Queen Seon Deok Summary 61

Queen Seon Deok Summary 61

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Yu Bo Hyeon is formerly Ulsan

Al Cheon with his Household guards to be diligent in their posting & be sensitive in awareness & order any suspicious activities & to act on it to report the matter. The household guards acknowledge as Al Cheon dismiss then back to their posting & leaves then one of them reports to Al Cheon that Heuk San from the Gap garrison has been missing for days. Al Cheon queries about Heuk San & the household guards said that Heuk San’s movement has been suspicious of late. Al Cheon queries about the imply of suspicion as Al Cheon realise that there is something amiss

Bi Dam tells his faction that they will not leave to avoid confrontation; in which Mi Saeng express that if they are not retreating Yu Bi Hyeon’s shelter residence & asked what does Bi Dam plan to do. Bi Dam related that during Chil Sook’s revolt & the reason why Mi Shil had failed & was defeated is that she took the confrontation away from Seorabeol & did it to Daeya fortress instead. Bi dam said that those who abandon Seorabeol will declare as high treason. Bi Dam said that the principle of righteous of Silla only exist & based in Seorabeol. Lord Jujin is shock but nods in affirmation. Ha Jong then asked what will it be. Bi Dam said that they will overtake Seorabeol & depose the Queen from her throne & he will be King. The nobles pledge their support for Bi Dam to ascend the throne. Bi Dam tells his faction that a new era will set at dawn. Bi Dam said that he will attack & overtake Seorabeol before dawn. Mi Saeng asked that Bi Dam is suggesting that they attack Wyol Seong fortress where the Queen Seon Deok is residing just like that

Wyol Seong fortress is Banwolseong ( No Minimum Stock Trade 半月城 Day Trading Strategy Traderji , literally “Half Moon Fortress”); also commonly known as Wyolseong palace/castle is the royal palace compound of the Korean Silla monarchy in Seorabeol (Gyeongju) during Silla & Unified Silla (BC47-AD938). It takes its name from the outline of the palace walls which is crescent in shape. Banwolseong is also known as Sinwolseong or Jaeseong which means where the Sovereign resides. Today the ruins of the palace set among the lush forest & hills can still be seen in Gyeongju

Bo Jong tells Bi dam that they military assistance from the nobles has not been fully cumulated as Yeom Jong said that their presence military support is not feasible overtake Seorabeol & engage with Ministry of Military Affairs or  even the Royal Household guards at Wyolseong Bi Dam merely sly smiles.

Courier arrive in Seorabeol as Kim Seo Hyeon runs the logistics brief with Queen Seon Deok whether Bi Dam’s faction will be perhaps heading off to Yu Bi Hyeon Shelter residence. Kim Yong Chun concurs that Yu Bo Hyeon’s shelter residence in operated by personnel of Ministry of Audit & it is frequently use by Bi Dam & Yeom Jong as base. Kim Seo Hyeon suggest that therefore they must use the shelter residence as their headquarters to instigate the insurgency. Kim Seo Hyeon said that the immediate action is that they need to blockage of all access routes from Yu Bo Hyeon to Seorabeol to prevent the insurgents from coming to Seorabeol. Then Guk San Heun announce his presence that he informs that courier that there is deployment of soldier in Geumohsan & moving towards Seonggi county that observe couriers has discover 2,000 troops on the move. Kim Yu Shi said that if they follow the route from Geumohsan to Seonggi country that they will be heading for east of Seorabeol that is Daedeoksan. Queen Seon Deok queries about Daedeoksan. Then Dae Pung comes to report that they have receive report the garrison believe to be commanded Lord Jujin has crosses Chil Guk ridge. Kim Seo Hyeon looking at the map to point up the location of Geumohsan, Seonggi County & Chik Guk ridge then Kim Chun Chu derives that the indicated places & realise that insurgents are now heading for the capital. Kim Yu Shin said that all of them had pointed their direction towards Wyolseong where Queen Seon Deok is residing. Queen Seon Deok said that if they were to bring their conflict to the capital then location in Seonggi county & Chil Guk ridge will suffer heavy casualty especially towards the civilian population. Queen Seon Deok said that the path for a garrison that exceed 1,000 will likely be Deoksan ridge. Queen Seon Deok order Kim Yu Shin to block the access route of Deoksan ridge & prepare for defensive measure to block their advancement towards the capital. Kim Yu Shin acknowledge Queen Seon Deok’s order & will expedite it & leaves

In Bi Dam camp. Bi Dam opens the map to look at Deoksan ridge as he smiles in affirmative. Lord Jujin & Ho Jae comes to report that everything has been prepare as per instructed. Bi Dam asked whether all the garrison has been cumulate. Lord Jujin said that they are now assemble in Yeo Do county. Ho Jae asked what is the next course of action. Then Yeom Jong comes in to report that Kim Yu Shin has just depart from Wyolseong with his deployment. Bi Dam asked how many is the strength of the troops’ force. Yeom Jong report the number to be 2,000 that they are heading to Deoksan ridge to built up & fortified defensive position. Ho Jae said how are they going to engage, whether it will be all frontal offensive attack. Bi Dam queries on the frontal offensive

Queen Seon Deok disagree & object to that they must at all cost prevent an offensive attack on Seorabeol. Kim Yong Chun agrees that they must do vanquish the insurgents as they are to prevent any risk of taking the offensive to Seorabeol where the conflict will spiral out of control. Kim Chun Chu queries whether the private garrison troops that deserted from the frontline has join up with them in combined forces. Al Cheon said is that fact is not confirm but marching towards Wyolseong indicate that they are confident in the present strength of forces to launch the offensive attack. Anxiety written in Queen Seon Deok’s face

Bi Dam order Ho Jae & Lord Jujin to take their command & launch an offensive against Kim Yu Shin in Yeo Do County. Bi Dam said that they must launch the offensive in full strength of their forces but they need to cease all offensive when the sound of the retreat is alarm & they must withdraw immediately. Lord Jujin is surprise that there will to withdraw. Bi Dam orders that the deploy at once. Lord Jujin & Ho Jae acknowledge. Bi Dam study his map as Yeom Jong wonders what is in Bi Dam strategy. Bi Dam asked about Phil Dan garrison readiness. Yeom Jong tells him that they are battle ready to launch the offensive. Yeom Jong asked whether he needs to convey Phil Dan the orders. Bi Dam said there is no need but to wait on stand by

Phil Dan & his garrison are outside of Myeonghwal fortress waiting on stand by

Myeonghwal Mountain Fortress was built in the 4th with Silla skilled in advanced architecture & construction technologies that were later passed on to Japan.

Yang Gil reports to Kim Seo Hyeon that Kim Yu Shin is facing an offensive attack from Bi Dam’s faction in full military strength at Yo Do country. Kim Seo Hyeon is surprise that they has launch a massive frontal offensive. Kim Seo Hyeon asked for the full details as Yang Gil tells that Kim Yu Shin managed to subdue Ho Jae command but then Lord Jujin’s commands with Bo Jong had launch an attack at Kim Yu Shin from the flanks in simultaneously. Kim Seo Hyeon said that this summarise that they are indeed going to target Wyolseong as affirmative & confirmed with the engagement of conflict in Yo Do county. Yang Gil said that Kim Yu Shin barely able to block their advancement as Kim Seo Hyeon warns that if Yo Do is breach, it will be an open path to Wyolseong as the next target of offensive. Kim Seo Hyeon orders that garrison from Yangsan & Muhwasan to deploy to give Kim Yu Shin reinforcement In Yeo Do county. The military staff acknowledged & leaves after the briefing

Yangsan is north of the city of Busan in Gyeongsangnamdo

In Bi Dam camps, Yeom Jong reports from their express courier that the garrison from Yangsan & Muhwasan has been mobilise to give Kim Yu Shin support that it has been all part of what Bi Dam has planned that it will occurred. Bi Dam said that this is fine & orders Phil Dan to proceed to carry out according to the plan as Yeom Jong acknowledge & Bi Dam calls Yeom to convey orders for Ho Jae & Lord Jujin to withdraw their force from Yeo Do county with Kim Yu shin. Yeom Jong is surprise that they need to withdraw. Yeom Jong question isn’t that they are to launch the frontal offensive at Yeo Do county in order to advance to access into Wyolseong. Bi Dam tells that Wyolseong is not their intended target

Kim Seo Hyeon receiving reports that the insurgent are withdrawing from the Yeo Do county as he asked whether the reinforcement of Yangsan & Muhwasan has arrival at Yo Do county. Guk San Heun replied that they have not. Kim Seo Hyeon can’t comprehend the call of withdraw from offensive attack then realise there is something amiss then asked in which direction is the withdraw. Guk San Heun said that it is the direction of Yangsan. Kim Seo Hyeon said that Yangsan is currently vacated

In the Myeonghwal fortress as the guards at the gate tell that Wyol Seong may face a siege offensive as the other guards said that why troops are being deployed to Yo Do county then Phil Dan & his garrison laid siege to Myeonghwal fortress as Phil Dan finds to overtake the fortress without much resistance

Kim Yong Chun informs Queen Seon Deok that Kim Yu shin has defeated Ho Jae, Bo Jong & Lord Jujin’s garrison & the insurgent are retreating from Yeo Do county. Queen Seon Deok is curious why the sudden retreat from YO Do county. Kim Yong Chun said that they evade danger by pushing them back & force a retreat. Kim Chun Chu finds there is some oddity in the retreat. Kim Yong Chun explains that Kim Seo Hyeon has deployed garrison from Yangsan & Muhwasan to help Kim Yu Shin at Yeo Do country. Kim Chun Chu said that Yangsan is currently vacated as Kim Yong Chun said that this is most definite. Kim Chun Chu voice his concern to Queen Seon Deok & in return Queen Seon Deok realise that perhaps…..Kim Yong Chun asked what is wrong….that Yangsan is currently not their priority. Queen Seon Deok looks at the map & pinpoint Myeonghwal Sanseong fortress. Kim Yong Chun asked whether Myeonghwal San Seong was actually their intended target. Queen Seon Deok said that they are now 2 political forces in Wang Kyeong

Sanseong is a mountain fortress. Myeonghwal fortress in part of the Sanseong belt of fortress. Myeonghwal fortress is at the east gateway of Seorabeol. It is Gyeongju Historic Relic No. 47 & is registered a World heritage. Myeonghwal Sanseong fortress was also used as a palace for 13 years until the 10th (AD 488) of the 21st reign of Silla ruler King Soji & from the 18th year (AD 475) of the 20th year reign of King Jabi. In Queen Seon Deok’s reign, Bi Dam rose in insurgency, camped out in the Myeonghwal Sanseong Fortress & fought a fierce battle with Kim Yu Shin. One day, when a big star fallen in Wyolseong the palace of Silla monarch residence, Bi Dam was pleased to see it, thinking that it was a sign of the Queen Seon Deok’s defeat. Then, it is said that Kim Yu Shin flew a burning kite the next day, saying ‘The star dropped yesterday went up to the sky again’, thereby stimulating the fighting spirits & morale of his soldiers & defeating Bi Dam and his followers

Information on the Myeonghwal fortress http://eguide.gj.go.kr/detail_view/Detail_view.jsp?cid=8422

Wang Kyeong is Royal Capital

Kim Yu Shin learns that the insurgent has retreated to Yangsan. Dae Pung confirmed that they has converge in Yangsan. Kim Yu Shin said that perhaps as Go Do asked what is the matter as Kim Yu Shin adds that the insurgent initial target was Myeonghwal fortress & not Wyolseong. They wanted to gain access to Myeonghwal fortress. Go Do & Dae Pung are shocked. Phil Dan & his garrison greets Bi Dam at Myeonghwal fortress. Bi Dam praise Phil Dan on the effort well done. Phil Dan said that it is not at all, since it was Bi Dam’s deceptive stratagem that planned to have this fortress vacated, it was easy offensive to siege the fortress. Bi Dam & his faction enter Myeonghwal fortress

Kim Chun Chu tells Queen Seon Deok that the insurgent initial target was never intended to be Wyolseong of Seorabeol but it was always Myeonghwal Sanseong fortress. Kim Chun Chu said that they stage the offensive attack at Yeo Do, so that Queen Seon Deok was force deployed their troops to Yeo Do from Yangsan & they did this without much effort to siege the Myeonghwal Sanseong fortress. Queen Seon Deok said that the insurgent doesn’t want history to be repeated with Mi Shil. Kim Chun Chu confirm that when Mi Shil abandon Seorabeol, it was the gravest mistake she made on her part in her revolt. Kim Yong Chun said that the distance between Myeonghwal Sanseong fortress & Wyolseong is barely 10 ri. Kim Seo Hyeon confirms that it only takes 15 mins by cavalry to reach Wyolseong. Kim Yong Chun said there will be 2 political forces that is going to engage with each other in Wang Kyeong. Kim Seo Hyeon apology for his poor foresight on the matter. Queen Seon Deok asked how dare they engage their conflict in the capital & tells that this is really intrepid strategy to conjured to engage a full blown war in the confines of the capital

Ban Sik Kyeong is approx 15 mins

In Myeonghwal Sanseong as Ha Jong tells that in Silla 700 years of history, it is the 1st time they has engage a full blow insurgency so close proximity with Seorabeol that they have 2 political forces engaging in the confines of the capital, this should be the 1st. Lord Jujin agrees that there are only 10 ri between Myeonghwal Sanseong & Wyolseong from each other. Lord Jujin said that they can’t maintain this unstable venture for long & asked Bi Dam for his next course of action. Bi Dam asked what will they think it will be. Mi Saeng said that first & foremost this situation must be publically announced. Bo Jong question about public, & where should they do so. Lord Sueulbu queries that to whom & about what agenda. Mi Saeng said that there is an importance that an offensive will be stage in the proximity of the capital. Currently although Queen Seon Deok is a woman but graciously thanks to the support of her stability of her reign is due to Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam & the nobility that she able to have such divine Royal authority. Lord Jujin & Ha Jong nods in affirmative as Mi Saeng said however if the presence situation of climax is publically known the nobility & the citizen will start to cast doubt about the ability & capability of Queen Seon Deok on her Royal authority & whether a woman will be able to rule as Queen Regnant. Bi Dam confirmed that this is correct. Bi Dam said they must spread rumours mongers far & wide about the Queen Regnant & the imminent & expected war in proximity within the capital to prolong this standoff as long as they can. While else the people in Wyolseong will need to dwindle & extinguish these rumours as fast as possible

Kim Chun Chu confirms from his deduction that Bi Dam who is the mastermind that is behinds this insurgency & the strategy input with the cooperation of the nobility & to those private garrison who has deserted from the frontline has all join up to Bi Dam’s faction & stage the insurgency to revolt & Bi Dam is now the main focal principal in this revolt. To them there is no Mi Shil or Seol Won Rang that exist among them but how would they able to conjured such a intrepid strategy like this. Kim Chun Chu said there is only person & in which that is Bi Dam. Queen Seon Deok said to Kim Chun Chu that it is enough said on the matter & put a full stop on the matter. Kim Chun Chu tells Queen Seon Deok that she already knew & could have concluded the matter as a fact from her own perspective that it is Bi Dam & asked Queen Seon Deok whether it is indeed that she had. Queen Seon Deok confirmed that she indeed has concluded that Bi Dam is the person but she hope to wonder that this is untrue will have be great & wish it was untrue

Joo Bang arrives in Chuhwa Gun. Joo Bang learns from San Tak that Bi Dam didn’t arrive in Chu Hwa Gun at all. San Tak said that he was send by BI Dam to prepare & organise the details but yet he hasn’t arrive Joo Bang is worried that Bi Dam should have already here with all the time that he needs to come here. San Tak asked Joo Bang what is the letter in his hands that he will convey to Bi Dam when he arrives. Joo Bang hisses that this is imperial decree & he needs to deliver the letter personally to Bi Dam has he has been instructed.

Bi Dam tells his faction that he intends to depose Queen Seon Deok. Ha Jong said that Bi Dam has just mention that they are going to prolong this standoff for a long period. Hwang Yun asked that once they cumulate their strength of forces are they going to march straight for Capital. Bi Dam said they are not. Bi Dam said that they will win the nobility to their faction even with staging any battles or war as they now have Lord Jujin, Lord Sueulbu & him & Bi Dam has 7 out of the 10 members of the Hwa Baek council in his faction. Mi Saeng said that therefore as BI Dam affirms that he as the Sangdaedeung will preside to convey an emergency Hwabaek council on the proposal for abdication of Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam leaves the meeting & holding to Queen Seon Deok’s ring

Bi Dam preside the Hwabaek council in proposal to force the abdication of Queen Seon Deok from the throne. Bi Dam reads the proposal that Queen Seon Deok is not fit or qualify to inherit King Jinheung’s Silla throne & therefore Silla suffer the never ceasing conflict with neighbouring kingdom of Goguryeo & Baekje & therefore conceit Daeya fortress to Baekje & she has already been scorn & contempt by the Tang emissary for being Queen Regnant & already tarnish the pride of Silla in the eyes of the world. The nobility get a copy of the proposal for abdication. Then he adds that Ashoka the Great of Maurya Dynasty has send an auspicious doctrine that depicts that a new King must ascend the Silla throne & therefore Queen Seon Deok must cease her read as this is the will of divinity. Bi Dam as the Sangdaedeung with consensus of the Hwabaek council states this 3 reasons & has propose that Queen Seon Deok be depose & it will way to save Silla for embarrassment. Joo Bang & San Tak ready the BI Dam notice in public. Bi Dam said that Queen Seon Deok must relinquish her divine right of Kings to preserve the dignity of Silla as the proposal signed by Sangdaedeung Bi Dam

Joo Bang queries whether Bi Dam is stating a proposal to depose Queen Seon Deok & asked what is on earth is this happening here. Joo Bang said is this mean that Bi Dam is instigating to revolt against Queen Seon Deok. San Tak tells that it has a taste that this is going to be insurgency. Joo Bang realise that Bi Dam is indeed now in Myeonghwal Sanseong fortress at this moment. San Tak affirms it. Joo Bang said that he needs to deliver Queen Seon Deok’s decree but then Myeonghwal Sanseong is now the base camp of the insurgent. San Tak said that if Joo Bang enters Myeonghwal Sanseong, Joo Bang will surely meet his instant demise. Joo Bang know that if he enters, he will died, but yet he needs to deliver this decree to Bi Dam, what he is going to do. Joo Bang recalls Queen Seon Deok insistence that Joo Bang must hands this letter to Bi Dam personally without failed. San Tak said that Joo Bang has no alternative that he can’t go to Myeonghwal Sanseong as he will surely dies. San Tak said that Joo Bang code of survival is to avoid confrontation & he needs to avoid this at all cost & runs. Joo Bang is determine that he needs to go to Myeonghwal Sanseong. San Tal reminds Joo bang that if he goes, he will die. Joo Bang said that this is why he needs San Tak with him for this & drags San Tak along

Queen Seon Deok gets a copy of the proposal as Kim Yong Chun said that this is absurd that how can they preside to convene a Hwabaek council to propose this proposal & how dare they be so insolence. Kim Seo Hyeon said that this is all the doing of the nobility to cause a stir uprising of confusion for the Silla population. Queen Seon Deok said that the Hwabaek council is not legitimate without Sangdaedeung presiding. In Silla, Sangdaedeung needs to preside so that the Hwabaek council is valid & legit & will be forfeit, if the preside the Hwabaek council on their own accord. Princess Man Myeong points out that the proposal has been signed & endorse with Sangdaedeung Bi Dam. Queen Seon Deok said that she will not jump into conclusion without prior verification of the authenticity & validate this proposal as without the presiding of Sangdaedeung in a Hwabaek council, this is consider a forfeit & unlawful against the law. Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chun surprise that Queen Seon Deok is still persisting to disbelieve that the proposal authenticity. Kim Chun Chu asked whether perhaps by chance that this proposal was indeed presided by Sangdaedeung Bi Dam & therefore this proposal is legit in every sense of protocol & procedures then what will Queen Seon Deok do. Queen Seon Deok said that if this is the truth then she will never forgive or pardoned the Sangdaedeung. Kim Chun really wanted Queen Seon Deok to say it with her words. As they said that the Sovereign’s words is consider law

Al Cheon comes in & asked Queen Seon Deok to step outside for a while to take a look at courtyard of In Gang Jeon. Al Cheon showed Heuk San’s body that is attached with a letter. Al Cheon said that this is Heuk San was a Household guard who has gone missing a few days ago. Kim Yong Chun asked how can such an incident be happening to Queen Seon Deok own personal guards. Kim Seo Hyeon said that they are sending this corpse as a sign of their threat for the Royal Household. Then Kim Yong Chun sees Queen Seon Deok ring tied to the corpse’s neck & takes it down as Kim Yong Chun said that doesn’t this belong to Queen Seon Deok & how did the corpse posses this with him. Queen Seon Deok instantly recognise that it is the ring she gave Bi Dam as a parting gift. Queen Seon Deok takes it from Kim Yong Chun to have a closer look & recalls giving the rings to Bi Dam. The ring to Bi Dam is the exact replica that she wearing on her right middle finger since she took the throne. Queen Seon Deok with this conformation know that this is indeed Bi Dam own doing

Joo Bang & San Tak goes to see Bi Dam as he reads Queen Seon Deok personal letter then crushes after reading it & grabs Joo bang by the collar as Joo Bang asked what is the matter. Bi Dam asked who actually sent this letter. Joo Bang confirms that this was send by Queen Seon Deok herself. Bi Dam knows that Joo Bang is now the vassal of Kim Chun Chu & this is part of Kim Chun Chu’s list of ploys & plots. Joo Bang said that this is not, this letter was actually send by Queen Seon Deok & asked Bi Dam to believe that it is indeed Queen Seon Deok’s letter & telling that the current situation is now amiss. Joo Bang said that if it isn’t why would he has risk his life to come here to deliver Queen Seon Deok’s letter, he will be consider mad that knowing & aware that this is a path leads to his early demise. San Tak confirmed that Joo bang indeed went to Chuhwa Gun first to wait for Bi Dam before coming here seeking for BI Dam. Joo bang confirm that they reads the proposal on the notice & comes to Myeonghwal fortress & risk his very life to deliver this letter. Bi Dam relents & release his grip on Joo Bang & laughs that he has yet again been conned. Joo bang doesn’t understands Bi Dam’s remark. Bi Dam asked Joo Bang to convey to Kim Chun Chu & Queen Seon Deok to tell them that he is still alive & to emphasise that the person they so wanting to killed is alive & kicking & asked that Joo Bang to make sure that they receive his message. San Tak & Joo Bang having lumps in their throat over BI Dam’s statement

Queen Seon Deok looking at Bi Dam’s rings & clenching the ring in her fist that was found in the corpse then recalls over his promissory contract that he will relinquish all political power & posting after Seon Deok’s passing & retires into reclusive life & take a tonsure. Bi Dam said that this can’t be consider a promissory as it is not such a difficult task for Bi Dam to realise it. Kim Chun Chu wakes up Queen Seon Deok’s thought & asked that she must make a decisive & conclusive decision on the matter. Kim Yong Chun concurs that the proposal is swooping in rumours like a tided waves. Kim Seo Hyeon said that the proposal of edict has been endorse by Sangdaedeung will warrant the edict to be validated, the this resolution will gain weight in favour of the insurgents as the days goes by. Kim Chun Chu & Kim Yong Chun & Kim Seo Hyeon pressure Queen Deok to make the conclusive decision on the matter. Queen Seon Deok decree that Bi Dam is relinquish & remove from his designation as Sangdaedeung hen declares him as the enemy of the state. Queen Seon Deok decrees that all Silla subject has the right to suppress the revolt & vanquish this insurgency & death to all the insurgents in order to preserve the peace & the sovereignty of Silla as Queen Seon Deok said that to proceed with the edict as Kim Chun Chu, Kim Yong Chun & Kim Seo Hyeon acknowledged & leaves. Meanwhile Queen Seon Deok commands Al Cheon to investigation on the backgrounds of Heuk San the dead Household guard

Bi Dam has a private word with San Tak to confirm with him whether in fact that Joo Bang did indeed when to Chuhwa Gun to deliver the letter to Bi Dam last night. San Tak confirm that indeed he did. Bi Dam said that the person who attempt to assassinate Bi Dam was one of Queen Seon Deok’s personal household guards. Bi Dam instruct San Tak to investigate on the background of Heuk San. San Tak acknowledge but Yeom Jong has out a tail on him as Yeom Jong’s man went back to report to Yeom Jong that Bi Dam has order San Tak to investigate on Heuk San’s background check & his attempt on his assassination. Yeom Jong said that this will not do & asked his man to contact Heuk Myeong Dan to come at once. Yeom Jong’s man acknowledge

Al Cheon is conducts the investigation on Heuk San background check & proceed to Heuk San’s house. Yeom Jong’s man Heuk Myeong Dan slaughter Heuk San next of kin then as they about to leave, the bump into Al Cheon & his household guards. Al Cheon recognise that he is Heuk Myeong Dan (could be a fame assassin) & call to have them arrest as Heuk Myeong Dan runs from Al Cheon’s men. Al Cheon goes to check on the vital sign of the bodies only to notice there was someone hiding behinds that bushes that he draw his swords then went to rummage through, only finds a very scare girl. Al Cheon put his swords as it was intimidating & assures the girl that he is from the Royal Household guards & asked whether she is hurt anywhere. The scare girl cries that she is alright but her parents…Al Cheon asked what has happened in their house. The scare girl is the sister to the deceased Heuk San who told by the assailants that his brother has done something wrong & they need to leave at once. Al Cheon asked what is that matter that is wrong. Heuk San sister said there is a person by the name as Heuk San’s sister is trying to recall Yeom Jong’s name & has said that he is from Ministry of Audit. Al Cheon is surprise that Heuk San has taken orders from Yeom Jong. San Tak who was also going for the same led for Bi Dam overhears that Heuk San acted on Yeom Jong’s orders & leaves

Queen Seon Deok has learn from Joo Bang that Bi Dam is indeed at Myeonghwal Sanseong as Joo Bang regretfully confirms. Queen Seon Deok asked whether Joo Bang actually personally meet with Bi Dam in private. Joo Bang replied that he did. Queen Seon Deok is dumb stricken as Joo Bang explains that on what he observe that Bi Dam thinks that Queen Seon Deok has sent someone to assassinate him. Queen Seon Deok is surprise. Joo Bang said when he delivers Queen Seon Deok’s letter, he has rejected the content of the letter & thinks that it is a deceptive ploy. Queen Seon Deok looks more befuddled over Joo Bang’s statement as Bo Dam has asked to reply to Queen Seon Deok that Bi Dam is very much alive & well even with her failed attempts on his life. Joo Bang asked what are they supposed to do now.

Al Cheon comes in as Queen Seon Deok enquire about his background check on Heuk San in his finding. Al Cheon reports that it is Yeom Jong’s doing that Heuk San has taken order from Yeom Jong. Joo Bang asked does that imply that the person who mastermind Bi Dam attempt assassination was Yeom Jong then the blame was place on Queen Seon Deok was a deceptive poly from Yeom Jong. Al Cheon confirms that this is indeed so. Queen Seon Deok asked how can trust between 2 people are so lacking in self restraints & being frail & incapable that trying to abide by human mindset can be so incapacitated in vigour. Joo bang said that Queen Seon Deok must try to work out this misunderstanding with Bi Dam & must allow this dispel from doubts. Queen Seon Deok dejectedly saying that all is already too late to do anything for Bi Dam that she has no more option that can come of beneficial use. Queen Seon Deok suffer another attack of dyspnea as Al Cheon & Joo bang showed concern about her health as Queen Seon Deok is trying to fight for breaths. Queen Seon Deok assures them that she is fine & asked them to be excuse from the chambers. Al Cheon understands that he will summon the Royal Physician & asked Joo Bang to leave with him. Joo bang leaves as Al Cheon take a 2nd glance at Queen Seon Deok struggles with discomfort from her breath. Queen Seon Deok that her condition is not faring well

Dyspnea may be a sign & symptoms that Queen Seon Deok might been having pre-congestive heart failure condition. We may finds that this might be hereditary for the Silla Royal household as King Jinpyeong died of heart ailment while King Jinheung dies of consumption & don’t know whether it was led to his heart condition that suggest a family history of hereditary heart disease

San Tak returns to Myeonghwal Sanseong telling that he was out for an errand for Bi Dam & wants to access to the fortress. The guards asked San Tak for his name. San Tak said that Bi Dam said that instruction to allow San Tak to access to the fortress. The guards acknowledge San Tak as San Tak said that he needs to enter at once. Yeom Jong comes with his men then Yeom Jong looking at San Tak & wants to have a private moment aside for a while with San Tak. San Tak recalls Heuk San’s sister that it was Yeom Jong of Ministry of Audit. San Tak said that he has something for BI Dam then makes his escape from Yeom Jong as Yeom Jong shouts to pursue San Tak. San Tak running as Yeom Jong’s men call him to halt as San Tak flees for his life with arrow missing him by inches then as he reaches a ridge & no way of turning back, San Tak chose to jump off the ridge as Yeom Jing’s men lost sight of San Tak over the ridge. San Tak was actually clinging to the edge of the ridge to give the assumption that he has jump off the ridge to ward off his pursuers. Bi Dam impatiently pacing to wait for San Tak return & rereads Queen Seon Deok hand written letter that she signed her name Deok Man. Bi Dam asked whether San Tak is still not return yet as she shouts for attention

Lord Jujin comes in as Bi dam hides Queen Seon Deok letter behinds him. Lord Jujin reports good tidings as Lord Jujin asked someone to come in. Lord Yeong Jin has come to join their faction as Lord Yeong Jin greets Bi Dam. Lord Yeong Jin said that he will do his utmost for Bi Dam’s cause. Bi Dam said that his decisive decision is well, then Ha Jong said that in addition Lord Hoyeon has join the cause the Mi Saeng tells the Commandant of Gurahwa Hyeon has also join the faction with his garrison. Bi Dam knows that the garrison in Gurahwa Hyeon is a large garrison. Lord Jujin agrees that if Gurahwa Hyeon garrison comes to give support then their military strength will not be a concern of worries. Ha Jong congratulate Bi Dam for the addition members to their faction. Mi Saeng said that many nobles has now sided in believe of Bi Dam’s righteous cause. Bi Dam said that he is gracious move of their generosity. Bi Dam faction is all praise for themselves but Bi Dam is still doubts over Queen Seon Deok’s private letter as he keeps it on his side

Bi Dam leaves as Yeom Jong comes to see him & asked where he is going. BI Dam asked whether San Tak has return to Myeonghwal Sanseong. Yeom Jong tells that he didn’t see San Tak & asked what errand did Bi dam send him to do. Bi Dam said that he has asked him to run a small errand. Bi Dam tells that of San tan return to bring San Tak to him at once. Yeom Jong said he will & tell Bi Dam that the nobles has assembled & Bi Dam should make his presence there at once as Bi dam said he will proceed over to the place. Then a Courier comes in shouting for Bi Dam

Meanwhile at Wyolseong. Kim Yu Shin said that he has adhere to Queen Seon Deok’s decree of edict to all 4 corner of the country to declare Bi Dam as enemy of the state & every Silla subject right to vanquish Bi Dam & his faction for high treason & there deserve death. Queen Seon Deok acknowledge it but Queen Seon Deok looks preoccupied. Kim Yu Shin said that he is weary of the action of the nobility has turn sensitive since the exercise that has involve in the absorbed their private garrison into Silla Military that arouse their suspicious & insecurity. Queen Seon Deok asked that do they really need to settle this score within the proximity of the capital to engage in a war & conflict. Kim Yu Shin assures that they all in preparation for the assault & defensive plans has been placed. Queen Seon Deok looks rather blank as Kim Yu shin asked whether she is fine. Kim Yu Shin said that he has already received word that this was actually a scheme that was instigated by Yeom Jong that led to the misunderstanding between BI Dam & Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok said no matter if it is a deceptive ploy or just a general misunderstanding whatsoever it may be, there are just avertable incidents that cause by consequences & history is always determined & created by those said consequences. Queen Seon Deok said that she & Bi Dam has gone too far forwards that it is impossible for them to track back as they have cross the point of no return on the matter but the fact that it is most regrettable is that Bi Dam has never seek confirmation from Queen Seon Deok personally therefore she feel regretfully sorry for Bi Dam. Kim Yu Shin asked what she is so apologetic to Bi Dam & what she is implying

Queen Seon Deok tells Kim Yu Shin that in rumination of the past occurrences. Queen Seon Deok wonders whether she said to have sudden liking for him only because that she require him to get the hold of the nobles’ private garrison . She can’t dare to be certain that it is not so. Queen Seon Deok contemplates whether she chose martial ties in order to divorce Bi Dam from his faction. She is can’t be definite whether it is for that. But however Queen Seon Deok is affirm on a matter that she sincerely wholeheartedly wanted to abdicate her throne & to spend the rest of her life reclusively with Bi Dam, it is her final aspiration to do so.

Bi Dam read Queen Seon Deok decree of edict declares Bi Dam has been relinquish & removed being Sangdaedeung & decree him as an enemy of the state. All Silla’s righteous subject has the noble right to kill Bi Dam for high treason. Bi Dam crumples the notice & throw it down to the ground. Yeom Jong picks the notice up from the ground & reads the edict. Yeom Jong asked what is this as the courier said that Queen Seon Deok has pasted all this notice at every market & village in the country as Yeom Jong asked what is the next course of action. Bi Dam asked whether Queen Seon Deok was the person who writes that she will abdicate her throne & to spend the rest of her life reclusively with Bi Dam

Queen Seon Deok declares to her war cabinet that they will use this insurgency as an opportunity to destroy the insurgent & make this example as  the foundation for the unification of the 3 kingdoms. Al Cheon comes in to report that the Silla’s Seorabeol population has congregating & assembled in Yong Mu Jang  voicing that they will volunteer to sign up to protect Silla & Queen Seon Deok from the insurgents. Kim Chun Chu said that the Seorabeol population has volunteers themselves for the conflict. Al Cheon confirms as Queen Seon Deok said that they should head for Yong Mu Jang at once

Then in Myeonghwal Sanseong, BI Dam speaks to his faction, while else in Wyolseong, Queen Seon Deok address her Seorabeol subject in Yong Mu Jang with interchanging scenes from both Myeonghwal Sanseong & Wyolseong

Bi Dam: Silla is weeping. This is due because of an incompetent Queen Regnant…

Queen Seon Deok: Silla is in risk of danger. This is because the nobility who do not desire to lose anything they had….

Bi Dam: We have been defeated in war campaign & scoff by other nations…

Queen Seon Deok:.. The population are losing out on even more & that we must plea from other kingdoms…just like that

Bi Dam: Just like that … Silla is in distress & despair

Queen Seon Deok: …As it is Silla is in crisis of venerability facing risk of danger

Bi Dam: We cannot stand aside idle & watch this continue to pass before our eyes any longer

Queen Seon Deok: We cannot no longer permit this to happened

Bi Dam: We shall depose the Queen Regnant

Queen Seon Deok: We shall vanquish the insurgency

Bi Dam: We shall raise a new era of Silla

Queen Seon Deok: We shall …..forever protect the pride of Silla

Bi Dam: We will built a new Silla

Queen Seon Deok: We shall convene the 4 corners of Silla & protect Silla from danger.

Myeonghwal Sanseong & Wyolseong each cheering for their respective leader as Bi Dam & Queen Seon Deok will engage themselves on a collision course of self destruction that only one will come out a winner

Binary Options System 0 Error Live Signals Preview

Bi Dam: The star has fell on Wyolseong. It implies the complete defeat of Wyolseong

Al Cheon : Your Majesty. Your majesty

Queen Seon Deok: Keep this a secret. A secret.

Bi Dam: I will become Silla & you, Deok Man, will be mine.

Kim Yu Shin: You must overcome. I still need your majesty to live.

Ha Jong: How can a fallen star rise up again?

Bi Dam: It is a signal, a military signal

Kim Yu Shin: After you arrest Bi Dam, what do you intend to do?

Queen Seok Deok: Are you worried…..

Bi Dam: He who strikes me down, will be remembered in history.

Queen Seon Deok: …. that I will let him live?

Bi Dam: There is a message to be delivered, but someone who couldn’t deliver it. I shall go and deliver that message.

Bi Dam: Is that Her Majesty over there?


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24 Responses to Queen Seon Deok Summary 61

  1. Vera December 27, 2009 at 1:15 pm #

    I think I’ll cry, hard, in the final episode T_T
    Bi Dam is so stupid! He got our queen’s heart and he threw it away >.<

  2. kuro December 27, 2009 at 8:59 pm #

    –_– why??
    I was cry … Bidam and QSD is very sad
    I think that isn’t bidam fault. It’s yeom jong!!
    AAAGGGH!! I hate yeom jong. Hate hate hate hate hate

  3. minnie December 27, 2009 at 9:47 pm #

    I can’t wait the final episode.
    Bidam is stupid. if he love QSD, he should trust her….

  4. Jackie December 27, 2009 at 10:31 pm #

    Dear Minnie
    Trust is both important & dangerous. It is important that it allows to form relationship with other & depends on others may it for love, advice or whatseover you may want from trust but trust always has a risk that the trusted person betray that trust thus making trust always a risk.
    Queen Seon Deok has always well grounded & justified herself to warrant her trustworthy where else Bi Dam’s warrant of trust may be just a plausible excuse
    Trust is the sort of attitude that one can onself have towards someone even in the absence of evidence in favour of someone’s trustwortiness but sadly Bi Dam interpersonal trust is somewhat lacking in that property

  5. Ruth December 28, 2009 at 8:49 pm #

    my gosh… i watched it without any subs, so this review helped me much. i kept thinking that it’s too cruel for both of them… they shared almost the same destiny, never been loved much by many people who should have loved them… till they found each other, yet they still found much trouble to become one… i just remembered what Pat Kai from Journey To The West always said, “that’s what we call love from the early times… the hardships would never end…”
    the same goes for both SD & BD. T~T
    if their story were really exist, i hoped they both met at least in heaven… T~T

  6. cheonmyang December 28, 2009 at 10:54 pm #

    Type your comment here… :wave: hi.. thanks for the summary.. can’t wait for episode 62.. God Bless You!!!

  7. Oscar December 29, 2009 at 2:01 am #

    Please post 62.. >.<

  8. Jackie December 29, 2009 at 4:21 am #

    Dear Cheonmyang & Oscar

    Your patience is greatly appreciated. It will be posted in due course of time

  9. ryhza January 5, 2010 at 4:03 am #

    waahhhh…. :pinkrose: kren banget film y :thumbsup2: bru kl ne q noonton filmkyk nee :goodvibes: :) smoga filmy laku d pasarn :thumbsup2: :wave:

  10. bella chan January 11, 2010 at 1:17 am #

    uhhhhhh…. krena senangnya aku tak bisa koment apa-apa dech tentang film ini :hearts:
    pokok nya ku happy banget dech klo nonton film nie, serasa nyatu bgetz :pinkrose:
    Q yakin film nie banyak yg suka :hearts: dan semoga jadi contoh untuk pefilman di indonesia……..^_^ :thumbsup2:

  11. alebasi January 27, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    Where’s the final episode? is it because it is not allowed to be published yet at this time. ?

  12. Jackie January 27, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    Dear alebasi
    It has been publish in due course, you just need to work on the site to find it. Here is the post, there is also additional of 2009 MBC Drama Awards on Queen Seon Deok

  13. Bubuli January 28, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    Queen seon deok gnda mo kan2tan tau..

  14. irene February 6, 2010 at 2:40 am #

    I maybe late in saying this because I just watched this drama in DVD. It is still being inthe Philippines. During the last episode, I really cried. I did not question Bidam’s wrong decisions because of lack of trust. I pitied him that he had a tragic end becauseof people who want to use him for thier desires. I feel so bad. It could have appeased me if they were able to talk to each other and expressed their forgiveness and love before he died.it is just closure for me.

  15. Ann M February 17, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    Hi, I’m from the Philippines and got so addicted watching QSD that I am even reading about the history of Korea and your summary of the episodes which gives me a better understanding of the series. Why is there no episode 62? Thanks, just cant find it…..

  16. Jhen G. February 26, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    Hello, I came across your site a couple of days ago and I find it very,very interesting. I just became one of the “millions” of people who fell inlove with this Korean daram series, “Queen Seon Duk”. The series is currently airing in our country. I would also like to thank you for doing the summary in full detail and accuracy.Because of this I was able to understand the series better. I have the DVD copy of the series but sad to say some of the subtitles were inaccurate so when I found out about your site, I was happy, so thanks alot!

    By the way, allow me to share my views on this particular episode, I love the whole show but aside from Episode 57 and 58, this episode 61 is one of my most favorite episodes of the series.

    Unlike episodes 57 and 58 which showed how love and trust can turn things around, episode 61 showed how easily love and trust can easily be thrown away if not carefully built.

    Both Bi Dam and QSD suffered a very lonesome life being abandoned and neglected by the people for the sake of power and royalty. Although unlike QSD, Bi Dam has nobody to confide to and rely upon during his trivial times so his trust and love for people were not as strong. QSD should’ve known better but because she holds a very great responsibility to Shilla, she failed to give Bi Dam that amount of love and trust required to change Bi Dam’s outlook in love and trust.

    In the end, it was not love or trust that conquered both BiDam and QSD but it was fate. Fate that Bidam cannot change may it be because of love and devotion and QSD will have to stay as queen for her people.

    It’s a tragic love story, there will be many “what if’s” but time and fate will have to agree in one’s personal interest first before you can get what you want and above all, everything will be right were they are destined to be.

    This is a long comment, I apologize. 😉

  17. harky March 2, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    i notice Lee Yo Won sign auto with her right hand while she eat with her left hand holding the chopstick ahhaah i saw in one of her video..

  18. yeah March 21, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    I wanted Yu shin and QSD…because they’ve known each other…they have lot of experience with both of them and they truly know each other…that’s why I love Yushin and QSD tandem….—this is my opinion..

  19. iulia May 2, 2010 at 4:25 am #

    i love Bidam , is grate , is a men because :luv: for QSD ………………………CIAO

  20. me May 30, 2010 at 3:51 am #

    puta kah…ka bastos moh..

    kill yourself! :headbanging:

  21. satin claret August 20, 2010 at 3:59 am #

    :thumbsup: :hyper: :thumbsup: :mrgreen: :propeller: :rofl: :rofl:

  22. nora January 4, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    Queen Seon Deok who is the first person consider misunderstanding with Bi Dam and she should allow this dispel from doubts. but she wanted her nephew become next king and she sacrifice bi dam . he saved her life many time but only for a misunderstanding she ordered his deat.h this must be true in reality, they killed lord bid am for their power ,I mean queen nephew and yushin . this is history

  23. buy instagram followers May 5, 2014 at 5:50 am #

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all folks you actually know what you are talking approximately!
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  24. chun August 22, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

    people who want to use bidam for their desires even queen .she got power ,she must try to work out this misunderstanding with Bi Dam but she didn’t she act like cruel .because he wasn’t yushin .in real history ,it is weird he had great position and in her last days of life ill queen he revolt against her. I think in fact they destroyed achievements of bidam
    there are no actual records containing them, but it is believed that he came from a royal family.so I think every thing about him destroyed by yushin and chun chu.

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