Queen Seon Deok Summary 38

Queen Seon Deok Summary 38

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Dae Nang Du is the 6th official ranked of Nangdu, the middle rank of Hwa Rang’s 3 ranking system classes that is Hwarang, Nangdu & Nangdo then Yang Gil of Bi Cheon Ji Do as Dae Do

Dae Do is the Highest rank amongst the cadre the sort of equivalent of the Warrant officer of the Nangdo ranking cadre (sort of a non commissioned officer rank)

Then Wyol Ya is elected as So Gam who will assist Al Cheon

So Gam is the 8th ranked Military instructor

Wyol Ya acknowledge Kim Yu Shin order as Pungwolju. Kim Yu Shin said from now then there are designate as Royal Imperial Guards & they will lead in frontline of the Royal Imperial Guards’ regiment as Kim Yu Shin said he will reorganise the ranks of the Royal Imperial guards. Kim Yu Shin tells Wyol Ya that he will be assigned to protect the Royal Household & fulfil his designation given as Kim Yu Shin has the responsibilities to Wyol Ya. Wyol Ya calls Yonghwa Hyangdo cadre to come follow him after his instructions

Seok Bum is giving information to chil Sook on Wyol Ya being a son of one of Manno Fortress’s chieftain & it is then when Kim Seo Hyeon was still Governor of Manno County & Wyol Ya must have attract his attention & took him in as a adopted son to his household. Chil Sook tells that they have lose men during the recent wars, so Mi Shil has give her approval & consent to bring in new blood to their faction. Seok Bum asked whether Chil Sook is concern over Kim Yu Shin that he might be planning some scheme. San Tak assures Chil Sook that Chil Sook need not worry that he will keep a close watch on the activities of the Nang Do. Chil Sook tells no matter what, both of them needs to always report the activities on the Hwa rang & Nang Do back to Chil Sook as both of them affirms. Chil Sook asked about Bi Dam. Seok Bum said that Bi Dam still doesn’t have cadres under his corps & no other strange activities on his part. Chil Sook leave it as fine & he understands

Deok Man speaks to Kim Yong Chu to asked even though King Jinheung has extended the expansion of Silla’s territory, why are we still facing the shortage of crops for food. Kim Yong Chu explains that they might had gain in masses of lands but half of which is unable to cultivate due to the unfertile soil that leave them inadequate & insufficient farm land to cultivate for food. Deok Man ponder on the unfertile soil as Kim Yong Chu further explains that the soil once cultivate for the years, the next years will not deem suitable to re-cultivate on that soil as it will be unfertile & it is useless to plant any agriculture. Deok Man asked if there is any other industry that able to use in those barren lands. Kim Yong Chu shakes his head.

Deok Man tours the iron refinery as Deok Man recalls Abbot Wyol Cheon about the knowledge finery forge of having to utilise the metallic properties of iron making industry in order to produce better iron by producing wrought iron from cast iron, although they has made significant improvement to better the iron cast or pig iron during King Jinheung’s reign that when it comes to weapon technology, they are the best but technology needs to be improve to stay at the crème. Deok Man asked whether the farming tools uses the same kind of iron or it is different from weapon. Abbot Wyol Cheon confirm that there is a difference as the properties in farming tool are not as strong as the weapons so it makes it hard to cultivate the soil

Kim Yu Shin sees Deok Man is such deep thought & asked what is she so deeply engross in thoughts. Deok Man turns around to say that she is waiting for Kim Yu Shin’s reprimand & surprise Kim Yu Shin with her remark. Deok Man if it is possible that they melt all the iron from the weapon to make farming tools. Kim Yu Shin directly gave a straight disapprove on that intention & idea as Al Cheon tells that Kim Yu Shin is too quick with his answer. Kim Yu Shin asked how would he replied to her question. Kim Yu Shin asked Deok Man to think of alternative to find a solution to that discrepancy without any compromise to the weapon production. Kim Yu Shin excuse himself as he needs to attend to Kim Chun Chu training session. Kim Yu Shin bow & leaves. Al Cheon query over Kim Yu Shin being direct as Deok Man look at the refinery again & ponders

Joo Bang & the rest of the Yonghwa Hyangdo sneaks out as they are concern about their secret outing as they really permit to be on the street market Dae Pung tells that Wyol Ya has order them to gather at the Hour of Mi

Mi Si is the hour of the Ram that is about 1 to 3pm

Joo Bang reprimand them for showing so little courage. Jo Bang asked what auspicious day is today as Joo Bang makes it to become the position of Dae Nang Du, do they need to train in an auspicious day like this. Go Do concurs with the idea that Wyol Ya himself is also promote to higher ranks so Wyol Ya will not reprimand them. Joo Bang repeats what auspicious day is today as the three chorus that it is Dae Nang Du. Joo Bang invites them for a treat to all out drinking bout & makes their way to the tavern

Then a customer arguing with a merchant on the price of commodity that just a few days ago he could get 10 bale of cloth for 5 dwe of grain for barter

Dwe is a measurement of dry commodity measurement about the weight of 400g similar to bushel & peck although peck is equal to 2 gallon

As the customer tells how the prices has sky rocket over their barter. The crowd gather as Joo Bang & the other Yonghwa Hyangdo cadre looks on at the distress customer. Merchant tell that he is having a hard time at business due to the raising prices of the grains & he has no control over the price fluctuation that there is an ongoing famine & supplies has decrease. The customer show the storage & asked what is the commodity doing there is his storage that he doesn’t wish to trade. The merchant tells that the commodity over there is already been sold as the customer begs to spare him some grain as his family is starving & they will die if they don’t eat. The merchant refuse to hear the customer begging pleas & pushes him onto the ground to say that this is his problem & is none of his concern

Go Do asked whether it is a quarrel & Dae Pung wonder that if indeed that the price of grain is so expensive to be reckon. Guk San Heun tells that his own mother is also concern over the recent price hike in grain has rocketed in recent days. Joo Bang asked them to leave as he can’t bear to see this sad dispute going on as they have another agenda to attend to. As the leave suddenly the customer hacks the merchant to death as Joo Bang goes to report.

Kim Yu Shin training Kim Chun Chu as Kim Yu Shin tells Kim Chun Chu to shouts the stroke. Kim Chun Chu replies that he is doing the counting in his mind. Kim Yu Shin said that Kim Chun Chu needs to shout it out loud to stay in focus of concentration. Kim Chun Chu contradict Kim Yu Shin method of training with his arguments that does he needs to be so noisy to stay focus or can’t there be other alternative method to stay focus that is otherwise. Kim Yu Shin has to keep his patience with Kim Chun Chu when Joo Bang & Go Do runs in to tell there is trouble at the street market. Kim Chun Chu notice Joo Bang & avoids contact. Kim Yu Shin asked what is the matter as Go Do tells that there is killing in the Dong Shi street market, someone was kill. Kim Yu Shin asked who & why but Joo bang just asked Kim Yu Shin to come to the scene of the incident quickly

Kim Yu Shin want to asked to be excuse but Kim Chun Chu has now disappear out of sight as Kim Yu Shin goes with Joo Bang. Dae Nam Bo waits for Kim Chun Chu as he sneaks out from training. Kim Chun Chu asked Dae Nam Bo to get out of here quickly or else Kim Yu Shin will go searching for him immediately. As Kim Chun Chu about to leave, he notice Bi Dam coming & hides from him. Dae Nam Bo asked what is the matter as Kim Chun Chu said that Bi Dam is an intimidate character

Kim Yu Shin arrives at the scene of the incident to find that the customer is holding a child hostage at the merchant store with an assault weapon & threaten to kill anyone who dares to come close. Bo Jong brief Kim Yu Shin on the happenings. Seok Bum & Bo Jong makes their move to gain the customer attention of focus but the customer now a hostage taker has the child in his embrace & threaten to hack her to death with the axe that he had kill the merchant with. Meanwhile Kim Yu Shin slip away & uses one of the shop bamboo beams to take him down as Dae Pung & Guk San Heun ties the hostage taker up

In the investigation where Kim Seo Hyeon conduct & presiding over the inquiries, the hostage taker & Joo Bang gave their side of the testimonial argument on what has happened that the killed merchant refuse to sell him the grain for the agree barter that hostage taker couldn’t control his temper during the argument & hack the merchant to death with the axe. Kim Seo Hyeon asked whether the witness testimonial is true as the hostage taker confirm that it is correct that he kill the merchant out of anger rage but the hostage taker tells that the merchant deserve to die as the merchant agree to barter 10 bale of cloth for 5 dwe of grain then start to decrease his measurement of the grain each time then refuse to sell me anymore grain. His farming land already dry out due to unfertile soil & now it is just weeds, he has nothing else to fee his family & they are starving. The hostage taker pleads to take his life as there is no differences as they will eventually dies of starvation

Kim Yu Shin reports to Deok Man about the strange happening about price hike in grain that led to an incident at the Dong Shi. Al Cheon & Bi Dam is surprise that people kill over the price of grain. Kim Yu Shin reports that in recent days the same seom is sold for 3 nyangs yet it is now hike up at 15 nyangs

Seom is a measurement about the weight of 47 gallons (similar to the measurement of a sack. Coffee sack is about 60 kilos)

Cheol Jeong is Silla coinage system as currency. It is about one Cheol Jeong is about similar to nyang. But most trader barter with the currency of bags of grain & bales of cloths as a main media of exchange. Chinese coinage was use as trading currency

Deok Man thinks that this is too much that the price to hike up to 15 nyang in which Kim Yu Shin finds it strange & perturb. Bi Dam offers to observe the movement of the merchant activities. Deok Man asked whether he has any contact or acquaintance as Bi Dam replies if he doesn’t have any he will always will find some introduction acquaintances & give this a try. Deok Man consent for Bi Dam to take up the task. Al Cheon will go incognito to the street market to observe the activities. Deok Man said that to let me do this together as she needs to look at it 1st hand herself.

Deok Man & So Hwa dress in commoner as So Hwa goes to ask to buy some barley as the vendor tells them that they don’t have any to sell. So Hwa asked that the barley is display in the shop but the vendor said that he already sold his stock. Then So Hwa goes to other street vendor trying to buy some barley even for a small amount & yet they refuse to sell her the barley & gave the excuse that they has been sold to someone

Then Deok Man give So Hwa a nods for So Hwa to sell the barley for 3 Nyang (taels) of gold sycees

Nyang is the Chinese equivalent of Liang in which is taels. In the far east taels are using the measurement of their silver & gold currencies. Traditional Chinese silver & gold sycees & other currencies of fine metals were not mark in denomination but rather made by a central mint and their value was determined by their weight in taels.

The vendor even refuse to sell the barley to So Hwa for 3 nyang of gold sycees that he doesn’t have any to sell as the grain in his stall has all been purchased. Al Cheon & his cadre can see having traffic of grain movement. Deok Man asked for the identity of the purchaser as they vendor asked what can she learn from it if she knew who he is

Bi Dam goes to see the snoozing Yeom Jong with a hot towel covering his face as a facial mask as he wakes up from the bang of the door & asked what is it that he wants not knowing that it is Bi Dam who has enter. Bi Dam takes his hot towel off Yeom Jong’s face then Yeom Jong opens his eyes & gets a great fright seeing Bi Dam in the room that scare the living daylight out of him. Yeom Jing has to recover from his fright & tell Bi Dam since they last met, he has grown rather frightful of his mysterious appearance in his entree & asked Bi Dam to enter in such a manner

Bi Dam comes to Yeom Jong for some information as Yeom Jong asked what may that be. Bi Dam enquire on the current index of the grain prices now on market & asking who is manipulating the prices now & asked whether Yeom Jong is the perpetrator. Kim Yu Shin comes back to report that the Seo Si street market is having the same experience that the vendor has grain in their store but they refuse to sell their goods & Deok Man can predict the excuse given that they are all been purchase. Kim Yu Shin confirm it. Deok Man said she needs to investigate who is purchasing the grain & hoarding the grain. Deok Man said that the need to put a lead on the matter & asked who will be best suited to take this task to do under a counter intelligence & surveillance in this clandestinely operation.

Everybody looks at everybody as Joo Bang sees So Hwa he gladly raises his hand to volunteer for the job as the newly appointed Dae Nang Du, he will definitely fulfilled the task with utmost effort as Joo Bang stare at So Hwa making a solemn pledge. Deok Man looks at Joo Bang eye level direction & smiles & permit to carry on with the matter. So Hwa on the other hands is not amused at Joo Bang’s stares. Then a merchant sending the good to a house entrance Seol Won Rang’s house as Joo Bang & Go Do observe the activities then Dae Pung & Guk San Heun comes back with report of another grain cart has been send to Seok Bum’s household. Joo Bang reprimand them for not calling him by rank & has to correct themselves after being reminded by Go Do. Dae Pung said that they are sending the grain to all the nobles families. Joo Bang said they shall begin with another noble household & leaves.

Bo Jong comes out to inspect the goods & asked if that it all there is. The merchant tells that don’t it goes without saying that not only rice, millet, beans, sorghums or other grain commodity are nowhere to be found in the street market. Bo Jong tells the merchant, no matter how it may be, they will pay generously with whatever the merchant can get that is available & they can be rest assure with the pricing. Seol Won Rang comes out as the merchant ask his staff to move the grain into the storehouse. Bo Jong inform his father that they has purchase all the grain stock available in the market. Seol Won Rang tell his son to do as he wish. Seol Won Rang asked that Kim Chun Chu is in their residence again.

Kim Chun Chu takes Bo Ryang out to shop in Yeom Jong’s store as Yeom Jong advertise his jewellery wares to Bo Ryang to give it a try. Bo Ryan asked Kim Chun Chu for suggestion & comment but he kept quiet then picks another piece & asked for comment where Kim Chun Chu bluntly tell her the round ornament doesn’t suit her visage shape. Then Kim Chun Chu picks a piece that may suit her as Bo Ryang gladly takes his pick. Yeom Jong praise Kim Chun Chu eye for things as the ornament just arrive from Pa Sa Guk

Pasa is the ancient Korean pronunciation for Persia, it is derive from the Chinese pronunciation Bo Si

Kim Chun Chu tells Bo Ryang that she has distinct features, so she needs to avoid resplendent & saturated tints & colour. Kim Chun Chu pass Bo Ryang some yard of cloth that he chose. Bo Ryang said that if she hasten the needlework then she could wear this for Ga Bae

Ga Bae is the Harvest Moon festival.

Kim Chun Chu takes an incense burner where Yeom Jong said that Kim Chun Chu has remarkable taste in things that it is said to be from the Sui China Imperial household. Kim Chun Chu looking at it said that it is a forgery & that Yeom Jong got cheated. Yeom Jong said it cost him a large sum of money for that burner. Then Kim Chun Chu tells that there are many Buddhist relic figurines being mould out of the terracotta clay from the Cheonbulsan rock face because the clay are suitable for sculpting the figurines, so the ceramics & sculpture from terracotta clay from region of Cheonbulsan are only send to the imperial palaces of Sui China

Terracotta or in Latin means baked earth derive from the Latin terra cocta is a clay based unglazed ceramic. Its uses include vessels, water and waste water pipes and surface embellishment in building construction, along with sculpture such as the famous Emperor Qin Shun Huang’s Terracotta Army or the Greek terracotta figurines. The term is also used to refer to items made out of this material and to its natural, brownish orange color, which varies considerably. In archaeology & history, “terracotta” is often termed to used of objects not made on a potter’s wheel such as figurines, where objects made on the wheel from the same material, possibly even by the same person, are called pottery; the choice of term depending on the type of object rather than the material. Plain unglazed pottery is often also called terracotta.

Yeom Jong thanked for the knowledge given by Kim Chun Chu that he is so well verse. Kim Chun Chu notice someone & asked who he is. Bo Ryang looks at the man & tells that he is Hasanju’s Do Duk. Kim Chun Chu asked whether he was the provincial governor of Hansanju by the name of Kim Ik Mun

Hansanju is the Silla’s given name for district which included the Hwanghae, Gyeonggi and Chungcheong provinces

Do Duk is the rank of Chieftain

Bo Ryang correct Kim Chun Chu that Kim Ik Mun is the provincial governor of Ha Seul Ra Ju Province while that man is just rank Yi Chan by the name of Yi Myeong Ji.

Ha Seul Ra Ju Province is Silla given name for the land that Silla conquered from Goguryeo that extends from Uljin to Gangneung

Yi Chan is a low ranking courtier

Kim Chun Chu said that he has never heard of that name but Bo Ryang seem to have recall that she has mentioned the name on few occasion. Yi Myeong Gi was in the war campaign when Baekje force attack Gajam Fortress that for his merit in service he was promoted to the Ministry of Military Affairs. Kim Chun Chu & Yeom Jong actually gathering military intelligent information from Bo Ryang who doesn’t detect their intention & tells Kim Chun Chu is useless with names & faces. Kim Chun Chu confirm that he is lacking in that part of a talent recognising faces & names. Yeom Jong concurs that he is the same that he can’t even remember what drink he drank at the tavern yesterday & that he doesn’t know what side dishes was serve to him in yesterday’s meal. Seol Won Rang & Bo Jong seeing Kim Chun Chu with Bo Ryang having a nice time. Kim Chun Chu having a fine time as Seol Won Rang shows his displeasure with the loud chatting

Seol Won Rang enquires from about the merchant Yeom Jong that is with Kim Chun Chu. Seol Won Rang doesn’t have a good impression on the merchant. Bo Jong tells that Yeom Jong is one of the frequent merchant that visit Mi Saeng’s gambling establishment. Bo Jong said that he has been here for a few trading deals. Seol Won Rang reminds that Bo Jong must not permit entry of the suspicious people’s background without prior checks. Bo Jong assures his father that Mi Saeng knows Yeom Jong very well, so he wasn’t that all concern about Yeom Jong. Seol Won Rang asked that Kim Chun Chu is practically coming to their residence everyday as Bo Jong confirm that it must be because of Bo Ryang has found a place in Kim Chun Chu’s heart. Bo Jong adds that they may be hearing of marital arrangement soon

Ha Jong gets a shock that it is now price at 20 nyang a sack that the price was 14 nyang a few days ago. The merchant tells that the current price is now 22 nyang a sack if he go around the market for a price. Ha Jong then said that the price hike doesn’t concern him the least then pays the grateful merchant & tells the merchant to persist in buying all the grain commodity he can find on the market as the merchant gladly obey his request. Joo Bang & Go Do observing over the wall of Ha Jong’s household on his hoarding activities as they sees Ha Jong stocking the grain in his storehouse. Go Do said that Ha Jong too is hording the grain by purchasing the grain. Joo Bang said that the nobility is buying up the commodity. Go Do asked why are they buying up all commodity & what is the purpose of doing so. Go do said that they must be really hungry. Joo Bang hits GO Do on the head to tell him not to think of his own stomach, he is no longer Go Do of old but the right hand man of Joo Bang the Dae Nang Du & should act that is befitting. Go Do then return to say that seeing all those grains delights him. Joo Bang hits Go Do for not changing his ways

Joo bang goes to report to Kim Yu Shin but then when he finds So Hwa is in presence put on more of a serious front & become so official as he gives his report from his findings. Deok Man asked what is his finding. Joo Bang when out with his official language but Kim Yu Shin is too impatient for Joo bang round the bush report & asked him to directly tell them. So Hwa smiles as Joo Bang inform that the merchant are true with what they has said that the grain was indeed purchase by people. Deok Man wants to know where & to whom that the grain was sold to. Joo bang tells that Seok Bu, Seol Won Rang, Ha Jong & Sejong with other nobility of this Lord & that Lord has a hand in the procurement activities of the grains & they are purchasing it at the price hike

Deok Man tells that the nobility is engage in Mae Jeom Mae Seok activities

Mae Jeom mae Seok is hoarding the commodity to speculate & manipulate the grain commodity price.

Deok Man asked why do the nobility still wish to buy the grain at such a high price. Joo bang said that it is obvious that they anticipate that the price will sky rocket with demand. Kim Yu Shin said they are using this incident to make a fast profit at the expenses of the citizen’s grievances. Deok Man said that she is fully aware of that fact but then there is something that she is still concern about in doubt that she can’t find comprehensive.

King Jinpyeong asked what is keeping Deok Man in doubt.  Deok Man said that during King Jinheung’s reign the people also experience famine with nothing to harvest but the prices of grain didn’t inflated to what it is currently then even in her research during King Jinji’s reign famine happen most frequently & yet it didn’t happened. King Jinpyeong said that they can’t make comparison to the period of King Jinheung’s reign as back then the land was bountiful to cultivate. People migration to the newly conquered lands & cultivate the lands & there was exemption from levy & taxes & there were many self sufficient farmer but now it is not the case & partly it is because of King Jinpyeong felt that it is his fault that they are facing with this crisis. Deok Man assures her father that it is not so, but she is just curious of the manipulation & speculation of commodity by the nobility in hoarding. King Jinpyeong reminds that it is not seen as a crime to speculate the market price. King Jinpyeong said there is no control over how the nobility uses their money. King Jinpyeong said that it otherwise would have happened & there is a shortage of food that become of them, the Royal household will give relief ration of grain to its people & the nobility will also do their part in easy the people’s suffering

King Jinpyeong said that for the past decades that Mi Shil has handed out ration relief to the people more than the Royal household. Deok Man said there is where her doubt stand in that. Deok man said that they needed to give out the relief ration out to the people for free & why are they keep purchasing the grain at a higher expensive price, what is the reason behind that. King Jinpyeong & Deok Man has to put on their thinking caps

Kim Chun Chu sneaks back & calls out to Kim Yu Shin then finds Kim Yu Shin’s chamber is empty & tells that some people need to have better time keeping, how can a Pungwolju absent from his chambers. Kim Chun Chu sits down as Kim Yu Shin enters to greet him that he is here. Kim Chun Chu tells that Kim Yu Shin is indeed late. Kim Yu Shin inform under Deok Man’s instruction that Kim Chun Chu’s tutor has made some changes. Kim Chun Chu is surprise & tells that Kim Yu Shin is too lacking to be adaptable to a person of Kim Chun Chu’s intelligence & is not compatible. Kim Chun Chu asked who may that new tutor be. Kim Yu Shin call out to Bi Dam to asked why he hasn’t enter the chamber as Bi Dam revealed his presence to Kim Chun Chu much to the surprise of a gapping Kim Chun Chu to learn that Bi Dam is his new tutor

Bi Dam greets Kim Chun Chu as his new tutor. Kim Chun Chu stutters as Kim Yu Shin introduce that Bi Dam is Guk Seon Moon Noh’s student & Hwa Rang captain of Mu Myeong Ji Do cadre corps. Kim Chun Chu tries to sweet talk Kim Yu Shin to accept him back as a student that they has grown fond of each other in this times & there is more Kim Yu Shin can teach him that he may reap benefits. Bi Dam gave a slight grin as Kim Chun Chu knows that he is hot soup. Kim Yu Shin hands Kim Chun Chu to Bi Dam as he assures Kim Yu Shin he will do his best in Kim Chun Chu tutelage. Kim Yu Shin leaves as Kim Chun Chu tries to hold Kim Yu Shin back

Bi Dam casually closes the door & grin at the rather frightful Kim Chun Chu. Bi dam lays the condition of their tutelage from the 3rd term as no folding of origami from his books as Kim Chun Chu jots down the term & condition set by Bi Dam & then he must not play truant from class then for the 5th as Kim Chun Chu asked why Bi Dam is not address him in honourific & being rude. Bi Dam tells that he doesn’t address Princess Deok Man is honourifics. BI Dam asked to write down the 5th but can’t remember what he wants to put as it slip his mind.

Kim Chun Chu is concern that Princess Deok Man is investigate the price inflation & asked about the progress. Bi Dam asked is that how he address in reference to Princess Deok Man as his Aunt. Kim Chun Chu said that it is the same with Bi Dam being so casual with Deok Man, in which Bi Dam concur the fact with delight. Bi dam raise the question for Kim Chun Chu about the member of the nobility manipulating the price hike on grain & asked what is the reason behind it as Kim Chun Chu smiles.

Deok Man goes to see Mi Shil where Mi Shil tell that pardon her rudeness that Deok Man is indeed impertinent in her behaviour to barge in to see her. Deok Man admits that she has some display traits that gets the better of her some times. Mi Shil asked how could Deok Man convey such insidious queries against her of all people that it should aim at her. Deok Man said that it was curiousity that lead to his inquest over the matter & come seeking information from Mi Shil on the reason that only she can provide in Seorabeol. Deok Man whether if by any chance has cause any displeasure to Mi Shil on her line of questioning & asked perhaps she needs to take leave. Mi Shil denies of nothing of that sort & asked what is Deok Man’s queries was. Deok Man gave a situation that whenever merchant anticipate the advent of a coming of a famine due to failure of crops & the fear of food shortage, they will tend to hoard commodity in anticipate to sell the goods at the better price hike in the event to gain huge profits from the manipulation of the commodity but if there is famine to occur it is the responsibility of the nobility in such event to distribute free ration to the people to compensate the shortage due to famine, so it is unlikely that the nobility will gain benefits from the manipulation of price speculation that may led them to suffer hefty losses if they play into the speculation game in commodity. Mi Shil affirm the practice, but Deok Man reiterate why then the nobilities themselves are engage in this hoarding practice & the speculation of price index of the commodity & this situation allow the citizen to suffer in distraught. Mi Shil throw back the question t asked why is the citizen suffering.

Meanwhile return to Bi Dam where he asked Kim Chun Chu what is the reason behind the nobility hoarding the grain stock. Kim Chun Chu said it surely for profit gain but Bi Dam dismiss that there is more to it than that & something is amiss that seen profit is just a mere things not able to justify to give out such great expenses & Bi Dam stop short in trying to explain as he can’t go further & tells that Kim Chun Chu doesn’t no next to nothing. Bi Dam said that Bi Dam is only thinking in the lines of asset in his mental equation of the matter, so the answer is naturally not found. Bi Dam asked what the meaning with Kim Chun Chu’s remark. Kim Chun Chu counts if by chance that will crops, iron or gold only able to reap profit

Return to Mi Shil’s question why does the citizen is suffering. Deok Man said that with the speculation of price hike, the citizen are unable to purchase the grains with those absorbent prices in the market, so they will not able to survive that led to those famished & impoverished due to that situation. Then Mi Shil in turn give a question what will the famished & improvised people may do. Deok Man can’t find an answer to Mi Shil’s question. Mi Shil explains that among the population that there are landowner & tenants of the land they rent to cultivate, what will they do respectively. Deok Man is left with thought to ponder

Deok Man return to his chamber where Kim Yu Shin is waiting for her as she sat seeking information from the books. Kim Yu Shin asked what she is looking for. Deok Man flips the pages of the annals & finds what she is looking for, the reason behind the matter. The incident that happens in the autumn of 2nd year reign (AD 577) King Jinji the country was ravage with famine then follow by on the 7th month in the following year (AD 578) then during the 2nd year of Geonbok (AD 585) then follow by the 13th year AD 596 then 28th year  (AD 611) in which the famine occurs there is an increase in land & slaves control within the nobility.

Geonbok is the reigning period from King Jinpyeong 6th year reign in AD 584 to Queen Seon Deok 2nd year in reign in AD 633

Kim Yu Shin said that this will lead to small & medium self sufficient landowner being dismissed. Deok Man affirm that this is what is about to happened & Kim Yu Shin said it is the very reason why the nobility are hoarding the grains. Deok Man said that nobility are forcing usury in which is the answer to their hoarding. Kim Yu Shin said that this will led to small landowner unable to pay back their debts & they will eventually lose their agriculture land for failure to pay the debts & suffocate them to return to being tenant of the land Deok Man adds that therefore the tenant will eventually be made slaves to the nobility who possess the lands. Kim Yu Shin said that since King Jinji’s reign, the nobility has suppress the small landowner each time a famine occur to increase their land ownership & raise tenant levy on the people that cultivate their lands & this has result that the Royal Treasury been deprive of levy & tax.

Deok Man said that for this instance, in spring the nobility will distribute the grain that they had hoarded as relief ration in the attempt to gain public sentiment for their deeds. Kim Yu Shin asked how did Deok Man comes about to derive the situation. Deok Man said that in actual fact Mi Shil was the person who led her to give her this conclusion & made her comprehend of the whole situation at hand. Kim Yu Shin is surprise at Deok Man’s statement

Ha Jong & Se Jong surprise that Deok Man came to see Mi Shil as Se Jong asked whether Mi shil disclose any answer to her about their intent. Mi Shil said that she didn’t vouch the answer to Deok Man but instead give Deok Man another question. Mi Saeng asked what if that question leads Deok Man to conclude the answer as Mi Shil si confident that if Deok Man learn & can concluded to get the answer, what can she able to do about the matter. Ha Jong concurs that he is hoarding the commodity with his own funding & there is no law to able to stop him from doing so. Mi Saeng question that whether Mi Shil did this on purpose to see what Deok Man is going to do about the situation out of curiousity. Mi Shil smiles in affirmative

Meanwhile Kim Yu Shin is concern that there is no way to stop them from doing so & neither can they stop them from hoarding & purchasing the goods with their own monetary funding. Usury should be stopped with an ordinance of law but then the Hwa Baek will never pass that consensus. Deok Man agrees that the matter will never be resolve by ordinance of law. Kim Yu Shin surprise at Deok Man’s answer as Deok Man suggest that they counter the speculation with their very own manipulation in the field of commercial trading is where they will do battle. Deok man said that she grew up in the midst of a great trading exchanges in Taklamakan Desert’s dunes & there is seen the crème of the world’s finest traders gather & assembled there. Silla may be renowned for its commercial trading but then it could never be compare or surpass to what is found in that Taklamakan Desert’s dunes. Deok Man will engage this battle with commercial trading

Deok man goes to see King Jinpyeong as King Jinpyeong mentioned that there is no way to stop the nobility from speculating & manipulating the prices as Kim Seo Hyeon said that can’t do anything when they are using their own funding. Princess Man Myeong said that this is already an old habitual practice. Deok Man suggest that they can stop the nobility with the Royal treasury. Kim Yong Chu surprise of the mentioned of the Royal treasury as Queen Maya ask how is that going to work. Deok Man wants King Jinpyeong to give her the full absolute authorisation to handle the matter without restriction in both long & short term solutions that there is a method of way to resolve this issue

Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chu has a private chat with Deok Man as Kim Yong Chu tell that she will have great opposition to her idea. Kim Yong Chu confess honestly that he too has engage in the activities of hoarding & it is not that reason that Kim Yong Chu is telling but the anticipation to the nobility protest against her intent will be more greater than she can imagine. Kim Seo Hyeon asked will it be wiser that they release state ration. Deok man said although state ration release in for the times of famine but in the end people tend to end up abandoning their lands to become rented tenants & thus loses their self sufficient. Deok Man plead with Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chu that she needs their assistance in this matter

Kim Seo Hyeon said that Minister can’t possibly engage in commercial trading & they need to have some sort of representative of some sort in this industry. Deok man said that she has already thought of a rightful candidate. Bi dam makes a visit to Yeom Jong that gave him a fright as Bi Dam enters & asked whether he has made some profit in his trading. Yeom Jong makes the excuse that his servant didn’t clean his writing brushes properly. Yeom Jong asked whether Bi Dam is a phantom as he is so light footed when he makes his entrance & asked if Bi Dam can give him some sound as he enters. Yeom Jong said that he is already having it hard recently as it is all written in his face that he is so stress up

Bi Dam asked that he need something to be done, in with utmost stealth operation & asked Yeom Jong to gather some men deem suitable for the operation. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong to do this immediately. Yeom Jong goes & offer the merchant the amount of 200 Seom of grain to sell

Seom is equivalent to the measure of a sack

Merchant is happy & thanks his lucky stars that Yeom Jong can render the supplies as the it is hard to find grain stock. Merchant asked where did this grain supply comes from. Yeom Jong tells him that he needn’t know where the source comes from. Yeom Jong asked whether the going price is now at 25 nyang as the merchant affirms it. Yeom Jong promises that there is more to come. Merchant is glad as the nobility is willing to purchase the grain at all cost. Bi dam observe as Yeom Jong goes to all the merchant to distribute the grains that he intent to sell as the merchant gave the sum of 5000 nyang for Yeom Jong’s sack of grain. Yeom Jong inspect the sum & is pleased with the payment. As Yeom Jong passes Bi Dam & gives a grin on their plan working brilliantly

Se Jong & Ha Jong said that the street market is grieving over the escalating price hike but it will do no good to them. This will only help rumour monger to escalate the price further sky rocket. Seok Bum & the other Hwa Rang cadre comes in to report to Se Jong about some oddity in the street market. Ha Jong asked whether the price of the grain has again sky rocket as they speak. The Hwa rang captain said that it is otherwise that they is a big surplus of grain commodity that is flooding the market. Seok Bum said that it may be a concern & wonder if Se Jong has any knowledge of the matter. Another Hwa rang captain said that he has been sent by his father to query about the matter in which Se Jong is surprise to hear & enquire if by chance that the Royal reserve has be release. Se Jong said how can the Royal reserve store be release without his prior knowledge or approval. Ha Jong adds that the Royal reserve store are to be distribute as ration to the citizen how can they be found sold in the market. Ha Jong brushes their concern away. Se Jong assures them that there is no consent for distribution & dismiss them to leave with any worries. Seok Bum & other Hwa rang captain obey & leaves

Ha Jong notice that there is a surplus of grain commodity in the market & if they keep procure in this market prices. Yesterday prices was index as 30 nyang a sack if ha Jong wanted to have more grain & now cost them dearly that the price has double in a few days. Ha Jong asked his father whether they still need to procure some more with the current prices

Deok man asked about the progress in the market. Bi Dam said that they has pump some 1,000 seom of grain into the market & plans to increase to another 1,000 in anticipation to the demand. Kim Yu Shin said that the prices has not stable just yet with the pumping of the inventory. Al Cheon asked how long the nobility will continue their buying trend. Deok Man said that if they wanted to reap profit there would have stop procurement but however their main purpose is in other matter that this exercise is to demise the small land owner’s self sufficient status & they will carry on with their procurement exercise in order to have that & then suddenly reality will hit them that they had bought the grain at a high & expensive price

Kim Yu Shin is summon by MI Shil as Kim Yu Shin greets Mi Shil that he was told that she wanted to see him. Ha Jong asked that they have a queries to asked whether that if Princess Deok Man selling the grain from the Royal Reserve store. It seem there is a great influx in the surplus of grain in the market. Kim Yu Shin gave a direct affirmative answer that since the price has escalating this much that it will  significantly benefit the Royal Household treasury. Mi Shil & her faction are shock at the news as Seol Won Rang conform that the Royal Household is using this opportunity to make profit with Royal reserve by trading the reserve on the market. Seol Won Rang said that this is absolute nonsense

Seok Bum is shock that Deok Man is selling grain from the Royal Reserve store & it is rumours that Deok man may sell the whole. Seok Bum said that if this is so, then surely the prices of grain will sharply fall.  The other Hwa Rang captain said that they must release their hoarding supplies to get back their capital before it is too late. The other Hwa Rang said that if they start to force sell that the price will sharply plunge drastically. Some agree that they need to persist but if they don’t sell they might risk hefty losses. Seok Bum then said that they may defer in their situation as they are wealth but for Seok Bum it will spell a certain disaster if the grain price were to drop that he needs to foreclosure his lands. The Hwa rang captain realise that they has procure the grain beyond their credit limit to gain those lands but then if they hesitate they might loss even more. The Hwa Rang captain decided to force sell in order to cut their losses

Kim Yu Shin inform that the nobility has start to force sell & Al Cheon said that the prices is falling. Deok Man said that this is great & asked Bi Dam to work with Kim Seo Hyeon to expedite their next plan of action. Deok man on the other hand will go & play her role in her plan. Deok Man goes to preside the council & tell the council member that she is presiding the meeting on behalf of King Jinpyeong over the matter of the Royal reserve store & asked them to voice their opinions on the matter. Se Jong asked whether if there is by chance that Deok man open the Royal reserve store. Deok man confirm the matter. Ha Jong said that Deok Man didn’t distribute as ration but to do commercial trading in the market for profit. Mi Shil asked that with the price hike, Deok Man sold the grain to the open market that she is disappoint with Deok Man & tells Deok Man is too under estimate on her calculation. Seol Won Rang asked how can the Royal Household using the citizen welfare as monetary profit gains. Se Jong tells that this is absurd that Deok Man is using the relief ration meant for the people during famine for profit & trading

Deok man said that she has another alternative method to purchase her sold grain as Mi Shil is surprise. Seok Bum sells his grain. The merchant said that he can’t buy back the price he sold Seok Bum for as the price had take a dip. Merchant shows his store is full of inventory of force selling. The Hwa rang captain how much is the current pricing. The merchant said that it is used to be 25 nyang a sack but now it is only worth 15 nyang & that is also being very generous in pricing. They are shock that they bought the grain from the merchant at 20 nyang a sack just a few days ago & now it is only worth 15 nyang, is that possible. Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon observe the Hwa Rang captain

Deok Man tells them that this is the principal of what commercial trading is about. The Royal Household sold their grain reserve at a high price but as the price fall, they will purchase back the grain at a much lower rate & will reap profit from the exchanges of buying & selling. Since there is a large surplus in inventory as Mi Shil adds that the prices will surely take a plunge & the market will eventually stabilise the index. Mi Shil asked what if the purchaser of the hoarding refuse to force sell their inventory & united in unity, what Deok man is going to do then

Deok Man confidently tells Mi Shil that they will not able to persist or withstand in hoarding the commodity any longer as she plans to release the Royal reserve store into the market to trade 7 even the military reserve will be release onto the market to trade & inform that Kim Seo Hyeon is already expediting the reserve as they speak. Se Jong said how can they sell the military reserve & it is utter nonsense. Mi Shil said that because of the prices continue to escalate, & Deok Man has taken this opportunity to even sell Royal reserve store & & the military reserve supplies & asked whether Deok man really believe that this may resolve all matter. Seol Won Rang said that no one has done this misdeed at all

Deok Man queries whether the false shortage was create to bring price fluctuations at the market or was it the scheme of the nobility to gain ownership of lands from the self sufficient small land owners to force them to their demise. Deok man said that she didn’t make profit out of her citizen but rather trading in the expense of the nobility as a whole. Seol Won Rang asked whether Military reserve that is for national security be use to trade & will Deok man able to take the responsibility for this matter if should Baekje comes to attack them at any moment notice. Deok Man said that it truth she may or may not sell those ration. Mi Shil is surprise at the remark that she may not release.

Deok Man just merely announce in a public notice that she will be doing so. Ha Jong said that it is only in announcement. Deok man queries why the price hike in grain, the reason is that it is not due to shortage but the speculation of the fear that they may be one that has drive to made the public go frenzy in chaos in a buying spree, is it that on that principal that without actually trading the military reserve but just by mentioning the matter has led people to force sell their hoarding inventory & eventually the price will plunge sharply. Mi Shil said that if the nobility refuse to sell their inventory, the price will not take a plunge. Deok Man doubt that they will be able to persist & withstand that temptation of not to sell. Deok Man question that the people who hoard the commodity at a high price will able to sustain this

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Kim Yu Shin: They are attempting to stage the first restoration meeting since that day,

Bi Dam: ……about the profits you made. How are you going to invest those funds?

Kim Yu Shin: You create a secret society within a bigger organization.

Wyol Ya: Piltan & Wangyun seem to be on your side.

Bo Jong: They only took seed of crops and utensils that Her Highness has provided, & they escaped

Deok Man: From the tomorrow, countless…people in our country will…

Seol Ji: How can a woman be able to sovereign rule us all?…….

Deok Man:…..confabulate on something they…

Wyol Ya: How can we be sure of that?….have never heard before.

Deok Man: It is finally starting……Queen regnant

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Did Deok Man took 10 easy lesson from Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nation, under the chapter of Natural & market price of commodities?


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