Dong Yi Summary 4

Dong Yi Summary 4

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Then Choi Dong Yi brings Gae Do Ra to a place. Choi Dong Yi said that this place is nice to hide out as Gae Do Ra asked where is this place. Choi Dong Yi said that it is the Rear end of the palace. Gae Do Rang is shock that it is the palace. Choi Dong Yi said that behind them is the Si Gu Mun’s entrance. Gae Do Ra queries about what is Si Gu Mun. Choi Dong Yi explains that this is where the body passes through for those who died in the palace. Gae Do Ra frighten when he hears the word “body/corpse”. Choi Dong Yi asked Gae Do Ra to keep quiet as there is nothing to fear. This entrance will only open when the King or any Royal Household members passed away therefore there will not be frequent for any bodies to pass through this entrance. Gae Do Ra asked whether it is true & who told her. Choi Dong Yi tells that her father has mentioned to her before therefore she assures Gae Do Ra that this place is really safe. No matter how the police bureau searches for them in the capital, they will never search this area, they have no knowledge of this place as they will not dare to conduct a search in this area & wouldn’t have imagine that they will hiding in this place at all. Gae Do Ra marvel at Choi Dong Yi choice of place, this is something that he will never able to come up. Choi Dong Yi really knows how to come up with the unexpected

Si Gu Mun is where the bodies of those who dies in the palace passes through

Choi Dong Yi share the straw mat with Gae Do Ra to cover from the cold as she asked that Gae Do Ra was running alone. Gae Do Ra said there is no need to mention that he was starving then he enter a house & he was bitten by a wolf. Choi Dong Yi surprise that the house would keep a wolf. Gae Do Ra affirms that the dog is exactly like a ferocious wolf & he has long fangs. Choi Dong Yi can’t believe as Gae Do Rang said that it is true, he has the teeth mark to proof & show the teeth mark on his feet to Choi Dong Yi. Choi Dong Yi said that this was bitten by a wolf dog as she sees Gae Do Ra bruise feet & now suffering from frost bite. Choi Dong Yi said that why Gae Do Ra doesn’t do anything to dress the wound. Gae Do Ra said that it is so cold that he doesn’t feel the pain. Gae Do Ra tells that her hands are also cold with frost bite & what to do. Choi Dong Yi said that her hands are slightly but she is fine

Gae Do Ra tells that his father was alive, although he scolds him but there is love in that as he lies down & cries how he misses his father so much, although everyday he hits him but he still having his father around. Choi Dong Yi feels sad for Gae Do Ya as Gae Do Ra cries for his father. Choi Dong Yi lies down & tell Gae Do Ra not to cries, if they wish to see them then they will. Gae Do Ra asked how can they see them when they are already dead. Choi Dong Yi asked Gae Do Ra to look up to heavens as Gae Do Ra question about heaven as Choi Dong Yi tells that they are all up there in heaven, the heavens are always there with them therefore they are with them together. Choi Dong Yi tells that when he thinks of them then they just need to look up towards the stars in heaven. Gae Do Ra asked if this is really true. Then a star sparkles as Choi Dong Yi said that her father is waving to them. Gae Do Ra tells that Choi Dong Yi is lying as Choi Dong Yi denies that the stars that is short & rounded is Gae Do Ra’s father. Gae Do Ra calls out for his father as Choi Dong Yi quietly weep for her father & brother. As they sleep, then Gae Do Ra wakes up suddenly to asked that Choi Dong Yi must be hungry & takes out some food from his bag & asked her to have some to eat. Choi Dong Yi marvels that they are sanju. Gae Do Ra affirms that there is a house which has throws out this fine food out of the house, therefore they are many pieces for them here to share. Choi Dong Yi takes a bite then spit it out as Gae Do Ra asked what is wrong. Choi Dong Yi tells that the food is already spoilt. Gae Do Ra is surprise as Choi Dong Yi asked how many pieces has he eaten. Gae Do Ra said that he has some, then he realise why it tasted rather strange. Gae Do Ra said that it was the 1st time for him that he has eaten, therefore he doesn’t know the taste & thought it tasted like that. Choi Dong Yi tells that Gae Do Ra is as dumb as a bear

Sanju are meat patties

Gae D Ra said that Choi Dong Yi is cold, he asked her to wear this to keep warm as Choi Dong Yi wear it & thanked Gae Do Ra who tells that he wants her to wear that everyday as Choi Dong Yi tells that she can wear it. Gae Do Ra asked whether it is nice.

Seo Yong Gil in the police bureau looking through documents as Assistant Han approaches Seo Yong Gil that he needs to rest, it has been days. Seo Yong Gil assures him not to be concern. Seo Yong Gil said that if his Assistant want to be nagging, it is better that he brings a few police constable to go & do some arrest. Seo Yong Gil passes the document to Hwang Jung Gun & asked that he has told Hwang Jung Gun that he was slow & dim wit. Hwang Jung Gun bow to affirms as Seo Yong Gil tells that he is sorry for the remark. Seo Yong Gil said that it should be a remark that make to his reference. Seo Yong Gil said that it is not a passing remark, it is because of his foolishness that now the capital is filled with the situation of fear & anxiety, it is because of his mistake that has led to this anxiety within the Yanban officials & the population. Assistant Han asked how can that be just Seo Yong Gil’s fault. This is all the evil scheme of Choi Hyo Won as Choi Hyo Won has ridicule Seo Yong Gil’s trust…. Seo Yong Gil interrupts that he doesn’t wish to hear Choi Hyo Won’s name be mentioned in front of him

Then the police constable comes in & tells that they have found the whereabouts of Geumgae leader’s daughter Choi Dong Yi. Seo yong Gil goes to the tavern where he found the bowl of rice that Choi Dong Yi was eating in the kitchen. The Assistant tells Seo Yong Gil that according to the tavern proprietor that the child is disguise in boy’s clothes but she is certainly identify that it is Choi Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gil said that she has not left the vicinity of the capital yet. Seo Yong Gil said that she is just a child that she is expose to such a cold weather that she will not able to tolerate for long. Choi Dong Yi is awake & feeling the chill of the cold weather then she recalls Jang Ok Jung showing the hands gestures then the dying Jang Ik Heon doing the same hand gestures as Choi Dong Yi tells that jang Ik Heon was trying to relay something to her then suddenly Gae Do Ra groans. Then Choi Dong Yi goes to him & asked whether he is cold but she remove her jacket & covers him & asked him to wait a while, while she goes to find something for him to cover. Gae Do Ra gets up & tells that he is having stomach ache then Choi Dong Yi finds out from Gae Do Ra’s bag that all the meat patties are gone & asked that Gae Do Ra perhaps by chance eaten all the spoilt food. Gae Do Ra said that he was so cold, therefore he eat it to sustain his filled to keep warm then as he moan in pain over his stomach upset.

Choi Dong Yi piggy back the groaning Gae Do Ra telling him to hold on & endure his pain as she takes Gae Do Ra to the government clinic. Choi Dong Yi sees her warrant poster on the door as she turns around but Gae Do Ra is groaning in pain & she goes to seek a physician to look at Gae Do Ra. Choi Dong Yi carries Gae Do Ra to see a physician & asked him to save her friend that her friend is in grave pain. The physician asked what is wrong as Choi Dong Yi said that he has eaten spoilt food. The physician asked to bring the child into consultation then prepares Choe Hu Jae as the nurses acknowledge

Choe Hu Jae is a medication that encourage vomiting, an ancient stomach wash out

A Ssireum in the streets as the crowd cheers for the opponents. Hwang Jung Gun comes through the crowd as the blue belt loses the fight. Hwang Jung Gun leaves the crowd as the police constable reports to Hwang Jung Gun that there is no suspect. Hwang Jung Gun acknowledge & asked the constable to return while he look around the place. The police constable acknowledge & leaves. Then Hwang Jung Gun goes to bet on the next Ssireum round then bets 3 nyang on the red opponent. Kim Heon is among the crowd. Kim Heon interrupts that he should bet on blue instead of red opponent. Then Kim Heon puts Hwang Jung Gun bet in blue. Kim Heon asked he must adhere to what he tell him as he pity him. Hwang Jung Gun said that he dream of a red fat pig. Kim Heon said that that the fat pig represent him. It means that Hwang Jung Gun will lose his money & when he returned home, he will be batter by his wife for losing the money that he will be red from bruises. Hwang Jung Gun wouldn’t listen to Kim Heon & place his money back on red. Kim Heon tsk tsk at him Hwang Jung Gun goes to see the Ssireum match, although red was a better wrestle but the red was throw off in technicality & loses the match

Korean believe that if you dream of pig, it means that riches will come

Tsk tsk is a sound of disapproval

Kim Heon took his winnings & said that he has enough money to buy himself a drink. The Kim Heon’s student tells his teacher is wasting his talents on this kind of places. Kim Heon asked why, does it embarrass his student to be seen to be associated with gambling. Kim Heon suggests that his student can go & find another teacher. Kim Heon finds a dejected Hwang Jung Gun pass him by. Kim Heon asked his student what he thinks of Hwang Jung Gun. The student tells that it is a miracle that Hwang Jung Gun can live until now, it wouldn’t be simple. Kim Heon tells his student to look carefully as they will not be another who has such misfortune as Hwang Jung Gun. Kim Heon tells that even a bird that is flying & shit in midway will ended up in his mouth, he has a face geomancy that even if he capture a bear, the bear is without its bladder & tsk tsk his disapproval

Bladder is also the organ that represent courage

Choi Dong Yi in the clinic trying to avoid eye contact so that people wouldn’t recognise her. The physician comes out as Choi Dong Yi greets him. The physician tells that Gae Do Ra is regain consciousness & it seems that Gae Do Ra is looking for her. Choi Dong Yi is glad as the physician tells he is surprise that he keeping calling for Dong Yi & asked whether she is a girl. The physician just let it go as Choi Dong Yi couldn’t reply. Choi Dong Yi comes to Gae Do Ra to tell that they must leave at once & asked whether he is able to walk. Gae Do Ra nods in affirmative. As Choi Dong Yi & Gae Do Ra runs out of the clinic, they see the physician at the entrance & at the door there is her warrant poster as he looks at it attentively. Choi Dong Yi asked Gae Do Ra to run out from here quickly. The physician calls out for help when he couldn’t stop them.

Hwang Jung Gun walks dejectedly to the clinic as it looks like e has an ailment & recall what Kim Heon has said that the red fat pig is him that it must be his bad luck, then he is knock over by the fleeing Choi Dong Yi & Gae Do Ra as they apologise to him & flees. Hwang Jung Gun asked them to be careful where they are going. Then the pursuer asked Hwang Jung Gun whether they has seen children running this way. The physician said that it is a boy & girl. Hwang Jung Gun asked who are they. One of the helper tells that one of them is the daughter of Geumgae leader & asked whether Hwang Jung Gun has seen them then Hwang Jung Gun is more concern about his stomach ache that needs attending to

Police constables leaves from police bureau as Seo Yong Gil asked that the horses be prepared. The Assistant acknowledge. Choi Dong Yi & Gae Do Ra flees as they find somewhere to hide from pursuit of the police. They hide under the bridge. The police order a search on the vicinity & leave nothing unturned. Choi Dong Yi said that they need to run towards Si Gu Mun & asked that he must wait for her there & asked whether he understands. Gae Do Ra asked then what about her. Choi Dong Yi said that she will go there but if they run together then it will be easily for the police to discover their whereabouts. Choi Dong Yi said that they will part their way here then will meet at So Gu Mun later. Gae Do Ra acknowledged. Choi Dong Yi check the coast is clear & asked Gae Do Ra to hurry. Gae Do Ra makes a run for it. Choi Dong Yi runs but then shouts at her to catch her as she runs & behind the pursuing police constable as Choi Dong Yi runs into the forest, it seems she know the terrain well & the pursuit progress to nightfall. Seo Yong Gil on horseback

Choi Dong Yi slips & fall & is fully exhausted & couldn’t run another step. Choi Dong Yi looks at her knees & it is scrape then she tries to carry on running as the police starts to comb the area with torches, Seo Yong Gil is leading the party then someone shouts that they have found something as Assistant Han brings some clothing that might belong to Choi Dong Yi to Seo Yong Gil. Assistant Ha asked whether they need to search the back of the terrain where the clothing is found. Seo Yong Gil said that Choi Dong Yi wouldn’t be there. Seo Yong Gil senses that it is just a decoy to set them off track. Seo Yong Gil continues to search as Choi Dong Yi is running along the long grass bushes, stumbles then while walking, she is confront by Seo Yong Gil who is waiting for her.

Choi Dong Yi addresses Seo Yong Gil, then some group of men are also rustling in the forest in the search. Seo Yong Gil meets Choi Dong Yi as she tells him that she is Choi Dong Yi & asked whether he remembers her that she has meet him in the police bureau. Choi Dong Yo said that she gave him the badge then Seo Yong Gil ahs praise that she has done well then asked Seo Yong Gil whether he can let her go scot free & begs him that he allow her to go. Choi Dong Yi tells that her father is innocent that he is died from being falsely accuse. Choi Dong Yi begs Seo Yong Gil to let her go this once & if it possible for him to help her. Seo Yong Gil asked her to leave as Choi Dong Yi is surprise. Seo Yong Gil tells her that he will let her go this once & asked her to go & there will not be a 2nd time that he will allow a criminal daughter to go scot free. Seo Yong Gil said that it is not that, he doesn’t even to see her reappearing in front of him ever again for him to apprehend her. Seo Yong Gil leaves as Choi Dong Yi shouts to Seo Yong Gil that her father is not a criminal as her father didn’t do it. Choi Dong Yi tells that she has seen the hand gestures that Jang Ik Heon has use that she has seen a lady doing the exact hand gestures. Seo Yong Gil turns around as Choi Dong Yi asked didn’t he mentioned that it is an important factor therefore Seo Yong Gil has to go & finds that lady to question her about the meaning of the hand gestures…then shouts from the police that they has found the girl….Geumgae leader daughter then the archer started shooting as Seo Yong Gil asked them to cease fire & order to stop as the archer starts to shoot arrows & Choi Dong Yi back away. Seo Yong Gil goes to stop the archers to cease fire. Choi Dong Yi backs away only to fall into the slopes as Seo Yong Gil runs down the slopes to look for Choi Dong Yi. The men are climbing the slopes. Choi Dong Yi tries to get up from her fall but stumbles unconsciously then the men comes to Choi Dong Yi & tells that this is the child

Oh Yun patron a Gibang as his assistant said that he has been unfairly mistreated. Seo Yong Gil has already received recommended promotion as Hanseong So Yun this was supposed to be Oh Yun’s designation, how can Oh Tae Seok treat Oh Yun this way being so unfavourable. Oh Yun asked his assistant not to get too work up. Oh Yun tells that he is able to gain something that is more important that what Seo Yong Gil newly appointed designation has now. Oh Yun said that power is not bestowed, it is grab. Oh Yun tells that his Uncle has taught him this factor & asked his assistant to learn this lesson well as he did. Oh Yun tells Seol Hee that listening to all this nonsense, she must feel rather bored. Seol Hee said that she didn’t hear a thing, therefore asked Oh Yun be rest assured. Oh Yun said that he hasn’t seen Seol Hee for a while & finds that she has changed. Oh Yun said that she use to be a snow maiden, now she will break out in a slight smile. Seol Hee said that that time, she has a man she like in her heart therefore she was cold to others. Seol Hee said that she may be as it seems but she has a high regards in standards. Oh Yun asked that her reference that she once had at a time, it means to say that it is now in the past. Seol Hee confirms that it is a man that she can no longer able retain that person by his side therefore it has ended. Oh Yun acknowledge & asked whether tonight Seol Hee will accompany him by his side. Seol Hee apologise that she has prior engagements. Oh Yun question about her engagements

Hanseong So Yun is a 4th level official rank

Seol Hee affirms that she has asked assistance from the Gwo Jae from the Ministry of Rites, to return her gratitude for the help render that she agree to go over tonight to meet him. The Assistant scolds Seol Hee that how dare she turns down Oh Yun’s request that she dare makes this petty excuses. Oh Yun said that it is fine, it is because she is daring attitude that why he calls for her. Then a call outside to asked Seol Hee to come out for a while. Seol Hee excuse herself to see to the call & needs to step outside. Oh Yun excuse her. Seol Hee leaves the room. The Assistant tells that Seol Hee is just a Gisaeng, Oh Yun just needs to order her & he will have his way & asked why he allows her to be so rude. Oh Yun said that so it seems but he has some respect for her

Gwo Jae is an auxiliary official that mainly handles documentation, similar to a clerk

Oh Yun tells his assistant to help settle her matters with Gwo Jae, as long as he hasn’t pluck the flower, he doesn’t wish someone to be tempted to pluck it either. Oh Yun meets a Valet & asked what is the matter. The valet said that the matter she asked to look for that person, they have found the person. Seol Hee is surprise. Seo Yong Gil is combing the forest for Choi Dong Yi. Assistant Han comes back & inform that they can’t finds Choi Dong Yi’s whereabout anywhere, as though she suddenly disappear without a trace. Seo Yong Gil said that it is impossible that Choi Dong Yi is missing without a trace. A person who fallen over the slope, will not able to be mobile & travel a far distance

Choi Dong Yi sleeping as a warm fire is lit to warm the room, the door opens & Seol Hee comes in to look in on Choi Dong Yi. Seol Hee takes Choi Dong Yi’s hand & stroke. Choi Dong Yi become restless in her sleep having nightmares then she wakes up as Seol Hee asked is she awake. Choi Dong Yi asked who is Seol Hee. Seol Hee asked whether Choi Dong Yi recognise her. They have meet once at the Jang Aak Jeon. Choi Dong Yi looks around as Seol Hee assures her not to worry that she is safe. Seol Hee said that she is Seol Hee, & a friend & colleague of her brother from Jang Aak Jeon. Choi Dong Yi learns that Cha Cheon Soo has asked for Seol Hee’s help to finds Choi Dong Yi. Seol Hee confirms. After the incident happen, Cha Cheon Soo came to see her. Seol Hee relays the scene

Jang Aak Jeon is the music bureau

Cha Cheon Soo meets Seol Hee & tells that Choi Dong Joo will not able to make it alive. Seol Hee is sad as Cha Cheon Soo tells for him to convey such ill news to her is cruel & seeks her forgiveness & may she able to overcome her difficulties & her hope that she will able to assist. Seol Hee said that it is not at all that he is able to find her & to convey this to her, she has his gratitude. If Choi Dong Yi is his sister, as for her, Choi Dong Yi she too will consider as her own sister then she asked what she must do for Choi Dong Yi. Cha Cheon Soo hands a letter & said that what she needs to do is already written in the letter. Cha Cheon Soo said that if by chance that Choi Dong Yi can’t escape from the capital then he needs Seol Hee to help to safeguard Choi Dong Yi’s life & asked her sincerely to help

Choi Dong Yi recalls Cha Cheon Soo telling that she must recognise this insignia & she must forget this insignia then Cha Cheon Soo tells her that no matter where she is, as long as leaves this insignia, Cha Cheon Soo will know where to find her & asked whether she understands. Choi Dong Yi asked Cha Cheon Soo for a pinky promise that he must come for her. Cha Cheon Soo promise that he will come for her. Choi Dong Yi takes out the insignia & weeps for Cha Cheon Soo.

Seol Hee comes out from a department & in her hands holds an envelope that looks like an important document as she takes courage. Gae Do Ra meets up with Choi Dong Yi & asked that they will be leaving the capital soon. Choi Dong Yi nods with affirmative. Gae Do Ra said that it is great news. Seol Hee meet the valet & asked on the progress. The valet said that all has been prepared. They tells that the board they chose is the most busiest with passengers. Seol Hee tells that this is Ip Hu Ip Ah (adoption paper), he needs to use this documentation to have the children leaves the capital. The valet said that there is really tight police security, if by chance that they do a thorough check on them….

Ip Hu Ip An is a certification of someone being raise by another household usually a wealthier household like an adoption paper

Choi Dong Yi comes out & then tells them that she is not leaving the capital. Seol Hee is surprise as she sits down with Choi Dong Yi about Choi Dong Yi’s decision. What is more surprising that Choi Dong Yi has requested that she wants Seol Hee to help her to enters the palace. Choi Dong Yi confirms & asked Seol Hee to help her. If this can be done, Choi Dong Yi wants to enter the palace. Seol Hee tries to talk Choi Dong Yi out of it. Choi Dong Yi has heard that the safest place in the capital would be the palace. The police bureau will never conduct their search in the palace, no one will dare to search the palace therefore….Seol Hee said that Choi Dong Yi can’t do that. Seol Hee tells that she has agree & promise Cha Cheon Soo to take Choi Dong Yi to leave the capital

Choi Dong Yi said that she must finds that said palace court lady (Jang Ok Jung). Choi Dong Yi said that the dying Jang Ik Heon has give her a secret code, only that palace court lady can able to encrypt it & know what that meaning is. Seol Hee is against the idea as Choi Dong Yi tells that her father & brother has been falsely accused & it has cause their death but however no one want to believe the truth, even Seo Yong Gil no longer believe her father therefore she needs to investigate who is behind this, she must finds out the truth. Choi Dong Yi tells that she has promised her father that she will stayed in the capital & said that she must continue to survive what she has promised her father to so therefore to asked Seol Hee to allow her to enter the palace & only the palace

Assistant Han calls Seo Yong Gil who in turn asked where is Choi Dong Yi as he report that they have search everywhere but finds no traces of Choi Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gil asked to conduct the search again as they must find Choi Dong Yi. Assistant Han acknowledge. Seo Yong Gil recalls Choi Dong Yi telling about the secret hand gestures & it was the hand gesture made by the dying Jang Ik Heon & that she has seen a palace court lady using those hand gestures & he has mentioned that that is an important factor therefore Seo Yong Gil needs to finds that palace court lady to question her about the hand gestures. Seo Yong Gil questions what does that mean as he ponder over the facts.

Oh Yun learns that what doesn’t that mean, there is something amiss. The assistant said that there is something suspicious about the Gisaeng Seol Hee & as he has been instructed by Oh Yun that he has settled the Seol Hee’s request with the Ministry of Rites but…..Oh Yun asked what is wrong in the matter but….The Assistant said that there is something strange about her request. Oh Yun asked what is the strangeness about the matter

Seol Hee asked Choi Dong Yi to prepare as she packs Choi Dong Yi some clothings. Seol Hee goes outside & tells the valet that if they need to board the ship, they must hasten. Then as she was about to leave, Oh Yun asked where she is going so hastily. Seol Hee greets Oh Yun. Choi Dong Yi opens the doors & sees Oh Yun outside the premises & surprise to see him. Seol Hee asked Oh Yun the purpose that he is here. Oh Yun said that after work, he was thinking of her therefore he came to see her but however it seems that she is going on a journey. Seol Hee said that an elder in Pyeongyang has written a letter saying that he is of ill health & therefore she wasn’t able to bid farewell to Oh Yun & meeting here, is really a happy coincidence. Oh Yun said so it seem & he finds it is a pity

Choi Dong Yi peep through the ajar door as Gae Do Ra asked what is the matter as Choi Dong Yi hushes him to be quiet. Oh Yun stare at their direction & Choi Dong Yi slam shut the door. Oh Yun tells that her request is for application of Ip Hu Ip An & asked is that for the purpose to give to those children in that house. Seol Hee asked how did Oh Yun have knowledge of the matter. The Assistant tells that the approval of the application was under Oh Yun’s instruction. The Assistant asked whether Oh Yun needs to verify the children. The Assistant sense there it may be false, & if there should be any discrepancy. Seol Hee assures Oh Yun & tells that the children has no problems. The Assistant said that he will go make the identification to verify

Choi Dong Yi holds the door as the Valet & Seol Hee looks rather worried as the Assistant approaches the door but Oh Yun tells his Assistant that it is fine, there is no need. Oh Yun tells that Seol Hee that he has given her a gift as long as she is satisfied with his generosity & that will be sufficient. Seol Hee thanked Oh Yun as Choi Dong Yi releases the door in relief. Then a police constable comes & tells that Oh Yun needs to come at once. Oh Yun asked what is it, the police constable said that they have capture the daughter of Geumgae leader. Oh Yun is surprise.

Seo Yong Gil asked where was Choi Dong Yi’s body is found, how can this happened. Then Seo Yong Gil goes to the morgue where the body is & identify to his surprise that he know it is not Choi Dong Yi. Oh Tae Seok is there. The physician tells that the body was found in the village then they have the confirmation from people who use her as a Mun An Bi has identify that she was wearing this silk clothings & it is the clothes that they gave her. Oh Tae Seok concurs that he can recall the clothings that Choi Dong Yi wore but however the body they don’t have a clear identification on her face. The physician tells that the corpse is on the stage of decomposition therefore they can’t determine that time of her death. Oh Tae Seok asked whether this body is not Choi Dong Yi. The physician tells there is a possibility. Then Seo Yong Gil then give a confirmation that the body is indeed Choi Dong Yi’s. The last time she was seen, she was indeed wearing those clothes. Oh Tae Seok asked whether it is true. Seo Yong Gil said that this child is indeed Geumgae leader’s daughter Choi Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gil know that the body is not Choi Dong Yi

Assistant Han dare to query Seo Yong Gil why he did it. Seo Yong Gil said that if he doesn’t wish to betray Seo Yong Gil, he asked the assistant to keep it within his heart. Seo Yong Gil tells that he must finds Choi Dong Yi as this matter hasn’t ended, no…he must finds Choi Dong Yi on his own accord. Seo Yong Gil leaves

Seol Hee meets Hwang Joo Shik as he bids her farewell. Hwang Joo Shik approaches Choi Dong Yi & asked Seol Hee that she is that child. Seol Hee asked Hwang Joo Shik to take care of Choi Dong Yi. Hwang Joo Shik assures Seol Hee not to worry, her request he will fulfilled to the ultimate for Seol Hee as Hwang Joo Shik having a fine time touching Seol Hee’s hands & maybe get Choi Dong Yi to become a palace maid that is in charge of the ensemble. Choi Dong Yi thanked Hwang Joo Shik. Gae Do Ra plans to leave on the boat & asked that Choi Dong Yi doesn’t want to leave with them. Choi Dong Yi nods as she asked Gae Do Ra not to stir trouble & be obedient to the adults then also don’t simple take any food that comes along. Choi Dong Yi assures Gae Do Ra not to worry as they will able to meet soon. Seol Hee asked her maid to take Gae Do Ra to the jetty

Seol Hee has a private word with Choi Dong Yi & asked if this is fine with her. Choi Dong Yi said that this is fine & that she has give inconvenience to Seol Hee that she has her gratitude. Seol Hee said that it is not at all but the other way, she will like to thanked Choi Dong Yi. Seol Hee would have never guess that the last time she meets Choi Dong Joo; she would never thought that it will be forever. Seol Hee said that she wishes to see him for the last time but however she could able to see someone who carry the same eyes as he has, those beautiful radiance eyes of Choi Dong Yi that she is able to overcome her grief & survives

Gae Do Ra & Seol Hee bids goodbye from the boat as Choi Dong Yi waves farewell from the jetty. Gae Do Ra promise Choi Dong Yi that they will meet again. Hwang Joo Shik tells Choi Dong Yi that they must leave. Hwang Joo Shik takes Choi Dong Yi to the palace as she marvel at the grandeur of the palace & seeing how busy with people traffic. Hwang Joo Shik asked why is Choi Dong Yi gapping her mouth open & standing there & asked her to move along quickly. Choi Dong Yi comes up to Hwang Joo Shik as he holds her hand to take her along

The ensemble playing as the dancer dance their dances in front of officials for entertainment. Then another ensemble is gathering for the next number as the musician acknowledge. One of the musician is driving him crazy as his instrument has not arrive. The servant said that it was sent over then the servant screaming for Choi Dong Yi. Choi Dong yi acknowledge as she is carrying a Ajaeng that is large that her. The musician asked how can she touches the string as Choi Dong Yi apologise because the Ajaeng was too heavy. The musician asked that Hwang Joo Shik brought this palace maid is none other than this child. The fat musician confirms. The Ajaeng musician said that the person he despise will only to matter to despise him. Why on earth would Hwang Joo Shik brings such a young child as palace maid in the music department. The servant shouts for Choi Dong Yi & asked her to bring out the music score sheet as she acknowledge then she goes to the library to collect the score sheet then fumbles as there is too many for her to hold.

Choi Dong Yi doing laundry for the musician’s clothes & has to warm her hands from the cold well water then nightfall she has to keep the musical instruments & tidy the place whereby she falls flat in exhaustion then she sees the haegeum & touch it dearly then recalls her brother trying to teach how to play the haegeum & fiddle such awful music.

Choi Dong Joo: Press here harder

Choi Dong Yi pulls the string with the bow & gives out an awful sound. Choi Dong Joo gives up in teaching her sister haegeum.

Choi Dong Joo: I really going to call defeat on you….Father….is she really by change was adopted by you…..Who does she take it from…how can she not able to learn

Choi Hyo Won; Aigoo! Why is wrong? I think she is playing it really nicely

Choi Dong Joo: No it is not….she really don’t know how to play the fiddle…She just need to be a little better

Choi Hyo Won smiles

Cha Cheon Soo: Hey! Wretch….Why are you there bullying my wife….

Choi Dong Joo: Hey! Wretch….how can you say that she is your wife?….Also when was the time that I had agree to have you married to Dong Yi

Choi Dong Yi: No you can’t….no matter what you said, I have every intention to marry to Cheon Soo Orrabunim

Choi Dong Yi close her mouth that she blurted out in her confession

Choi Dong Joo: What?

Choi Hyo Won laughs that her daughter is not shy in her declaration

Choi Hyo Won: Aigoo!!!

Cha Cheon Soo: So now you have heard….You have already heard it, Orrishin…is she who has said that she will marry me

Choi Hyo Won & Choi Dong Joo praise Choi Dong Yi’s bravery

Choi Dong Yi weeps the sadness that she recalls the happy moments & call out to her father & brother.
Choi Dong Yi picks up the haegeum & starts to play then the adult Choi Dong Yi playing the same tune in the night then Sukjong passes by & hears the haegeum music. His attending eunuch asked what is the matter as Sukjong hushes him to keep quiet & asked him to wait a moment as he hear the music then Choi Dong Yi stops playing as she keeps the haegeum, looks up & smiles


Queen Myeongseong at a banquet

Oh Tae Seok: We must have Daebijeon sense that someone is out to manipulate & stir petty commotion,

Oh Tae Seok speaking to someone

Oh Tae Seok: Moreover it must be from the ensemble as the source…will you able to do it?

The servant is rather suspicious in his movement

Choi Dong Yi looking around

Jang Ok Jung gives her ornament

Jang Ok Jung: Can this be copy immediately?

Choi Dong Yi has a picture of the butterfly ornament & sees the ornament. She chase a boat leaving the jetty

Choi Dong Yi: Please wait up, Ajusshi…I am looking for a person….Just let me go up to search & I will be down quickly

Jung Ik Guk from Seoin faction goes to see Queen Myeongseong

Jung Ik Guk: I have been summoned by Queen Dowager…quickly announce my presence

Jung Ik Guk tells his other colleague

Jung Ik Guk: This is annihilation…..our nation music is going to vanquished

Sukjong is surprised

Someone: It is always perceive that when a music is not properly been conducted, it will mean catastrophe & the administration is at fault. We will use this excuse not to permit for Jang Sang Gung to enter the inner court realm

Oh Tae Seok: We must find an alternative to counter this measure

Queen Inhyeon appears

Seol Hee: We will received many benefits, & however Daebijeon will not be easily be deter

In court, Sukjong looks like he has a upper hand on his government official

Official: Since that Jang Ok Jung has enters the palace, that court has been befall with many unforeseen ill ailments

Seo Yong Gil dress casually as Choi Dong Yi taking a rest, but don’t meet

Jang Ok Jung comes out from the boat as Choi Dong Yi runs to catch a boat & recognise Jang Ok Jung

Korean court music genre
Korean court music is modelled from the Chinese Yayue in which the Korea called it “aak” that means elegant music. Kuk-Ak is to be classified into Ah-ak, Dang-ak, Hyang-ak, Jeong-ak. Ah-ak : It’s the traditional music which is performed at the Royal Court ceremonies in the ancient Joseon Dynasty. It is the ancient Chinese music and originally it is called the music for the Chinese religious ceremonies. It was performed at the religious services, which the Court held for Wongu, Sajik, Taemyo, Seonnong, Seonjam and Kongjamyo, and at the national grand banquets. Ah-ak, which we know today, is the music for religious ceremony of Confucian shrine. Dang-ak: It is the music from Dang Dynasty and the Song, which was flown in the era of the Shilla kingdom and the ancient Korea State. Dang-ak includes the folk music from the Song. It has been coming into the Korean Peninsula from the late Shilla Kingdom to the ancient Korean State. Dang-ak was named to distinguish from Hyang-ak. Dang-ak can be devided by Nakyangchoon, Boheoja, Sooryongeum, Eokchiso, and Hawoonbong. Hyang-ak: It includes the genuine ancient music before Dank-ak came in and the music from the western side of China before the Dang Dynasty. However, today’s folk music is not included. The most music except Ah-ak and Dang-ak from Palace and the intellectual class are included in Hyang-ak. Jeong-ak: It is the music that was played in Palace and the intellectual class such as Ah-ak, Dang-ak and Hyang-ak. Jeong-ak includes the music for religious services for the Ancestral Shrine of the Royal family, honouring the Royal Court, and for the Civil and Military authority. Also, it includes the musical pieces from Yeominrak, Nakyangchoon, Boheoja, Cheeta, and the derivative music from each musical pieces.
Minsok-ak(Folk music): It is the exact opposite from Jeong-ak. The general public enjoyed Minsok-ak. Minsok-ak covers Sanjo, Pan-Sori, Jabga, Minyo, Nongak. Jabga includes Shibee Jabga, Wheemori Jabga, Seodo Jabga, Santaryung, Gayageum Byungchang, Seon-sori. Besides, there are songs like folk songs which were handed down among the people. These are holding the great portion of Minsok-ak. Most of these were begun as the farmers and the fishers sang when they did the religious services or did working. It happened spontaneously without any particular composer. Emotions of life from the people are simply reflected in those music.


D0ng.Y1.E04-01 D0ng.Y1.E04-02 D0ng.Y1.E04-03 D0ng.Y1.E04-04 D0ng.Y1.E04-05 D0ng.Y1.E04-06 D0ng.Y1.E04-07 D0ng.Y1.E04-08 D0ng.Y1.E04-09 D0ng.Y1.E04-10 D0ng.Y1.E04-11 D0ng.Y1.E04-12


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