16. Jackie July 29, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

    The BTS on the scene of Sukjong being inform that Choi Dong Yi is pregnant

    Jang Hee Bin return to Chwi Seon Dang

    Lee So Yeon tells about her confrontation scene with Han Hyo Joo then how difficult to portray the agony of Queen Jang falls from grace

    Lee So Yeon tells audience there will be more confrontation with Dong Yi awaiting the audience & hope they will tuned in

  17. helynn July 29, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    JACKIE! You rock, girl! I love the baidu videos you keep posting. Those evil characters are so….. so…. human when they’re NOT in character.

    I so appreciate your hard work in presenting this site to us, and I KNOW it’s hard work, but you present it with such love and devotion to detail. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  18. lhaine July 29, 2010 at 7:59 pm #

    Jackie, thanks again for the summary..
    @farrah.. Gae Do Ra is a boy, a childhood friend of Dong Yi.

  19. fanny July 29, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    @ihaine…I’m fanny not farrah, but thank you for your info :goodvibes:

    I hope SukJong’s love and trust to Dong Yi remain till the end…i can bear every possible plot except bad relation between SukJong and Dong Yi (again….sorry for my poor english 😛 )

  20. Tai July 29, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    @fanny…I agree COMPLETELY!

    Jumping ahead to ep 40 and thinking about GDR is like wondering when and who will find out about the Namin faction leader…
    The old guy and his rich friends have written off the Jangs and what will he do now that his nephew has left. :mischievous:
    In case anyone has fallen for the Namin story line, like some here at my house. :sosad: and that Yangban that was found (Ep 1) in the river and gave “hand gestures” to DY.
    It was not the GeumKye that killed the nobles or did the other dastardly deeds. :hot:
    The Sword Fraternity was set up to protect common folk and slaves from the Yangban. Like modern bankers the Yangban would lend to people(usury) and force them into slavery and steal what little they had. Many of these “slaves” needed help, some needed to relocate. 😥
    The Sword Fratboys would be there to help. Yeah Dali!!! :thumbsup:
    Now, when the Namin leader was attempting to gain enough power to make a presence in the Capital. He decided to Knock off some of his Yangban competition. :typing:
    The new Police cmdr came by the leaders house to say He would station some men to protect the old Yanban leader. When he asked the Police commander why he was doing this. The commander said because there is a group of “lowborn” that are responsible for the mayhem that is disturbing everyone. :nausea:
    That is when the Namin faction chief thought of a great idea!!! 💡
    He would blame everything on the GeumKye and use the Police commander in the scheme. You all know the rest, the Namin group even killed one of the Kings good men, and that good man was the Police chief’s own father. Everything was blamed on a throw away fringe element of society. That fringe group was one of a few that was doing good things for people. More like a Chosean Robin Hood than the way they are now remembered. :ninja:
    So why am I being so long on this, because it is one important story lines that I am hoping will be explored and solved. That way we will be happy. just like Farrah said. The real farrah said “I know drama wouldn’t be a drama without any angst in the story line, but sometimes I wish it would be full of happy/funny/romantic moments….I wish…” :angel2:
    Ahh yes, That’s what dreams are made of. :phew:
    Once again I have to say thanks to Jackie. because I could not have typed this without her blog. So please remember this, around the world “The Kye shall never dye” :)

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    What? We won’t even get to see Dong Yi pregnant or something and maybe give birth :hissyfit: ? Wow, maybe they extended the show so that it can focus on how the little prince grows up 😉

  22. Issabella July 29, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

    OMG PRINCE YEONG SU IS GONNA DIE :headbanging: :bawling: :fuming: :hissyfit: (sorry for my abuse of the smileys)

    Because the second son of Dong Yi and Sukjong will be the 21st king aka Prince Yeoning!!!!

    It’s all because of JHB’s :devi: voodoo crap!!! Also the third son will also die? I’m going to need tisues knowing that the little prince is going to heaven :angel2: in a few episodes, I’ll just imagine how sad it’ll be for Dong Yi, Sukjong and even Queen Inhyeon :hissyfit: :headbanging: :bomb: :bleh: :bawling: :covereyes: :shocked: :madman: :thumbsdown2: :wacko: :sosad: :hot: 😥 :drunk1: :(

  23. kobit July 29, 2010 at 11:19 pm #

    The junior wives of the King were divided into ten ranks, often recruited from ranks 11 and 12:
    1. bi (consorts), according to the following precedence.
    1.1. Kwi-bi.
    1.2. Suk-bi.
    1.3. Won-bi.
    1.4. Tek-pi.
    1.5. Hyon-bi.
    The sons of ladies raised to the rank of bi were entitled to succeed to the throne, after the sons of Queens.
    2. Kwi-bin (concubines), according to the following precedence:
    2.1. Hwa-bin.
    2.2. Suk-bin.
    2.3. Kyong-bin.
    2.4. Hui-bin.
    2.5. Won-bin.
    2.6. Ahn-bin.
    2.7. Su-bin.
    3. Kwi-in (precious person).
    4. So-ui (resplendant exemplar).
    5. Suk-ui (chaste exemplar).
    6. So-yong (resplendant demeanour).
    7. Suk-yong (chaste demeanour).
    8. So-won (resplendant beauty).
    9. Suk-won (chaste beauty).
    10. Sang (Court Ladies), in seven grades:
    10.1. Sang-kung.
    10.2. Sang-ui.
    10.3. Sang-pok.
    10.4. Sang-chim.
    10.5. Sang-kong.
    10.6. Sang-chong.
    10.7. Sang-gi.
    11. Kung-nyo (palace girls).
    12. Nain (personal maids).

  24. kobit July 29, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    Is that Bin ( “Royal Noble Consort”) is the highest title for a King’s concubine, just under the Queen ?
    that’s what according to what i know :tongue:
    :duh: :relieved:

  25. Tai July 30, 2010 at 12:17 am #

    a degree in courtology may be needed!

    •Queen Consort (王妃 왕비 wangbi), the Queen Consort, with the style of Her Royal Highness (媽媽 마마 mama). The title used in the court language was Center Palace (中宮殿 중궁전 junggungjeon or 中殿 중전 jungjeon).
    Queen consorts that remained married to the king until their death were generally given a title consisting of two Hanja in the front and the customary suffix Queen (王后 왕후 wanghu) in the back.

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