Dong Yi Summary 35

Dong Yi Summary 35

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In Bo Yeong Dang, Bong Sang Gung & Ae jung is outside the residence. Choi Dong Yi tells Seo Yong Gi that she always knew that sooner or later this day will come. Choi Dong Yi tells the 1st time when she met Seo Yong Gi in the police bureau & she denies her identity, no it is for her own survival, in order to find out the truth, from 12 years ago that she 1st enter the palace, that she always knew that this day & every day since then she knew that this day will come eventually bit however she never thought that she will have become to this status & it will has come to this presence. Choi Dong Yi tells the truth is she has hurt the immense trust that Seo Yong Gi has rendered her then will eventually harm Sukjong. Seo Yong Gi agrees that Choi Dong Yi really has his trust, Seo Yong Gi tells no, that he has, what he think is no concern but however what about Sukjong’s trust, it is no other person but the King’s who compare to anyone has great trust in Choi Dong Yi, as it was the same a likes with Seo Yong Gi & Choi Hyo Won a long time ago just like he trust himself as much as he lay his trust on Choi Dong Yi & asked if Choi Dong Yi knows. Choi Dong Yi nods as tears can only roll down on her faces

Seo Yong Gi goes back as Han Jang Bu greets Seo Yong Gi’s return. Seo Yong Gi tells at daylight to go to the police bureau & asked Hwang Jung Gu & Han Jang Bu to dig up & retrieve every records about Geumgae at once & bring it to him. Han jang Bu surprise that the matter regards with Geumgae. Hwang Jung Gu asked why the sudden reference to Geumgae. Seo Yong Gi tells them to do as they are been told. Hwang Jung Gu tells that Seo Yong Gi is in the foul mood

Seo Yong Gi recalls telling Choi Dong Yi he is a government official of this nation’s government. Choi Dong Yo contemplates in her residence, as she also recalls Seo Yong Gi that therefore even of this matter brings risk of danger, but he will able to conceal the truth from Sukjong. Choi Dong Yi asked Seo Yong Gi whether if he can please allow her to disclose the truth to Sukjong. She begs Seo Yong Gi that she will personally reveal the truth to him verbally. Seo Yong Gi asked whether Choi Dong Yi by doing that will feel less burden in her heart but what about in regards to Sukjong’s feelings when the truth is revealed to him when he verbally hears it from Choi Dong Yi & asked if she has given thought to what the implication be. Choi Dong Yi weeps alone then calls out to Sukjong

Sukjong also contemplating. Chief Eunuch Han comes in to informs Sukjong who is in deep thoughts that it is already Ja Si. Sukjong acknowledge & tells it is that late that time passed so quickly. Chief Eunuch Han asked whether Sukjong wishes to go to Choi Dong Yi residence. Sukjong tells that he will not go tonight, that it seems that Choi Dong Yi looking at him will render trouble to Choi Dong Yi, that he couldn’t provided any comfort to her troubles but the in fact that it adds burden to her existing troubles. Sukjong tells he will be glad if Seo Yong Gi comes back with some news. Chief Eunuch Han assures Sukjong that nothing major will come to matter with Choi Dong Yi. In this nation where there is no lowborn who doesn’t have their difficulties. Sukjong agrees & he concurs with Chief Eunuch Han wholeheartedly

Ja Si is the hour of rat between 11pm – 1am

Yoo Sang Gung in a hurry to see Queen Jang & inform Jo Sang Gung that she has some urgent matter to convey to Queen Jang. Yoo Sang Gung comes in as Queen Jang is with Oh Tae Seok is discussing as Yoo Sang Gung tells just as Queen Jang has mentioned about Choi Dong Yi’s matter that there is no traces of Choi Dong Yi’s background before entering the palace. Oh Tae Seok tells that this is the key point to the matter that is more than sufficient to make their case. Oh Tae Seok tells this point of doubt, they can pressure Choi Dong Yi. Queen Jang doesn’t think so, this is clear insufficient to able to cause any form of waver in Sukjong’s trust in her. Yoo Sang Gung tells that they are unable to find any traces of Choi Dong Yi’s background, what else are they able to do. Queen Jang believes that now the person who is most restless will be Choi Dong Yi & those who wish to protect her. Queen Jang tells Yoo Sang Gung to put surveillance on their movement. Yo Sang Gung acknowledge as Queen Jang turns to Oh Tae Seok that he still can’t understand as sooner or later, they will have to divulge Choi Dong Yi actual identity on what kind of person she is. Oh Tae Seok nods

Jeong Sang Gung asked Jung Im whether this are all the records retrieve from Music bureau servants’ registrar. Jung Im affirms but Jung Im queries that she finds it strange that there is no prior records before Choi Dong Yi enter the palace, she is concern that this will attract doubts regarding her background. Jeong Sang Gung recalls Choi Dong Yi telling her that in her situation, she is not eligible to permit her to be with Sukjong’s side therefore she doesn’t qualify that she can’t d so. Jung Im calls out to Jeong Sang Gung who recalls what Choi Dong Yi has said & wasn’t paying attention to what Jung Im has said. Jung Im asked whether she should directly asked Choi Dong Yi in regards to her background. Jeong Sang Gung tells there is no need to do that, Jeong Sang Gung tells Jung Im that she will personally asked Choi Dong Yi & Jung Im just needs to tone down the rumours mongers regarding Choi Dong Yi background. Jung Im acknowledge

Shim Yun Taek in official clothes that he is now a rank official. Shim Yun Taek goes to see Seo Yong Gi to inform that Jang Hee Jae is now looking for the original Military log book. Shim Yun Taek tells that now they have learn what Jang Hee Jae is looking for that they can now catch Jang Hee Jae by the tail by using the original Military log book that Choi Dong Yi has in her hand as a lure that this will definitely make their case against Jang Hee Jae. Seo Yong Gi looks rather distracted & not paying attention to what Shim Yun Taek is saying. Shim Yun Taek sense something amiss. Seo Yong Gi tells they might face some difficulties. Shim Yun Taek asked what is Seo Yong Gi implying by saying that why will they face with difficulties. Shim Yun Taek sense there is something wrong & asked whether perhaps something has happened in regards to Choi Dong Yi. Shim Yun Taek tells that Seo Yong Gi & Choi Dong Yi has be acting rather odd. Shim Yun Taek leaves Nae Geum Bu then he recalls asking Bong Sang Gung & Ae Jung what exactly did transpire between Choi Dong Yi & Seo Yong Gi yesterday that he really wants to know the details. Bong Sang Gung tells that the conversation that can’t even grasp to comprehend. Ae Jung tells that there is most certain something must have happened during the discussion. Ae Jung tells that she has never seen even when she was a Internal Bureau of Investigation Gungnyeo, Choi Dong Yi’s expression being so shell shocked it is the 1st time she has seen Choi Dong Yi in such difficulty

Hwang Jung Gu & Han Jang Bu retrieving the old & dusty Geumgae records from the police archives dusty in the years of dust. Hwang Joo Shik looking for Geumgae records telling that the paper already turn yellow with aged then asked Han Jang Bu why Seo Yong Gi asked them suddenly to retrieve all Geumgae old records to be taken out. Han Jang Bu has his baffle doubts about the matter. Han Jang Bu tells that Seo Yong Gi has use time to almost erase his memories of Geumgae & asked what is happening here. Hwang Jung Gu asked what is the purpose for them to retrieve all these old Geumgae records & complains what Seo Yong Gi going to do about the records.

Cha Cheon Soo comes back to Nae Geum Bu Uigyeombu, as he sees Hwang Jung Gu & Han Jang Bu retrieving piles of records. Han Jang Bu acknowledged Cha Cheon Soo’s return. Cha Cheon Soo tells that he is late in coming. Hwang Jung Gu complains where did Cha Cheon Soo has gone to, can’t Cha Cheon Soo see that they are very frantically busy without Cha Cheon Soo. Cha Cheon Soo apologise to Hwang Jung Gu for his lateness then Cha Cheon queries why they are so busy & what are they doing. Han Jang Bu tells that it is nothing just retrieving some old past cases for reference. Cha Cheon Soo queries about past cases. Hwang Jung Cu confirms that it is really old past records then complain that he has to run such onerous errands as Hwang Jung Gu & Han Jang Bu leaves. Hwang Jung Gu drops a book from his pile he was carrying as Cha Cheon Soo then picks up a book that he notices that it is Geumgae records & material being access & is very shocked by it.

Queen Jang also learns from Jo Sang Gung that Seo Yong Gi has access Geumgae’s records & material from the police bureau archives. Jo Sang Gung affirms that it is some old past cases Queen Jang want to know what is the records then. Jo Sang Gung comes out of Gyotaejeon then asked Yeong Sun to run an errand immediately to summon Oh Tae Seok to the palace. Yeong Sun acknowledge. Queen Jang ponder on the matter in regards to Geumgae’s records & material then asked why Seo Yong Gi is retrieving the Geumgae records

Seo Yong Gi is looking through the Geumgae past records. Cha Cheon Soo goes to see Seo Yong Gi that find the Geumgae’s document piled up on his table. Seo Yong Gi asked where Cha Cheon Soo has gone to that he didn’t see Cha Cheon Soo the whole day yesterday. Cha Cheon Soo informs he went to Seong Cheon in regards to Choi Dong Yi’s background. Seo Yong Gi question about Seong Cheon as Cha Cheon Soo affirms & tells Seo Yong Gi that the place is where it will able to confirmed that Choi Dong Yi’s family & parentage is from there & has registered. Seo Yong Gi has his doubts & asked that in Seong Cheon was able to retrieve Choi Dong Yi’s records & that he is really surprise by the findings. Cha Cheon Soo is taken aback at Seo Yong Gi lines of question. Seo Yong Gi tells that the Hancheon coroner Choi Hyo Won will be more appropriate to be Choi Dong Yi’s father, that according to his knowledge that this should be correct that he is Choi Dong Yi’s father. Cha Cheon Soo is astonished that Seo Yong Gi know the truth about Chi Dong Yi’s identity

Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal surprise as they are inform the Sa Heon’s Ji Pyeong is looking for them Yeong Dal & Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal bumps Shim Yun Taek & gives each other the startle as Shim Yun Taek recognise that they are the person, he is looking for, just like they have been description, the tall that looks like a long pole & the short that looks like the tortoise. Shim Yun Taek tells that they have no time to make cordial conversation & tells them he needs their help & asked them to come follow him quickly. Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal are baffled to who is Shim Yun Taek. Hwang Joo Shik asked Yeong Dal, who is Shim Yun Taek, do they know him. Yeong Dal tell it is the 1st time they has met Shim Yun Taek. Hwang Joo Shik tells that they aren’t even acquaintances how can Shim Yun Taek makes reference that he looks like a tortoise. Yeong Dal concurs that Shim Yun Taek looks like a dog. Shim Yun Taek turns around to asked why Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal is stalling there for that he is rushing for time & asked them to come quickly. Yeong Dal tells that Shim Yun Taek is rude & asked Hwang Joo Shik not to restraint him if he goes for Shim Yun Taek’s throat

Sa Heon Ji Pyeong is the officialdom of 5th rank

Cha Cheon Soo asked how did Seo Yong Gi come to learn about the knowledge about the matter. Seo Yong Gi tells Cha Cheon Soo that he has heard it from Choi Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gi threatened to use the law to process the charges against Choi Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gi doesn’t wish to harm Cha Cheon Soo & hope that Cha Cheon Soo will honestly just abide to instructions. Cha Cheon Soo begs Seo Yong Gi to let Choi Dong Yi go. Cha Cheon Soo tells Seo Yong Gi that it is not her fault. Cha Cheon Soo begs Seo Yong Gi not to press charge to Choi Dong Yi who has done no wrong & bring harm to her. Cha Cheon Soo earnest begs Seo Yong Gi as Seo Yong Gi reminds Cha Cheon Soo that he is well verse with the law of this nation. Seo Yong Gi know that Cha Cheon Soo knew why the reason behind Choi Dong Yi to conceal her identity until to this date

Choi Dong Yi looks at her garakji then tells herself that she must settle the matter & only she can resolve matters. Choi Dong Yi calls out for Bong Sang Gung as Bong sang Gung comes in to asked if Choi Dong Yi call for her then Choi Dong Yi informs Bong Sang Gung that she has decided to go Daejeon to see Sukjong. Bong Sang Gung surprise that Choi Dong Yi wants to leave for Daejeon as this very moment. Choi Dong Yi tells if it is alright, she will like to leave & asked Bong Sang Gung to convey her arrival to Daejeon

Seo Yong Gi tells Cha Cheon Soo does he know what is fabricate trust is. Seo Yong Gi explains that the person whom you most trusted goes to betray the very trust & asked Cha Cheon Soo whether he is aware of the fact. Seo Yong Gi tells that Choi Hyo Won was the person who told him that. Seo Yong Gi leaves his office as Cha Cheon shout out that the incident wasn’t Choi Hyo Won’s doing. Cha Cheon Soo tells Seo Yong Gi that 12 years ago, the incident wasn’t Geumgae’s doing, not the Yanban serial killing spree or either the assassination of his father, it is none of their doing. Seo Yong Gi asked whether it is now passable for Cha Cheon Soo is giving out excuses now. Cha Cheon Soo denies that this aren’t excuses but what he is now saying to him is the gospel truth. Cha Cheon Soo tells that the reference to the fabricate trust that Seo Yong Gi just mentioned. Cha Cheon Soo tells Seo Yong Gi that he is wrong about that. Cha Cheon Soo tells that the person to breech Choi Hyo Won’s trust is Seo Yong Gi himself. Seo Yong Gi is surprise. Cha Cheon Soo accuse Seo Yong Gi that the false & fabricated evidence has made Seo Yong Gi to waver his trust for Choi Hyo Won & the person who had doubted Choi Hyo Won was Seo Yong Gi himself. Seo Yong Gi tells that he wanted to believe Choi Hyo Won, no matter what Choi Hyo Won has to say, he will believe his words but Choi Hyo Won didn’t even utter a word in his defence. Cha Cheon Soo tells that Choi Hyo Won did that for the sake that he wanted to protect Seo Yong Gi. Seo Yong Gi is surprise as Cha Cheon Soo tells that Choi Hyo Won did that, it is because that Seo Yong Gi will stop pursuing Geumgae’s cases & in that way, he will able to protect Seo Yong Gi. Cha Cheon Soo tells this is the trust Choi Hyo Won has render to Seo Yong Gi. Choi Hyo Won believe & knows & believe that one day, the truth over the matter will be revealed, therefore he fondly cherish this friend of his that he was willing, in front of his friend to take the blame & the wrap for Seo Yong Gi’s father’s murder. Seo Yong Gi now digesting the truth what has been reveal to him by Cha Cheon Soo.
Seo Yong Gi staggers to digest the truth. Cha Cheon Soo walks out from Seo Yong Gi’s office & grips his sword. Seo Yong Gi slumps into his chair. Seo Yong Gi recalls asking Choi Hyo Won was brought to him then Seo Yong Gi asked Choi Hyo Won whether it was him who killed his father but Choi Hyo Won doesn’t answer him as he was saddened that Seo Yong Gu doubted his trust & leaves then Seo Yong Gi finally realise & mutter that Choi Hyo Won was indeed….

Recalls, Korean drama flaws is their indulgence into recalls & flashbacks

Choi Dong Yi comes to Daejeon to see Sukjong

Shim Yun Taek goes though the music bureau records book with Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal to look for records on surname Cheon. Shim Yun Taek is also taking an interest looking into Choi Dong Yi’s identity. Shim Yun Taek asked Hwang Joo Shik & Yeong Dal whether they have any records of a court musician by the surname Cheon

Firstly he look through the records of Choi Dong Yi 1st enter the palace, then find something amiss about the past records. Shim Yun Taek is really great, just a search of the record in the music bureau records now that 12 years ago, there is no Court Musician with the surname Cheon then asked about any musician that has died. Hwang Joo Shil recalls the musician, there is Court Musician by the surname Choi. Shim Yun Taek asked what is his name. Yeong Dal acknowledged there is none to be found, as Hwang Joo Shik tells according to his memory who serve him that in the year of Shinyu that was 12 years ago, there weren’t any Court musician by the surname Cheon. Then Shim Yun Taek asked what is really going on here, the records clearly has stated that Choi Dong Yi was the sister to a Court Musician that is known in the Music Bureau then he realise that the Court Musician who died. Hwang Joo Shik asked what, as Shim Yun Taek asked if there was any Court Musician in which year who had died. Hwang Joo Shik gives some thought to the question then realise that there was a Court Musician that was executed for high treason but the Court Musician’s surname wasn’t Cheon but Choi. Shim Yun Taek is surprise as Hwang Joo Shik confirm the fact as correct that the incident has cause a stir in Doseong. Shim Yun Taek curious what incident was that in reference

Shinyu (辛酉) is the 58th year of the sexagenary cycle

In Daejeon, Sukjong is inform of Choi Dong Yi arrival in Daejeon

Sukjong: Cheon Sang Gung has come?
Chief Eunuch Han: Yes, Cheon Na

Sukjong: Asked her to enter

Sukjong looks rather excited as Chief Eunuch Han acknowledge as Sukjong stand up to greet Choi Dong Yi as she enter.

Sukjong: Please enter

Sukjong approaches Choi Dong Yi as she can see how Sukjong is so happily welcomes her to Daejeon but both their expression is far apart in differences. Sukjong is happy while Choi Dong Yi looks troubled.

Choi Dong Yi greets Sukjong

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?…You must be busy attending to state affairs, don’t know whether did I disturb or interrupt you

Sukjong: No you didn’t, how can this be interruption…I feel that it is more of a disturbance if I didn’t see you

Choi Dong Yi smiles

Sukjong: What are you standing there for, come sit down

Choi Dong Yi & Sukjong sits down

Cha Cheon Soo is shocked to learn from Ae Jung that Choi Dong Yi has gone to Daejeon.. Ae Jung acknowledges & Cha Cheon Soo rushes over to Daejeon

Sukjong sees Choi Dong Yi in Daejeon is happy to see her, while Choi Dong Yi is preoccupied with her thoughts.

Sukjong: Looking at you outlook the other day you don’t seem to be too well that got me a little concern, but seeing you today, you looked happy & bright, this is a relief

Choi Dong Yi: Is that so?

Sukjong: Yes, that is correct, now I can be rest assures of my anxiety & smile

Choi Dong Yi tries to put up a smile in front of a happy Sukjong.

Sukjong: Really, where there is a person like me who is brought up to be good for nothing, as a Sovereign of this nation that I am just happy to have delight conversation with you

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: But however, I do feel rather happy, that for the 1st time that I have been stress by matters that gave me anxiety, that it is really interesting to know what a common man’s stress is about & this is all thanks to your efforts, but then I don’t wish for you smile forcibly, do you understand?

Choi Dong Yi tries to hide her emotion as Sukjong is really slow in reading Choi Dong Yi’s mood, but then he find something wrong with Choi Dong Yi.

Sukjong: But however what is the matter, Dong Yi? It seems that you look like you have something to say to me

Choi Dong Yi looks at Sukjong.

Seo Yong Gi looks at Choi Hyo Won’s wanted poster then Shim Yun Taek enters Seo Yong Gi’s office & tells that this matter is actually in regards to Geumgae. Seo Yong Gi is surprise that Shim Yun Taek has learn about the matter. Shim Yun Taek is a genius, just a moment noticed, he can comprehend the whole matter. Shim Yun Taek tells that he does vividly recall the Geumgae incident that they were an outlawed Cheonmin organisation that was indicted in the Yanban serial killings. In the same time, the Geumgae leader was the person who murder Seo Yong Gi’s father but in the beginning, Seo Yong Gi came to his defence. Seo Yong Gi queries where is Shim Yun Taek is taking this. Shim Yun Taek admits that he doesn’t know the full details about the incident & also he doesn’t have to curiousity to probe further to the incident but however there is something that Seo Yong Gi needs to know. Shim Yun Taek informs that Choi Dong Yi is now has gone to Daejeon. Seo Yong Gi is surprised at Choi Dong Yi’s action. Shim Yun Taek tells that if he has the heart to prevent this from happening, the person who can persuade to changed Choi Dong Yi’s mindset will only him alone as Shim Yun Taek whether this is correct

Sukjong is concern over a very quiet Choi Dong Yi

Sukjong: Dong Yi? What is really the matter? What is the matter that has make you so perplexed & troubled?….This is fine….Dong Yi…there is no need to speak further….I have mentioned this before to you, if it is too difficult then don’t speak any of this

Choi Dong Yi confess to Sukjong as she mutters t

Choi Dong Yi: I am a criminal’s daughter.

Sukjong is rather lost

Sukjong: What?

Choi Dong Yi: I am a criminal’s daughter, Cheon Na

Sukjong: Dong Yi?

Choi Dong Yi: At the time, on the ravine, that I was not able to come forward the truth about the matter is this….My deceased father & brother, both of them has committed a grave crimes against the nation 7 the Royal court

Sukjong: Dong Yi?

Chief Eunuch Han: Cheon Na, I am Chief Eunuch Han
Chief Eunuch Han comes in

Sukjong: What is it then?

Chief Eunuch Han: Cheon Na, Seo Yong Gi wishes to seek audience with you urgently. Choi Dong Yi is shocked, Sukjong is confused.

Sukjong: Seo Yong Gi? What does he wish to speak?

Seo Yong Gi rushes in with a letter in his hand & greets Sukjong.

Seo Yong Gi: Chon Na! My apology….It is because the matter of great urgency that I didn’t convey my arrival to Daejeon

Sukjong: You?

Choi Dong Yi: Yeong Gam! Please…allow me….this matter let be the person to resolve…

Seo Yong Gi: Mamanim, please return to your residence….have you already forgotten, I have mentioned that let me be the person who will resolve this matter for you

Cha Cheon Soo sprint to Daejeon as Choi Dong Yi staggers out of Daejeon then she turns to look at Daejeon as she sobs, Cha Cheon Soo arrives to call Choi Dong Yi as she turns to call Cha Cheon Soo then Cha Cheon Soo approaches her as Choi Dong Yi can only profusely cries, Cha Cheon Soo hold Choi Dong Yi’s hand to comfort her

Seo Yong Gi asked Sukjong whether he recalls the incident about Geumgae. Sukjong recalls that Geumgae was a Cheonmin outlawed organisation that was instigate in the serial killing of Yanban in the year of Shinyu, Sukjong remember that he has decrees to charge prosecuted the group. Sukjong surprise to asked why the mentioned of Geumgae. Seo Yong Gi tells Sukjong that Choi Dong Yi was trying to speak to Sukjong is regarding this matter. Sukjong is surprise. Seo Yong Gi passes a letter to Sukjong as Sukjong asked what is this letter. Seo Yong Gi explains that this is a letter regarding the findings that they have found in Seong Cheon regarding Choi Dong Yi’s background. Sukjong takes the letter & reads it. Seo Yong Gi tells Sukjong that after reading the letter, Sukjong will learned that Choi Dong Yi father is Cheon, mother is Kim that in the Seong Cheon Gibang, there is a record of them being traded as servants.

Sukjong then asked what is that got to do in regards to Geumgae & what is it that Choi Dong Yi was finding so hard to say to him about. Seo Yong Gi tells that Choi Dong Yi wasn’t really born or brought up in Seong Cheon. Seo Yong Gi tells just has Sukjong has guess that they were abused by their owners & ran away as escape servants, the moment their lives was being threatened that they has been render gratitude help by Geumgae then finally they will able to escape to Seong Cheon. Seo Yong Gi tells Sukjong that what Choi Dong Yi wishes to inform Sukjong about is regarding this matter, although Choi Dong Yi went through perils of risk to decided to disclose the truth that she has been render help by the Geumgae to make her escape but Geumgae being an outlawed organisation, therefore this is why she is ridden by guilt. Sukjong asked that was it this is that what made Choi Dong Yi so troubled & hard, was this matter. Sukjong feels for Choi Dong Yi’s predicament

Cha Cheon Soo learns that Shim Yun Taek was the person who persuade Seo Yong Gi to do otherwise. Cha Cheon Soo asked that Seo Yong Gi took his letter from Seong Cheon to pass it to Sukjong. Shim Yun Taek confirms & this matter will just pass through as it is & asked Cha Cheon Soo to be rest assures his concern. Shim Yun Taek ponders on the fact that Choi Dong Yi is the daughter of Geumgae leader. It seems that Choi Dong Yi is really no ordinary person that she has inherited her father’s bloodline. Cha Cheon Soo is concern as Shim Yun Taek assures Cha Cheon Soo that he may look like her blabbermouth but his mouth is really a clam mouth when needs be, moreover Shim Yun Taek if it was him, it is the same, that because of status constraints that they aren’t allow to exercise their potential, maybe he fear that he too might take up the sword, this is the righteous of man. Cha Cheon Soo looks worried as Shim Yun Taek tells Cha Cheon Soo not because of his remarks that Cha Cheon Soo exposes him too. Shim Yun Taek tells that he has his own aspirations. Shim Yun Taek leaves as Cha Cheon Soo ponder what to make of Shim Yun Taek

In Bo Yeong Dang Choi Dong Yi asked Seo Yong Gi as she has concern that Seo Yong Gi has committed perjury in front of Sukjong by covering up for Choi Dong Yi

Choi Dong Yi: Why did you need to do this?….Don’t you know the consequences as Seo Yong Gi has willful given falsehood testimony to Sukjong by telling him otherwise that may lead to persecution of “high treason”….Yeong Gam

Seo Yong Gi: Do you remember that fateful night?….You have told me that your father died a wrongful death from being falsely accused

Choi Dong Yi surprise

Seo Yong Gi recalls that night that he let Choi Dong Yi go & tells that he will do let her go the 2nd time, as she is the criminal daughter & it is best that Choi Dong Yi must not get found out by him. The young Choi Dong Yi tells Seo Yong Gi that her father is not a criminal & tells that her father never did any wrongdoing & she reminds Seo Yong Gi about the hand gesture by Jang Ik Heon that she has seen a Ha Oh Nim doing the same hand gesture & Seo Yong Gi did tell her that the hand gesture was an important evidence then she asked Seo Yong Gi to go & find that said palace maid & the truth will be revealed when he goes to verify the matter. Seo Yong Gi tells Choi Dong Yi that maybe it was because of that, it was his reason of quest for a long time the purpose of looking for Choi Dong Yi all this while. Seo Yong Gi tells that he has never able to discard Choi Hyo Won from his heart. Choi Dong Yi is surprised. Seo Yong Gi tells that if that is true then he must go & pursue & learn the truth. Seo Yong Gi tells Choi Dong Yi that if Choi Hyo Won did admits to killing his father for his sake, then it is correct that it will be his own personal matter moreover for the sake of Choi Hyo Won that today he was willing & dare to commit perjury in front of Sukjong that he has conceal the truth from Sukjong & committed the highest offence against Sukjong but then he always be abject an apology towards Sukjong but however he reminds Choi Dong Yi

Seo Yong Yi: But however, please I do hope that you will bear this in mind, that you must not, there will come a time that I will have to kneel before Sukjong to admit to my crimes but you must never utter a single word to Cheon Na…

Choi Dong Yi: Yeong Gam?

Seo Yong Gi: You are not doing this for your sake, but the sake of Sukjong…As you did mentioned before that the status you been render in, is being heavy laden in responsibilities but however the heavens has its reason to have allow you to be in this position…it is in this position that you may be out to do some extraordinary achievement that you must do. Therefore that you are beside Sukjong, do what you need to do, are you clear…..Use your life that you must not let anyone to expose you, moreover for Sukjong trust, you need your utmost trust in your sincerity to reimburse Sukjong great trust for you

Seo Yong Gi leaves Bo Yeong Dang where Cha Cheon Soo met him outside. Cha Cheon Soo greets Seo Yong Gi as Seo Yong Gi tells Cha Cheon Soo that it is a long time ago, it is not easy to justify to conceal Geumgae’s crimes as Seo Yong Gi tells Choi Hyo Won & Cha Cheon Soo did indeed shake the foundation of the nation’s root with the forming of Geumgae that is no denial in that fact. Cha Cheon Soo understands. Seo Yong Gi tells but however, the day Choi Dong Yi is still in the palace that Cha Cheon Soo must take the responsibility to safeguard Choi Dong Yi until then, as Seo Yong Gi tells because of his friend’s crime, he will carry this away under his responsibility, moreover what Choi Dong Yi & Cha Cheon Soo should do is to erase this matter from their memory & asked Cha Cheon Soo to bear this mind. Seo Yong Gi leaves

Choi Dong Yi is crying as she contemplates & calls out her father & brother then she weeps. Seo Yong Gi is a nice person

Jang Hee Jae’s man comes to Mdm Yoon residence as Mdm Yoon greets him. Jang Hee Jae’s man asked whether Jang Hee Jae is in as she affirms. Mdm Yoon asked Jang Hee Jae what is the progress that it is still going smoothly . Jang Hee Jae sighs. Mdm Yoon’s maid comes to tell that Jang Hee Jae’s man wants to see him. Jang Hee Jae asked him to enter as Jang Hee Jae’s man comes to him & he asked his man whether they have found the Military log book. Jang Hee Jae’s man tells that they have yet locate the Military log book whereabouts. Jang Hee Jae upset with his man that all the effort is given & he only can come up with that answer. Jang Hee Jae’s man apologise but there is a matter that is seen more greater urgency than the Military log book. Jang Hee Jae queries about the urgent matter. Jang Hee Jae’s man tells the Chinese Envoy Chen has convey a message that he want to Military log book with tomorrow as a dateline & it seems that Chinese Envoy Chen has learn about their failed in attempt to locate the Military log book. Mdm Yoon is concern what they are suppose to do now

Queen Jang learns from Jo Sang Gung that Choi Dong Yi’s identity has been pacified with a document. Yoo sang Gung tells that the document doesn’t finds nothing amiss or in doubt. Oh Tae Seok is with Queen Jang as she asked what is the matter regarding Geumgae then. Queen Jang asked that Nae Geum Ui was said to have investigated about the Geumgae’s case that she believe that she could get Choi Dong Yi to be in league with Geumgae. Oh Tae Seok tells that he has send someone to verified the matter & the matter has been justified. Jang Hee Jae comes to see Queen Jang as she asked what is the matter. Jang Hee Jae asked that he needs to speak to her in private. Oh Taek Seok queries what is the matter that his presence is not welcome that he wonder what all the secrecy about. Jang Hee Jae signal to Queen Jang that he wants Oh Tae Seok to be excuse. Queen Jang asked Oh Tae Seok to be excused as Oh Tae Seok is surprise that he has been dismissed. Oh Tae Seok leaves Gyotaejeon then asked Oh Yun to find out what is Jang Hee Jae up to lately. Oh Yun tells that the most important matter for them now is to deal with Choi Dong Yi’s background. Oh Tae Seok sense that they is something important that Jang Hee Jae has bungled up. Oh Yun acknowledged & leaves

Oh Yun is still around that he hasn’t exit from the drama

Queen Jang learns from Jang Hee Jae that the Military log book might be with Choi Dong Yi & Shim Yun Taek’s possession. Jang Hee Jae tells just as Queen Jang has guessed that it seems that it might be true. Jang Hee Jae sense that Shim Yun Taek might be out to plot something. Queen Jang asked what is that something. Jang Hee Jae tells that the Military log book is seen in their possession & yet they have not reacted on the matter, Jang Hee Jae that he has made the wrong call. Jang Hee Jae tells that they are awaiting for some important evidence & to seize an opportunity. Jang Hee Jae tells Queen Jang even if he needs to massacre them all, that he will….Queen Jang asked whether the dateline is tomorrow by Chinese Envoy Chen. Jang Hee Jae confirms the matter. Queen Jang asked her brother to calm down & focus, if they now loses their sense of reasoning then it will spell their downfall. If they don’t wish for everything to be over & done with, Jang Hee Jae is concern. Queen Jang tells that if the Military log book is in Choi Dong Yi’s possession, that they will just have to retrieve the Military log book & all will be well. Jang Hee Jae queries on retrieval

Joseon worker busy with a construction site as Chinese Envoy Chen is doing a recce the construction site. Chinese Envoy Chen orders his men to go & take a closer look. Then they are spotted by the Joseon soldiers patrolling the premises & raise the alarm then the Chinese Envoy Chen & his entourage are surrounded. Sukjong learns from Do Seong Ji Qing Chinese Envoy Chen covert night recce to look in to the Military deployment in Ganghwasan & was apprehended. Do Seong Ji confirms & Sukjong is baffled

The construction site is the Gapgotjin base that was built during the reign of Sukjong in 1679 in Ganghwasan

Sukjong summon the Chinese Emissary & tells that he has hears distressing report discuss then asked the Chinese Emissary whether their real intention is regarding to this matter, that by issue the Imperial Endorsement for the Crown Prince Investiture was to pacified Sukjong but then covertly goes to observe Joseon’s borders & military activities to discreetly understand their military deployment. The Chinese Emissary denies that they are doing that. Chinese Envoy Chen tells Sukjong that he will have to be bold that it seems like it is a Joseon practice to go around pacifying someone in order to discreetly to have ulterior motives. Sukjong is surprise at Chinese Envoy Chen remarks. The Chinese Emissary asked Chinese Envoy Chen to stand down. Chinese Envoy Chen acknowledge then he queries about Ganghwasan’s construction of the fortress, that it seem it didn’t have any prior discussion with Qing China in regards to the construction of the fortress. Sukjong asked that whether the Qing China was Joseon to provided them with every boulder or rock is being moved. Chinese Envoy Chen brushes it off. Sukjong tells this is fine, if he think that this will raise their interest, he will not stop them, Chinese Envoy Chen can take his entourage & go & inspect all they want. Chinese Envoy Chen tells how about changing the subject in regards to their common border. Chinese Envoy Chen has heard there is deployment of Military force in the common borders then asked whether the fact is true. Sukjong tells Chinese Envoy Chen that he is out of line. Sukjong leaves the Chinese Emissary then he is clearly upset & asked Do Seong Ji to looks into the matter that the Chinese Emissary has taken the Military border deployment as their reasons of raising an issue with Joseon. Do Seong Ji acknowledge

Shim Yun Taek goes to see Choi Dong Yi, as Choi Dong Yi is surprise that Qing Chinese Emissary’s intention to come to Doseong in such hurry is to get hold of the Military log book. Shim Yun Taek tells does Choi Dong Yi think that just for an Imperial endorsement that they will make such a journey. Qing China always wish to know what Joseon border deployment. Qing China has fears that the strengthening of Joseon Military might. Qing China wants the Military log book to justify their fears to see whether it is correct in order to counter measure. Shim Yun Taek tells that by chance the Military log book falls into the Chinese hands, Joseon will yet again faces the threats from Qing China. Shim Yun Taek affirms the matter. In order to pacified Qing China, that Joseon has to be seen to have a weak Military might, this has always been Sukjong’s intention to perceive as that but now the Chinese Emissary is trying to make an issue over the matter. Shim Yun Taek tells that this is not just simply selling state secret but what they are really doing is high treason against the country. Shim Yin Taek tells that they need to protect the Military log book at all cost, moreover that they need to use this to hold them by their necks on the matter. Choi Dong Yi asked Shim Yun Taek how do they go about doing this then. How will they able to prove that Jang Hee Jae really wanted intention to pass the Military log book to Qing China. Shim Yun Taek tells that he has very well thought plan but there is some calculative risk involved for them to undertake

Scene changes to Queen Inhyeon’s cottage. Jung In Guk deliver a letter & tells Queen Inhyeon that this is a letter from Choi Dong Yi. Queen Inhyeon takes the letter to read. Ahn Sang Gung tells what is the content in the letter that has cause Queen Inhyeon some concern.

Queen Inhyeon: Cheon Sang Gung looks like she is somewhat planning to preparing for an counter assault

Jung Geum: What?…. Cheon Sang Gung Mamanim?

Queen Inhyeon: It could be said that, this could be seen as the final battle between I & Hee Bin

Oh Tae Seok learns from Queen Jang that they has handed the Military log book to Qing China. Queen Jang confirms that they did indeed. Oh Tae Seok is shocked with his jaw agape & asked how can they do this….Queen Jang understands the implications that it is laden perilous in risk. Queen Jang tells that Sukjong haven’t grasp the reality of the situation. Queen Jang tells that Joseon & Qing China must not be adversary, moreover they need to have friendly ties, that it is more important for Qing China to have the rights to know that will be more beneficial. Oh Taek seok worries that if Sukjong learns about the matter that it will be grave results of implications. Queen Jang tells that this is only for Oh Tae Seok to know, that the horse that he is riding on is already galloping with speed, do you think that Oh Taek Seok will able to jump off from its back. Queen Jang asked if he doesn’t wish to then Oh Tae Seok must render his support to them that they are now on the same bandwagon for their survival

Choi Dong Yi with the Military log book on her table as she contemplates. Bong Sang Gung informs that Sukjong has arrived. Choi Dong Yi comes out to greet Sukjong. Sukjong looks at Choi Dong Yi & nods,
Sukjong goes for a stroll with Choi Dong Yi. Sukjong sighs

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: Sigh! Today has been a very long day…It is because that I have conflict with the Chinese Emissary in some matter of urgency that my mood has been fouled that the matter wasn’t resolves as expected, that I have no time to look after your feelings

Choi Dong Yi is surprise

Choi Dong Yi: It is nothing like that, how can you bear this matter in your heart

Sukjong: I have heard from Seo Yong Gi in regards to your matter. I have finally understand what difficulties that you had to faced within you

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong: However, please don’t worry…I know that the fault is not on you or your father…on the contrary it can be said that the fault should lie on me as the Monarch of this country. The existence of this country to have segregation of distinctive social class of gentry & commoner, the wealthy because of their own asset & wealth that they will oppress the innocent commoner, moreover as the King of this nation that I have never done in my effort in protecting my Cheonmin class but I have always voice that I have kept my people interest dear to my heart but then he has never kept that pledge on Cheonmin class

Choi Dong Yi: It is not like that, Cheon Na. Cheon Na compare to whoever is a Sovereign that cherish his people….Have you forgotten? You have entrusted your trust upon me who has nothing & just a Cheonmin that you have offer your stretch hand to help me, is it that you Cheon Na

Sukjong: Yes, you are correct, as for me to say that you are that person to me therefore there are time I often think, wouldn’t it be perhaps it is that reason that heavens bestowed to send you to me to be at my side. The person who has told me & acknowledged that the Cheonmin class is also my people & my responsibility to them as a King that I need to go through your suffering to have listen to your grievances in order to know about the Cheonmin class citizen

Choi Dong Yi: Cheon Na?

Sukjong holds Choi Dong Yi’s hand & pats it. Chief Eunuch Han & Bong sang Gung & Ae Jung is pleased to hear Sukjong admission. Sukjong holds Choi Dong Yi hands to console her,

Queen Jang gives Jang Hee Jae; her carte blanche & asked him to use it. Queen Jang that the matter they must use the time given to expedite whatever they have to with the time frame create & given to them & tells Jang Hee Jae to bear this in mind. Queen Jang tells that the sword is already coming near to their necks & if they don’t seize the opportunity to gain the upper hand then all they have will be vanquish into dust & spell their imminent end. Jang Hee Jae assures her that he will successful resolve everything

Oh Tae Seok having a Namin faction assembly meeting, then tells his faction that they are on their brink & that their political survival is on the line. Oh Tae Seok urges his Namin faction to gather in strength to counter the onslaught or else it will be over for them. Oh Tae Seok asked his faction will they defend this with their lives. The Namin faction agrees

Sukjong is informed by Jang Hee Jae that there is a banquet in honour of the Chinese Emissary. Jang Hee Jae affirms that he has heard that Sukjong & the Chinese Emissary has been in loggerhead in dispute over matters but to have them return with this grievance might not be beneficial for both countries diplomatic relationship, before their return that they needs to appease the Chinese Emissary. Sukjong is still upset as Do Seong Ji advice that what Jang Hee Jae has said, has his points of reason & tells that this is just diplomatic entertainment that it will be beneficial for them to appease the Chinese Emissary. Sukjong is not pleased while Jang Hee Jae set up his scheme

Mdm Park asked Oh Tae Pung what suddenly there is the banquet held that her husband & son is going as Oh Tae Pung explains that the banquet in honour of the Chinese Emissary that has come to Doseong that this is an important banquet. Oh Ho Yang tells that this is the biggest even that they have prepared since taking over the music bureau. Mdm Yoon asked why is that. Oh Ho Yang tells there is something that they need to do that is important. Mdm Park queries about is that, Oh Ho Yang tries to tell his mother but Oh Tae Pung rebukes his son not to disclose to Mdm Park. Mdm park insist as Oh Tae Pung insist that his wife doesn’t need to know about politics & leaves. Mdm Yoon wonders what his husband is really doing

Choi Dong Yi learns from Bong Sang Gung that Queen Jang send out invitation that she is preparing a banquet for the Chinese Emissary & entourage, Queen Jang has requested for Choi Dong Yi to attend the banquet. Bong Sang Gung affirms that Queen Jang has decree for her participation to the banquet. Choi Dong Yi queries what reason for her attendance. Bong Sang Gung explains she doesn’t know the actual reason but that Choi Dong Yi is now the member of the Royal Household with the receipt to Inner court, wouldn’t that be a reason. Ae Jung asked Choi Dong Yi to put on her best appearance & asked if she understands as Choi Dong Yi smiles but then she has her doubts

Yoo Sang Gung comes to hand a document to asked Jeong Sang Gung to just follow accordingly to what it has been written then asked Jeong Sang Gung to take Jung Im & the other Gungnyeo with her. Yoo Sang Gung tells Jeong Sang Gung that she wants Jeong Sang Gung to take charge of the banquet. Jeong Sang Gung & Jung Im express surprise. Jeong Sang Gung tells that it is customary that Jejo Sang Gung (Yoo Sang Gung) attend this Royal banquets. Yoo Sang Gung tells that she will not forever be holding this post, then Yoo Sang Gung knows that Jeong Sang Gung strive to this position, this is the reason that Yoo Sang Gung allow Jeong Sang Gung to attend for experience & tells that the preparation must be done without mistakes. Yoo Sang Gung leaves

Jang Hee Jae waits for his man who comes to see him as he asked how matters are progressing. Jang Hee Jae’s man informs that all is prepared & ready according to plan that the Nae Geum Bu & Internal Bureau of Investigation will have their hand tied down. Jang Hee Jae asked about Shim Yun Taek. Jang Hee Jae’s man assures Jang Hee Jae that he has send men to eliminate Shim Yun Taek

Shin Yun Taek walking in the street as he is being followed & then found himself in danger being cornered & surrounded. Shim Yun Taek asked who are they as the assailant order for Shim Yun Taek to be capture as he tries to fend off the assailant but ended being knocks out cold & carried away

In the banquet, Jeong Sang Gung & Jung Im usher Choi Dong Yi to the banquet. Choi Dong Yi notice Cha Cheon Soo & Seo Yong Gi looking after security

Choi Dong Yi: Tonight the both of them (Cha Cheon Soo & Seo Yong Gi) are also here?

Jeong Sang Gung: Yes, they are, since it is the matter regarding the palace, Seo Yong Gi of Nae Geum Ui will be taking charge of security

Choi Dong Yi sense bad premonition that the danger in the midst. Choi Dong Yi beginning to have her doubts that something is wrong

Assailants running on the streets, guard has been diverted from their post by order. Yoo Sang Gung & her girls comes to Bo Yeong Dang & asked them they must do this quickly

Yoo sang Gung: We must be quick or else tonight’s effort will go to waste

Eum Geum: Yes, Mamanim

Shi Bi: We understand, Mamanim

Cha Cheon Soo with Choi Dong Yi who looks vexed

Cha Cheon Soo: What are you mean by saying…Dong Yi…that you find matter strange?

Choi Dong Yi looks around

Choi Dong Yi: All of us are currently present in this exact premises

Cha Cheon Soo: What?

Choi Dong Yi: I…with Jeong Sang Gung, also you Orrabuni & Seo Yong Gi, that has allow us to be assemble in this place, don’t you sense there is something rather odd about this arrangement?

Choi Dong Yi: Where is Shim Yun Taek, Orrabuni? Have you not since him yet?

Cha Cheon Soo: I don’t think it is possible for him to participate in this banquet

Choi Dong Yi: Go & find out what is Shim Yun Taek is doing

Cha Cheon Soo: Yes, I understand

Cha Cheon Soo leaves the banquet. Jeong Sang Gung & Jung Im comes to see Choi Dong Yi

Jeong Sang Gung: Mamanim?

Jung Im: Just like you have said that you suspected, there is something amiss, I will go & find out

Choi Dong Yi nods. A palace maid drops her tray & breaks the plates that gave Choi Dong Yi a fright

Bong Sang Gung: Mamanim, are you alright?

Choi Dong Yi sense something is indeed out of place,

Choi Dong Yi: We need to leave for the residence at once to have a look

Bong Sang Gung: What?

Choi Dong Yi about to leave when Queen Jang comes

Queen Jang: Where are you going, Cheon Sang Gung?

Choi Dong greets Queen Jang. Choi Dong Yi wants to leaves but Queen Jang stops her

The battle of the Inner court Round 3 Dong Yi vs Queen Jang….Start!!!!…Fight!!!


Queen Jang banquet, Sukjong is having a fine time with Yeong Dal playing the Daegeum & the Chinese Emissary are enjoying themselves

Queen Jang: All the focus will be at the banquet, you just need to go & find what we need

Jang Hee Jae pleased with himself

Oh Tae Seok with his Namin faction

Jo Sang Gung whisper to Mdm Yoon’s maid

Cha Cheon Soo: Their movement is rather out of the ordinary

Chinese Envoy meets with the Chinese Emissary, the same Chinese Emissary that Choi Dong Yi met in Mohwaguan

Chinese Envoy: Your Eminence?

Palace maid: What are you doing?

Yoo Sang Gung: Deal with her!

Palace Maid: Mamanim?

Shim Yun Taek bound

Shim Yun Taek: Bring him out!

Yoo Sang Gung & the girls frantically searching Choi Dong Yi residence for the Military look book

Jang Hee Jae: The Military log book is nowhere to be found, now what is left is only Cheon Sang Gung’s residence

Choi Dong Yi residence being searched

Jang Hee Jae with Queen Jang

Yoo Sang Gung: We must find it

Choi Dong Yi returns to her residence

Shi Bi: Cheon Sang Gung is returning to her residence

Yoo Sang Gung is shocked

Jang Hee Jae with the book

Jang Hee Jae: What Mama has said is correct….

Queen Jang is pleased seeing the Military log book

Jo Sang Gung: Congratulations! Now you can have what you desire

Soldier are deployed with Cha Cheon Soo taking command

Seo Yong Gi: Assemble all Nae Geum Bu’s soldiers at once

Seo Yong Gi looks at this soldier being deployed

Shim Yun Taek about to be killed by Oh Yun as Oh Yun put the sword to Shim Yun Taek’s neck

Queen Jang: Not to avoid any mistake, we can’t have lose ends

Choi Dong Yi finds the Military log book missing

Choi Dong Yi: Missing?

Bong Sang Gung: What?

Choi Dong Yi: The Military log book is missing

Make Money Online In Rwanda At Home For Free Comments

Military log book is stolen from Choi Dong Yi’s residence, whether it is the real one, or Shim Yun Taek using the Military log book as a bait to lure the Jang sibling to conceit to their crimes. There is a lot of reading between the lines tonight


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25 Responses to Dong Yi Summary 35

  1. vian July 22, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    thank u so much jackie 4 the summary..u r dbest..

  2. Jackie July 22, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    Queen Inhyeon return to Gyotaejeon with a new Hanbok

  3. Jackie July 22, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    More of the Jang Hee Jae’s behind the scene – interrogation

  4. Tai July 22, 2010 at 10:20 pm #

    Thanks so much. without your insight this week would be hell.

  5. Jackie July 22, 2010 at 10:23 pm #

    The footage of the sock, the evidence of the dust that Yoo sang Gung, Shi Bi & Eun Geum was in Choi Dong Yi residence

    Sukjong, Choi Dong Yi & Queen Jang having a bad day that require aspirin

    Queen Jang & her samsonite eye bags in 2 lighting concept

    Why is there a ladder on the scene

    The footage that send frenzy

    Why is Choi Dong Yi closing her mouth, is she feeling nausea, Bong Sang Gung looks like she concurs

    Historically, Choi Dong Yi must be pregnant prior for Queen Inhyeon to return. This will be Yeongjo


    This is was the footage that someone has pull off from the website after is was posted, but the damaged was done as it spread to other sites

  6. koz July 22, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

    My assumption before about the reason why Seo Yong Gi was looking for Dong Yi was right. The young Dong Yi’s words to him did bother him and he wanted to know more why Dong Yi said her family died a wrongful death.

    During the time when Choi Hyo Won didn’t deny the accusation, I was rather baffled at his reasoning. In a sense, he also didn’t admit as he just closed his eyes and bowed. At that time, I thought of that as a silent admission to the guilt.

    It is only now that I realized, it was as what Jackie had said, Choi Hyo Won absorbing the fact that Seo Yong GI doubted him. And since he loved Seo Yong Gi dearly, he knew that at that time, Seo Yong Gi is at the losing end. If he knew who killed his father and the noblemen, it will cost SYG his life. At that time, the southern faction can easily overpower SYG since he was just a mere police officer with no political background. If SYG knew of the southern faction’s plan, they could just easily find ways to kill him and before that happens, Choi Hyo Won did what he thought could save SYG’s life.

    In this episode, it’s Seo Yong Gi’s turn to take a very, very risky turn. I think that is his way of saying, he was thankful at the extent Choi Hyo Won did for SYG, and he wants to protect Choi Hyo Won’s trust in him by protecting Choi Hyo Won’s daughter with the same degree that Choi Hyo Won rendered him…his life. I am now wishing that SYG and DY gets to find the truth about the noblemen’s death before King Sukjong finds out about this.

    What made me grin so wide in this episode was when Cupid Han told King Sukjong that it’s the hour of Ja Si and since it is so, then did the King wish to go to Dong Yi’s residence? Did he just imply that the King visits Dong YI every hour of Ja Si? :cupid: …lolz, I know I’m reading in-between the lines too much for this …

    Thanks for the summary as always, Jackie. :thumbsup: I hope you won’t mind long comments after you’re summaries since I just couldn’t help but blabber after reading what conspired in this episode.

  7. Jackie July 22, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    Dear koz

    This is why the column is called “responses to…”

    You are free to comment. Your analyse is well taken

  8. senajang July 22, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    Well done, Jackie. Thank you so much….This is an exciting episode..I was holding my breath while I was reading it..
    I like the Shim Yun Taek character..he adds so much to this drama..In the earlier episodes, I thought the introduction of this character was very slow but now the pace is just right.
    I really like how observant Dong Yi is..she sensed trouble when she and her gang arrived at the banquet and she was right…the next episode is even more exciting

  9. Jackie July 22, 2010 at 11:47 pm #

    I think that Han Hyo Joo & Lee So Yeon spent amount of effort in doing their confrontation scene, to practice their interact with each other

  10. Jackie July 22, 2010 at 11:53 pm #

    Dong Yi will have a 14 episodes extension & will ends its run in October

  11. farhah July 23, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    wow the extension was long, I don’t know whether I can follow it till the end, but right now the pace and script is still ok and interesting,

    so we will see a long fight between dong yi & jhb and how dong yi protect and raise her son.
    So the matter about her family is not gonna solve yet.

    I wonder whether we would see Yoo Sanggung and her two girls after QI reinstated. If she still there its mean she will get demoted from her position like before and will she work under jhb like before or feeling remorse?I don’t know what to think about her because she is someone with high ambition and not hesitates to use a dirty trick and try to attach herself with someone powerful.

    But I have a feeling that Jung Sanggung will be the Chief Madam.

  12. Jackie July 23, 2010 at 12:06 am #

    1) 看在世子的份上(肅宗當時沒有其他子嗣,世子的性格仍沒成熟,若貿然廢掉張玉貞,難保不出現另一個燕山君悲劇)
    2) 張玉貞的死罪仍沒被揭發(毒害明聖大妃)
    3) 肅宗對張玉貞還有點恩情
    4) 支撐張玉貞的南人勢力仍然強大,先動了南人派

    4 reason why Sukjong only demotes Queen Jang to Hee Bin & not depose her
    1) Consideration for Crown Prince. Sukjong at this moment only has the Crown Prince as his posterity. Crown Prince is still not young & immature, if he depose Queen jang then it can’t be guarantee that the Crown Prince may end up tragic like Yeongsangun

    2) Jang ok Jung’s crime for her to be sentence to death has not been exposed (The poisoning Queen Myeongseong)

    3) Sukjong still have some feeling for Jang Ok Jung that his gratitude in providing his posterity

    4) Jang Ok Jung political power base is still really strong, there is need to initially weaken the Namin Faction power base

  13. koz July 23, 2010 at 12:35 am #

    Costume design and colors the staff chose for each character just suited them well. Queen Inhyeon and Dong Yi’s hanbok colors have pastel hues that looks relaxing/comforting to the eye. This is in contrast to Queen Jang’s hanbok where the first one, the red one, looks like that of the King and it suits her character’s pursuit of power. When they gave Queen Jang a darker color, her mood and schemes also goes the same as Queen Jang makes the scheme with her own hands instead of riding behind the dirty works of the people behind her.

    As to the socks…oh goodness, I was thinking of something else in the line of Yeongjo’s existence 😈 …oh goodness, me and my twisted mind :duh: … :rofl:

    Shim Yun Taek, aside from the fact that he is cute (and that I have a crush on his brains :haha1: ) seems like a very dangerous opponent. He looks pretty much harmless in the outside, like a good-for-nothing fellow, but that is always a part of his plan. In a way he reminds me of Jang Hee Jae in the beginning, when he was just known as a guy who loves gallivanting. I just sure hope (and I put my trust in SYT) that he won’t become as power greedy as Jang Hee Jae and that he will always render his support for Dong Yi.

    I do hope Dong Yi goes back to her true surname of Choi before she becomes Suk won. When will that butterfly ornament and hand signal reappear again?

    Han Hyo Joo must have felt tired after shooting this episode. She sure cried a lot in this one. 😥 :bawling:

    Seo Yong Gi is a hero in this episode (for me). My heart was pounding while he gives his testimony to Dong Yi’s background to the king as well as when he was explaining to Dong Yi why he did what he did.

  14. farhah July 23, 2010 at 12:45 am #

    thank You Jackie for the new information.

    I personally think that the reason why Sukjong only demotes her is logic.Its because the time she get demoted her political faction is still strong but it is an achievement for Dong Yi who has no political power but with the help of her few supporter able to incriminate her with the crime and eventually lead QI to be reinstated.

    Sukjong also use that upheaval to balance back the political power in the royal court. He really know to manipulate that situation.

    Its also true that JHb is the mother of his only son(crown prince), but after this Sukjong would have other son from Dong Yi and this would lead JHB feel threaten with his presence because there will be officials that would support Dong Yi and her son. It would be interesting to watch how this fight will go on. I guess every time JHb want to do a bad thing, Dong Yi would definitely will oppose her.

    I wonder whether JHB will plot anything against Dong Yi during her pregnancy. We know that in history it did happen but do you think JHB would plot anything? She just get demoted, so I don’t think she should do anything that raise suspicious against her.

  15. Jackie July 23, 2010 at 1:02 am #

    In the preview text of Dong Yi Episode 38

    Meawhile, Sukjong confess that he has a natal dream that he has seen a roaring & flying dragon

    It is usually the woman who have Natal dream & not Sukjong

    In the 1995 version of Jang Hee Bin, Choi Suk Bin has the natal dream of seeing the flying dragon coming out from Injungjeon

    Injungjeon is the Benevolent Hall in Cheongdeokgung. Injungjeon, King’s Hall of Benevolent Governemt, is where the king conducted the state ceremonies. Important ceremonies such as the enthronement of the king, state ceremonies, reception of foreign dignitaries were held in the courtyard.

  16. koz July 23, 2010 at 1:57 am #

    considering that it’s a dragon Sukjong dreams of, then that must mean that it is now baby Yeongjo in Dong Yi’s womb and we won’t see the first baby who died.

    I was a bit disappointed that Oh Tae Suk turned his back on JHB. That would render JHB politically crippled so early in the drama. What will she do then for the next 7 years? (1694-1701) I was hoping their loyalty will be similar to the western faction’s loyalty to Queen Inhyeon.

    Jang Heebin will have to do her schemes all by herself now? And since she becomes politically weak she’ll have to hold on to the only think that gives her a back-up and that is Sukjong’s only son…but not for long…and so the next battle will not be for their sons. Jang Heebin will fight for her son’s claim to being a sole heir to the crown while Dong Yi fights for her son’s survival. This is just my opinion.

  17. marichel July 23, 2010 at 2:22 am #

    Thanks again Jackie! :wave: 😛 😀 :goodvibes:

  18. Jackie July 23, 2010 at 4:45 am #

    Choi Dong Yi greets Queen Inhyeon’s arrival to the palace

  19. michelle July 23, 2010 at 4:57 am #

    so.. can anyone tell me if dy is going to get miscarriage ?
    that would be sad :(

  20. Jackie July 23, 2010 at 5:19 am #

    Dear Michelle

    I don’t think they have the time to do miscarriages or sons that died young & goes straight to Yeongjo.

    Queen Jang has another son after Gyeongjong who died young, but they didn’t show him either.

  21. michelle July 23, 2010 at 9:49 am #

    Dear Jackie,
    thank you for the answer 😀
    I’m happy that they don’t have time, because it would be really sad

  22. senajang July 23, 2010 at 12:21 pm #

    It’s nice to see DY welcome QI to the palace. Those pictures evoked warmth in their relationship….I’m sure they’ll make a very good team.. Yay!! another member in the DY gang in side the palace..

    Thanks again Jackie

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  25. Lizzy March 5, 2016 at 1:08 pm #

    Please can I also be updated because the story is very interesting from episode 51

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