Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo – Progress Report

I believe that each of the couples have their own dedicated following and of course my favourite couple who has begin as one of the most doubtful couple has indeed become one of the most successful. There are many blogs and forums dedicated them bringing to hungry and thirsty fans of their every single piece of news of this ‘star’ couple. I am no exception too.

Kim Hyun Joong despite his age portrayed as one husband that upholds the most traditional view of women with regards to the preservation of modesty subscribed by Confucion. He gave his views about bikinis. He said he does not like it but she wore one accompanied by a cardigan and later on black another with a cardigan. We saw she wore similar type of outfits in their theme park outing and their beach vacation in Busan. I might say, she has a figure to pull off wearing a bikini.His comments of revealing clothes for the wedding gowns with words ‘too revealing’, ‘too short’. The ever polite husband even though Shin Ae Ra commented one of the revealing gown was pretty, he quietly agreed that it was but added that it might been in danger of coming off as there is no strap hencing pushing in his opinion.

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Hyun Joong proved himself dependable when he stood by her during Hwang Bo and Shin Ae’s fake quarrel. He might not know how to solve the situation but he stood by her. He stood by her at the wedding shoot with hairpins and holding the trains to her gown. Who can forget he told Hwang Bo’s mother he will do well because she said she will observed him on TV.

In my opinion, Hyun Joong listen to his wife very well. No looking at other women and he does just that. Hyun Joong also does take note of his wife’s other projects as he made a comment that she seem ‘happy’ in the programs she appeared in when she should be ‘sad’ because he was away. His mistake of thinking Lee Yoo was a male model was priceless and he admitted that he was jealous and his readiness to kiss his wife because he already liked her. He has been documented calling her ‘YeoBo’ twice. They have exchanged phone numbers within 2 months and had their first SMS (Short Message Service) in 3 months. He questioned her when she overlooked their marriage status. Progress.

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Hwang Bo excelled herself in a never before seen on television skill in housekeeping. She did well when they had the housewarming and moving of homes. She went over to Japan to cook a sumptuous meal for Hyun Joong and his group despite limitation in cooking facilities. Who can get forget the scarf and vest she made for him. Although she was weary of Hyun Joong’s fans in the beginning but she had received some encouragement from the fans of their ‘marriage’. We get to see her opening up to the relationship as well. I gathered she has more reservation about the ‘marriage’ than Hyun Joong. I guess being the older, she thinks too much. During the honeymoon she did asked whether they will be sharing the same room. Hyun Joong said they could. That kind of teasing was the last after that she revealed receiving an ‘appeal’ from his fans. He nevertheless did defend his wife against them. Didn’t he admit that he does not always do what people tell him to do?

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But they had warmed up to each other after their wedding photoshoot and we heard more conservations between them. Husband and wife kissing each other does great things for the marriage. Hwang Bo has admitted that getting Hyun Joong as her husband was like winning a lottery earlier on and though she had many disappointments, she prided their moments together were all happy.

What I marvelled at the many fans of their ‘marriage’ are the ability to look out for hidden looks and gestures. Although it is interesting to read into it but some has been found to be overzealous about this expression or that look. However, thanks to these CSI experts we are able to study the assigned moment which I relatively enjoyed as I am also guilty to repeatably watching them over the whole week awaiting the next episode.

To all the people who had done the good work on them by English subbing their parts, translating all their news and making those lovely music video of them, I salute you all.

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  1. jezzy July 28, 2009 at 3:10 am #

    guess im on thr right track hir.:)

    I just finished the last episode(episode 38)of We got married featuring the lettuce couple last night and cant help it but cry specially when they are saying goodbye to one another,and hwang bo almost couldnt talk because she was crying and the way hyun joong looked at her that moment,hays..very sad that they had to end that way.

    I wish they could have part two on that show (WGM) because the were well-loved by the fans.lets hope and pray! :thumbsup2:

    I love their team-up very much.such a great coulpe.

  2. duchess July 29, 2009 at 3:55 am #

    Eversince i laid my eyes on KHJ of BOF, I was mesmerized by his quiet charm and wonderful smile..He has the sweetest smile ever. Then I searched about him which is highly unnatural of me. .Never been crazy of any Korean stars before. ..The more I searched about him the deeper I sink..his personality was really 4D. ..Then, I landed on WGM with his Buin, Hwang Bo..well, that’s really wonderful. i love the Lettuce Couple so much, that I get sleepless nights rewatching their episodes…not to mention, HJL’s SS501 members. .I must say, am so happy.

    Let’s continue spreading the JoongBo love all over the world!..I miss them so much.. ..No matter what..the Lettuce Couple will always be in my heart…will wish and pray that both of them will be successful with their careers. ..To The World!!!

  3. gheby August 14, 2009 at 12:20 am #

    hay…….. :wave:

    kmu kox ckep bngt ?????????? :wave: :wave:

    I LOVE FULL πŸ˜₯ :lovestruck: πŸ’‘

  4. GHEBY August 14, 2009 at 12:22 am #

    no mobile ny dong ?????? :( :( :(

    cpe nie pcar nya ????? :yellowrose: :yellowrose:

    klu blm blh dong dftar jd pcar nya ??? πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  5. .Evelyn Bandril November 17, 2009 at 9:28 am #

    The first time I saw WGM, I already know that KimHyun Joong is one of the cast but I dont know with whom he will be partner, then I saw Hwang Bo, for the first time, When they enter in the Studio with their Wedding gown I told to my self, they look alike and have similarities to each other. I began to like the two of them, Im already married so I know how to see if the person is in love or not, soI watch the way they act to each other, their were really attracted to each other thogh they cannot express them selves but the way they act. In short I love them and I wish that they still have a contact.

  6. kia December 8, 2009 at 2:14 am #

    Fanatic, I guess that’s what I am. Seen BOF, loved it, searched and found WGM, loved the show and fell in love with Joongbo, can’ t seem to get enough. Didn’t realize HJ’s fans were sometimes out of mind. Glad he defended her. Sometimes I wonder about their true friendship out side the media. I think it would be hard to have some sort of friendship because of paparazzi (always in your face). The fans would seem scary too. It’s been a year, and we still have lots to say. Wish each HJ and HB happiness, miss you both.

  7. Susan LA January 7, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    Ive seen BOF first before WGM….I find Jihoo cute because of his character in the drama but as soon as it was over i stopped thinking about it. Then I stumbled upon WGM on you tube, watched it and i fell in love with joonbo couple im a certified addict now. Like most of you here i got curious and search the web for anything about hwangbo and i started to admire her. I wish for them to have a real relationship but if not I wish hwangbo will meet and marry a super nice guy who will put HJ to shame. She deserves to be happy this woman….hayzzz i feel like they put a spell on us lol

  8. gelly April 20, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    :wave: hwangbo fighting!!!!!

  9. gelly April 20, 2010 at 10:11 am #
    watch this!!

  10. kiani May 25, 2011 at 1:45 am # it when I can go back to the past.
    Guess what?
    I still luft Joongbo
    this is how they still make me feel
    To all Joongboer’s :kisses:
    To The World.

  11. josin March 30, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    you’re not single……!!!
    i am very sad

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