Queen Seon Deok Final Summary (62)

Queen Seon Deok Final Summary (62)

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Mum’s the word means “is keep quiet & say nothing”. Mum is not to mean not “mother” but in medieval English means silence that derives from the ‘mmmmm’, the humming sound made with a closed mouth. The phase is used by Shakespeare in Henry VI Part 2 “Seal up your lips & give no word but mum”

Meanwhile in Myeonghwal Sanseong; Bi Dam & his faction witness the same phenomenon of the star & tells his faction that the star has fallen in Wyolseong & tells this is a divine sign that Wyolseong will be vanquish & subjugated. Wyolseong time & fortunes has expired. Wyolseong will bleeds in river of blood as Bi Dam draw his swords to say that heavens divinity is siding their faction together with them & rally for the new established Silla. Yeom Jong comes to lead the rally the shout that to praise longevity to Sangdaedeung Bi Dam. The nobles rally in cheers. Bi Dam tells himself that he will become Silla & as Silla then Deok Man will be his to behold.

Bi Dam is of course jealous that Queen Seon Deok has render her truth devotion & zeal towards Silla & he will take that Silla away & becomes Silla himself so that Queen Seon Deok will ardent him with the same selfless affection & dedication

The Royal Physician is concern over his pulse diagnostic of Queen Seon Deok’s pulse reading but Queen Seon Deok asked the Royal Physician just to write a prescription & will that do for her ailment. Royal Physician isn’t optimistic as her. Al Cheon is gravely concern as Queen Seon Deok finds the Royal Physician to be of no use & dismiss him & hasten him to leave. Royal Physician acknowledged & leaves. Kim Yu Shin comes in to asked where is Queen Seon Deok hasn’t been well. Queen Seon Deok sits up as Kim Yu Shin advice her to lay down. Queen Seon Deok said there is no need & brushes it is just a slight shortcoming in health & that if she continues to lied down, her head becomes heavy. Kim Yu Shin asked Queen when did her aliment started & what is the diagnostic of her ailment. Al Cheon & Queen Seon Deok doesn’t Kim Yu Shin queries as Kim Yu Shin persist to asked for answer

Queen Seon Deok goes to tell Kim Yu Shin about her 1st night in Silla after coming from the Taklamakan desert….Kim Yu Shin surprise how Queen Seon Deok started her sentence. Queen Seon Deok said that she dreamt of a dream. In the dream she was still in the midst of searching for Moon Noh. Young Deok man asking the market place merchant of the whereabouts of Moon Noh, with some saying that Moon Noh has taken tonsure in some monastery as the other disagree that he is now in Taebaeksan as another merchant seconded the fact that he can flies above the clouds. Young Deok Man is confuse with the many suggested locations that Moon Noh whereabouts might be founded. As Deok Man frantically goes searching for Moon Noh she bumps in to a lady dressed in white finery clothes almost like a Shrine goddess that radiant a certain enlightenment mystic aura & then comes to embrace the young Deok man fondly. Young Deok Man protests the embrace & struggles to free herself from the embrace. Deok Man looks at the white dressed lady. Return to the present as Queen Seon Deok related the story that the lady embrace her dearly & was weeping in tears, but yesterday night after many years later, the same dream reoccur again as Queen Seon Deok asked who is she….that lady. Kim Yu Shin said that he wants to know about Queen Seon Deok’s ailment & not the change the subject about a dream of long past. Al Cheon having been Queen Seon Deok trusted confidante asked who was that lady in that dream as Al Cheon looks at Kim Yu Shin to shake his head & not asked further about her health condition. Queen Seon Deok with her story said she doesn’t know who she is, that her face is not really clear that she can’t recall the face. Queen Seon Deok then orders Kim Yu Shin that the battle strategy that he has propose should proceed with her Royal consent & it will have to be expedite by tonight. Kim Yu Shin acknowledged & obeys her command

Kim Yu Shin is shocked to learn of Queen Seon Deok dire health condition from Al Cheon & he is in disbelieve. Al Cheon learned of this matter only recently. Kim Yu Shin said how can this be happening to Queen Seon Deok. Al Cheon said that because they are facing crisis, Queen Seon Deok doesn’t what her health condition to be spread as rumours & disturb the morale of the population that she order a gagged order on the Royal Physician over the status of her health condition that may spiral into a crisis to the unknown. Kim Yu Shin pains to see that Queen Seon Deok is suffering in her health. Kim Yu Shin comes to see Queen Seon Deok who is having a restless sleep then recalls that it was from her heartfelt sincerity that when she abdicates the throne & spends her rest of her life with Bi Dam in recluse was to be her final aspiration.

Kim Yu Shin with his military brief. Kim Yu Shin said that before more nobles starts to join up in Myeonghwal Sanseong, they must curb the numbers of participation before their imminent all out war on the insurgent. Kim Yu Shin said that the 4 direction of East, West, South & North simultaneously attacks on all frontal direction to laid siege the fortress. Im Jong asked whether they are going to use the feign attack. Wyol Ya said that the application diversion tactic make be just a trick. Kim Yu Shin said that it will be an honest attack there is no feign involve. Kim Yu Shin said that the direction of Dong West South & North will wait for all 4 gates to open, then Kim Yu Shin will lead the main army to attack the main gate of the Sanseong (Myeonghwal mountain fortress).

Seong Dong Jaek Sa is means “Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west” ( define market value stocks 聲東擊西). In any battle the element of surprise can provide an overwhelming advantage. Even when face to face with an enemy, surprise can still be employed by attacking where he least expects it. To do this you must create an expectation in the enemy’s mind through the use of a tactical manoeuvre.

Bi Dam tells that the people of Wyolseong will want to ends this engagement quickly. Mi Saeng concurs that they need to strike as soon as they can possible before more nobility joins Bi Dam in forces. Bi Dam said that their victory is theirs if they can fortified & hold up the offensive siege & attack in Myeonghwal Sanseong. They just need to defends the offensive until Lord Hoyeon & the rest of the nobles comes with cumulate garrison. Lord Sueulbu concurs that the garrison in charge of security for the shelter residence is also making their way to Seorabeol. Ho Jae confirms that by tomorrow their force will increase by 5,000 elite soldiers. Lord Jujin said the combination of force that has been cumulated in nearing 20,000 that is an adequate force to be reckon with to laid their offensive. Ha Jong laughs that the gathering of forces are all heading towards their faction that they has all rushes towards Seorabeol. Bi Dam said that before the cumulating force has yet to arrived, they must not be provoke to engage with Wyolseong  but to maintain defensive in Myeonghwal Sanseong. Bi Dam said tonight or the next morning place the critical factor. Bi Dam said that they need to hold out for 2 days then the scale of balance for victory will be siding in their favour

Kim Yu Shin runs his brief on the siege of Myeonghwal Sanseong that the defensive line of battle will have Al Cheon to attack & breach with conspicuously.  Al Cheon has got the permission from Queen Seon Deok who cordially gave her consent for Al Cheon to expedite that attacks. When he has breach the defensive line of battle successful; Im Jong, Deok Chung, Baek Eui, Wyol Ya & their garrison will simultaneously be responsible to attack the four gates of the fortress. Kim Seo Hyeon expresses his doubts & thinks that Kim Yu Shin’s strategy it is really stretching their resource in this engagement. If Al Cheon were to attacks the defensive line of battle but the others will be split to the 4 gates as they attack simultaneously, how are they going to coordinate logistics & gain control for all the attacks in commands & order. Al Cheon agrees that if they sounds the war trumpets, then the enemy will hear it. If they put fire beacon will not be visible to the garrison that is surrounding the mountain fortress hence they can’t see the signal. Kim Yong Chun asked whether there is a must that be something of a signal that all their garrison will be visible to see & yet the enemy is unaware & can’t detect it as a signal, is there one signal to be reckon. Kim Yu Shin said it is because there is a falling “star” that was sighted in Wyolseong that their military morale has slump. Kim Yu Shin said that he will make that “star “ rise up & ascend to the sky again that will be the said signal

Wyol Ya’s Gwoljangno garrison with their fire projectile as they attack Myeonghwal Sanseong defensive line of battle. Fire arrows hitting their targets. Seon Yeol & Hwang Yun sounds that it is an attack that hey need to fortify their defences as they put up their shield protection from the fiery projectiles & still the fire arrows can meet their targets. Wyol Ya, Seo Ji & Dae Pung storm the 1st line of as Al Cheon waits as the number thins down, Al Cheon signal with Guk San Heun, Yang Gil to attack the defensive line of battle. Wyol ya then managed to subdue Seon Yeol. Meanwhile Hwang Yun fights bravely to defend then sounds the war trumpet. Al Cheon rushes to him & cut down his trumpet & subjugate Hwang Yun. Guk San Heun & Dae Pung comes to Al Cheon & ordered them to go & prepare it ready. Yang Gil takes a torch & starts to waves for a signal. A large kite about to take flight with a straw effigy attached

Many stories exist about Kim Yu-shin. It is told that once he was ordered to subdue a rebel army, but his troops refused to fight as they had seen a large shooting star fall from the sky and believed it to be a bad omen. To regain control, the General Kim Yu Shin used a large kite to carry a fire ball into the sky. The soldiers, seeing the star return to heaven, rallied and defeated the rebels. It is also said that General Kim ingeniously used kites as a means of communication between his troops when split between islands and the mainland. It is also said that, another time, while Silla was allied with China against Baekje, an argument broke out between Kim’s commander and a Chinese general. As the argument escalated into a potentially bloody confrontation, Kim’s sword was said to have leaped from its scabbard into his hand. Because the sword of a warrior was believed to be his soul, this occurrence so frightened the Chinese general that he immediately apologised to the Silla officers. Incidents such as this kept the Chinese in awe of the Hwarang, and meant that in later years, when asked by the Chinese emperor to attack Silla, the Chinese generals refused, claiming that although Silla was small, it could not be defeated.

Bo Jong comes calling to inform that the defensive line of battle has come under attack. This surprise Bi Dam’s faction as Mi Saeng wants to confirm that the defensive line of battle is being under attack. Bo Jong said that it has been attack by Gwoljangno garrison. Hwang Yun said that there are attacks in North & South & near the river ways there is movements of enemy forces. Ha Jong asked are they being surrounded in attack from all 4 cardinal points & 8 inter cardinal directions

4 cardinal points are East, South West & North. The Chinese reads their direction in a circular while the westerner chose the cross which in North South East & West

8 internal cardinal directions is Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest.

Mi Saeng tells that this is must be just a feign attack. Lord Sueulbu said that it is just a ploy to fabricate that it is an all frontal attacks. Lord Jujin said that they might sneak an attack from the rear. Ha Jong demands that they need to send reinforcement troops to subdue the attacks. Bi Dam said not to send as this is a badgering tactics that they are executing in their strategies. Although the attack doesn’t come from Kim Yu Shin’s main army but deployment from auxiliary & supporting forces, they must be arouse by other force except Kim Yu Shin’s army & will not deploy any force to meet them. If we can hold out until tomorrow, victory is assures on them. Bi Dam orders Bo Jong & Phil Dan to maintain their defensive position & not to engage then asked them to increase fortification of their defences & discreetly pay attention on the enemy movement & report back to Bi Dam as & when. Bo Jong & Phil Dan acknowledged & leaves

Yeom Jong comes in shouting for Bi Dam & stutter that there is something outside that needs Bi Dam’s attention. Myeonghwal Sanseong the soldiers looking up at the night sky as they exclaims that the fallen star of yesterday is ascending to the heaven again & cause some panic among the troops. Bi Dam & his faction comes out to take a look at the phenomenon of the rising star at the distance. Ha Jong asked whether is that really a star rising at yonder. Lord Sueulbu said how can this happened that a fallen star, ascend to the heaven again. Mi Saeng realise that this is a fabrication & the yonder is actually a kite. Bi Dam asked what kite. Mi Saeng explains that it a large kite that has been attach with a straw effigy that is set on fire. It is a trick as it is fabrication. Mi Saeng must know that he may have use this con before in one of his scheme for Mi Shil. Yeom Jong said that perhaps this is to strike to crush their troop’s morale. Bi Dam said on the contrary that this is a signal……a military signal. This is to distract their troop’s attraction

Offensive siege on Myeonghwal Sanseong is doing under the stealth of all the commotion as they quietly prepare to scale the fortress walls as the guards were all distracted by the burning kite. Im Jong & his garrison managed to scale the fortress wall & takes the guards by surprise in their attacks. Im Jong orders the gate to be opens once he vanquish the enemy. Wyol Ya, Al Cheon & Seo Ji comes in through the gates as they spread out towards the fortress & tagging behinds in the end running is San Tak who is under disguise & runs to see Bi Dam

Ho Jae reports to Bi Dam that the east gate has been breach. Phil Dan comes to report that the south gate is being attack by Baek Eui & Deok Chung’s garrison. Ha Jong asked what even south gate is being breach. Mi Saeng asking what on earth is happening now. Bi Dam order that immediate deployment must be send to East & South gate at once & draw them towards the inner fortress towards where Bi Dam will personally meet them & led the defence against them. Ho Jae & Phil Dan acknowledge. Bi Dam goes to his chamber when San Tak spring up in front of him in his path & Bi Dam asked what has happened. San Tak address Bi Dam then whisper to Bi dam ears in which left him with a blank face & Bi Dam looks rather shell shock as he stupor away

Yeom Jong tells Lord Jujin & Lord Sueulbu that they don’t have time to waste & need to hasten their act together that they must make a swift exit from the fortress. Lord Jujin agrees that the East & South gates have been breach, sooner or later in time the whole fortress will be besieged. Yeom Jong said that Lord Hoyeon’s garrison is in Gyesanjae & asked them to leave through from the West & North gates & see whether they can makes their escape route from those gates. Lord Jujin & Lord Sueulbu understands & rushes away

Yeom Jong clearing the documents from the tables as Bi Dan comes in as Yeom Jong tells Bi Dam that they must make haste to exit from the fortress to escape. Then once they leave the fortress, they will meet up with Lord Hoyeon’s garrison & engage them in Dang San Ridge & asked Bi Dam to hasten quickly. Bi Dam just stood there as Yeom Jong notice oddity in Bi Dam & asked what is the matter. Bi Dam approached Yeom Jong to call him a mongrel as Yeom Jong is shock at the remark as Bi Dam tells him Household guard Heuk San. Yeom Jong laughs that Bi Dam finally knew of it & founds out about the truth. Bi Dam has the look that he thirst for Yeom Jong’s blood

Meanwhile the east gate opens as Kim Yu Shin rides into the gate & it is announce that the east gate has been breach & secure. Kim Yu Shin turns his horse slightly towards his men & orders his army to destroy the insurgent that is enemies of Silla & death to all traitors. Army rally in cheers & marches in with Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam confronts Yeom Jong that this is all his ploy & his wretched doing. Yeom Jong said that this is what Bi Dam has in his shortcoming that he always finds plausible excuses in everything. Yeom Jong said that Moon Noh was killed by him & this revolt was instigated by him & coax Bi Dam to wield his sword at Queen Seon Deok, it is all due to his deceptive stratagem, is that so. Yeom Jong laughs that without Yeom Jong intervention or involvement, Bi Dam would have killed Moon Noh for the possession of the Topography maps of the 3 kingdom. Bi Dam grab Yeom Jong collar to clamed up his mouth. Yeom Jong tells that even without him that BI dam will do whatever it takes to have Queen Seon Deok as his own, wouldn’t that be correct. Bi Dam can only shout to Yeom Jong to shut up. Yeom Jong is giving Bi Dam the truth serum of his life as to tell Bi Dam what has he done for the past 10 years that in order to reap political power that he has done all schemes & plots to gain it & asked him why he did so…..because Moon Noh has cast him away, to fulfilled Mi Shil’s last will or is it that Yeom Jong provoke & incite Bi Dam to do just that. Yeom Jong said that it is most certainly not. Yeom Jong points to Bi Dam’s chest (heart) & said that this all came from within the soul of Bi Dam. Bi Dam wishes to declare himself as King as his truth ambition is to be King & to own everything.

Bi Dam said that this is what Yeom Jong thinks & he is wrong as he is not like that, he is just as Yeom Jong said yes the devotion. Yeom Jong asked what is this plausible excuse of this unyielding devotion that spring up suddenly drives him wild & that is the beginning of his self destruction & downfall. Yeom Jong admits that he did help a little contribution along the way & asked what is it then. If the devotion is realise, does Bi Dam thinks that the ending will be any different. Yeom Jong said that on the contrary that Bi Dam will have revolt anyway without any provoke, & why may that be as Yeom Jong asked, is that Bi Dam’s own venerability & insecurity. Yeom Jong said that Bi Dam will play the insecurity in his thought when & where Queen Seon Deok will forsake or discarded him. It is because of his phobia & fear that Bi Dam couldn’t give his trust to Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam relaxed his grip on Yeom Jong. Yeom Jong said that he has always been that kind of a person in behaviour. Yeom Jong said that Bi Dam with him that trust was never in his vocabulary to say that said he will & must trust that person, but rather on the contrary it is when will that person stop trusting in Bi Dam….  When will he be forsaken & that is the only thing that is always playing in Bi Dam’s mind. Yeom Jong shouts for Yeom Jong to stop. Yeom Jong laughs that does he know & realise that Queen Seon Deok in the very end, was trustworthy to him without any doubt

Bi Dam strikes by Yeom Jong’s truth & has to stagger to take a seat digesting the confession of Yeom Jong as Yeom Jong tells him that Bi Dam is the one who didn’t warrant the trust & he wavered & the person who cause of the ruin of his devotion & let to his destruction & downfall is not Queen Seon Deok but it is none other than Bi Dam himself. Bi Dam is distraught. Yeom Jong laughs as he is about to leave when IB Dam stops him then draw his swords & run the sword straight to Yeom Jong & pulls the sword out as Yeom Jong slump to the chairs in his dying moments & dies

Trust is both important and dangerous. It is important because it allows us to form relationships with others & to depend on others for love, for advice, for help with our chores or whatsoever have you especially when we know that no outside force that compels them to give us such things. Trust always involves the risk that the trusted person e.g. Queen Seon Deok will not pull through for trusting Bi Dam. If Bi Dam could guarantee that Queen Seon Deok that this trust would have eventually pull through, then Bi Dam would have no need to distrust that person. Bi Dam therefore cannot assume, while trusting, then Queen Seon Deok will do what Bi Dam is trusted to do because Queen Seon Deok has no legitimate choice in the matter. Since people often can choose whether to pull through for the trust for us, we often need to trust them. But since trust necessarily involves risk, it can also be dangerous. What we risk while trusting is the loss of the things that we entrust to others, including our self-respect, perhaps, which can be shattered by the betrayal of our trust. Because trust is risky and can be dangerous, the following question is of particular importance: “Under what conditions is trust warranted?” In this context, “warranted” means justified or well-grounded. While Queen Seon Deok has “well-grounded” trust successfully targets a trustworthy person. But however Bi Dam use the term “warranted” to mean “plausible”. This entry on trust is framed as a response to question of when trust is warranted, where “warranted” is broadly construed to include “justified,” “well-grounded” & “plausible.” This would need to explore the various dimensions of trust, including the conceptual nature of trust and trustworthiness, the epistemology of trust, the value of trust, and the kind of mental attitude trust is. Lastly, trust would not be warranted that is plausible excuse if it was impossible for trust as an agent to develop a trusting attitude, given the agent’s circumstances and the sort of attitude trust is. For example, is trust the sort of attitude that one can will oneself to have towards someone, even in the absence of evidence in favour of that person’s trustworthiness. Trust that is not interpersonal, in which sadly Bi Dam lacks in that property & Queen Seon Deok regretfully disappointed

Bi Dam mumbles that he is not like that. Mi Saeng comes in calling for Bi Dam that he needs to leave via the North gate quick only to see what a mess he has done to Yeom Jong. The truth also set in for Mi Saeng as Bi Dam mumbles that he is not like that. Bi Dam leaves but Mi Saeng block his path

Bi Dam: Move aside

Mi Saeng: Strike me down if you want to leave.

Mi Saeng laughs.

Mi Saeng: For me that I could have thought because of you to have admits this wretched idiot could have been an equal of my sister. How childish & foolish have I been?

Bi Dam moves Mi Saeng away

Mi Saeng: How absurd it was for me to have believe that this wretched idiot like you & tried to achieve to realise grand aspiration ambition. It is really a laughing stock. My sister has err in her calculation on you

Bi Dam: Grand aspiration! For Mi Shil’s aim & targets that was I borne, & for Moon Noh’s aim & targets was I raised. The grand mission, was it not your target?

Mi Saeng: My sister abandoned you & gave you away, & Moon Noh did not dote & give you love & cherish when raising you, & we interfered & prevented your devotion. Look here, Bi Dam….. My dear Hyeong Jong. If you wish to tried & think that to deny this all that it wasn’t you who ruined your devotion? You are sadly mistaken. The only person who can ruin himself, is that person. Nobody, no matter what, no one else, who can ruin ones self unless you destroy & ruined yourself, you pathetic & hapless creature.

Bi Dam: Why did you wait until now to come & say this to me?

Bi Dam leaves after the truth lecture

Mi Saeng: It has been said. My sister has already said it, Lord Seol Won said it, and I too had said it. The whole wide world had said this to you that it is so. It is you who just could not hear. Sigh.

Mi Saeng did a great delivery speech

Myeonghwal Sanseong, Baek Eui escorts the apprehended Lord Jujin & Lord Sueulbu as Kim Yu Shin looks on followed by Ho Jae, Phil Dan. Then Im Jong & Deok Chung comes to report that they have seize full control of Myeonghwal Sanseong, not they are pursuing the remnants of the insurgents. Deok Chung said that BI Dam, Ha Jong, Mi Saeng & Bo Jong has yet to been seen or caught & to seems they managed to escape in the end. Kim Yu Shin said that they will not able to escape within the vicinity that they has already enclosed. Kim Yu Shin said to thoroughly search Yangsan & Muhwasan & the surrounding areas of Myeonghwal Sanseong for their whereabouts. Im Jong & Deok Chung acknowledged

Queen Seon Deok comes to Myeonghwal Sanseong fortress where she was greeted by Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok asked what is it that Kim Yu Shin wants to say to speak up. Kim Yu Shin asked after Bi Dam has been arrested, what is Queen Seon Deok’s intend to handle the situation. Queen Seon Deok asked whether this worries Kim Yu Shin that he fears that Queen Seon Deok will pardoned Bi Dam in some way. Kim Yu Shin said that this is what he means. Queen Seon Deok affirms that she already decree an edit that Bi Dam is declare the enemy of the state & & decree that he should be killed. Queen Seon Deok asked why Kim Yu Shin is bring this matter up again. Kim Yu Shin sighs as Queen Seon Deok looks troubled buy yet has to portray that she determine to see this through.

Birds circulating in the sky as Mi Saeng & Ha Jong camping at Mi Shil’s tomb. Ha Jong asked whether his Uncles have any regrets. Mi Saeng replies what regret does he have, it most certainly not. Mi Saeng is born a great man, I have fathered over 100 children & has embrace so many & countless of women. Mi Saeng has utilise the full potential of his gifted talent & has immense political powers again & relinquish from it. It has been interesting & amazing. Ha Jong said that he envy his uncle. Mi Saeng laughs & said the least Ha Jong is still considered Kim Yu Shin’s father in law, this will spare his life will not seen as a problem. Ha Jong asked will that be so. Mi Saeng laughs that they are already here, seeing Im Jong & his garrison has caught up with them. Im Jong runs towards Mi Saeng as Ha Jong hides behind Mi Saeng as a shield as Im Jong surrounded them. Im Jong reads their charges of high treason as the now being arrested for the crime charge by imperial decree & should be bound. Mi Saeng just laughs.

San Tak & Bi Dam walking as San Tak comments that this is the route leads to Queen Seon Deok’s camp. Bi Dam asked therefore….San Tak said that if BI Dam is doing so & carry on with this route, it will lead to his arrest. Bi Dam agrees that this will happened  & excuse San Tak & asked him to leave. San Tak is surprise that he been excuse & asked where should he go & what is suppose Bi Dam is going to do when he leaves his side. Bi Dam said that although they have been surrounded, but San Tak may finds a probable escape route easily. Bi Dam gives something of value to San Tak & advice him to go far away from here & erase every memory from this place & never to wield a sword but to hold a plough & a hoe to sustain your life. San Tak asked what is Bi Dam planning to do to & give him this kind of advices that he fears the worst for Bi Dam. Bi Dam tells him that there is something that I need to reply verbally to that someone has yet to hear it, therefore he will go over there to relay the reply to that someone. San Tak said that however if B Dam goes there he will definitely be…..San Tak invites Bi Dam to come together with him & leaves. Bi Dam smiles & asked San Tak to leaves quickly & asked him to make haste

Bi Dam leaves as San Tak respectfully bows on his knee to bid farewell as he sees Bi Dam walking off at the distance as San Tak turns he get shot by an arrow right through his chest. Baek Eui & his garrison has caught up with Bi Dam. San Tak in his dying breath shouts to BI Dam to take refuge quickly as Bi Dam turns around & Baek Eui soldiers spray San Tak with their arrows like a target board. San Tak spurt out bloods & falls to the ground. Baek Eui reads Bi Dam his charges that he been charge with high treason by imperial decree & surrender to be bound. Bi Dam said to Baek Eui that the person who kill him, his name will forever be marked in history. Bi Dam draw his sword to engage Baek Eui & his garrison as Bi Dam cuts them down with brutality until he comes closer to the camp as he goes slaying those who cross his path.

Al Cheon comes to report as Queen Seon Deok has anticipate that Bi Dam will be making his way here as there is report that he is seen in the nearby forest making his way to the camp. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Bi Dam has been apprehended. Al Cheon said that Bi Dam is resisting arrest & now engage a fierce battle with the garrison in a killing spree. Queen Seon Deok, Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon goes out to see that Bi Dam is in the camp as the soldiers surrounds Bi Dam. Bi Dam puts a rope tie to his swords & wield it around like a chain whip & cuts down anyone that caught its way. Then a path is clear for Kim Yu Shin to engage Bi Dam. Kim Yu Shin approach Bi Dam to said that this is over & finished, don’t carry on with this slaughter & asked BI Dam to come with him. Bi Dam could see Queen Seon Deok at the yonder looking at a distance & asked Kim Yu Shin whether that is Queen Seon Deok over there. Kim Yu Shin asked to ends this resistance. Bi Dam recalls that human are so fragile creatures with weak sentiments of feeling to able to bear those laden dreams are so naive. Bi Dam on a world of his own & lose sense of reality & tells Kim Yu Shin that they as he recalls that they never determine who came out the winner in their fighting bout. Bi Dam prepares his last stand as Bi Dam said that it must be decided & Kim Yu Shin must be obligated. Kim Yu Shin draws his swords as both of them engage in a fierce battle but Bi Dam goes to step closer to Queen Seon Deok as Kim Yu Shin order the phalanx formation to blocked Bi Dam’s access to Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam tries to penetrate through the phalanx formation with swords protruding upwards to cut him down but Bi Dam managed to overcome the phalanx formation as he comes closer to Queen Seon Deok as Kim Yu Shin orders that they must block his access to the Queen. Bi Dam said to himself that victory is his for the taking there is no competition to begin with as he tell himself he just wants a words with Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam goes to storm at the formation of soldier that his barricading his passage to Queen Seon Deok as he fights courageously as he strike down everyone that is in its way. Queen Seon Deok look at BI Dam as he venture his way through the barricade. Bi Dam tell himself that there is just 70 paces distance that separate him & Deok Man as Bi Dam makes his way to Queen Seon Deok & slaying anyone that prevents his access

Wyol ya comes to report that the Gwoljangno garrison has arrived. Seo Ji shouts order for the Gwoljangno’s garrison to be ready & prepare as the Gwoljangno takes aim. Seo Ji order to fire at will as Bi Dam tries to avoid the spray of arrows. Bi Dam uses the body as shield but in the ends he managed to get shot by arrows as Queen Seon Deok closes her eyes as Bi Dam had met his doom. Bi Dam gravely hurt tries to take the paces as he staggers towards Queen Seon Deok & counting the distance of paces from 30 to Deok Man then goes to kill more soldiers that attacks him as Bi Dam is struggling to stay alive. The Gwoljangno disperse & Bi Dam is met with Baek Eui, Im Jong, Deok Chung & Wyol Ya as they each engage with Bi Dam. Bi Dam still managed to ward them off then with his blood stained swords as a support got up & counts that the distance pace to Deok Man is now 10 paces. Queen Seon Deok is choked with Bi Dam persistence to come closer to her, then Al Cheon ward him away as Kim Yu Shin comes to assist as Al Cheon & Kim Yu Shin takes a slice at Bi Dam as Bi Dam still stagger towards Queen Seon Deok in his dying moments. Kim Yu Shin blocks Bi Dam as Bi Dam can see Queen Seon Deok is weeping. Kim Yu Shin shakes his head not to take another step further. As Bi Dam takes another step & tries to reach Queen Seok Deok, Kim Yu Shin thrust Bi Dam with his sword. Bi Dam mutters “Deok Man” in his dying breath as Kim Yu Shin pulls out his swords from Bi Dam & hears what he has whisper as Bi Dam falls to the grounds with his arm stretch for Queen Seon Deok & expires.

Queen Seon Deok takes some steps towards Bi Dam as all kneels before Queen Seon Deok

Queen Seon Deok said that now, the insurgency has been vanquish & be done. As of now for Silla, what is there for Silla is everybody must unite under one mind, one will, spirit & strength in order to work towards unification of the 3 kingdoms to realise the grand aspiration. Queen Seon Deok said to all official, nobility, Hwa Rang, Military & her subject will have knowledge of her ambition & wishes. Queen Seon Deok asked to announce that the insurgency has ended & declares there is one Silla to be reckoned & asked this edict to be decree to all the nation. Then Al Cheon leads the crowd shouts longevity to Queen Regnant Seon Deok as Kim Yu Shin follow the praise for Queen Seon Deok’s longevity as the crowd replies in roars of cheers of longevity. Queen Seon Deok sadden to see the dead Bi Dam lying on the ground then Queen Seon Deok suddenly lost consciousness & collapse & had glimpse of Bi Dam before she syncope as Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon comes to her aide calling her to regain her consciousness as Queen Seon Deok slip to unconsciousness

Syncope or commonly blackout or fainting is symptom cause by cardiac. Cardiac cause of  syncope is usually fatal.

Queen Seon Deok regains consciousness as Princess Man Myeong calls her as Queen Seon Deok sits up as the concern Princess Man Myeong asked whether she is fine & whether she is fully conscious. Queen Seon Deok asked how many days had passed that she have lost consciousness. Princess Man Myeong said that she been unconscious for 3 days & night. Princess Man Myeong said that how could Queen Seon Deok has keep quiet about her health condition & her ailment has deteriorated to be so seriously ill. Queen Seon Deok said that life & death is the circle in life, there is nothing public that needs to announce. Queen Seon Deok looks resign to her fate as Princess Man Myeong asked Queen Seon Deok to say such words

Al Cheon comes & is glad that Queen Seon Deok has regain consciousness. Queen Seon Deok affirms it & tells Al Cheon that it must be an effort for him while she is deem indispose. Al Cheon brushes it off as nothing & needs not be so apologetic, everything will be fine from now onwards. Queen Seon Deok said that from now & the next, Al Cheon will have work laid out for him even more that needs his attention. Queen Seon Deok asked him to take up the designation of Sangdaedeung that is now vacant. Al Cheon looks hesitant as Queen Seon Deok affirms that this is her imperial decree & abide by it & quickly to take up the position. Al Cheon accept the position with his gratitude thanks of the Queen Seon Deok bestowed benevolence

Queen Seon Deok is in better health asked Kim Yu Shin that she knew & asked to tell her what Bi Dam has whisper to his ear before he died. Kim Yu Shin said that it will be an impertinent matter to repeat & beg her forgiveness that he can’t divulge what he considered high insolence was said. Queen Seon Deok persist Kim Yu Shin to reveal what Bi Dam has said. Kim Yu Shin insist that it is not correct to disclose the matter & best to leave it then Queen Seon Deok gave her command to asked Kim Yu Shin to let it out at once make known to her. Kim Yu Shin gave a sigh as he said Bi Dam has said & recalls Bi Dam before dying only mutter “Deok Man” continuously in endearing form. Kim Yu Shin said that it is rude to address Queen Seon Deok in that tone of informality. Queen Seon Deok recalls telling Bi Dam that no one will able any longer to address by her name. Bi Dam insists that he will call her by name. Queen Seon Deok replies if he does address her by name, it will be considered high treason, even if it is done that he does address her name out of devotion for her, the world will considered this as treason. Queen Seon Deok shed a tear while recalling the memories. Queen Seon Deok suggest to Kim Yu Shin that they go out for an excursion. Kim Yu Shin obey as Queen Seon Deok said that she wants to see heaven & earth of her kingdom, she wishes to see them all

Queen Seon Deok is sitting on the ridge overlooking the horizon, most probably in Taebaeksan. Kim Yu Shin comes to Queen Seon Deok as she tells that this is a piece of wild scenery bleak & desolate. Kim Yu Shin said that it will be Spring soon & flower will bloom & the tress will sprouts new leaves & it will be a green landscape once again. Queen Seon Deok mutter the season of Spring & calls Kim Yu Shin as Kim Yu Shin acknowledge. Queen Seon Deok said that they are many people who came to her & some who hastily departed. There are some who came to protect her, some who engage in conflicts & there is also some….Queen Seon Deok pause as it pains & choke her that who devoted to her. But there are many who came & went, in the end the person who is left behind & steadfast is Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok said that they have journey to the passage of time together in turbulence & struggles & able to ride through is because that Queen Seon Deok has journey this path together was made possible with Kim Yu Shin at her side. Kim Yu Shin gracious thank Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok said that it is because of Kim Yu Shin that Silla is able to fulfilled her grand aspiration & hands this enterprise with peace of her mind to Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok said that the aim for the Unification of 3 Kingdoms if they can’t able to make it realise this ambition, they may never know or guarantee whether they can maintain this country sovereignty that they will not know whose border that it may fall into that is yet to be seen or known. Kim Yu Shin understands & aware it. Then Queen Seon Deok relay to Kim Yu Shin about the story about her dream that when she 1st arrive in Gyerim, she now knows the identity of that lady who embrace her in her dream. Kim Yu Shin asked who is she, & asked to tell him. Queen Seon Deok looks upwards to the sky

Time passage of many years, Queen Seon Deok Royal Tomb mount. Al Cheon who has grown elderly waits at the tombs as Kim Yu Shin comes clad in his armour. Kim Yu Shin has aged just the same & greets Al Cheon. Kim Yu Shin said that he heard that Al Cheon retire to recluse life only to finds him here. Al Cheon greets Kim Yu Shin & he has already heard that battle of Hwangsanbeol was a ferocious battle.

Battle of Hwangsanbeol that was fought between Silla & Baekje in July 9th AD 660 in Nonsan, South Chungcheong province. By the time King Muyeol ascended the throne in AD 654 was able to gain the support of Emperor Gaozong of Tang Dynasty, King Uija of Baekje had led Baekje into demise as his parties and dissipation caused neglect for state affairs. In 660, Kim Yu Shin of Silla set out with 50,000  strong might to rendezvous with the Tang army that was noted to be the size about 130,000 men which was being shipped over the sea. When King Uija heard of this crisis, he had already lost support from his ministers and only managed to rally up 5,000 men. He quickly appointed General Gyebaek, Kim Yu Shin old adversary of many war campaign as the Supreme Commander Baekje armed forces, and sent him out to face Kim Yu-Shin in battle.

The Baekje army arrived at Hwangsanbeol first. Gyebaek set up camp and rallied his troops to make a heroic speech. He reminded the soldiers of the armies of antiquity when Goujian defeated a 700,000 force with a mere 5,000. With this speech, the Baekje forces regained their strength, and prepared for a face off with the Silla forces.

Kim Yu-Shin soon arrived, & the Silla forces attempted a full attack on the Baekje forces. However, fighting with the will to the death, the Baekje forces soon repelled the enemy, & wins over all 5 engagement. The Silla forces gradually lost morale, & General Kim Pumil assistant General to Kim Yu Shin sent his young son & Hwa Rang Gwanchang, to single-handedly go out and fight the enemy. Gwanchang was captured by the Baekje forces at first and was released by Gyebaek. The young hwarang then returned to the Silla base only to once again charge out at the enemy. Gyebaek captured him once more, and because he respected his young enemy, he executed Gwan Chang and sent his body to the Silla base.

Through Gwanchang’s martyrdom, the Silla forces renewed their morale and Kim Yu-shin released a full attack on the dwindling Baekje forces. In the end, Kim Yu-Shin’s Silla forces vanquish Baekje as Gyebaek died in battle. Kim later stated that his enemy was a man of honour & bravery.

As this battle was the last Baekje resistance to Silla Tang alliance forces, Baekje soon fell when Kim Yu Shin and the Chinese general So Jung Bang surrounded Gongju & King Uija surrendered.

Kim Yu Shin brushes it off how can that be consider a ferocious battle & tells that Al Cheon is indeed Queen Seon Deok’s Commander of the Household guard to the very end. Al Cheon turns to the Queen Seon Deok’s tomb & reports that Kim Yu Shin has vanquish Baekje & the next conquest will be Goguryeo. Kim Yu Shin address Queen Seon Deok as he recalls the day at Taebaeksan

Taebaeksan, Queen Seon Deok continues that she now know the identity of the lady who weep as she embrace her. Kim Yu Shin asked who may that person be, & do tell him & asked whether nanny So Hwa or the departed Queen Maya. Queen Seon Deok said that a long time ago that they wanted to elope & run away & asked whether he recalls that incident & asked whether they can still do it now. Kim Yu Shin said that he is too bashful & why the sudden reason to bring this matter up…..Queen Seon Deok slides back on to her chair & rest her arms on the arm rest to see the scenery as she weeps & closes her eyes & slip into her death. Queen Seon Deok’s hands slump down off the arm rest & is still as Kim Yu Shin looks & aware that Queen Seon Deok has passed away as Kim Yu Shin cries looking at a still hand of Queen Seon Deok as he calls her & looking at her passing is so peaceful

personal options trading mentor bagaimana menjadi jutawan forex 回光返照 stock trading using macd or medical terms calls it the Lazarus phenomenon or the idiom, the dead cat bounces, is the behaviour portray by a dying person. It means a dying person shows fit of health for a short time before the person enter a remission & dies in the end.  The phenomenon of Hui Guang Fan Zhao, recently termed as Lazarus premonition or Witzel-Ngeh phenomenon refers to a state of transient revival of the dying person shortly before death Failure to recognise this phenomenon as a premonition of death may create a false hope that the dying patient is starting to get better. However, in Lazarus syndrome is said to occur when a person from a terminal illness is expected to die & then unexpectedly goes into remission. Some patients, who may or may not be dying, may experience and express to others premonitions of their imminent death. This premonition is not the same as a simple “death wish” and should be taken seriously as it may avert a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest and death. This is what happens to Queen Seon Deok

In episode 28 where Bi Dam confronts Mi Shil as a soothsayer for the 1st time when Queen Seon Deok makes her attempt to regain her Royal Princess status after Princess Cheon Myeong untimely death, ironically he predict his own death that Bi Dam said that although it is presumptuous to implied but his life is predestined will end 3 days shorter that King Jinpyeong, but the truth it will be Queen Seon Deok instead. How I like the scriptwriter giving you hints & prompters

The return to dream where young Deok Man was looking aimlessly for Moon Noh in Manno fortress then a white lady approaches her & suddenly embrace her fondly & young Deok Man struggle to break free from the embrace & asked what is the lady trying to do embracing her with any reason as the lady release young Deok Man as she gets to take a closer look at the lady. The lady then walks away as young Deok Man calls the lady to asked why the lady suddenly embrace her like that with no reason as young Deok Man shouts at the lady who turns herself towards young Deok Man & it is reveal that it is Queen Seon Deok as she tells her young self

Queen Seon Deok in thought: Deok Man, from now onwards the journey will be very hard & difficult & also it will be suffering & painful, You will lose the people you hold dearly….You will be a lonely existence, it will be more destitute the dried desert in solitude…….

Young Deok Man: Hey! I dare say, who are you?….Why are you crying?…..

Queen Seon Deok in thought: It seems that you own & possess the everything in this world but the honest truth is that you have nothing that you possess.

Young Deok Man: This is really!!!!!  You are a strange person

Young Deok Man walks away but pause to take a glance back at Queen Seon Deok & walks away as Queen Seon Deok looking at the distance at young Deok Man trying to look for Moon Noh

Queen Seon Deok in thought: Be strong & you must be firmed…..Understand?

Queen Seon Deok finally speaks

Queen Seon Deok: Be strong…..you must strengthen up

Queen Seon Deok smiles

Forex Desktop Wallpaper The End

Working Of Stock Exchange In Burundi Thank you everybody that has read Queen Seon Deok’s summaries  for the past 7 months

real estate trade show vancouver Epilogue The next reincarnation

Scene opens in a small fishing Ulleungdo in Gyeongsangbukdo where there is mobile clinic is giving free clinical treatment on the population. Dr. Bong Dal Hee who aspires to be a Surgeon but has a heart ailment & restriction in her health that hampers her own medical career advancement. Concealing the truth from her protective & concern mother, she goes applies for a surgeon residency at a Seoul general hospital in Seoul and she is accepted due to a shortfall of applicants. During her last day at the island, she has a patient that suffer a cardiac arrest but without any medical equipment to handle his condition for the patient & out of her wits, she decided to asked that the patient be transfer out to a bigger equip hospital in a helicopter when she met a Dr Ahn Jung Geun who shouted to her that the patient will died before he could be transfer. Dr Ahn Jung Geun performs a quick & decisive procedure that will stabilise his condition for transport until the patient can reach the hospital. Dr Ahn Jung Geun leaves the clinic after the performed procedure. In Seoul, Bong Dal Hee meets Dr Ahn Jung Geun who so happened is the Surgeon in the hospital. Bong Dal Hee keeps making small mistakes that lead to serious consequences. Although she tries harder than any other doctors, she faces harsh criticism from Dr. Ahn Jung Geun, who is a Senior Heart specialist who gave up a teaching professorship to be a Surgeon in the hospital he has harness an ulterior motive by being in the hospital. Dr Ahn Jung Geun was adopted by the Director of the hospital Dr Lee, who eventually abandons Dr Ahn Jung Geun after his own son died in a mishap when Dr Ahn Jung Geun was a child. Dr Lee has blame Dr Ahn Jung Geun for the death of his biological son & the reason he was send away. Is Dr Ahn Jung Geun return to seek revenge on being abandonment? Soon & gradually Bong Dal Hee overcomes the prejudices and misconceptions held against her by her peers, and finally gains the respect of the other fellow doctors especially Dr Ahn Jung Geun who her optimism in life open up the cold & stern Dr Ahn Jung Geun.

Then during her internship of being Surgical resident, Bong Dal Hee’s health condition deteriorates due to the gruelling working hours at the hospital, but she refuses to listen to the advice of her doctor & continues to work & even concealing the truth from Dr Ahn Jung Geun. One day, while rushing to save a patient, Bong Dal Hee collapses from her own heart ailment & that incident puts her whole medical career on hold & even her life is at risk, that her heart is already beyond repairs after undergoing 2 heart valve replacement. Dr Ahn Jung Geun goes to do the heart valve transplant for his love Bong Dal Hee, as he opens her chest cavity with the rib retractor only to finds that her arteries has rupture & in disrepair……

real estate trade up Comments

I hope this saga may continues in the future with the Unification of Silla under the realm of King Muyeol Daewang succeed by his son King Munmu. Just like drama Jumong, follow by Kingdom of the Wind then Ja Myeong Go of the succession of Goguryeo Kings. The romance between Kim Mun Hee (later Queen Munmyeong) & Kim Chun Chu. The Goguryeo-Tang Wars, the occupation of Tang Dynasty in Goguryeo then follow by Silla-Tang War

I bid this drama adieu that it is my 1st longest running Saeguk that has run 7 months since May, even Family Honour was just 54 episodes & I hope to venture to attempt to do another long running Saeguk in Dong Yi. Then until our next Summary project, all for now for this year & will see you 2010

weekend effect on stock markets Our next travel blog to Korea

We have plans to take visit &  tour to Silla Kingdom in 2010, hope to share our travels with you later


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    I heard in history, Lord Bidam once made a rebellation against the queen, but he was captured and was executed . In the drama, Lord Bidam died before the queen, and after the queen died for unknown reason…in history , he was executed by the later queen.

    the ending was a confusing one…but anyway, this drama was the best one i’ve seen so far. :)

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    1) I wonder if lady Seju Mishil existed in history , she was quite outstanding here
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  9. marymm January 17, 2016 at 9:44 am #

    I loved Yushin and Deokman together. I’m glad that in the end she realizes that she was always meant to be with Yushin. I liked them because I genuinely felt they loved each other. Bidam pulled a lot of crap on a lot of people, even the Queen – gave her no end of trouble.

    Someone had commented that her suggesting that they run away together was a rhetorical question because Yushin would say no and Bidam was the only one who would do that. I can’t help feeling what an unfair statement that is. Yushin was the only one willing to run away with her and Bidam even after he receives her letter doesn’t even think of the crown being a burden to her or has any concern for her at all. What kind of love is that? And even if it was rhetorical why would Deokman ask such a question? More importantly she knows that she is dying so she knows what she’s saying is impossible – those words reveal her regret and longing for the chance she missed to be with Yushin. Her dying words are an expression of her love for him and at that moment, things come full circle for her. What she regrets the most in her life was not being with Yushin.

    And another one had said that Yushin was kinda stiff and that Yudeok fans were bitter – haha they’re not but they can’t understand why Bideok fans would rtry to undermine something so obvious as Deokman’s and Yushin’s love for each other just because they’re nuts over Bidam. And Yushin’s facial expressions are so much more eloquent and moving than Bidam’s lovey-dovey lines to Deokman. Yushin’s love has always been expressed through actions never through words.
    And Yushin’s marriage was purely political – no love lost between the two of them. In spite of that, he never gave the mental trauma and anxiety Bidam gave her. Bidam’s actions disgusted me especially after the time lapse.

  10. carolineCD January 17, 2016 at 9:53 am #

    I think Deokman genuinely loved Bidam but her love for Yushin was genuine, solid and eternal. In the end, she’s regretting not being with Yushin and that is she could do things over again, she would choose him over the crown (she was forced to let him go because she had to be Queen)

    The Queen’s last words have a wealth of meaning behind them. There is that look of utter regret and sadness on her face when she cries saying them – I think even the people behind the drama had her saying that (in spite of introducing the tangent between Bidam and Deokman simply because the audience really like Bidam) was to say that the love of her life had always been Yushin. And they’re her final words – that is so beautiful; she’s practically telling Yushin with her dying breath that she’s always loved him and regretted not running away with him.

    And that ring – she has always worn that ring on that finger. There is no identical second ring on her hand so I don’t think it has anything to do with Bidam. If she had been wearing both of course that would be a different story. In the end, I had the feeling that she was thinking about Yushin and the chance she missed to live happily.

  11. Nyke January 17, 2016 at 9:05 pm #

    Yushin was always there in Deokman’s heart in spite of her deciding to marry Bidam (which I felt was rather impulsive)
    Loved the Yushin-Deokman pairing!

    Great recaps btw. Thanks

  12. libby October 30, 2016 at 12:44 pm #

    This is such a sad ending really I was rooting for yushin am glad bidam died hehehe and who gave the queen that ring? Bidam or yushin and I think the queen just wanted to marry bidam so she could keep a closer eye on him

  13. Nove January 9, 2017 at 1:35 pm #

    When the queen tells Yushin that she isn’t sure whether she chose to marry Bidam for political gain or for a genuine affection, I saw a little hope in Yushin’s eyes. However, her next words clarified exactly what she felt about Bidam… She specifically says that her wish to abdicate and spend get remaining days with him was sincere. The earlier hope in Yushin’s eyes is visibly crushed by her words. Hee realized that although Deokman loved him, he also lives Bidam, and because she wants to be with him until death, she loves him just that little bit more. The question at the end… Would Yushin run away with her now? I think it doesn’t mean that her true love was only Yushin… She loved both. And she may even wonder if had she run with Yushin, Bidam out any of them wouldn’t have suffered through all the scheming and manipulations. She’s lamenting the loss of everyone who loved her. Everyone included her sister, her father, Bidam, and everyone who fell as collateral damage of the political maneuvering for power. That’s how I saw her dying moment.

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