Golden Bride: Episode 19

This episode isn’t exciting me too much, a somewhat mediocre episode. There are cute and memorable moments that make us go awww, really, Jun Woo and Jin Joo are being so sweet to each other. It makes me forget the old Jun Woo whom I bash often and for good reason. Cutest scene that left me giggling and smiling, the scene where the feelings are genuine and it doesn’t feel like it’s acted out — JJ points to JW’s eyes, nose, and lips and compliments his features. She wants him to do the same to her, but he jokingly says all her features are ugly which makes her mad…(btw, I’m only guessing here). Now, I’m not being heartless, but they do need another obstacle thrown in to spice up their storyline temporarily, get JW’s junior college friend in ASAP please!

Cute moments aside, the couple had their first argument when JW not allow JJ to come to work at the rice cake factory. Good news is they made up pretty soon, so nothing major at all. Though this episode needs a better cliffhanger to lead to next week’s eps, you know, the type of cliffhanger that makes your heart almost jumped out and can not wait till the next episode. Instead, we got a cliffhanger where JJ got a letter, in which, I think has the address of her dad, from 20 years ago.

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  1. tsunamiblues August 26, 2007 at 11:17 am #

    well looks like the mom is going to make an appearance next weekend!!! More lovely dovey moments!!!!!!!!!

  2. apdy August 26, 2007 at 5:42 pm #

    I would like to see mother-daughter reunite soon, should be touching! I also anticipate JJ finds her dad, (if) Mr. Kim is her dad and since he’s quite loaded, what he can do is send her to school … sounds out of the ordinary for the current storyline but nothing is impossible in the world of k-drama.

    So far, JJ mother in law hasn’t introduce JJ to anyone. In earlier eps, she actually said JJ is a teacher to her friends at one gathering. She’s no doubt very nice to JJ, but outside the comfort of their home, she wants to hide in a cave when she’s with JJ.

    So in the end, maybe JJ can go to school and get the education, after all, her husband is a grad (did he graduate?) from Seoul University.

  3. Jackie August 26, 2007 at 8:51 pm #

    Dear Anne,

    I would love to anticipate such a scene that she is actually a long lost ‘princess’ and going through a ‘My Fair Lady’ make-over. If that is the case, that will bring up her status far more superior than Ji Young’s. As for the Aunt’s Personal Assistant, I think he is quite cute and has an eye for character. He did mention to the Aunt he did not think much about Ji Young. I suppose he will see something in Jin Joo that he liked. He converse in sign language which is so interesting.

    As for graduating from Seoul University, Jun Woo did but Ji Young went to the States to do her MBA. This is what I gathered and the family misfortune came on while she was there hence dumping poor boyfriend to get a rich one.

    Actually I do not blame her for wanting to preseve her comforts but the way she went about it is all wrong by calling the cops. I guess if she did not do it, there will be no story. What did she bargain for at the end, a mother-in-law who want them to divorce after just 2 months of marriage. For her sake, she better get pregnant soon to preseve her status.

    As for the people’s comments of her speaking funny Korean. I have to thank Jin Joo because by speaking it slowly, I learned some simple sentences in Korean as well.

    Kumo-y-o, Jin Joo Sung Seng Nim.

  4. apdy August 26, 2007 at 9:29 pm #


    It has been a while since your comment has been added here and I’m glad you’re still visiting me every once in a while. I do missed the Surgeon Bong Dal Hee days where there were only you and me dissing the goods.

    Yes, a makeover, that’s exactly what she needs. Seems like she got competition coming up with the appearance of JW’s college friend, I think what it may lead to is that JJ will feel inferior to his college friend because of her background, hence, not good enough for JW, yada yada!

    I don’t blame JY for calling the cops, because JW was running after her and forced a kiss on her after she told him that their relationshiop is over. For her ‘safety’, calling the cops was the right thing to do at that moment in time.

    Oh, when is she going to stop calling him ajusshi? Now that they are real husband and wife, shouldn’t she be calling him by his name. I watched a couple of K-dramas where the heroines directs their hero as ajusshi, but that stops after they confirmed their love for one another.

  5. halfempty August 26, 2007 at 11:57 pm #

    Golden Bride is the only new drama I’ve been really hooked (even Coffee Prince doesn’t make me like that). Though to be honest, I only watch the Jun Woo and Jin Joo scenes. They’re really cute together.. I mean, how can u not fall in love with those two? So, Anne, u really make my day. Every Sunday and Monday I would sit in front of my computer, reading your synopsis of newest ep of Golden Bride (since I can’t watch it my self, my internet connection’s reaaaallly slow, I have to rely on my friend’s dl (which took her weeks to give me)), so yeah, reading ur blog really help me. Seeing ur captures, there are now lots of hugs, huh? I remembered when (I forgot which episode) JW for the very first time touched JJ’s hands, and all the fans were like… “woohoo, first skin ship by JW”. 😀 Well, now that there are lots of huggies (n most of them were initiated by JW), I’m really happy to see it. Although I hope the triangle (or rectangle?) luv will soon be shown. To think that JJ will have an admirer… I wonder how JW will react…

    But then again, it’s K-drama. Like u said, when a k-drama couple is happy and it’s this early of a long series, we can only expect many heart-wrenching scenes later on… Just hopefully it won’t be too draggy (sigh, why does it has to be 50 ep? I’m afraid the show will go down the hill later on… I really really like this drama…)

  6. halfempty August 27, 2007 at 12:23 am #

    I think she called her ahjuhssi because of the age gap? If I’m not mistaken, JJ is 23 (or 21?) and JW is 30. She’s much younger than JW, so she called him that. In other K-drama the girl calls the boy ahjuhssi more becoz they don’t really know each other (maybe like when we call a man we don’t really no with ‘sir’). It actually reminds me of another K-drama, Sweet 18 starring Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye. Here, HJH also calls LDG ahjuhssi though they’re also husband and wife, because she’s 10 years younger than LDG. (Hehe, it’s funny this drama reminds me of Sweet 18, coz in another forum, someone posted that SCE and LYA reminds her of LDG-HJH, the chemistry onscreen, I mean).

    U know, that’s what makes me confused. If they already are in the term of ‘real couple’, how actually will JW’s college friend get in to their relationship? I don’t see JW as a kind of guy who would do those things – liking another woman easily, etc. So maybe u’re right, maybe that college friend will make JJ feel inferior and no confidence of being JW’s wife. And the drama will show JW’s effort of convincing his wife that she’s the one he wants.. I hope not.. coz it will be very draggy and boring (I hate when d girl give up in a relationship.. a girl should fight!! :D)

  7. Jackie August 27, 2007 at 2:03 am #

    Dear Anne,

    I read your blog everyday. It is definitely one of the first things I do when I start up my computer. It took me a while to get up to par with the Golden Bride as I was stagnant at Episode 2 for a while hence me being quiet. I am getting update on the story now.

    I enjoyed it because Jin Joo is not an outward stunning beauty but her beauty can outshine all the superficial beauties coming along.

    Granted I will enjoy some rivalry to bring out the other person’s jealousy. More keen to see how Mr Secretary’s charm will work towards fueling Jun Woo’s jealousy.

    A Great Day for the Underdog!!

    Yeah, I missed our Surgeon Bong Dal Hee days as if we were the only two persons rattling about it. Oh well, there is still the familiar ringtone when someone calls me on my mobile and ‘Ahn Jung Geun’ is the face on my mobile screen saver so they are still very ‘connected’ to me.

    You are doing a great job on the Golden Bride summary. I like the Jun Joo’s mother coming with the line – ‘You are the Golden Bride coming from the Golden Land’. It sound like some sort of royal lineage.

    As the writer is the same with ‘Love in Heaven’, I enjoyed that drama and it is also a long drama as well. That one has got a poor suffering heroine with a rich birth father too. I see the some actors spilling off from that drama as well.

  8. kimbo August 27, 2007 at 2:38 am #

    Ahh so that’s the guy! I couldn’t see the clear front view of his face when I watched it but now I do! ^^

  9. Anniebananie August 27, 2007 at 10:30 am #

    I am not Korea, please explain to me what is ajusshi, does it mean Mr. or sir for polite. why dont they Opa like brother.
    please explain to me. thank you.

  10. apdy August 27, 2007 at 10:40 am #

    Here you go 😉

    Ajosshi is older Korean man, but all adult males can be called ajosshi if you don’t know them, even if they are younger than you. Ajosshis sometimes take the liberty to be pedantic. For example, if you are Korean girl with a western guy and you kiss him on the cheek in public, and ajosshi may just give you a piece of his mind about how you shouldn’t do that in public. Typically you will use ajosshi to address taxi drivers.

    I remember watching 18 vs 29 where Heechan had amnesia, she’s 29 years old but only had memory up until when she was 18 years old. Anyway, she directs her husband whom she has no memory of as ajooshi and he’s quite offended. He retorted by saying you’re a few months older than me!

    In episode 19, the scene where Jin Joo waits for Jun Woo in front of their home — He told her not to go to the factory again, and somewhere along the conversation she calls him, and excuse my spelling here, ‘kuyng bang nim’. I’m not sure what that means, then I think he says did Aunt teach you that…

  11. Anniebananie August 27, 2007 at 3:36 pm #

    thank you for explain to me what it mean, i am watch the 18 vs 29 right now, yes he was mad when heechan called her husband that.
    how funny! so you only use Opa when he is your brother only?
    when JJ speak in viet namese I could not understand.
    she speak to fast, I am viet namese tell the truth it is easy to learn but if you pronoun one one wrong it can mean another thing.
    Thank you for your help.

  12. Jackie August 27, 2007 at 8:34 pm #

    Dear Anne,

    I think whatever ‘kuyng bang nim’ must be husband. I know the old way of calling the husband is ‘sar bang nim’

    I like 18 vs 29. It changed my opinion of Ryu Soo Young and love the actor who played Ryu Soo Young’s character, younger version. I believe he is with a pop group.

    How do you qualify an older guy whether he is in the Oppa category and the Ajusshi category? I just feel that Oppa is for someone closer to your age and Ajusshi is for someone in respectable age difference.

  13. Anniebananie August 28, 2007 at 8:39 am #

    thank you Jacqueline!

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