Queen Seon Deok Summary 50

Queen Seon Deok Summary 50

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Joo Bang & Go Do comes to Deok Man as they have an idea that is worth a try. Joo Bang pushes Go Do to tell her. Go Do said that Joo Bang should tell her as it is his idea in the 1st place, why does he need him to tell Princess Deok Man. Deok Man asked what is it that they want o say to her. Joo Bang said that he had given some thought on the matter, & would it be possible along these lines. Joo Bang tells the scenario when Qin went to invade Wei by making a dam in Huang He then releasing the retaining water & flooded Dae Ryeong Seong & make it to become submerge like a boundless ocean. So they thought whether they can use the same stratagem to do the same in Hwang Gang water, how about giving this a try

Dae Ryeong Seong is Daliang, the capital of Wei, now Kaifeng County Henan Province, China. It is located at the south bank of the Huang He (Yellow river)

Hwang Gang that spans in stream 116.9km & original source from Mt. Sambong in Jeongseon County Gangwondo is a tributary of the Nakdong River the longest river in South Korea that flow to the middle part of Nakdong River, flowing through Gyeongsangnamdo pass through Daegu & Busan in southeastern South Korea that flow into the Korean Straits (South Sea). It originates in Geochang, from the union of various streams flowing from the slopes of Deogysan, and meets the Nakdong in Hapcheon County where Daeya fortress is. It covers about 117 kilometers. The name “Hwang” literally means “yellow,” and refers to the yellow sand found along much of the river’s course.

Warring States period (475-221 B.C.), when the numerous small states of the Spring and Autumn period had been whittled down to seven dominant major states of Qin, Qi, Chu, Wei, Han, Zhao and Yan. King Qin Ying Zhen later Emperor Qin Shi Huang Ti wanted a strategy to annexed the 6 states. In order not to have the 6 states united in alliance in order to able resist Qin, Emperor Qin attack the weakest of the state which is Han, the nearest neighbour to Qin then Zhao then Wei. The Qin army decided to aim for Wei capital of Dae Ryeong Seong or in Chinese Daliang by making a water ram & dam to harness the flowing river and flood the whole area to make the fortified city an island in the middle of a man-made lake a few metres deep & bring the city its knees

Bi Dam asked how can do this aquatic warfare during this season, it is not the rainy season & situation that the river flows is not drastic volume of water in able to achieve that results. Joo Bang realise his idea will not work as Go Do said that he has told him so. Joo Bang said there isn’t water to be use, it is a shame. Joo Bang said that the 3 Kingdom of Korea, all rivers system flows usually flow from East to West. They are situated & located on the east side of Daeya fortress, wouldn’t it be perfect location but what a shame. Go Do said didn’t they tell them there isn’t sufficient volume of water. Joo Bang & Go Do apologise that they were much of a help. Deok Man asked them not to apologise as whenever anything pops up any great ideas in their mind, be free to let her know. Joo Bang & Go Do about to leave when Bi Dam asked them to hold on & wait & asked them what did they just said. Go Do repeats the last sentence that they don’t have sufficient volume of water. Bi Dam said he is not referring to that, Joo Bang went to the next phase that they mentioned was it is something that they are located on the east side. Bi Dam said that he has a stratagem that can be swift. Bi Dam asked her to raise & come with him. Deok Man leaves with him as Joo Bang & Go Do are happy with their contribution in planning & wonder what was it…east….locate in the east….

Bi Dam discuss this with Deok Man, Kim Yu Shin & Kim Chun Chu with the map of Silla river system that with exception of Hwangsangang, most river is the 3 Kingdom most of them flows to east to west that is flowing towards the Yellow Sea (Korean called it the West Sea). Daeya fortress near proximity is surrounded by rivers & lakes that has similar flow system

Hwangsangang is the former name of Nakdong River which flows into the Korean straits (Korean called it the South Sea) that separates Korea & Japan

Al Cheon asked whether Bi Dam is suggesting using Aquatic warfare in this season. BI Dam said that they are not but do the exact opposite. Bi Dam said that it is here as he showed on the map that they will harness the river to curb & plug all flow of water to Daeya fortress & drain them out of water by making an embankment . Daeya fortress might be abundant in grain reserve but they soon find deprive of water & without it, what will the situation in the fortress be. Kim Yu Shin said there are many stream & creek that flow pass Daeya fortress, it will be quite a daunting task to identify them & build embankments. Bi Dam said that it is true, so the small creeks they will poison the water. If they do this, Daeya fortress water provision will be dried up & it needs only less than half a month to do so. In that half month, Daeya fortress will be a living hell

Kim Yu Shin said that if they do that that many agriculture land that surround Daeya fortress will be affected & it will be destitute barren to farm for many year to come, just think that how many refugees will it create in this destitute land. At that time, they will have to use resort to the reign of terror to suppress hatred. Kim Yu Shin asked Deok Man to reconsider her decision to use such drastic measure. Daeya fortress is also her land that belongs to her sovereignty. Deok Man agrees as of now, she doesn’t wishes to use Bi Dam’s stratagem. Bi Dam is taken back that Deok man has reject her stratagem. Joo Bang tells that Bi Dam has written befuddled look on his face when he brought out his stratagem to Princess Deok Man. Dae Pung asked what is the stratagem about. Go Do said that Joo Bang is not certain, despite the many ideas he brings up, Joo Bang always doesn’t have the slightest idea what they are. Guk San Heun concurs that it is correct, from the mouth of Joo Bang but doesn’t know the meaning of the stratagem. Al Cheon cadre asked then what stratagem that Bi Dam has plan. Joo Bang said from his expression he only utter that it is exactly that to that extent. Joo Bang still wonder that did he suggest to Bi Dam

Deok Man tells her people that she will not utilise Bi Dam’s stratagem but however likewise she will follow his stratagem in theory. Kim Yu Shin agrees that what Bi Dam stratagem has suggest, they will leak this to the adversary as intelligence. Kim Chun Chu said that the military intelligence will discreetly make know to the adversary. Bi Dam & Al Cheon agrees. Kim Yu Shin plug the water provision & spread the rumour of the potential that stream & creek has been poison is sufficient to send Daeya fortress to become a living hell in half a month

Deok Man leaves as Bi Dam call for her & asked what is the meaning that she will go & conduct negotiation talk or pow wow with Mi Shil. They have already found an idea that will force Mi Shil into submission & a road to impasse, why they is a need for Deok Man to engage in discussion talks. Deok Man said that it is this reason for this why they has to force Mi Shil into parley. Deok Man said although for Mi Shil, it will with difficult for her to accepts any suggested condition that is laid on the table. BI Dam said that if it conditions….then. Deok Man gives Bi Dam a handwritten letter from her & she asked BI Dam to deliver to Mi Shil as postman. Bi Dam asked why must he be the one to send. Deok Man wants this letter to be personally deliver to Mi Shil hands & asked Bi Dam to see to this that Mi Shil does. Bi Dam takes the letter from Deok Man

Bi Dam bearer of white flag that a protective sign of a truce or ceasefire & a request for negotiation breach Daeya fortress by jumping their blockade fences as the guard asked who goes there & what is his purpose.

White flags were recorder as early as AD 109 by Tacitus but it was also recorded the use in the Han Dynasty (AD25-229)

Bi Dam said that he is the negotiator & a courier to deliver a letter strictly to Mi Shil. The guard opens the gates for Bi Dam. Gate open & Bi Dam rides into Daeya fortress. Bi Dam & Mi Shil said that this time, Bi Dam volunteer for this courier job to deliver this letter with the reason that he came to kill her.  Bi Dam takes the letter & tell Mi Shil that Princess Deok Man has asked this to be deliver for her reading. Mi Shil surprise that it should be from Princess Deok Man. Mi Shil takes & reads it & laughs that Deok Man wish to request a one to one private discussion & meeting with her. Mi Shil said if this is not deciding the truce or the terms of surrender, she sees it unnecessary in this. Bi Dam asked why, does she have fears. Mi Shil said how would she have any fear or dread with facing

Seol Won Rang comes in & see Bi Dam presence then asked that can he have a private word with her for a moment. Mi Shil reads the intelligence that they going to close off & plug the water from the river & remaining water system will be poison. Seol Won Rang affirms that Daeya fortress has never been besiege from enemy attack that is coming from the east, therefore they never foreseen this as a weakness that he wasn’t able to detect

Baekje is located on the west & Goguryeo locate up north of Silla, east will be internally from Silla.

Mi Shil crush the letter & queries whether this is indeed their covet military intelligence is genuine or not. Seol Won Rang concurs that this is with perhaps that they indeed intent to create & instill fear & panic atmosphere in the fortress that they deliberately leak this intelligence to them. Mi Shil said wouldn’t it be that the garrison of the fortress has already has knowledge of it. Seol Won Rang confirms that it should by now, that this rumour by reckon have spread like wild fire around & throughout the fortress. Mi Shil query on the intent to create & instill fear & panic, Mi Shil tells that Deok Man does not intent & reluctant to engage in this war. Seol Won Rang is surprise as Mi Shil leaves & goes back to Bi Dam to throw the crush paper at Bi Dam. Mi Shil know that they has force her into submission & a road to impasse & then as charity to offer their extending hands. Mi Shil dare them to go head & give this a try, to go & close off & plug the water from the river & throw poison into the water system. Do they think that if they do such action, this will makes Mi Shil fear Deok Man. Bi Dam said that if there is really no fear, wouldn’t you engage to meet at once

Deok Man said that she will give amnesty to Mi Shil & her faction who collaborate with her & suggest that they combines their forces through reconciliation. Al Cheon is surprise & asked what is Deok Man implying. Al Cheon said aren’t they the people who has stage an insurgency to topple the Royal Household. Deok Man said that it the manner that speaking on behalf of Silla, then there is awaiting them a grand ambition that they need to aspire that is to follow. Deok Man said that that ambition needs the combined allegiance of both forces to fulfil & to realise. Kim Yu Shin is surprise at the thought of an alliance with Mi Shil

Hap Cheon is the reference of the Six state Yan, Zhao, Han, Wei, Qi & Chu alliance against Qin during the Warring States period to fend of Qin ambition to annexe them into one country that eventually called China  & obviously the alliance failed

Wyol Ya is against the alliance with Mi Shil that they have use stratagem to force Mi Shil into submission & a road to impasse a corner & victory will definitely be theirs for the taking. Al Cheon concurs that this is out of the question & impracticable. Deok Man said if they want to fight then they will proceed to engage in open battles with them but however to curb Mi Shil’s faction will need many years to suppress & subside their influences, In her estimation she reckon that this may take them years & the manpower require for return normalcy may take decades. Kim Chun Chu question that if there is a possibility in hind sight that they able to establish the alliance with Mi Shil. King Jinpyeong is inform & surprise that Deok Man wants to establish an alliance with Mi Shil. Princess Man Myeong said that Deok Man has already handed a letter requesting the alliance. Queen Maya asked what is Deok Man thinking by doing this

Deok Man is her moments of contemplation. Kim Yu Shin comes to her & tell her for the sake of Deok Man’s aspiration & grand vision ambition, he came to do his best in his effort without any doubt or protest on his part & here after he will still continues to do so but however this time, he is inconceivable that this is workable prospect or is it perhaps viable. Deok Man said that what is foremost aspect in the matter, what is that practical to them as of now. Deok Man has mentioned before that they have no prior experience to administrate or govern this nation but Mi Shil’s faction has the knowhow. Deok Man said that this is correct that this is at present the most urgent matter to need to attain talents, the people with expertise. Kim Yu Shin asked that Deok Man is perhaps thinking but would she dare to use that talent. Deok Man confirms Kim Yu Shin’s guess work that she dare & making Mi Shil one of the expertise of talent. Deok Man asked within Seorabeol is there anyone that can be confer as the 2nd Mi Shil that posses that expertise of talent

Deok Man set up the summit meeting with Mi Shil. Deok Man is looking at the preparation of the table setting as Bi Dam tells that both parties has come to agreed to keep their army at least the radius of 10 ri

1 ri is a measure of length & distance equivalent 323m. This is the Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) measurement unit. I assume that it will be appropriate for this period the drama is set. Although South Korea  takes their measurement of “Ri” from the Han Dynasty measurement  that is about 392.72m There are various variation of the measurement of Ri from different Dynasty period 358.8 -578m

Deok Man sees Mi Shil’s palanquin that announces her arrival at the distance escorted by Chil Sook. Deok Man & Bi Dam is reserved whether this will work.  Chil Sook greets Deok Man as Mi Shil alight from her palanquin. As they both greet each other cordially in respect. Mi Shil enjoyed her refreshment cup of tea as Deok Man suggests an alliance. Deok Man confirms that she wants an alliance as the foundation to have a peace negotiation between the parties. Mi Shil asked why in that, that Deok Man has already has a bartering chip in Daeya fortress’ weakness, why she needs to play such a charades. Mi Shil said isn’t it that Deok Man has found a way to suppress & besiege the insurgents then massacre them all as a sufficient strategy. Deok Man said that it is a pity if they are killed. Mi Shil question it is a pity. Deok Man said that Silla has a grand ambition that waits for it to aspire & realise that dream, therefore she is recruiting talents around the nation for this dream. Mi Shil said that she does indeed have a great pool of talents under her resource of recruitment for retainer, Mi Shil asked which Deok Man has showing interest in recruiting, is it Seol Won Rang, Mi Saeng or Chil Sook. Mi Shil takes a sip of her tea when Deok Man gave Mi Shil her answer that the person she wants to recruit the talent is none other than Mi Shil herself. Deok Man asked whether will she able to use or tap to Mi Shil resources & talent as the driving force for Deok Man’s aspiration. Mi Shil look insulted, Deok Man said that her game is as good as a lost thereafter Mi Shil must prepare plan for the next step for her future. Mi Shil asked whether the next step is referring to being a driving force. Deok Man said that if it sounds like an insult to your ear over her crude & offensive in her explanation but this understanding is worth to give it a try on how to put this in words, an opportunity to nurture a successor. Now there is no hope of Mi Shil able to regain & become this nation proprietor, how about nurturing a successor to do so, how does this sound to Mi Shil. Mi Shil ponders on the word “proprietor”. Mi Shil asked whether Deok Man is implying that this Mi Shil will never able to rule this country. Deok Man boldly reply that except if she goes elsewhere to establish a country of her own, there is no alternative but however the attempts in the establishment of the new rule in this country has been simply led to a naught. It is as of now Mi Shil has no alternative or qualification whatsoever in becoming the proprietor of Silla. Mi Shil question the words proprietor & Silla, it pains her then she mentioned Jeongcheongun…Dosal Seong….Handasagun, Sokham seong, do Deok Man know where this places are located. Deok Man said that they are frontier town of the south, north & west of their borders

Mi Shil: No….it is not …..This is where this humble Mi Shil’s blood has been spilt on these lands…..all my beloved comrades that she hold dear…the Nangdos….the soldiers….& those don’t even know where their bodies are laid & don’t even have marker for their tomb & are buried in those land…This is what Silla is. This is what I & King Jinheung has explore & conquer those frontiers & Silla borders. What are you prattling there about Proprietor & Silla, you don’t know or understand nothing….the devotion that I render Sadaham in love is the same as I treasure this nation….It is because I ardent & treasure this nation that I yearn to make it my own

Deok Man is taken back that Mi Shil confess her true feeling & the suggestion of having an alliance or concertedly is an insult. Mi Shil asked Deok Man whether she would share something she treasured with someone else. Mi Shil leaves as Bi Dam could sense that the summit didn’t set out the result that it wanted. Bi Dam goes to Deok Man to ask what has happened in the talks. Deok Man looks as Mi Shil’s palanquin leave the venue for Daeya fortress. BI Dam said that he will go to Mi Shil to have a moment with her, & asked Deok Man to please give him the consent to do so

Bi Dam runs after Mi Shil palanquin & blocks its path. Bi Dam asked that he will like to have a private word with Mi Shil. Mi Shil asked what is the happening as her palanquin curtain open to reveal that it is Bi Dam. In their private moment that he asked whether the talks turn sour. Mi Shil asked Bi Dam to go & asked Deok Man for the answer. Bi Dam asked whether until now Mi Shil could with this conflict. The game is as good as a lost & there is point of no return. Mi Shil said that even thought she can win in this, she will not allow them to gain it so easily on a silver platter. Bi Dam asked why does she need to pursue this path. Mi Shil replies there is no reason not to. Bi Dam show Mi Shil King Jinheung’s imperial decree & asked how about this decree & he believe that Mi Shil knows the content that is written in the imperial decree, Mi Shil said to herself that in the end this document has found its rightful owner. Bi Dam said that this imperial decree was in the possession of Princess Deok Man & he concealed this decree. Mi Shil question why he need to conceal the decree. If Bi Dam has made this public that they has the evidence to execute her. Bi Dam asked Mi Shil to stop pretending to be strong. Mi Shil said that if this conflicts prolongs then her faction that follows her will be adjusted to be increase in her favour, but however why did Bi Dam conceal the imperial decree & asked his reason for his impulse action. Bi Dam tells that it is too cruel a matter, isn’t it. Bi Dam utter his 1st words by address Mi Shil as mother, for her to say that this is too savage for her, whenever her whole life has been it has not been correct. Bi Dam said that Mi Shil should have died back at those decades long ago. Bi Dam begs his mother Mi Shil to accept Deok Man’s terms & condition of the proposal & if she fails to do so, then he might be force to make this imperial decree public. Mi Shil approach Bi Dam & tries to touch his face & takes grass of his armour then holding Bi Dam to face her but then she just left without saying a word. Bi Dam weeps for his mother as Mi Shil stop brief then walks on. It pains Bi Dam that his mother is so stubborn

Deok Man with her war cabinet & her army tells Mi Shil has refuses her proposal. Kim Chun Chu is also don in armour. Deok Man that the situation arise & tells that this is sign & symptoms that it is a diagnose & declare as a civil war. Deok Man order Kim Yu Shin to come with strategies & war plans on the logistics & surrounding to do a siege offensive immediately as Kim Yu Shin acknowledge. Deok Man orders Al Cheon to cut off the flow of Hwang Gang then after convey that information to the adversary. Al Cheon acknowledged the order. Deok Man orders Yeom Jong that all moles infiltrated in Daeya fortress to spread the buzz of rumours to mentioned that Princess Deok Man has poisoned & contaminated the water system. Yeom Jong acknowledged then Deok Man turns to Wyol Ya, Seo Ji & Joo Bang to led garrison to do around the clock surveillance & observation of the ongoing happenings in Daeya Fortress & report back on daily basis. Wyol Ya acknowledge her order as Deok Man has been force to call & deal her cards

In Daeya fortress, Se Jong & Ha Jong is surprise that Deok Man propose an alliance. Seol Won Rang confirm it but Mi Shil has flatly refuses the offer. Ha Jong said this is but of course, they just want her to bait us out of the hole to massacre them that why they use some stratagems to lure them out. Seol Won Rang said that according to Mi Shil, Deok Man came to the table with sincerity in mind that she will not kill them. Ha Jong is lost as Mi Saeng has to thinks what is behind Deok Man’s proposal. Seol Won Rang assures them not to have worries as military support is strong. Mi Saeng has the slight hesitation & concurs that the neighbouring nobles has pledge to send their military assistance to them but Mi Saeng doesn’t look all that confident. Bo Jong comes in to report that Cho Pal Hye county that was responsible for their defensives lines General Mu Eun’s battalions has surrender to Princess Deok Man

Cho Pal Hye County is the former name for Chogye one of the myeon Hapcheon county

Bo Jong said not only that Princess Deok Man has convey the message that she has poison all water system that flow through Daeya fortress consequently they experiencing desertion from the soldiers is increasing to rise by the days. Ha Jong now feels there are sitting ducks. Mi Shil looks resign to her fate. San Tak panics whether they thought that the poison has spread to well water as well. The other soldier contemplating whether they should also run away & deserted before it is too late. The guards said that they will there are in a dilemma between the red devil & the deep blue sea where they drink the water from the fortress, they will die of poisoning & of the desert that execution may face them if they are caught. Seok Bum comes & asked what the soldier muttering about as Seok Bum show that the fortress well water is drinkable as San Tak said that they are for curtained that water has been poison. Seok Bum said do they know how much the amount of poison they need to put it to contaminated the water system to Daeya fortress, don’t they have the slightest observation on that matter. Seok Bum drinks it to show that the water is safe to drink. Sa Tak said it is because of this reason that they are experiencing a lot of desertion from their soldiers. Seok Bum dare them if they are afraid to died then they might as well desert but be pre-warn that if they should be caught for desertion & been apprehend by Seok Bum, he may show them mercy. Seok Bum reminds them that the pledge they made on they will protect Mi Shil until the end & to protect the righteous of Mi Shil’s virtue, you will stay her to protect Mi Shil & leaves. Mi Shil looks resign

Deok Man don in full military gear as she orders her military commander that Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon to take on be responsible for the east gates as the acknowledge her orders. Lord Jujin will take on & be responsible for the north gate. Lord Jujin acknowledge her orders. Then Bi Dam & Yeom Jong takes their reconnaissance team’s men & 1,000 elite forces to control Cho Pal Hye County. Bi Dam & Yeom Jong acknowledge her orders. Deok Man then orders Wyol Ya & Seo Ji, take the Refugees militants troops &  infiltrate the south gates. Daeya Fortress will be reckon be in confused, panic & disorder after the rumours of the water cut off & the poisoning of the water system, therefore in contingency of should the 1st offensive fails then they need to continues to pressure with forces to be seen strong & mighty. They initial task they must break the fighting spirit of the adversary

San Tak & some of his men are deserting. One of the soldier said if they need to escape, they must cross that ridge then we will able to outside the vicinity of Daeya fortress. The 2nd soldier tell San Tak that if they stay here any longer, they all be dead & asked them to leave at once. San Tak hesitates that he doesn’t want to leave. The 3rd soldier said that they had cut off the water & poison the water system, this already spell death. San Tak said that even that, this doesn’t feel it is right, he will go back & protect Mi Shil. The 1st soldier said there is no way that they can protect. San Tak said there is no way then the least he can retain some honour & respect & he leaves &headed back & wish them well in their desertion

Seol Won Rang queries Mi Shil to tell him what her intentions are & what has been making her perturbed. Mi Shil said the way to end this…she was the conclusion to this. Seol Won Rang is shocked. Ha Jong comes in jubilation that Sokham fortress Commander Yeo Gil Chan is bringing his whole army to support them in Daeya fortress. Mi Shil is surprise as Ha Jong repeat it is Yeo Gil Chan, he is coming to give Mi Shil military support

Yeo Gil Chan is Fort Commander of Sokham fortress. He was the 2nd man to Seol Won Rang during the Baekje campaign in Episode 9

Yeo Gil Chan preach to his men that a person who devoid of gratitude is no different from a beast, if they  do not protect Mi Shil, how could they called themselves men of this Silla, are we able to declare ourselves as military fighting personnel. Yeo Gil Chan rallies his men to march ahead to Daeya fortress & protect Mi Shil with their life. His soldier cheers in agreement. Yeo Gil Chan & his men marches to the drum beat to Daeya fortress. Kim Yu Shin is inform by Wyol Ya that Yeo Gil Chan is heading his army towards Daeya fortress & Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man is surprise. Al Cheon asked what is happening in Sokham fortress now that it is left unattended, that is the border between Baekje. Kim Yu Shin tells Deok Man that Sokham fortress has over 20,000 elite soldiers. Kim Chun Chu asked Deok man to make a decision as Deok Man tells them to do reconnaissance at the surrounding area of Sokham fortress over the moments of the Baekje forces. Seol Ji said that this is not in the priority, the matter that Yeo Gil Chan will be here in 2 days. Deok Man accentuate & emphasis that this matter is in utmost priority. Deok Man has to think hard

Ha Jong tells that he always knew that Yeo Gil Chan will come to their aide. Yeo Chil Chan family for generation has been receive gratitude from Mi Shil’s benevolence. Ha Jong said this is great indeed. Mi Shil is not amused as Seol Won Rang access the situation that if should Sokham fortress’s soldier & join the combat, the result will lead to become a revolt in progress. Seol Won Rang said that there is a high possibility that Princess Deok Man will recall the border garrison. Ha Jong confidently said that before she can do so, we will have defeat & capture Seorabeol. Seol Won Rang asked what is Mi Shil going to do about this

Mi Shil said that west of Sokham fortress there is a garrison station of elite troop that is led by Yoon Chung. Foremost that they need to ascertained the movement of the Baekje army. Seol Won Rang acknowledged the order. Ha Jong asked whether this is important. Mi Shil said that it is utmost important. Deok man looking around at her camp as the traffic is busy when BI Dam comes to her to say whether this is true that Sokham fortress are making its way to Seorabeol. Deok man confirms it as Bi Dam asked what is Deok Man going to do. Bi Dam asked are they going to retreat & fall back or prepare for full offensive. Deok man there is probable as she recalls Mi Shil mentioning about Jeongcheongun…Dosal Seong….Handasagun, Sokham Seong & asked whether Deok Man knew where this places are located…this are the places that has spill this lowly & humble Mi Shil’s blood…this is what Silla is. Deok man tell Bi Dam that there is probable chance that Yeo Gil Chan might have to pull back his army. Bi Dam is surprise that why would that be.

Bo Jong comes to report that after Yeo Gil Chan departed from Sokham fortress, Baekje army led by Yoon Chung breach into Pallyangchi Ridge & set up camp. Seol Won Rang is taken aback & confirms Mi Shil worst fears. Ha Jong asked what does this incident has to do that concern them, they are now facing the brink of life & death in the offensive of Daeya fortress by Deok Man

Pallyangchi Ridge located between Namwon, Jeolla Province, and Hamyang, Gyeongsang Province.

Seol Won Rang said that first & foremost they need to do of urgency is that they must relieve Daeya fortress from being besiege & that we need to dampened the hostility of the adversary forces & then when Mi Shil interrupt that immediately & at once sent the fast horse & courier….ha Jong asked where should they need to send to. Mi Shil tells Bi Jong to send an express courier to Yeo Gil Chan & to convey her command to rapidly pull out his army & return to Sokham fortress to prevent an imminent invasion & intrusion by Baekje force. Bo Jong is surprise on Mi Shil instruction as Seol Won Rang disagrees. Ha Jong said what is his mother thinking & saying, as of now Deok Man’s army is now at their footstep & will start their offensive at them. They just need to hold up until Yeo Gil Chan’s garrison arrive to support them to gain an upper hand. Seol Won Rang queries Mi Shil’s decision. Mi Shil tells them that it stops here

Bi Dam asked how would there be a possibility that Yeo Gil Chan’s garrison will pull out. Deok Man said that the probability may be small & it might her analysis of the matter may be wrong but however it is something that may happened. Bi Dam asked why is that as Deok Man recalls Mi Shil telling her “the devotion that I render Sadaham in love is the same as I treasure this nation….that this is Silla…. This is what I & King Jinheung has explore & conquer those frontiers & Silla borders

Deok Man said to Bi Dam that for a short & brief moment has witness the authority of Mi Shil’s kingship. The rightful & legitimate kingship. Ha Jong question his mother that what needs to stop as of now & pester her mother to answer. Mi Shil answer him that everything needs to halt & cease. Bo Jong calls to his mother as Mi Shil leaves as Ha Jong goes to look for some understanding to this situation on what his mother has said on what she wants to stop

Yeon Gil Chan receive Mi Shil courier & he asked that this is really from Mi Shil & it is her orders, pull out immediately to return to Sokham fortress to engage a defensive with Baekje. Courier conform that this is Mi Shil has command & she also mentioned that this is her last order to him. Yeo Gil Chan calls Mi Shil by name as he will have to obey.

Mi Shil is her full keeper of the seal regalia, taken comfort to sit on her official appurtenance chair & looks regal. When she left the palace, she must have brought a lot furniture & fittings. Seol Won Rang approaches her & question why Mi Shil order Yeo Gil Chan to pull back his garrison. Mi Shil said that if she has cause the border to be breach under her watch, then this Mi Shil would have completely lost all to Deok Man. Seol Won Rang asked therefore as Mi Shil continues now she wants to death ends all troubles. Mi Shil asked Seol Won Rang not too heavy hearted on the matter

Mi Shil said that the days during their time in Hwa Rang, there is an ode in the song & asked if Seol Won Rang recalls

Seol Won Rang: When battle follow assume to war

Mi Shil: When When can’t battle follow the option to defend…When can’t defend follow option to retreat

Seol Won Rang when retreat is not an option, but only in surrender

Mi Shil: & should even surrender prove impossible option….but on that day only death is the sufficient as match set

Mi Shil said that today calls for that. Mi Shil said that she has favour to ask of Seol Won Rang. Seol Won Rang said that she can’t do that for her, he will come with her. Mi Shil said that from no onwards whatever her commands, her saying, her action & her promises, all of which will be my last, please asked everybody to adhere to what she say, the people who follows her, should asked them to carry on surviving & to lead them properly. Seol Won Rang asked why that she is glancing back & can’t let them go with worries, why she has grown so fragile & weak over the matter. Mi Shil said on the contrary it is not weakness but it is establishment of various strategies & scheme of hers, this is fulfilling the last stage of her ploy & scheme that she is expediting. Mi Shil hands Seol Won Rang the letter as he approaches her to accept it from Mi Shil & tells as towards Seol Won Rang she is indeed apologetic

Kim Yu Shin is inform that Yeo Gil Chan has pull back his garrison & returns to Sokham fortress. Al Cheon said that it must be to engage defensive on Yoon Chung’s army intrusion. Wyol Ya asked what is happening, why did they pull back their garrison when they are just a few distance away from Daeya fortress. Kim Chun Chu asked whether this is another of their cunning deception that they are devising. Deok Man assures that this is definitely not a deception. Deok Man as she sees it, that Mi Shil has…..Bi Dam could guess what has happens leaves the camp as his action confirm without a doubt to Deok Man that Bi Dam does indeed have connection with Mi Shil

Mi Shil tells Seol Won Rang that those nobles who are loyal to her, asked them to return to their places, also Cho Pal Hye county where Chil Sook is holding asked him to retreat at once. Seol Won Rang acknowledged her instruction. By this time Mi Shil has difficulties in her speech & finally those &  have instructed to you & everything prepare for her. Bi Dam at the entrance of Daeya fortress & hesitates when suddenly the white flag is raise at Daeya fortress. Meanwhile at Cho Pal Hye, courier sends a message to Chil Sook as he open & reads it & pass it to Seok Bum. Chil Sook asked the courier whether this was actually from MI Shil. The courier said that he personally took this from Mi Shil. Seok Bum said that they need to retreat & fall back. Seok Bum asked what is going on

Cho Pal Hye county is the present Chogye in Hapcheon county

Chil Sook smiles that Mi Shil is ending this once & for all (call it quits). Seok Bum question how can this be the end. Kim Chun Chu asked Deok Man if Yeo Gil Chan honestly pull back his garrison as a fact, wouldn’t it be wise that they return to what was originally plan. Al Cheon concurs that they have no time to lose on the matter & make haste. Wyol Ya comes in to report to Deok Man that the situation in Daeya fortress is….Deok man can sense something amiss. Deok Man & her army arrives at Daeya fortress. I like Deok Man military regalia that she don the armours in the masculine manner. Deok Man sees Daeya fortress flags up by white flag in their posts, looks like a funeral home. Gates open & Seol Won Rang strip of his armours & in his prisoner whites. Deok Man approach Seol Won Rang on horseback alone to meet him as he walks out then kneels before Deok Man in submission as the rest of the soldier follows to kneel. Seol Won Rang said that this unconditional surrender that he now kneels before Deok Man. Seol Won Rang said that they have disarm all weapons. Deok man asked where is Mi Shil’s sojourn now. Seol Won Rang said that Mi shil is awaiting Deok Man presence

Bi Dam comes running & totter in & sees that Mi Shil has taken many valves of poison as he stoop to hold one of the valve & asked that she wanted this & shout to his mother why. Mi Shil asked not to raise his voice too loudly. Mi Shil tells Bi Dam that it is to say that she has more or less one gak of time left in this world

One gak or in Chinese “Ke” is 15 mins. Historically this had been defined as 1/96, 1/100, 1/108, or 1/120 of a day. The value here is the modern conventional value (1/96 day). I will use Chinese term which is easier. Ancient Asian reads time with these measurement units. A day is made out of 12 Shi Chen (literally the time of hour & named after the Chinese zodiac) each Shi Chen is 2 hours period. Each Shi Chen has 8 “Ke” or (in Korean gak) & it is 4 “Ke” to one hour, so 1 “Ke” is 15 mins

Bi Dam asked Mi Shil

Bi Dam: Should I address you once as Mother, then? Do you wish to hear it?

Mi Shil laughs at his remark

Bi Dam: Or is it that you have abandoned me, that you are so regretfully, so you want to say sorry?…Or the contrary that you are ridden with guilt that you have to admits that you actually love him dearly & you want to confess that she has always love him from her heart

Mi Shil tells that as for this Mi Shil, it is not in her vocabulary therefore she will never utter those words. Mi Shil tell Bi Dam that he doesn’t need to address her as mother & she was never sorry & also love

Mi Shil: Love? What do you think it is? Love that is so called the implication is without giving effort in propriety & contrition in order to able to own it, that this is what love is. If you wish to love Deok Man, & then this you must do….devotion…righteousness…even Silla. None of the above can be shared with someone…no matter who it is…Kim Yu Shin….Kim Chun Chu…the fact whoever it is….Understand?

Seol Won Rang lead Deok Man to see Mi Shil. Bi Dam tells Mi Shil that his devotion, he will handle this himself. Mi Shil said she is concern for Bi Dam that why she has convey this to him. Mi Shil said that she has got the heart of people then after aspire to own this nation but as for Bi Dam, got the country buy yet aspire to own a person. To make a person as your aspiration is indeed risky & inevitable. Deok man is initially a person who is incarnate into becoming this nation. Bi Dam said that he wants to create Deok man to be that person. The ideals that is not feasible will only ends aspiration to withered. The poison is taking effect as Mi Shil slides, BI Dam tries to help but Mi Shil stops him & asked whether Deok Man is as she was before

Seol Won Rang said this is where Mi Shil is sojourn as Deok Man goes in & asked Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon remain at the corridors to wait for her. Deok Man enters & runs it to see Mi Shil on the last strand of life. Bi Dam is weeping & looks at Mi Shil. Deok Man approached Mi Shil

Deok Man: Se Ju…..Mi Shil

Mi Shil holding to the arms of the chairs

Deok Man (to herself): Mi Shil….without you….wouldn’t have permitted me to have made anything out of myself…Mi Shil….Mi Shil’s era….Farewell

Deok Man bow in respect to Mi Shil & Mi Shil relax her grip on the arm

Deok Man weeps for her adamant adversary

Futures Day Trading Plan Flashback on quotes of Mi Shil

Mi Shil: People can lack dexterity…..people can be…But however for my people I will not allow this to be so

Mi Shil: I didn’t personally use my hands to have end this. For all that I have gain everything else, what I don’t have is not becoming Queen would have made it lacking in emptiness

Mi Shil: Forgive me…..my child. From now onwards I no longer have any use for you.

Mi Shil: Just a slight frown, & you will look stronger.

Mi Shil: Seonggol make heir is all but none

Mi Shil: It is because of you….Run away.

Mi Shil: It is I who kill them all

Mi Shil: Princess you are more cunning & surpass this Mi Shil

Mi Shil: Heaven’s divinity & will I make use of it with some

Mi Shil: Looking at this perspective; there is only two options are left.

Mi Shil: My embrace…..My embrace?!

Mi Shil: What is there that is forever…..if it needs to be shatter then it must scatter to great radiance & style…in that to something of that extent?

Mi Shil: Why could I have not been born Seonggol?

Mi Shil: & should even surrender prove impossible option, but on that day only death is the match is sufficient

Mi Shil: Now the time has come….this is Mi Shil’s era

binary options forex factory Comment

My applause & salute to Go Hyun Jung for great portrayal of Mi Shil. Mi Shill really went out in style. I assume that Go Hyun Jung will proceeds to her another project a movie “Actresses”

I play the similar resemblance to Queen Seon Deok to that of the miniseries “The Tudors”. I did manage to catch season 3 in New Zealand. What the creator Michael Hirst has said “Showtime commissioned me to write an entertainment, a soap opera, and not history … And we wanted people to watch it.” & that “any confusion created by the changes is outweighed by the interest the series may inspire in the period and its figures.”


There are some people who may think that Queen Seon Deok is not authentic & some crying foul that the drama strictly didn’t follow the events in history that it has been adulterated or altered by scriptwriters who historical fact has been played fast & loose with, & practically for entertainment reason makes room for misrepresentation

But I am sure that audience intelligence will able to decipher the both. We are not there to be play curator or auditors to history. For example The Romance of the 3 Kingdom, a novel written 14th century about the warring states is a Chinese historical novel based upon events in that turbulent years near the end of the Han Dynasty & the 3 kingdoms era of China, starting in AD 169 and ending with the reunification of the land in AD 280 is more a likeable & enjoyable reading material then the grey & dull history chronicle annals. Although people has taken the novel as the gospel truth on historical account


Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-01 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-02 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-03 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-04 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-05 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-06 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-07 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-08 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-09 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-10 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-11 (by bimbibap.com) Que[e]n.Se0n.De0k.E50-12 (by bimbibap.com)

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  1. Vera December 10, 2009 at 9:56 am #

    Thanks for the summary. I really love this drama. the plot and the characters are really great! ^^b I also adore Go Hyun Jung for her acting ability. She played it very well. I was sad that after this eps, I couldn’t see her anymore :'(

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    Truth is, the story really had some parts which was untrue. Say, the real Queen Seon Deok was the first of the three girls in their family. She was not a twin of CheonMyong. Also, she died died first before Bi Dam in history. It was also a rumor in the history that Bi Dam had a mysterious parents coming from the palace, and that he was of royal blood, which was showed in the story made by MBC. It was also true that Bi Dam’s revolution was considered as the greatest revolution in Shilla during that period against Yu Shin.

    So what if the writers played and mixed some parts of the history? I understand the point of other people saying that it may post misinterpretation for those who does not know Korean History. Why, can’t you guys go research and just kept on believing what you see in the television? If you do not like period dramas depicted these days (especially my beloved Queen Seon Deok The Great), then do not watch! =)

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